Batko cucks out/goes full SJW

ITS LIKE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS I TELL YOU, ONE SEC THEY ARE REDPILLED ON LIBERAL IDPOL, THE NEXT they go FULL SJW. Did the CIA/FBI get to batko or something? did he get brainwashed? This the the SECOND (after muke) anti idpol leftypolyp that mexie turned into a sjw! FUCK

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He's right, you know.

tl;dr: I have made new YT friends and adjusted my views accordingly

Once again time has validated me.

I warned you all a few months back that he was an opportunist that happily surrounded himself with r/socialism types that fit every SJW stereotype you could imagine.
At this point he is as bad as Muke and deserves nothing but contempt from this board.
He is a red liberal that should fuck back off to Reddit.

The absolute state of this board.

This is what happens when you don't read and are only basing your ideology off of peer pressure.

All basement dwellers here will be against it but tbh he's right.

He's right, the left is mostly idpolfags and we'd be better off talking to them instead of yelling at them.

does she have a dick or something?

t. ron vibbentrop

pix or it didn't happen


Yeah he's totally a blue-haired and castrated SJW now. I fucking swear the anti-idpolers go a little overboard at times.

Here's a great tip when it comes to judging leftist radicals: every single time you see someone making a public mea culpa about their previous views, and announcing how they have now seen the light and are transitioning to a different school of thought, it's mostly because they're acting based on peer pressure.

People like Batko and Muke don't really have any theoretical principles to adhere to, they just have social milieus they wish to belong. Since the people he named are slightly more popular than they are, they gravitate towards them and internalize their views as their own, just like they once gravitated towards Holla Forums e-celebs when that was a step above.

Get used to this, because this is something you're going to see a lot in your lives. Being a leftist means being perpetually disappointed at your friends and former friends.

Ok, time to address this seriously before any more of you are led astray. Let's take Contrapoints as a touchstone: he (of she by now? I don't follow internet personal development journeys) is clearly smart, well read, charismatic and the videos have superb production values. No doubt a lot of the time he's going to make good points about the topic at hand, and do so in an eminently watchable way. But this is an absolute exception. By and large the idpol crowd remains a vampire castle, and the focus on idpol of many so called leftists continues to distort popular views of leftism, and take up oxygen that should properly go towards a universal class struggle. To come out and proclaim that cutting yourself off from idpol leftism because you have found the few nuggets among the great mass of shit, doesn't seem justified in the least.

Go on and recommend Contrapoints, the videos are (were?) often good and fun. But that should be no reason to even hint at a wider opening to the whole idpol swamp.

here's a radical idea:
1. don't engage with the non-economic issue at all
2. don't loudly announce your refusal to engage, simply don't do so, or talk over the question about economic matters.
anti-idpol should in reality be a-idpol. it simply should not register as a topic for discussion. any opinions held should be kept to oneself as general policy.

Like I said in a thread a while ago, these are the worst ones: the guys who say identity politics is a necessary and positive force as long as it is properly "checked" for excesses. They're never the ones who have the balls to tell SJWs to shut the fuck up when they overstep their boundaries, but they're always the ones to hold the door open for them under the guise of brotherly left-wing plurality and the necessity of rational "dialogue".

Color me surprised

Just more proof that Anarchists=Red Liberals who like to break shit

Agreed, but you could have just said "Being a Leftist means being perpetually disappointed'

Pretty good tactic to forever remain irrelevant

Sounds reasonable enough, nontheless when will you people learn not to praise cult of personality or stinky frog memes.

Great rolemodel to follow bro

Believe it or not, I do not screen cap all of my posts.
However I can assure you that I have made such remarks several times over the past few months.

This is the future that Bat'ko wants.
Make no mistake; the left will never get anywhere with id-pol.
SJWs are agents of the status quo and should be treated as such.

Identity politics is like a weed.
If you provide it with even the smallest of opportunities to take root, it will.
It will then proceed to spread and strangle out any meaningful gains or progress in the name of its own propagation.
As such the only way to engage with id-pol, is with closed ranks and open hostility - to deny it any ability to take root.

Any conciliatory position towards SJWs or 'tactical re-evaluation' of identity politics ultimately only helps one group of people; The forces of capital.
Remember that people like Bat'ko or Muke are happy to sell out just for the chance to be the de-jure beta orbiter of some succ-dem SJW - That is what is important to them.
They are all enemies.

