We're bleeding users!!

We're bleeding users!!
weeks ago we had over 800 users and before that over 900
what is going on?!
Where is everyone going? There isn't another place like Holla Forums free of liberals

Tbh I find myself posting less due to the terrible moderation and general melancholy, I mean there's only so many times we can point out the idiocy of capitalism, liberals, conservatives, fascists, etc while having nothing to be sure for it, eventually it's just depressing

Winter break with the unicucks and familyfags, dislike of board moderation, and thread quality being shit.

Nothing to show for it

I mean how long can things go on like this? Do we wait another 50 years as things get worse and nothing changes?

This is a good thing. As all the red liberals, imperialists and anarkiddies move to /leftpol/ board quality has increased a huge amount! The split was the best thing that ever happened to this board! All hail BO!

To be fair, this board is pretty shit software and atheistically wise.

Better fewer, but better.
The post quality on this board was far worse a couple months ago, but we had 1200 IPs. Growth for the sake of growth is Porky logic.

As well, many people are busy visiting relatives right now.

Good riddance to this kind of useless armchair sniping. Communists should be focused on investigating the facts, developing objective analyses, and creating a plan for action.

Try 274 kiddo.

Holidays, you dumb fuck.

I shitposted it to death.

But seriously I wouldn't be surprised if it fell to 600 and then Codemonkey is going to announce that he deployed anti-botting measures and then the whole chan (who were always appendages to Holla Forums anyway) will come here to laugh like they did in April Fools.

not effecting the other boards nearly as much

Hopefully to /leftpol/ finally so we can abandon this board.

Pick one. You faggots that rant (horribly) about imperialism do so one ways that have you playing 4d chess and supporting liberal and nationalist regimes all the time. It’s basically idpol-tier at this point

We split like trots.

And what fucking plans of action have we been making lately on this board? You think it's good that people are leaving, well great, let's have even less of a footprint than we did before. How would we even do anything, not that we are doing anything, with no users?

We had 1/3 of the posters of Holla Forums at one point I think we've lost a few

it is a spooky mystery
I dunno. Some have stopped posting entirely I'd assume.
shameless shilling for
they don't have liberals

say something new or dine on a cock

the fash agree with each other, what a shock


Very little, and little analysis either. However, a couple months ago, the catalog was full of barely-articulate one-liner OPs, and all the threads were filled with useless spam. At least now there's some discussion again.

As opposed to what, a handful of juvenile youtubers who can't even read? A couple of facebook pages that just spam bordiga? What exactly does this frantic and aimless activity accomplish?

We should be trying to develop good habits of investigation first. Look at 8/pol/, for all their fascism and idiocy, at least they take investigation seriously and make attempts to dig up useful information and create propaganda from it. Meanwhile, people here regularly don't even read the articles in OP, and jump to inane conclusions constantly. Because we have a rational, Marxist outlook, we should be a hundred times better at information gathering than Holla Forums, but instead we don't even try.

BO has been fucking up the whole board with their tanktardation.

A couple of months ago there were people copypasting whole threads from /r/LeftCom and it took weeks for us to find out, i read them all the way through too.
Jason replies to angry right-wing commenters on his videos even though they sound exactly like angry right-wing comments that are left in every video.
Ajit Pai had millions of bots cheering him on, etc…
The whole internet will be bots before the decade ends and we won't even notice, including (you).

what the fuck, when did this happen? any proofs?

Probably because everybody on 8ch hate this board full of soyboys.

The number of good posts is about the same.

What in the fuck are you smoking? Pols 'investigations' are literally never right about anything except in their own worldview, it's conspiracy retardation on the level of Alex Jones and sandy hook truthing, you know what actual investigation takes? Money, experience, dedication and contacts. Do we have any of those? No, of course not. But you know what, even if we did, would it even matter? Has anything happened because of the Panama papers? No, the rich control literally everything. It's a point of fact that Trump has already embezzled hundreds of millions from the taxpayer, has anything happened? No of course not. We know that wall Street defrauded trillions of dollars, did any of them go to prison? So you know what, go do an investigation, go find out that every millionaire on the planet is a criminal, you think it'll even fucking matter one bit? You think they'll go to prison, lose their fortunes? What a joke.

