Daily News Thread 12/28

U.N. says Saudi-led coalition raids in Yemen kill 109 civilians

A Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen has killed 109 civilians in air strikes in the past 10 days, including 54 at a crowded market and 14 members of one family in a farm, the top U.N. official in the country said on Thursday.

Fighters from US-backed over a dozen US military bases in Syria describe unimpeded ISIS exodus from Raqqa on their watch

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have provided RT’s Ruptly video service with footage confirming reports of a hundreds-strong Islamic State convoy leaving its former stronghold, Raqqa, completely unimpeded.

Roy Moore Files Lawsuit to Block Alabama Senate Result

Failed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore doubled down on his claims of voter irregularities in a last-ditch effort to stop the certification of the Democratic opponent who pulled off a historic upset last month in a traditionally deep-red state.

Trump Sends Fewer Mexicans Home Despite Deportation Talk

President Donald Trump sent 26 percent fewer Mexicans back home this year through November than Barack Obama did in the same period in 2016, despite vows to crack down on illegal immigration, Mexican government data show.

Netanyahu Allies Try to Curb Police as Corruption Probes Wrap Up

As Israeli police wrap up investigations of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his allies in parliament pushed through a bill that critics say could be used to silence investigators.

Macron in hot water over labor plan that targets unemployed, not unemployment

French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to slash benefits for the unemployed in half if they refuse “reasonable” job offers and annul them for two months in case of repeated refusals sparked criticism from both left and right.

Confidence Gap Between Republicans and Democrats Is Widest Since Bush Was President

Republican household sentiment exceeds that of Democrats by the widest margin since George W. Bush was president. Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index data on Thursday showed a gauge of confidence among Republicans was 25.3 points higher than the index for Democrats. That’s the largest margin since the first week of January 2008.

US missions in Turkey to resume full visa services after row

US missions in Turkey are to resume full visa services following security assurances from Turkey's government on US consular staff.

Singer Files Sex Assault Complaint Against Former Trump Aide

A singer and potential congressional candidate said Tuesday that she has filed a sexual assault complaint against President Donald Trump's former campaign manager for hitting her twice on her buttocks during a Washington gathering in November.

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As Duterte's 'Anti-Terror' War Looms, Philippine Communists Mark 49-Year Anniversary

The NPA had launched nearly a thousand tactical offensives on the island and stocked its arsenal with enough high-powered weaponry to equip a “battalion of Red fighters".

Israeli teens tell Netanyahu they won’t serve in IDF, slam occupation of Palestine

Sixty-three Israeli students signed a letter stating they would defy mandatory military service despite the risk of jail. Citing the occupation of Palestine, the letter criticizes the policies of Israel’s “racist government.”

Civil rights activist Erica Garner declared brain-dead after coma

Erica Garner, who became a prominent civil rights activist after her father’s death in a police chokehold, has been declared brain-dead with no chance of recovery. Garner, 27, was in a coma after a “massive” heart attack.

Nestle Appropriating Water from California's Strawberry Creek: State Water Board

The board concluded that Nestle can only legally claim about 8.5m gallons annually, significantly less than the 62m gallons it has been collecting.

The U.S. Population Is Growing by One Person Every 18 Seconds

The U.S. Census Bureau projects world population on Jan. 1, 2018, at 7,444,443,881. This represents an increase of 78,521,283, or 1.07 percent, from New Year’s Day 2017.


final proof that Obama was a reactionary and republicans only hated him because he had a D in front of his name.


The path out of the low wage trap is limited by fiscal austerity


How Nutrition “Science” Made the US and Other Countries Fatter

A deep dive into how an unproven nutrition theory, that saturated fats cause heart disease, became gospel, to the public's detriment.

The Editor's Notes on Milo Yiannopoulos' Rejected Manuscript Are a Glorious Act of Frustration



I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the year

Will this guy give up & fuck off already?


the Milo book is the funniest thing I've seen in a while-half the notes are just the editor demanding that he provide evidence for his claims and the other half are calling Milo a retard who doesn't know how to form an argument.