There is a reason one seldom sees mentally heathy adult Anarchists.
Yet can find plenty of adult liberals who were Anarchists as teenagers.

what's the point of being relevant if you're saying nothing of value and surrounded by the insufferable?

Can I ask a question

Why should I invest energy in any of this

Why should I care

Only Marxism-Leninism can prevent oh, wait. Ismail. Except, I'm not sure if he actually was Marxist in the first place.

IdPol "Left" is not Left. I repeat: Not. Left. There is literally no difference between SJWs and polacks. Both are delusional, both are equally Liberal - and both are prone to go Fascist.

I doubt it. While I watched only one video (on Fascism) - it was atrocious. There was nothing but platitudes and he completely missed the whole point. Fascism is simply Nazism!

These mspaint drawings have to stop.


You shouldn't. Most people posting in these threads don't know what id-pol even is and the youtubers/twitter users in question are almost always entirely irrelevant.



came here to post this

I don't remember exactly what I watched, but it had bits which stole did the mister Plinket-style POV, so I was sold.

you are not funny

Neither is anything made in mspaint.

fuck off anphlegm, nobody even wants you here and your b8 is obvious enough that you're probably a Holla Forumsyp falseflag as well :DDDD:D

anfems don't even post here anymore

worrying about unironic anfem posters is like worrying about islamic terrorism

Princesses get the rope. Vegans get the gulag.

So pretty worrying?




If you couldn't tell that was someone yanking your dick you're really gullible

m8 I mean no disrespect but you really underestimate the amount of liberal apologia that has slipped through the cracks here since the US election season

I admit, I wanted to check myself just to be sure, so I looked his post history. It was all bait. All terrible low effort bait.

life hack, if you see the lowest effort bait, don't moan about it. Report it.

I see no problem with his position.
Also, Mexie is a comrade. She makes pretty good videos with a solid materialist analysis.

Annihi proves itself to be consistently the worst flag once again.

This is what happens when you don't read and are only basing your ideology off of peer pressure.


Nice, lads. What peer pressure do you imagine I'm under here?
Also, can you make some sort of refutation of his position?

I wasn't mocking you, I was mocking him.

Tbh, bad but not that bad.

The reality is we have to deal with these people to some extent. And there are some historic movements that Holla Forumsers tend to describe as idpol that nevertheless were not entirely shite.

And how much can I blame Bat'ko for falling into this trap? There's some irony to the way leftypol's been going recently which extends to our treatment of Bat'ko - in spite of being anti-idpol, we've succumbed to some really fucking retarded division. Frankly, it's embarrassing. We have a lot of potential, without the limits inherent to idpol, and yet we still drive people off for completely unrelated reasons - it's like a fetus performing its own surgical abortion. It would be impressive if it weren't so grotesque.





How exactly am I helping porky. I really want an indepth explanation.

I have no problem with this so far as class issues are still kept at the forefront.

Which idpol is anyone submitting to? Still waiting for that argument.

Even the supposed "idpolers" he mentioned put class issues first.

sometimes you have to liberate yourself from nuance.
one opinion for your private construction of reality, another for public political discussion.


Then where's the fucking issue?

"Bro class is an identity hahaha dude quit dividing the Left! #Leftunity but only if you read my mind about what is and isn't allowed to be said otherwise you have to go find another org you LITERAL FUCKING NAZI hahaha dude how am i brainwashed and helping porky? this is totally how you build a cohesive movement to seize power my dude what are you a stupid fucking ☭TANKIE☭?? haha everyone i don't like is totally just a ☭TANKIE☭ look at me being nuanced"

Nowhere, people are whining because they are retarded.

sorry m8 retard is ableist you are no longer allowed to post here go somewhere else. Look I'm not dividing the Left I'm just making you go somewhere else because you said something I didn't like how is that participating in IdPol or helping porky?(You won't be banned for ableism, but you will be banned for intolerable and arrogant shitposting)

Try again without strawmanning.

Can you point out where I said that? I'd be horrified if I did. I'd really like to know, for both our sake's, when and where I said that

Try again without strawmanning. (2)

Gg leftypol u divided urself like fucking pizza again.
leftpol part 2: batko boogaloo when?

Leftypol has always been divided you fucking newfag. Actually kill yourself.

imagine i put class issues first, but every so often i break into long tangents where i argue with people about the merits of plaid patterns on railway seating. let's say it's even an 80/20 split, but i take this really seriously and will ruin relationships with people over their poor choice of furnishing for public transportation are you really willing to put up with the 20% to get the 80% of meh class analysis you could find elsewhere from a less weird person, or indeed just go without?

keep in mind i don't really know who any of these meme personalities are because i've never had a need for whatever it is they do. (except the nazbol song which was fun and good.)

