Leftypol is dead! Long live Leftypol!

Hello my friends, my Comrades, my enemy's and all in between. I have something to say, and i would like you to listen, if just for a moment.

It has been a long time since i have been here, a very long time. And their are many reasons for that, which i will explain shorty, but now i would like to address the state of the board.

In my time away, ive heard many…. many complaints about moderation, the way the board is run and the state of Holla Forums in general. Its no secret that the thing that used to make leftypol the place to come and talk, or shitpost about porky, the freedom we had here, its gone. Such is the way of sectarianism and ideological battles. And i am ashamed to say that i believe this is my fault, or rather, my lack of. You see im one of thew old mods, the only original left, everyone else was either thrown out for abuse or could handle moderation. I had one goal, keep leftypol a place people wanted to go and could go to talk about things that's, well, most leftist spaces on the internet would not allow. I want you to know why i banned some people, their was three reasons, spam/childporn, raiding, and comedy. If i banned you for comedic effect, it was for about 5 minutes or seconds. I never banned anyone for different opinions, not the Nazbols, not the libertarians, not the Fascists, no one.

Why? Because i know how it feels to be shut from a space when say what you think, time and time again. And im sorry, im sorry i wasn't here to keep the mods on the straight and narrow. Im sorry that i saw a community that i helped to create tell me to help, but was too busy with my life to do anything, or really even to care.

I tried, i really did, for years, because i thought it was important, that we needed a place to talk to one another, to be free to be who we are with the people like us, through all the raids and the spam and the site shiting the bed over and over, i said to myslef "If we dont do it, who will?"

Real life caught up with me though, i tried to organize workplaces, build community organizations, i tried to build worker co-operatives to try and dig people out of poverty. Then i lost most of my income, i was homeless of some time. I had my eyes on survival, and forgot about this place. I had no money, no food and was nearly dying of various illnesses. Even though the real human connections i had, it was not enough, and because of that i neglected you all, this place, us.

I wanted to say that im sorry, that i feel personally responsible for the states of the board in many ways, and that, maybe if i was here, this would still be a place that i would be proud to call my own, and my comrades.

Its been a very long time, and a a good run, but things change, we grew, people died, ideologies clashed, kek's were had. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world, in my bleak moments you all were their, shitposting away and planning on how to hang the bastards that enslave us.

Im afraid this is goodbye, what this place is now is… not the leftypol i left behind. Maybe its me, maybe trying to do things outside of here has given me perspective, or made me grow disillusioned, fuck if i know. Im sick, poor and might be slowly dying. Lifes funny like that i guess… Before i go, i just want to let yo know, the reason this place was so great, was the freedom we had, it goes back to why this site even exists, back to the very beginning. Say what you want, fuck those who try to stop you, sometimes we may no be coherent, but we should still say what we think. No one can what you think and what you feel because no one has been where you have been and you and ONLY YOU can truly decide what is in your interest, no me, not a board moderator, not a cop, not a politician, just you.

What i want to say is, goodbye, good luck to all of you and im sorry i wasnt here to help you all.

Leftypol is dead. LONG LIVE LEFTYPOL!

-Pikey, the drunk wobbly.

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somebody get this hothead outta here

Why was this pinned?

I reject your notion that leftypol is dead, good sir. I challenge thee to a debate, a meeting of the minds on YouTube dot com. I anticipate your response.

Gaius Sun-Tzu Octavius XV

Anarchism is a dead ideology, always was.

We recovered from the last dramafest and I didn't think we could ever recover from that. Our posting quality is far better than it was in the months leading up to the board split. It's not the best posting we've ever seen, and our used count is way down, but we're moving in the right direction.

So fuck off before you make things even worse. If I wasn't yet convinced that the split was COINTEL/pol/, I am now. You splitters do not want to see Holla Forums do well.

where is he talking about splitting?

You see this BO? This is your fault, you faux leftist secretarian piece of shit.
I hope your ass gets gulaged when the revolution comes

whats even going on in here
i'm away just a few months and everyone talks about a split and shit

He's not. And I don't think he's from leftpol either, as he would have spilled the fuck out of that board if he was. But making this thread fulfills the same function the splitters want. Slander Holla Forums in a time of relative prosperity to manufacture hostility and weaken the board.