This is a fucking goldmine

Brave kids.

Dunno why I cracked up at this.


I want to fug Megumin

Truth, though I wonder how much of it was Obama trying to appease suburban republicans

lmao. I'm chopping up some of these for future use

4D Chess

I so want to rub the 4D chess thing in the aut-right's faces, but my better half remembers Napoleon's famous dictum






don't feel so smug, instead the increased ice raids are just feeding massive private "detention centers" in the desert being treated as super-sized gitmos.

Best xmas present so far.

Regardless Trump is an enormous attention whore who sucks up media like a whore sucks off the cum dripping down a man's testicles.

For the past 9 years he has been bitching about Obama's failures on illegal immigration non stop, he campaigned, on deporting even more people than Obama. Now the news is reporting he is deporting less.

There is tragedy here, I do not deny that.

But don't tell me that this isn't a fucking Curb Your Enthusiasm episode played out for a live audience.

I can only imagine how many of his staff he's threatening to fire as we speak


I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time.


Why do you have to be a buzzkill. Why can't I just imagine the fact that Trump is throwing 150 year old plates across the wall shattering them screaming "KELLY! KELLY! KELLLLY!"

Holy fuck L M A O, this is pure gold



How will the alt-right ever recover?

This is good shit.

Well, Milo you fucked up again. In pushing for legal action against S&S for not publishing your dumbass manuscript, you have managed to show what their editors truly thought of your book.

A series of vicious owns I have not seen in the publishing world in my entire life.

Well done Milo, continue your quest to be the most owned man.

I wonder if Milo realized that whatever legal action he pushed would reveal that they didn't want to publish his book THIS FUCKING BADLY.

Maybe he thought this was just PR, but holy fuck, this is absolutely vicious

This is not that different from what he actually does; Screaming at his staff because "AIDS infested Haitians moving from their huts to live off the dole"


I-imagine… Imagine Yanopapupolous reading this shit!

I don't have to imagine it. The faggot got so triggered he sued them.


For the full list of Milo's shitnanigens. Honestly, the bit about The Moon Landings and the cold war sent my sides into Orbit.

Bolivia’s Morales Announces Call For Universal Healthcare Program ‘For The People’


It is depressing that poor countries like Poland, Mexico, Thailand and Bolivia have universal healthcare and free higher education but in the richest country in the world we can't provide them.


This is some cold shit


This is a literal treasure trove.


I had to de-ant that last one.

These editing notes are fucking savage holy shit. I haven't seen this one posted yet

Got Damn

This will be Milo's epitaph.


Full manuscript + editor's notes. Have at it guys.


I almost want to read Milo's shitpile to understanf the context



Here you go fam: splinternews.com/there-was-no-blood-no-semen-and-there-was-no-satanism-1821623643

This is something straight of Chris Chan

Commies, reddit, Hillary Clinton and Holla Forums BTFO!


Exploitable to the extreme.





Stick a fork in that turkey, 'cus it's done.

include the bit about the black dick joke



Extremely good

god damn those are some cool kids

Milo to a T. Could he have had these released on purpose though just to own the libs? Their reaction will expose their contempt for the intellectually disabled.

It's full of shit like that.

I mean I can sorta kinda excuse the lack of knowledge of US political history, wait god please say he doesn't walk about British history…

Why the fuck does some brit think he can write shit about this then? fucking anglos

and really because he's black. they saw obama as the ultimate horror of affirmative action realized

It was more than that. It broke the delusion of white superiority that kept much of rural America complacent despite their crippling poverty.

If a nigger can be president, what does that say about your social situation?

Some of these news really brought some joy into my depressive dip. Thank you!

Lowkey I feel like this is the case, I have no basis for it but it's a hunch.

lmao good shit

Because his niche audience doesn't care about the facts as long as he strokes their ego.

Check them out on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/user-502752203/i-cant-breathe-neil-mix-02

They're pretty good. Talented.