You're right, you all know

yeah it's almost like batko doesn't have any strong opinions or theory underpinning his beliefs but just goes with the flow of where his internet friends are at any given moment.

Yeah, except these people aren't obsessed with IDpol, they are just not obsessed with being anti-IDpol.

Sounds like a lot of people here who claim they're "above it all"

Didn't his recent video show him having been well read enough to complete Doctrine of Fascism?


The lowest effort bait gets posted by some user with a ## Board Owner capcode.

I don't know what you guys expect from ecelebs. Why do you even care about these idiots?

You mean being co-oped by them. Idpol only ruins leftist movements.

Pretty disappointing you throw a universal fit instead of just ignoring it

i'm not obsessed with railway seating, i just occasionally discuss it. usually it starts simple, we're just talking about taking the train, sometimes it actually starts with a completely different topic - maybe they're telling a story about when they were in London, and they mention being on the train, and then just to be friendly i ask in good faith about the seating, and then it spirals when they say the wrong thing and arguments start and we hate one another now i've actually got a restraining order out.

what i'm saying is
take the zen position of not talking at all.
(which is ironic given how flagrantly my posting ITT disregards my own advice, but hey.)

Also, it feels like being anti-idpol is the 80% concern for a lot of the most retarded people here. They'll cut off good communist analysis because it was made by a woman who is also a feminist.

It depends per region really, where you live,your identity can inform your income because income is largely inherited, and so property easier to buy for some more than others. Due to past racism.

You can't just say YAY RACISM IS OVER, that's actually not a material analysis at all.

*pushes you down*

Well my dude, I'm not going to sit quietly if my peers go on some racist rant about how niggers are inferior or something. Fuck your Zen bullshit. The world is not in harmony, don't be a fucking bitch.

best post

Class first, but you better not eat meat, say "stupid", call someone a fag, and you definitely need to shut up because muh intersectionality.

Why did I suddenly laugh at this?

…oh boy

Grow up, there are more important things in life.

He's literally just saying we should debate/engage the idpol left. Considering most people on this board rightly think we should debate/engage fascists, I don't really see what the issue is. Also people like contra and mexie aren't really SJW's in the sense that they're not obnoxious and tribalistic. I don't really care about people's idpol as long as they aren't obnoxious about it.

what is that pic?

Racism is idpol. We are anti-idpol.

yeah they suck too.
although in a much broader sense it's fun to write people off with tactfully selected shibboleths, not to mention time efficient. most people are just shit at picking the right times to do so and find themselves dying on weird hills.

words don't stop people, purges do.
For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.
which is like the best Sun Tzu quote I could come up with in short notice for "you don't need to get into every argument possible, choose your battles, and if possible just have them purged rather than disputing things with verbal volleys."

Pretty sure none of the people he mentioned would be mad about the word stupid.

What a reasonable chap
Reee sjw liberal cuck

whats the point of discussing all of this?
All of our posters become redditors once they hit the Youtube scene.
its a shame but this shouldn't be discussed here leave that to twitter.

No, but you know they will get here at some point. Mexie is already a brain-dead vegan ideologue. It's only a matter of time.

For the sake of fuck, nobody in this thread is implying that and you're stirring up internet drama and argument over hypotheticals you think some poster is thinking. I would advise you to not assume a poster's history. I can, and none of the people you're complaining about idpol have a posting history reflective of believing the idpol you fear is infesting our board.

It's borderline McCarthyist when it comes to discussing issues of Imperialism and Race, and the uncomfortable truth racism has a material basis in our societies. If you think that's idpol, if you think this gigantic bogeyman is going to take away your posting fun,

Then go to Reddit, /r9k/, Holla Forums, go anywhere but here. Because you are sabotaging potential discussion by blindly screaming idpol and accusing people of being from Tumblr and believing their bullshit when it is universally not the case; in fact people everyone claims are idpol chewing corrupt cancer shit on idpol all the time.

Stop driving yourself into hysterics, it prevents discussion of serious topics, you're causing more harm to the board than the ghosts and phantoms you chase.


I hate this whole e-celeb drama bullshit.

This completely. Is there another site we can posts videos that is leftist friendly? Tired of the reddit tier bullshit that keeps repeating over and over again.