BO banned people for not supporting robert mugabe ( and similar stuff) and word filtered R-o-j-a-v-a to over a dozen US military bases in Syria and r-e-d f-a-s-c-i-s-t to communist.

Group of about 100 or so virginal anarkiddies keeps on trying to force everyone to use their dead red liberal board.

i don't see anything wrong in these actions

in connection with the over a dozen US military bases in Syria whining i see now what's going on, thanks

Well it made a lot of anarchists angry. Now the board is mostlty Leftcom and ☭TANKIE☭.

What splitters? /leftpol/ is barely active. You sound like a Holla Forumstard talking about shills.
It's not slander to say the truth: the board has become overmoderated and sectarianism is at an all time high, which is likely what the BO wants to create an echo chamber.
The board has half the users it had at its height, and it's either stagnant or dying, while activity has gone down so much that while we were one of the most active boards, we're now not anywhere close.

It's like I'm on Holla Forums, where retards spout baseless opinions pretending it's fact.

wasn't there an anarkiddy board way earlier?

you say that there's an irrelevant new board that split up and then accuse him to spout baseless opinions.
you're whining about sectarianism and yet people are still talking shit about Syria constantly and i haven't seen any bans on that. you're just grasping for straws. the election high is over, of course it's gonna drop in numbers when most of the bernie cucks stopped giving a fuck about a place to moan and bitch about the unfair elections and getting mocked here for being delusional twats in the first place.

/leftpol/ isn't anarchist. It's literally the same as here without the retarded rules and moderation.
They're baseless because it's Holla Forumstier conspiratorial shitflinging at some nonexistent group to explain away dissent.
Bans happen all the time whenever BO thinks a poster is being too "imperialist".
The election happened over a year ago, have you completely lost track of time? The board numbers dropped as soon as BO created the newest wave of drama.

lmao, just got back from a Holla Forums troll thread. they got pretty triggered tbh, dunno if any of you were lurking there though.

The newest wave of drama was about two months ago. We have not gotten back the vast amount of users we lost, but the posting quality we have had since that drama calmed down has been quite high, much higher than the month that immediately preceded the split (oh yeah, but you think the split is an irrelevant boogeyman). This past month in particular has seen a great posting quality. BO fucked up and deserves as much blame for the split as the splitters themselves, but the userbase that stayed has spoken and have decided to build up Holla Forums in spite of everything we've gone through.


it's been just about a year and the numbers only carried till fairly recently. they don't drop back to before-levels at the day of inauguration or whatever day you want to point to.
it's a trend and you only now take notice. also
and i wasn't refering to /leftpol/ but some other anarchist board from way before that.

and it's an utterly retarded claim that there are mass-bannings against over a dozen US military bases in Syria cunts. you are out of touch or just extremely butthurt because you are overtly tending to suck US cock.

Hmm well I can't speak for anarkiddies but for me it's blatant bias toward Assad, who is a neoliberal. I don't ever remember reading any leftist work saying it was mandatory to support neoliberal and Russian imperialism to oppose US imperialism, but maybe my memory is bad, not sure

How do you even quantify that?
The split happened, and either the splitters came back or they left the site. /leftpol/ is so slow that there's likely not dedicated users.
And what they've said is what every other board and site dicked over by shitty moderation has said "this sucks but moving would suck more".
Build up into what? Users and activity keeps bleeding and the board is becoming increasingly more hive-minded with the BO increasingly limiting what stances are acceptable. First it was "imperialism", now it's fucking Mugabe.

If you don't have anything worthwhile to say, don't say anything at all.