There was some quote from an interview in his last year of presidency, something to the effect of, "you know I see these guys all the time, we smile we joke, we play golf regularly but they won't stop low key calling me a smelly nigger, I just wish I had the acceptance and respect of the Republicans."

it's even more retarded considering obama was already the whitest black guy ever

His whole PRESIDENT character was just his best impression of his white grandpa. I never saw footage of him but I feel this is a likely explanation. What kind of Hawaii/Indonesian/SoCal/New England/Chicago accent is that anyways?

I guess he claims it's a Kansas accent from his mother but his grandfather seems to be the only male Kansan in his life. I want to see some interviews of his buddies from back when he was a pot smoking occidental student. Was he still pulling the mid-western local shtick back then too?

He sounds more like a straight Jordan Peele in this old inteview: youtube.com/watch?v=fItxli7-uU0

I guess his signature thinking-"uuuuhhhyyyhh"s were still there but seemingly less pronounced.

To go even deeper. If you really look at it he helped White America or maybe let's say the power structure of America even more than the black community. What would he say the reason he wanted to be president? Just to prove that America would elect a Black American? Because ultimately that's all I felt he did. Barrack Obama is the only 'black friend.' Our country isn't racist! Some of my favorite presidents are Black!


I think it's honestly the wrong line to take. Rubbing Trump's incompetence at being a reactionary shithead in the faces of his supporters is:
A) Counterproductive, since few people here want massive deportations with the goal of ethnically cleansing the country we shouldn't be criticizing him for it
B) Dangerous, since bringing more attention to it and getting his supporters riled up will probably push Trump to deport more people
C) Shortsighted as it ignores the reactionary shit he has been doing, like in
D) Plays into reactionary/nationalist narratives

I'd make a trailer park boys joke, but I'm too nice to conflate Nova Scotia with New Brunswick

Milo status: not mad, not owned, actually laughing

i think i've gotten so used to this that i don't even know why i'm still pointing this out

you think milo will kill himself when the e-fame dries up? He hasn't been relevant since the pedo scandal and he's clearly desperate for attention.

Milo is a relic of pre-Trump internet culture. Suicide is probably the only way to preserve his "legacy" at this point. Otherwise he is going to engage in increasingly more desperate stunts in order to restart his little cult until he winds up in the poor house. He has no actual skills. I doubt he could even do menial labor.

No - I honestly, deep in my heart, think that milli yanilli believes he did nothing wrong, is being persecuted by evil leftists, and will continue to grift his supporters until he dies

remember when he took a bath in pigs blood to satirize violence committed by immigrants? No one gave a crap. I can't think of anything he could do that would give him viral coverage at this point, people just don't care about him anymore.

I honestly think Milo is an attention whoring narcissist that deep down needs people to hate him as much as he hates himself.

it's the shite-wing's hot take on interior semiotics

Tempted to go to Holla Forums just to start arguments so I can reply to posts with the structure
Not a sentence. (a-la "not an argument)
Let's leave "cuck" out of it here.
This whole paragraph is all topic.

just do it

Reports were he almost killed himself on his "day of death": when all his peado stuff got put out there, his book deal was canceled ect.


Oh I'm laughing.

I mean it's not like it wasn't unwarranted. If a major publishing house suddenly got Milo's book


And you had to sit down, edit it,give notes on something this fucking infuriating to read (perhaps with no prior knowledge of Milo's existence besides he says edgy shit) and you have to save face for the company you work for and make the book profitable.

At about the half way point any editor would give up and just say "delete it, delete everything, stop talking, just stop talking"


I desperately need more of these screenshots

Milo status: Red, Mad, and Nude

This is obvious from reading the manuscript.

Seize the means of production

Did that editor just blow a hole in Gamergate's shift to the right?

someone tweet this at him

funnier joke than Milo's entire book

Doesn't matter cause Gamergate wasn't really about ethics. It was about cultural colonization of formely apolitical niches.