Hence why I said, "Because we have a rational, Marxist outlook, we should be a hundred times better at information gathering than Holla Forums, but instead we don't even try."

No, investigative journalism takes that. There is plenty of information on the internet that simply stays buried because it's not in the MSM. As Marxists, we should be seeking this information out, evaluating it, and incorporating it into analyses and propaganda.

The Panama Papers were useless, neutered bullshit. We need investigation so that we know our enemy, we know the international conditions, and we know who to trust and what to believe. Do you really think it's possible to have a movement if nobody in it knows what is objectively going on in the world?

Oh drat, less cross posters from Holla Forums are posting and we're in relative peace without twenty threads in the catalog discussing race science, for people to actually discuss modern issues facing the world and capitalism.

God I miss those 800 threads a month, why don't the mods allow us to go back to the good old days, when we could make 400 posts for nothing twenty threads a day.

The board is ruined. The moderation has gone mad with power. I'm literally shaking.

This board has been going down the shitter. I don't quite know how to describe how. Pretty sure there are more Holla Forums trolls than actual posters on here anyway

too much hotpocketing
stop with the reddit shit

As much as I fucking hate to admit it, after seeing BO's apparent behavior in that last Zimbabwe thread, I understand the repulsion some members of our board feel towards them. Leftpol pisses me off - it still does, I feel like this is a good thing we have here and "dividing" ourselves is retarded. Also I don't trust it. But /bo/ is also ruining their own board in some capacity and driving people off - it's not big enough to do that. The whole thing seems mutually suicidal, from what experience I have with this internet drama shit - when the smoke clears, neither board (even if one of them disappears altogether) will end up with as large a userbase as it would have without all this petty shit.

At least we have /leftpol/, where we have the freedom to waste hours of life you'll never get back, just to go to another thread and waste the same amount of others, while getting spammed by Holla Forums. And you know why? Because the moderators care about the content of the board. For too long, we have not uselessly debated phrenology and the skeletal anatomy of the criminal.

No longer. With /leftpol/, we are free. On /leftpol/, the moderators have given us what we always wanted, a free market.

>shameless shilling for >>>/leftpol/
They don't have anyone. Holla Forums's loss is not /leftpol/'s gain. Peak IP count was ~1200, now both are ~800 total.

I've been on this board for about 3 years and 80% of the time the IP count was always 500. Stop whining.


People grow out of phases I guess.

Everyone knows that leftypol is just a phase. Real adults post on the board for video games, and the political board populated by American boomers and their children, potential serial killers, and even more mature, a mature army of mature posters (who have posted here for years, actually, stop saying they're new you fucking commies) from r/thedonald

I feel like this board has somewhat of an expiration date when it comes to the individual user. When you first get here there is a lot to take in. Not only is there a lot of misconceptions, especially with the SocDems and Nazi posters shitting up threads (not that it is a bad thing). There is even more to learn than what is usually circulated on here. It is exciting at first. However, once you have spent a year or two on reading socialist/communist books, reading up on the different branches of socialism and theory, it becomes clear that Holla Forums is a waste of time. This board can't teach you anything new.

There are no more than 1-3 meaningful discussion threads at a time, often with slow posting rates. A lot of newfags who do not understand the concepts of socialism and don't want to read even the most basic of texts (or just a summary of Marx for that matter). It quickly becomes repetitive, something, which isn't all that fun or engaging, especially if you have work or education to take care of. Maybe it turns better in summer when people actually have time. In the meantime Holla Forums consists primarily of NEETs and high schoolers, giving them ample of time to post, so don't even try to compare us to them.

You make a good point, actually.

Leftypol isn't a perfect system, but it's the best thing we've got.

Thanks for the Yelp review but leftypol is a board for discussion, not your personal tutor.

lmao that's literally what sjws say

Do you have a stroke when people suggest you read a book? Or did you have a stroke making this post, because I was not saying that whatsoever. I was saying this board is for discussion, not tutoring. It just doesn't make sense, I think you had a stroke.

Sounds about fucking right.

Of what exactly? The entire point is that there is no discussion which people without time would participate in. And the people who would are either on Holla Forums or banned from Holla Forums.
Face it. Those who really want to learn about socialism have no interest in a basic discussion about Trump or liberals, which ends with "well I guess he is still a cheetoh" or "liberals are still braindead". And other topics such political developments in Russia, North Korea, and China do not move quickly enough to keep the discussion going.