It's not a trend, there's clearly specific points where the activity severely drops, and that's always because of shit the BO does.
No one mentioned mass bannings until you did just now. I said bans still happen.
This isn't about the US or even Rójava. Not everyone is as obsessed with the US as you.

you were talking about bans regarding to "imperialist supporting posts" yourself, dipshit. is this just retardation or concious but poorly executed damagecontrol?

it's smaller but with your help
could grow into something great like Holla Forums used to be

and then
you define quality strangely or are retarded

take your meds

walk into oncoming traffic

imagine my shock

you don't speak for me m8

is this the new, improved post quality?

a liberal being a faggot
imagine my shock

You're alright, modfag. This is far more discussion than any other Holla Forums mod has ever given us, and for that, I thank you. If the mod team can't maintain transparent and open communication towards the userbase, then it's destined to kill the board.
Maybe it's foolish, but I still have hope that there can be a place where leftists and non-leftists can join together to talk and share opinions without being super serious about it. It won't be Holla Forums, but it'll be someplace.

Oldfag here. I really don't know how to feel about your post or about you "personally." The thing is, I don't want to feel personally about mods at all. You are in a shit situation, being janitors, having duties, pressure, facing impossible expectations – one of which anonymity (for various reasons' sake).
You were told already in several threads back in the day that this is shit praxis. You didn't listen. Got to give it to you: you tried, but still.
The level at which you are personally responsible (although I don't share your sentiment about the board dying, our supposed freedumbs lost – any of this crap) is not participating collectively in the modding team while retaining your position.

It's interesting to read a self-crit from a non-Maoist, but rather telling. The typical genre piece should look like this, you know: "I did x, y, z, wrong, there can be no excuses, I let my comrades in the politburo decide my fate" and not "I'm gone for a year and now our work is dead for good, sry."

So yeah, I'd rather not say how I feel about you.

choke on cock

Wait… What? That's it? No more moderation? Is this a joke? We're just gonna let Holla Forums win? What now?

/leftpol/ is just a place for crying about this board

You're the one who brought up Syria, saying people aren't banned while talking about it, and I said they still sometimes are.

The only bootlickers on this board are people who support the BO after everything that has happened. I suppose it's a coincidence that they all happen to be tankiés.

There can be a place, it was this place. The only problem was there's a single person who full power over this board with no checks or balances.

Honestly, how did you get that from reading that post?

clearly those are the only two options

that's right m8 it's all about you

It was never great, you faggots. "Great" is reading and writing theory, participating in a revolutionary party. This is a fucking Taiwanese puppet sharing board. It's the gutter of the internet. Implying that somehow this board got worse after changes in the staff is ridiculous. The structure, the medium is the same. The rules of this board haven't drastically changed, the principles behind them are the same.

This is true.

Yeah, the board that is going to be super democratic with an anonymous and unelected mod staff and super better with the same rules as here. I just can imagine in what world you faggots live in.

Or no anarkiddies?

There's nothing one mod could have done, that boards are essentially in control of one person and can be shit up at their discretion is a weakness of Holla Forums and private ownership in general.


A BO, strictly speaking, could not be called a private owner of "his" board. A BO is a renter from the owners of this site at best. Still, within the confines of this shit system a more democratic modding is possible, and any BO is idiotic if he doesn't regularly consult with his vols and put up debates and collective decisions within his group.

you know what the fuck I meant. It was a great place to discuss crap.
if you're just going to repeat yourself over and over don't bother posting
Nope. I can actually have a discussion there without being expected to ride Stalin's dick and mention how much I hate America every 5 posts or so


It's still a great place to discuss crap.
aaand this never happened.

time to start saging, I guess

There's no good communication system though.

Splitting hairs. BO has effective control over the board and the plug will not get pulled by Holla Forums admins barring becoming /leftypedophile/ or something else that breaks the US law, as can be evidenced by the three years Holla Forums has been run solely by the BO with no admin interference in management. That a single individual is capable of running a board however they will within the confines of US law, with the opinions of the userbase or even volunteers being meaningless, is unquestionable.
Which judging by some mod comments before the board wipe and mod purge, the BO did not do. The infamous imperialism rule is a good example of this, it came out of nowhere and was enforced solely by the BO at the time of implementation and several months after. According to hearsay from some mods, there was no discussion among them and certainly no discussion among the userbase of Holla Forums regarding this rule.

gonna have to disagree with you there
if you're gonna lie at least make me switch tabs to catch you out at it faggot
heh, negated btw