*pins you to the bed*

Finbol didn't throw himself at the feet of a overhyped liberal tranny to provide his point. Finbol doesn't reject the achivment of the SOVIET UNION because they didn't do right to gays. There is an inherently authoritarian element in a revolution the suspension of civil freedoms is part of this. If I buy in liberal idpol I value civil freedom over political and economic one. The first one is not that important

He didn't go full SJW. Full SJWs do shit like this . This is what we should oppose. You can't even go on Reddit without being constantly scrutinized for wrongthink and wrongspeak. It's fucking bullshit.

Idpol has literally no relation to any socialist cause. All racism and sexism could disappear from the world and capitalism would continue with no issue. Being 'respectful' to the SJW Left is as sensible as being respectful towards the NazBol Gang, both are fucking retarded and will only dilute the focus on the only struggle that matters at most, or utterly shift all attention away from it towards their own autism at worst (which is usually).

if you show up at an IRL meeting (of any kind) and call someone a fag or say that things you disagree with are "stupid," it just makes you a horrible dumbass teenage nerd who has no idea how to operate in the real world.



I'm posting from a cell. The fact is that I see more people accepting idpol from people who are not even socialists. I don't mean to say their issues aren't important to them, but they simply should not take the forefront of discussion for us. Contra is a likeable person, and she made good vids, but the fact is that for now it is a trans channel and we shouldn't kowtow to her in the hope that she will say something nice about socialism. Socialism is the ultimate answer to their problems, not pointless tone policing and "acknowledgement".

Fuck no. Bat'ko always was liberal scum. This proved the point I made months ago when he criticized us for being "bigots" because we criticized contrapoints


I say things like that all the time among friends. Why do you assume everything is a super serious meeting?


1. I do not care who is and is not trans, because surprisingly, doing so is idpol. Shocking isn't it.

2. I can read people's post histories. Everyone in this thread is throwing a fit over nothing, everybody has a negative opinion on idpol in their post history, and that shoots a hole through the whole EVERYONE IS MAKING OUR BOARD IDPOL fear seem hysterical to me

3. This promotes shit posting, because nobody can trust one another when you pull this, which further fractures board solidarity, when all the people you're fighting about believing in idpol, don't actually believe much of what you think they do

4. If someone was pushing idpol, they would be banned fairly quickly.

5. This youtube drama does not belong here at all, and nobody should give a shit

I suppose the American version of the work liberal then yes? For the rest of the world no.

You wouldn't want to be a class reductionist BROCIALIST like that misogynist marx, now would you?

These people have no ideological standing with scientific socialism. They will support neoliberal capitalist interests when they feel like it 'benefits' them.

Zizek was right

Mexie has read more Marx than 95% of this and is studying economics. Also there's nothing wrong with being vegan or even talking about it. You can just ignore it, there's only like 1 or 2 videos?

Because people are pointing fingers at who exactly is the monster from Who Goes There, and making people hysterical this board has been taken over by malignant forces working to transform leftypol into a twelve gender hellscape, and bitching about youtube celebs and their supposed sympathizers.

I feel I need to step in for a moment and tell you all of you are stupid and the post histories of accused sjws are anything but

of this board*

The anti idpol of this board is really just a side effect of the fact that we are on Holla Forums surrounded by fascists. Once you get out the edgy chan culture echo chamber that naturally spawned the anti-idpol rhetoric, the whole thing fades away a little bit. A lot of us hold anti-idpol veiws because of the same sort of "FEMINISTS GONNA TAKE OUR VIDYA" and bakto and Muke have sort of thrown that away.

What was Zizek right about? Don't bring my homeboy into this without providing any context.

torn between concern that my post history would read as such and the more relaxing idea that my post history wasn't interesting enough to read in depth, or that i've been posting so far off topic as to not be considered in the discussion.

Neither do I, and yet we seem to have constant threads about it, or we seem to discuss youtubers who only talk about this one peripheral issue. This is what I have a problem with. And now we have people like muke and bat'ko going out of their way to buddy up to these people who are just liberals and nothing more.

Yeah none of this is happening. You're just inventing an emergency to galvanize the support for your own viewpoint, and your vol status makes it sound authoritative.

Lots of people here should be using VPNs assuming they aren't retarded, so what does post history really tell you?

Zizek was right about what idpol would lead to bruh.
He's talked about how these so called 'leftists' keep catering to spooked lumpen while disregarding the worker for being too 'socially reactionary'.

Well anti-idpol leftists are just idpol leftists trying to distance themselves.

