President Trump

Hello comrades,

Will president Trump go down as the greatest president in the history of the United States? What do you think Holla Forums?

What is your honest opinion of president Trump, Holla Forums?

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morbidly obese gorabchev stand-in who is a willing puppet for the military industrial complex.
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Impotent puppet. Also genuine moron - though, that's primarily his class bias that makes him delusional, rather than actual (mediocre) intelligence.

He might go down as last. I mean, it's not impossible, and he seems to be going in this direction. So I wouldn't put it past him to actually pull this off.

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You Holla Forumscucks are retarded for supporting this puppet.

Donald J. Drumpf is probably the most unlettered dunce to have ever entered the office of Führer of the Forcefully Conjoined States of Genocidal Land.


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He's just your typical liberal.

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James Buchanan 2.0

Trump reminds me of an old school liberal president from the 19th century. He openly uses the office to enrich himself and his allies and demands total loyalty. It's pretty funny actually.

A normal American president, hasn't started a war yet at least but on the other hand he makes Obama look pro-worker.

He'll be the last President of the United States if I have my way


I'm with Corey Robin that Trump is a disjunctive president, and he'll probably be remembered like Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Pierce or John Quincy Adams. He is presiding over a collapsing regime.

Presidents either build new regimes (Lincoln, FDR, Reagan), extend and articulate regimes (LBJ with the New Deal; George W. Bush and Clinton with Reagan-era neoliberalism), or preempt them by attempting to overthrow a regime when the regime is still strong (Nixon, Obama – they tend to be weak presidents). Then there are "disjunctive" presidents. When a regime begins to fail, a president comes along who tries to transform it and build a new one, but the regime hasn't fully snapped yet and cannot provide the resources to make this transition.

Back in '76, inflation was devouring the protectionist, national U.S. economy that since the New Deal relied on full employment and high wage growth to create the American "middle class." Then, out of nowhere emerged Carter, who ran as a "conservative" (he used this word) populist against his own party and New Deal Democrats like Ted Kennedy on a platform of right-wing Cold War anti-communism and deregulating the government by putting "smart people" in charge.

People don't remember this but it's true. The Democrats could not provide support for Carter's "drain the swamp" ideas, indebted as they were to the New Deal, and together with strong opposition from Republicans, Carter's presidency failed. It did, however, set up Reagan to finally come in and shatter the old consensus.

The neoliberal regime we've lived in since, with its low inflation, low wages, high levels of debt (especially personal) and lowering of trade barriers, has been tottering since 2008. Trump ran as a protectionist nationalist, and as a "businessman" outside of normal politics. But he's still indebted to the GOP, which is still indebted to Reagan. The result will be regime collapse, and the new regime-builder will be whoever comes after him. I might be wrong though.

It could be Bernie.

We can't allow a second new deal, it will prevent revolution for decades