An honest question by a petty Bourgeoisie

Be me, be pretty rich for his country, but understand that all wealth accumulated by his parents is through labor exploatation and capital accumulation. Then I went to university, and cured my cancerous american styled right wing libertarian previously held views.

I am a staunch leftist now, what reactionaries call a "Champaigne Socialist". I participate in protests, but I drive a bmw. I give donations to labor unions, but I drink Beluga every day. I'm a fucking hypocrite and I know it.

I want advice from you beautiful radical fucks on what I am actually supposed to do as a person in this position and with these beliefs. And no, "give up all your money" is not a solution, at least not a productive one. This is all pre-revolution, when it actually comes I will proudly give up all my private property with a smile on my face.

Workerism is retarded too. Communists' main goal is to eliminate the cycle of the class system, not just the bourgeoisie exclusively.

Stop protesting, or parading your class traitor status. Get a bunker and fill it with weapons. When the revolution comes, you arm the commies.

You're ok in my book. Just be sure that you read and get some weapons and what not.

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Just don't flaunt your consumption, don't tear yourself up over it, give what you can and use your influence to help worthwhile causes, and be willing and eager to give it all up and head to the fields when the revolution happens.

This tbh.

Socialism isn't a vow of poverty regardless of what red liberals on Twitter tell you fam

Almost all of Communist leadership were from upper middle class all the way to the elites.


Lenin was born to a family of serfs.

Use all the free time you have from being rich to actually read Marx and Lenin. Then go among the workers and agitate.
These are fucking stupid regardless. No, you don't get a free pass for buying decadent shit. These are not basic comforts and luxuries, they're ideological status symbols. If you identify with them in any way, you have yet to eliminate your petty booj mindset.

No he wasn't. In fact his family owned some land with Serfs.

If you own a business, change it to a coop.

What's with all the porkies/petty bourgs/landlords here lately?


And this.

Concern about being a champagne socialist is lifestylism. Hypocrisy is inevitable in capitalism, don't embody the iPhone argument.

use your money to educate yourself, help others get educated, organize and just stay levelheaded about what you are or can become. a revolutionary, traitor to your class, friend and comrade to the workers.
there is nothing wrong with enjoying your wealth, what socialism wants is wealth and good life for everyone, not asceticism.
socialism is liberation of the working class, not it's canonization.

Lolwhat? Landowning hereditary nobility, one of the most influential families in the province.

That said, his grandfather was a freed serf.

engels was a factory owner.
some prominent anarchist (bakunin i think) was pretty bourgeois too.
Communism isnt killing the rich its abolishing class systems from which the rich sustain themselves.

it's also killing the rich when they "defend their property", which is something they tend to do.

OP wants all the brownie points that come with being a socialist and all the luxury that comes with getting others to work for him. What you propose would cost money and nobody would congratulate OP for it.

OP here. Well thanks guys, I was honestly expecting most of the replies to be along the lines of "you'll hang too".

Gave me a lot to think about, papabless

…the growing cracks in late capitalism are pushing some of its natural beneficiaries to socialism?
…changing social values are prioritizing personal and communal development over capital accumulation?

His father was, but he moved upwards in society a lot.

Kinda difficult considering serfdom had been abolished. Also I'm fairly sure they owned two or three properties, mostly as his mother's heritage, which were eventually sold off to sustain the family, seeing as four revolutionary siblings and an aging widow had trouble keeping steady incomes.

Dunno if it was "one of the most influential", but his father was one of those model-citizen, pillar-of-society types and respected in his region and job. Genuinely believed in the good that incipient liberalization in Russia would bring to the people, a sort of Good Bougie.

I never found out what happened to his hereditary title tho. I'm yet to see an explanation of its rules of inheritance, so I don't know if it was restricted by primogeniture or sex or whatever else. I'll try googling again.