And yet she keeps pushing idpol and even has her own special snowflake idea in the form of veganism. She even claimed that animals do "labor", which is fucking ridiculous.

It's just fucking twitter, there's a million liberals on twitter, and talking about two more does absolutely nothing but waste everyone's time on gossip. It creates the problem you wish to get rid of.

Keep twitter drama, on twitter

There is no social justice warrior idpol invasion, and I am very curious what my agenda is besides stopping this board from fracturing by pointing fingers at random people when both parties have similar post histories.

It's ridiculous and counter intuitive, and decreases board quality. Wow, what an evil agenda to try and make tensions less hot by saying there's not much to worry about in this thread.

My evil agenda to keep twitter drama on twitter is tearing this board apart>And now we have people like muke and bat'ko going out of their way to buddy up to these people who are just liberals and nothing more.

Animals don't do labor (add value to the product) but they are "exploited" (used) in the capitalist mode of production.

That could be said of any resource. You might as well cry that trees are exploited.

It's long enough and consistent enough that I have serious doubts the evil sleeper cell sjws exist. Because when they pop up they just get banned. Stop pointing fingers at literally everyone, and report posts you deem suspicious. I will look into it.

Unless…………..I'm sjw?????? What if I've been infected too!


Way back, years ago on 4pol some dude was talking about his role in occupy and how the takeover of these SJWs basically killed it.
Any ideas about what to do next were killed by useless arguing about who needs to talk about their feelings the most.
In the end these people made sure nothing could actually be done and Occupy just ended up as a big camp out.

Intersectionality is a weapons grade mind virus.

Only when they overtly do obvious sjw shit. I've never seen an America hate thread deleted, nor non-white nationalists banned, and yet these are both forms of idpol.

for supreme lieder of Holla Forums
anarchists are bunch of opportunist Kulaks.

That's called shitposting, I ban it when it gets out of hand, but otherwise if I banned everyone from Europe mocking white Americans I would have an angry mob on my ass harder than I already do. And yes, I do ban white nationalists. Very quickly, unless they can behave somewhat civilized.

I am just trying to reassure you and everyone here that the SJW mind worms, are not on this board, and we should keep Twitter drama on Twitter. But of course, because I have an ounce of authority, I am treated like I'm covering up the Roswell UFO crash

America hate threads are semi-hilarious, though.

How else do you explain the lack of a posadist flag?

Oh shit……….

Why couldn't animals be exploited? For instance if I find one horse, and feed it grain worth 2$ couldn't it generate more than that by having it pull a carriage for someone? You pay the animal its cost of production subsistence and get a large value.

thanks for keeping my cover

You're right, but the way you are handling it ain't. If you want to keep twitter fights on twitter, anchor this thread and be done with it. Call the poster out on their shit without your vol tag and be done with it. But all this double checking of the IP's and replying as a vol is obnoxious.

Any time my fellow Reticulan

there were never any leftypol e-celebs before bat'ko and muke though

i think a lot of the "UGH WHITE MALES" stuff from liberal spaces is toxic nonsense. but occupy had no structure so you could show up and rant about jews blowing up the WTC if you wanted to, and people did. but your average Holla Forums user doesn't care about that, and would have liked more of that. so there's a reason they tend to focus on idpol as what killed occupy rather than the underlying structural problems.

basically jo freeman predicted occupy's doom in the 'tyranny of structurelessness' in 1970:

Look, how else do you want me to ease fears? Do you just not want me to check through post histories at all?

Absolutely none of you use the report function anymore, so knowing you were concerned I checked the post histories of the recent posters, and wouldn't you know, nothing is happening.

It's irritating to be second guessed and constantly told how to do my job when I'm trying to reassure you that it seems like many worries are misplaced.

As I've said before, I will say again. Use the report function so I don't have to come into threads where everyone is accusing someone of being an sjw. It would make things much simpler for me.

I don't know, mods should generally not post with their mod flag, but when a thread like this is riddled with conspiracy shit that a mod could disprove, I see no reason they shouldn't.


What the fuck is this? This is not your job. And besides it looks like you're admitting in this very post that there were not even reports of people being afraid! You're just putting out your own fears as the Popular Will now?

Could you please calm the fuck down, I'm not implying anything you just said, and I did in interest of reassuring people that sjws aren't in this thread. Wow, I am a straight up thot, how dare I do something so abusive with my power.

You are looking at ways to get angry. If you think a post is suspect, use the report function. And stop telling me how to do my god damn job. I have my own reasons for not wanting Twitter drama and suspicions of absolutely nothing running rampant.

