Is this an issue? What should we do about it?

Should we do nothing? Should we just do what we’ve been doing and encourage smaller families and allow abortion? Should we do something completely different?

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Global Nazi masturbation fantasy and mass depopulation, the winners will inherit a global deep ecology utopia (white people of course because we are the master race).(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Not real.

destroy the meat and automotive industries and we will be fine.

Do you live in cities or a third world country?
Without limiting and regulating the entire world to have only 1 or 2 children per family it would be very difficult perhaps impossible. Not to mention overpopulation is sort of a meme, the only places that are overpopulated are third world countries take Africa or India for example
Like says the only real way of fixing it would be either be extremely slow and most likely not work or extremely vicious and slightly genocidal.
It will become a bigger issue in the future though, probably by 2100 ish. hurrah for space travel(strasserism)

We should focus on terraforming venus instead of mars because of mars’ lower gravity and the complications it can make on the human body

I don't know much about space but surely you could just create artificial gravity or something or are we not advanced enough yet? Speaking of that, making a big spinny circle thing around a little space station would create some sort of fake gravity right? or is that just memes

Tell me how this is easier than making mothership style space stations that are custom tailored for human existence.

The only solutions I can are incentivized sterilizations or a few feet of sea level rise(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

We’re already out of food and still feeding them.
I can guess mcdonalds burgers are only 50% real burger. What will they do if population increases? Simple. Just make the mcdonalds burgers only 5% real burger and 95% flavorings and thickeners

We’ll likely just transition to synthetic foods, or creepier, people donate their bodies to feed people, likely after they pass away.

It sounds plausible, and we could probably start testing it right now.
Just make a small model of the mothership and put it in an antigravity chamber and see if it supports life in the small-scale model.
If successful, repeat the design but make it 1000x bigger and send it into space

iirc they actually use a 100% beef patty with no fillers or preservatives. The rest of the burger however, (bun, toppings, cheese, etc) is very artificial.
t. american



The biggest issue here though is money. To make something of that scale would be so unbelievably expensive.
Doing it over a planet would be a bit expensive too, personally, I think we should just build big artificial gravity space stations, sort of something like the citadel from Mass effect but a little bit less big.
most likely also extremely difficult and a waste of resources too though

Start handing out free condoms

Theres always the ocean. Underwater towns, or floating cities built like oil rigs.

This or a parenting license.

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undock this shit, its a legit topic

Once global capitalism collapses, so will the global population. I believe 90 to 95% of the population will have died off by 2100.

Wewest of wew lad.

over population is another meme to distract you from the ever present corruption. if it is to bear issue, only through greedy machinations and shackling of new technologies, lest it unseat the very seated.

It we sure as fuck would be farther away from environmental apocalypse if the Earth's population was smaller. But no, population isn't a strictly increasing curve.