How many of you commies actually believe in marxism because of the economic aspects?

Over the past years I see less and less marxist and socialist willing to defend their position from an economical perspective, many seem to have little insight into what that even entails. Most back it because they view it as the most anti-racist position. Here is an example, Corbyn has changed is tune on Brexit because of the racist connotations. He is now against Brexit, and defends the EU despite it being a union for corporate free trade.

Does communism even exist as a movement outside of anti-racism?

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Read Althusser.

Cobyn is hiding his power level.
I only care about the economic aspect tbh

Economic aspects are like 95% of it for me maybe more.

you make it sound like a religion

The economic aspect of Marxism is what pushed me towards Marxism

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getting hard just imagining the asshurt in the express comments section

Once again, the left shows its true face.

The economic aspect is quite literally what convinced me that Marxism is correct.

I wish idpolers would stop pretending to be left-wing too, user.

this is like asking how many christians believe in god for the religious aspects

It's an error to assume the "economical" and the "non-economical" are discrete, independent categories within the framework of Marxism.

yes, please

Economics aspects are Marxism. You can shove some other stuff in but Marxism is basically an economic theory.

What the fuck are you even talking about?

No, it is an integral conception of reality that also implies a philosophy and a conception of history.

Peoples political beliefs are largely based around self-interest. White male Marxists are almost always communists because of the economic aspects. Marxists are anti-racist because racism is a force which prevents us from unifying the working class into a revolutionary force. The anti-racism is a tangential aspect of what we believe not the core.

Anti-racism also helps worth recruitment.

Years ago, I used to be a center-right choad who opposed the left primarily because of the majority of its adherents' obsession with racial and sexual politics and bizarre ideas pertaining to such politics (gorillion genders, "this piece of media I'm looking way too far into is anti-black because of this obscure background detail" type stuff). It wasn't until I found this board (and joined the workforce) and was introduced to the original economic literature/theory that created the left that I realized what a fucking idiot I was.

good on you.

Either read Marx or go back to Holla Forums


The main appeal of Marxism is the economics.