How fucking dare the moderators anchor a thread about the state of the board when there's a dedicated sticky for you to talk about the state of the board.

We could talk about the stroke you just had and how it effected you

I'm already reading books. I'm just saying, if you're a Marxist, you can't make excuses. Either you're not able to educate someone for whatever reason (even if you're just too tired), OR you should be educating them.

What exactly is the point of discussion that doesn't teach people anything?

With the level of bitching you're currently throwing at me why don't we talk about your collection of young girl's fiction.

What do you think of Nancy Drew?

You are bad at keeping track of people. That was someone else. No one said that Holla Forums is a tutoring service. If you are too American to understand the meaning, then you prove the point just fine.

Read Marx

Do you have autism or something?

Read Marx

Already did. Now you give me Marx's definition of a communist.

I'm literally reading Marx right now. Get it through your thick skull, I'm not talking about getting people to educate ME, I'm saying we should all be doing more to educate the rest of the users.

I understand why you guys will sage my thread but I'm seriously having a crisis on what's the pont of Holla Forums anymore, is it a clubhouse or a spark for something better
I'm also deadly afraid that we're still on 8ch




Oh shit sorry, the Moderation Thread title threw me off, what a dumbass I am for thinking the moderation thread was about moderation and not for discussing shit mods refuse to fix.

feel like responding to anybody or just babbling to yourself some more about how it's better because you say it is?

boy you tankees sure are shit at math

right, and only liberals would ever disagree with you and your red fashie circlejerk

shouldn't you be liking minions posts from soccer moms on fedbook? aren't you afraid the notorious hacker 4-Chan will haxxxxxxxxx you for being here?

Fucking this. People used to take time to explain shit, now all I see is READ MARKS READ BORZINGA.

hahaha eat shit

Read Marx

I'm sure the workers of the world will immediately take your side with sound arguments like 'I'm a jackoff who can't articulate my points, read the complete works of a german political philosopher to do it for me' :^)

Why be a mod if that's how you feel?

I've only felt like this recently
And I'm a mod out of duty, so even when I've lost faith I have to do it


>he just expects people to waste their time explaining known concepts to him
Read Brennan

Okay I do it for the hot pockets

Ultimately it has its limits as an imageboard. I don't think it could be "a spark" in and of itself, but maybe be one of the places where one or two sparks are kindled.

It's as serious a problem as ever. People who think 8ch is okay are delusional. But presently there is no real migration candidate either. All the options have many similar downsides, and then some new ones.

Please dial it back a bit.

He's saying that simply saying the names of existing authors is not the same as discussing their ideas.

Idk he might be onto something.

Maybe we should read Rafiq to find out.

Are we just going to ignore this post, then?

Does Jim run Bunkerchan, too?

yup I'm sure the workers will be itching to do that
Just wow. There's nothing I can add to this to make you look like more of an idiot than you've done yourself, so keep digging youself deeper I guess.
okay well I can see why you don't argue if you suck that hard at it

Is there a reason you're shitposting, or is this supposed to be some attempt at damage control?

Arguing on the internet is for the worst kind of sperg. I'd rather do something more productive, like hammer nails into my dick.

calm down hoochie

Bunkerchan has bad mod tools and would suffer from lack of funds and DDOS.

tankees are red fash GET

t. rafiq

well shit don't let me stop you, follow your dreams user

My dream is an internet where people go to have fun.
My dream died years ago.


someone pasted a couple paragraphs from /r/ultraleft. Otherwise it didn't happen.

Why are the mods such fucking cancer my god? Could you guys try to be less smug about the destruction of the board you supposedly run?

when was it not depressing?

yet another divide and conquer perhaps

Don't complain and give solutions

Appears that way.

Here's a solution, BO resigns and gives admin to a long standing level-headed mod like Space, the new ultra mods like Hoochie are removed. But since that's not going to happen what am I supposed to suggest?

More than half the traffic has already been driven by bots for a while now.

While I'm at it, it feels like Inspirobot has been generating fewer nonsensical quotes, including a suspicious amount of "woke" (God I hate this word) ones.