Sure. Didn't BO give up his migration idea, tho, due to the pressure from the userbase?
>judging by some mod comments
How many mods?
Before the board wipe done by most likely one of the very same people whose comments you are relying on, btw. Some excellent mod who'd delete a month's worth of discussion of the userbase he's trying to save, no?
How many mods purged out of how many?
Aka. "stop regurgitating CNN propaganda, you cunts" rule, yes, sooo infamous, and soo out of touch with the already existing rules and principles. When I meet comrades IRL, we let each other speak about the greatness of the US' imperial weapon system and the justice it brings upon this world then we go home and drink bleach.
If you followed those threads it came out of like a week's worth of shit in over a dozen US military bases in Syria threads. The context was exactly stated by BO, exact examples were provided of the breach of the policy (le clean US bombs, le dirty Syrian bombs).
You might as well rely on Santa at this point.
The rule? No. The discussion itself? Yes. If you had visited those threads back then they were active you'd see several self-proclaimed over a dozen US military bases in Syria fags and anarchists defend US intervention in Syria. They were heavily debated.

Then go back to pol and worship your THAAD missiles.

Which has nothing to do with that the BO's power over the Board. That the BO is able to force a migration or enact any other unpopular policy is a weakness of Holla Forums's design.
How would I know as I am not a moderator and there are no thread IDs? At least one had mentioned that the BO rarely communicated with them, some time before the board wipe or the creation of /leftpol/
Which doesn't change that the rule itself came from above without any input among the userbase or volunteers and was solely enforced by the BO months after implementation. There was no sticked announcement and judging by volunteer comments and actions no volunteer discussion of the rule before implementation.
Mods active at the time are a more reliable source than a fictional character, regardless of bias. If you would like to argue that this is a conspiracy to destroy a niche leftist board on a site known for housing pedophiles and nazis feel free, but perhaps /x/ or /fringe/ is a more appropriate venue for such conversation.

pls die


I'm not arguing that at all. I'm arguing this (something you forgot to answer to):

Did the possibility that people who do shit like this are removed with a good from the mod team occur? Or that you relying on them might not be such a bright idea? Or do you think that people who regurgitate CNN propaganda and/or defend others doing so in communist circles have a bright future ahead?

*Did the possibility that people who do shit like this are removed with a good reason from the mod team ever occur to you?

It's because he physically couldn't. He couldn't force people to migrate and if he tried, for instance by making the board unusable, that'd be a violation of the site rules. The very fact that he tried over something as petty as being restored later than we should and refused to give up the idea even after the board said no, says something badly about him.
That has absolutely nothing to do with the rule. Regardless of what the rule even is, the fact it was unilaterally imposed on an unwilling population who was overwhelmingly against it is the problem.
No, it came out of BO changing their opinion on Rójava and them listing false news as reasoning.

Yes, but that's not relevant to the topic at hand.
That doesn't mean that he was also the mod, or mods, who have mentioned that BO did not communicate with them regarding the imperialism rule or in general. As of now we users do not know who that mod was, what his post history was, what his mod actions were, or anything but that he wiped the board and instituted a new rule about misgendering the BO. I see no reason to assume that the same mod(s) who mentioned the BO's lack of communication months before the wipe are the same. If you have some evidence that this is the case I will change my mind, but until you present it I will assume that offhand comments by mod(s) weren't connected to a wipe months later as part of an insidious scheme to slander the good name of Holla Forums.
I don't see how recognizing a particular rule as infamous is taking a particular position with regards to CNN propaganda being posted. I personally have no interest in the SCW besides thinking it was stupid to destroy the over a dozen US military bases in Syriacuck's organic containment thread and think the CNN propaganda about dirty bombs or whatever is bullshit.

Maybe read our rules first. Come back to me with the number of how many of them you actually oppose and your guess on how many of them were democratically decided upon.
You mean when over a dozen US military bases in Syria allowed a few dozen US bases on its territory?
such as?

It was force-memed into infamy, and you know it. Some radical groups (wink wink) have a tendency of projecting victimhood on themselves, meanwhile believing that they are the holy crusaders of some great cause. For them a word filter is "oppressive censorship hindering all discussion" rather than a funny nuance, and an argued and reasonable extension of the already existing rules following the same principles is a holy war fought against them.