/game/ How will be purged ?

Camrads let's make a of those.
Day of birth = reason behind your purge
Month of birth = your sentence.
be creatif

Also OP must have 200 characters but 023 825 1516 919 1 61 7 71520 but Ceasar isn't t he solution user !

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< November: 1 million years Canadian gulag
< December: All-expenses-paid trip to Siberia

That's all I've got for now, anyone else?

23 - Illegalism
August - Electric Chair



Chose the date because it was one of the ony two that would fit.

I buggered it, someone fix it when they make a copy.

i will just post here the gimp project.

14 - Reading Atlas Shrugged
7 - Showing up late for work

October - Psychiatric "Treatment"
March - Scrubbing the inside of a recycling tank



I dont understand the game.

8: Masturbating
January: Anfem Breeding Dungeon

that was fallout wasnt it

No, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.


april: never existed

April should be admiration of Hitler's policies


yeah that's better, i just gave a random month at .
We still need obliteration as a sentence.

Nice way to datamine us, CIA

4:trotskyism or splitting

December 7th is my b-day and something I found ironic is I one day hope to visit Siberia, Greenland, and Alaska. With Greenland being my final destination

February - Involuntary outdoor exercise
May - Killing fields

Eating vegan food should be one, with being a fat fuck being the cause

update i took june & 18

update plus fix,
took 5th

3rd: Revisionism
My birth month is already taken tho.

Is the 10th day a "get out of gulag free"-card/"Hero of labour" or is it missing by accident?

whoops fixed

also projet file update

20th, using the insult "grave robber of the revolution" to often



September - Struggle Session

1st: Trotskyite plot


10. Googled Bookchin

15: watched a Xexizy video

9. Thinking Tiger I was the best tank of WW2 instead of T-34-100
10. Being a Wehraboo
11. Claiming USSR would've lost without Lend Lease



This is fucking ugly, the period after the numbers should line up and the text shouldn't cross this line

25 - Imperialism
19 - Marginalizing imperialism
29 - Eco revisionism
28 - Supporting R*java



Suggestion: Change "psychiatric treatment" to "The Ludovico Technique"



21th: Trying to escape penis inspection day
22rd: Not triggering liberals by supporting the DPRK against western imperialism

Perhaps change "Killing Fields" to "Flawlessly recite Marx complete bibliography"

Random one should be "Missing the Tsar"
Also in honor of our newly discovered Greenland user, all expenses paid trip to Siberia should be "All expenses paid trip to Greenland"

both 404

my bad set it to 3h uptime

Upload the xcf so I can try to fix this mess

30: Gorilla posting

help don't bully


fucking hell wtf file.io
here dropshit link



24. using Holla Forums memes
also fix to in 20, should be too

27 - Saying traps are gay


Suggestion: Change "Struggle Session" to "10,000 Page Self-Criticism Essay"

Your input is always welcome

Take out the "triggering liberals by" in #22. It's best to keep these things concise.

Also go through and make the spacing between the numbers and purge reasons consistent, otherwise it's 10/10

final version


Oh shit will the Ludovico Technique save me from my Pure Ideology?!

Fair enough