Culture is left wing since the right wing forgoed it because muh economics trumps all, so they always gonna be considered the agressors here. Even ol Jake Thomson was approved by Hillary. And if you tell me "That only liberals,chud", you just have to see how the twitter red trans brigade see anything that isn't lavish LGBT praise on any media.

I'm sure next year this rationale will change to "We only did it for the lolz, m8" after Gamergate is swept into the dustbin of internet history along with Project Chanology.

We threatened people for irony, we never seriously meant to doxx anyone when we doxxed someone.

I was harassing people on twitter as a joke! Can't you fags take a joke? Twitter is lame lol.

why is gamergate still a thing

Why is Kronstadt still a thing

because targeting gamers is the first step in SJEW plan to destroy the white race.

I htought everyone knew this.


Game journalism has always been ethically bankrupt. Virgins got butthurt about some slut exploiting the system and Breitbart helped to fan the flames. Milo was a figurehead but didn't actually do any of the writing there.

Has that guy ever seen a Hillary and counter Trump rally?

now that seems like some legit "pants of fire" butthurt editorial fact checking

The guy is a conservative editor. He is simply point out that Trump rallies are mostly filled with fat boomer fucks.


May I say, to the ire of all gamer gaters who haven't gone extinct, was what she did, as evil and disgusting and heinous, as what Gamergate eventually lead into? Even near its beginnings?

From the start I knew there was more to it, that it was being pushed by various groups, perhaps even the gaming industry itself, to remove someone they thought was a problem maker because, I know you'll hate this, but leftist enough to have a platform to point out corruption in video games themselves, not journalism. Now she may be entirely liberal, but right wing paranoia and corporate paranoia go hand in hand, and I think Gamer Gate was a result of both working together in organization knowingly or not.

And what did it accomplish? It focused the attention on video game journalists, while making the attention to the dread advancing micro transactions that get worse by the year

I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but I seriously believe that Gamer Gate was an engineered outrage to kill two birds with one stone, a critic developer with a platform that could damage sales, and a way to focus communal outrage in such a way that it benefited the interests of the corporate power dominate in the industry, EA, Activision, and slowly but surely, all of the video game industry.

And it all happened in those years gamer gate was relevant. It smells fishy to me, it always has. It smells like something sneaky happened.

No news today? Where's NewsAnon-chan?

Maybe they're busy

It morphed from a "movement" about corrupt journalists to a rabid cult dedicated to defending multi-million dollar/year gaming industry. Pretty sad.

Sorry guys, traveling today so I can't do the news or at least not for a couple more hours.

Man dies after being shot by Wichita officer investigating possible homicide


A COD feud leads one gamer to call a SWAT on the other. However, that gamer had a false address, leading the police to shoot and kill an innocent man who didn't even play video games.

This really could not have come at a worse time.

goddamn mi-lol is MAAAAAD


Reminds me of that imgur compilation that gets posted here sometimes, there's another one with a young teen boy who opens the door to see a police officer already pointing a gun in his face, who immediately shoots as soon as he's visible.

It's really fucking something when I can look at an incident like this and say 'huh, guess that happened again'.

More information on the incident:


A man died because some COD twinks were arguing over a dollar. Fucking hell.

Absolute STATE of America

Is this acceptable to ask for list with addresses of American right-wingers here or should we make a separate thread?

We should mail them old school PLFP pins to show support


Ever since the Anita kickstarter, the vampire's castle used "gamers harass me" for easy victim points, and it worked, because Holla Forums fucking loves the bait. Zoe pulled that same shit with wizardchan some months before the burgers and fries shit.
The whole zoepost would have blown over in a few weeks, if not for the discussion getting banned from fucking everywhere and the gamers are dead articles, that made the Holla Forumsermin paranoid and every reactionary on the internet smelled blood.

You are right that it pushed a lot of anger from the companies into retarded idpol shit, Holla Forums used to be angry enough at EA to vote it into the worst company twice in a row, and nowadays they will defend everything as long as they use rght-wing idpol and "triggers the libs", just see net neutrality.