Surely, I've gone mad with power by telling you there is nothing to worry about as of right now. I am such a thotty.


How did you come to this conclusion?

spaces don't work in command prompt, try running the command with underscores instead.

Also, if it bothers you so much that a tranny would be part of the vanguard, then maybe Holla Forums is the place for you.

This makes no sense

I think the biggest problem is that people in this thread don't understand that Contrapoints and Mexie are not liberals, they are communists.

I know I have never experienced that.
That may be true, but the fact that you're so triggered by this, calling it pathetic, makes it sound like you're one of them and is quite counterproductive. If this tranny commie could reach a hundred dumb tranny commies that previously were only focused on their tranny politics, then I say more power to xir.
Also the fact that you call communism "bullshit" says a lot.

now this is a guy who gets it,_so_we_can_ban_you

They aren't deleted, they just don't properly quote for some reason :c

So it's allowed idpol by popular demand? Because if we all decided to make fun of blacks, I don't see how this wouldn't be banned.

Yes, you're clearly handling this coolly and professionally


eres un pobre pendejo.
You are truly a lame idiot.

When half the posters of a thread accuse the other half of being idpol, while the other half of the posters are accusing them of being idpol, and you look through post history to see if there's any merrit to stop the shit war(because nobody uses the report button anymore), and you find out all of them shit on idpol, and you tell them that, and then they get mad at you for letting them now, and even subsequently tell you that you suck at your job

Exactly, how would you feel?

You just can't win….

I'm done with this thread, I would appreciate if you all didn't treat me like Ricky treats Jim Lahey.

ITT: We finally embrace idpol like we have secretly wanted to for years because of an e-celeb

I appreciate you fam.

Can you demonstrate that they are indeed liberals?

this to be honest
constructing nebulous 'identities' to fulfil the arbitrary branded message of 'intersectionality' as understood within neoliberal circles is a waste of time and mental energy

>I like stuff
wow damn peak communism right there

'A Torturous Ordeal'
On the brite syde at least I didn't waste any time on her other shit.

So what is your point? I watched this video a while ago, and is also the only video I watched.

bad theory bad feels bb
that, and I'm really just not feeling the "skits"

Yeah me neither, but that's not what this is about. They are communists. People are triggered they're women and trannies.

Of all the things in this thread, this decapitated and flayed Fumo is the most disgusting of all

Toppest of keks

imblying she dont

Why is it that every leftypol YouTuber is turning on leftypol? I'm equally dismayed by recent events but that doesn't mean I hate the board. Nobody gives a shit about my videos though so whatever right.

How is he turning on leftypol exactly?

You don't think cozying up with the r/SOC aligned YouTubers will lead to him making the kind of statements Muke has against leftypol? I'm worried it'll be only a matter of time until he's indistinguishable from Twitter irony leftist SJWs. Of course I could be wrong but the fear I have. I mean it seems like nothing is turning out good for us lately.

Was it really muke that turned on leftypol or the other way around?


She doesn't as far as I am concerned. She's crypto-liberal scum.

So, 4 people at this point have made le funny reaction face but not given any actual evidence that they are liberals.

How was Mars?

If this is so easy, then please make a fucking argument. Like ANY argument.

Amerimutt memes are getting out of controll.

Making arguments is only useful if there is some chance of changing your opponents mind. That's not the case here.

What a nice way to snake yourself out of this. The amount of work you need to refute this should be very little if they actually are liberals.

I'm not interested in arguing with you. They're liberals. If you want (incorrectly) to declare them the reincarnations of Lenin and Mahkno, that's fine. I don't care.

I didn't make them out to be the next lenin or makhno, and unless you wanna roll down the "everyone but me is a liberal", you should really have no point proving this. Would be much easier than continuing to say you don't wanna argue.

No problem*

You need to read again. I'm not going to respond further. I want to waste my time in ways that do not involve dogmatic zealots. Goodbye.

Slither away you snake.

e-celebs are fucking moronic not a shocker. Pretty sure lots of people here were around for gamergate, remember damn near every e-celeb involved ended up being outed as complete morons eventually. Same fucking shit here.

Also id-pol is like fucking weeds holy crap. Any slight headway and leftists make anywhere in the states seem to be enveloped by this shit. At this point I'm not surprised it happened but that it happened so fucking fast. A small amount of leftist youtubers pop up and poof, they're liberals now.

Genuinely appreciate you posting dude

Economics is a thoroughly reactionary field.

Source on that?