Daily News Thread 12/27

The world's richest people made another $1 trillion in 2017

A new report has revealed how the wealthiest people in the world collectively grew their bank accounts in 2017 by around $1tn. The figure is a sharp rise on 2016, which saw the top earners' wealth increase by a mere $237bn.

Full Term for Merkel Opposed by Growing Share of Germans in Poll

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s public support for another full term dwindled in a poll, with opposition running high in the party she wants as partner for her next government.

Jerusalem: Israel plans 'Trump station' near Western Wall

Israel's transport minister wants to dig a railway tunnel under Jerusalem's Old City and name a station next to the Western Wall after Donald Trump.

10 injured, dozens evacuated after explosion in St. Petersburg store

Nine people have been taken to hospital following an explosion in a storage locker at a busy St. Petersburg supermarket. Over 50 people have been evacuated from the building.

Will Theresa May make it to Christmas 2018? 5 things that could sink her govt in next 12 months

If Theresa May needed to rest anything over the festive period, it was those perfectly-manicured fingernails she’s been using to cling onto power. Say what you like about the Prime Minister – she’s hung on against the odds.

China to Discuss First Revisions to Constitution Since 2004

China’s leading policy makers plan to discuss next month a proposal to amend the national constitution for the first time since 2004, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Vietnam Deploys 10,000 Cyber Warriors to Fight ‘Wrongful Views’

Vietnam is deploying a 10,000-member military cyber warfare unit to combat what the government sees as a growing threat of “wrongful views” proliferating on the internet, according to local media.

Angry Young, Rural Voters to Set Economic Tone for India in 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will probably boost spending to retain young voters and those in India’s hinterland, who are straying away from his party as joblessness grows.

Oil Giants Poured US$180B in Plastics, Pushing 'Near-Permanent' Pollution in Oceans

Major chemical and petroleum companies knew about the copious amounts of water pollution caused by them as far back as the 1970's.

Library Of Congress Will No Longer Archive Every Tweet

Since 2010, Library of Congress has been archiving every single public tweet: Yours, ours, the president's.

Poll: Hugs and dirty jokes - Americans differ on acceptable behavior

Americans differ widely in their views of what constitutes sexual harassment, with age and race as well as gender throwing up the dividing lines, posing a challenge for those who police for such conduct in the workplace.

"How do you define sexual harassment?" Graphic

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4D chess.



People think Marine Biology is a joke degree, but if you're paying attention, at some point in the future when it's far too late to care (similarly to global warming), Marine Biologists are going to be in high demand once oceanic life starts rapidly going extinct; faster than it already is. It's basically agreed upon that with the rate oceanic life is vanishing we're facing a self imposed Sixth Extinction. The Fifth Extinction, was the extinction of the Dinosaurs and the various forms of life that lived parallel to them.

When we're already at that level of ecological collapse, I cannot imagine what the future holds. Biologists are already starting to worry certain genera of whales will go extinct, and most ecosystems rely on large animals. If one genera of whale goes extinct, or even a species, it would do more damage to marine life than you could imagine.

All I can imagine is more and more red fungal tides sweeping coastal cities that suffocate all life underneath it.

This is just sad, the ocean has been a passion of mine since I was a child. It's a wonderful, beautiful place, full of life that's both deadly and beautiful.

And in our lifetime, nearly all of it will be gone. It won't matter though, Life on Earth comes before Capital.

And an infographic that helps explain the process in a really simple manner


A business where human bodies were butchered, packaged and sold

Part 7: For a decade, Arizona-based Biological Resource Center persuaded dying Americans to donate their bodies to science. More than 5,000 did. Here’s what happened to thousands of them.

“This Is Not A Symbolic Action” — Indigenous Protesters Occupy Oil Platforms in Radicalized Fight Against Pollution in the Amazon


Author of Trump-Russia Collusion Book Can't Name Single Instance of Collusion in 30-Minute Interview

Author of Trump-Russia Collusion Book Can't Name Single Instance of Collusion in 30-Minute Interview

And I've heard people here say that Amazonian Natives need to be assimilated into Brazilian culture, as if the Brazilians don't hate them, and have institutional racism against any and all natives within the Amazon.

They just don't give a shit.

What a terrifying thought she'd last longer than fucking September

Of course the article is about everything but what the "cyber warriors" will do.

This is a bit better, it doesn't say anything explicitly but strongly points towards paid commenters:

The more people get access to the internet without organization, as all communication and organization results in without these two things, the harder it will be to, to become a place to equally discuss political ideas. I mean harder than it was before. Only the will of Capital will dominate in the coming decades, more than it already is.

We are in the twilight years of the internet, enjoy them while they last.

How are these guys not tied for crimes against humanity?

We don't need "action" on climate change, we need world war level general mobilization against it. It doesn't matter what theory you subscribe to, socialism must confront climate change as its greatest priority.

The good old fashion way

Sin and Money

Oh no, I agree with you 100%, don't get it twisted that I don't. It's the only way to solve the problem at this point.

Sure, I mean in general. Liberals talk about climate change like it's a looming crisis we'll have to deal with at some point but ecological collapse is happening right now, every minute of every day. If you ask me any and all objections to socialism vanish when confronted with climate disaster. Anyone who remains unmoved is a doomsday cultist.

Does this mean we can start ignoring tweets again?

Read the article, they are still going to archive tweets but more selectively.

I wish it would die already, I hate nothing more than retards putting tweets in their articles like anybody cares.

Another dimension of tragedy to all this, is in this century alone we'll wipe out more life (and so effect more of the ocean), than we can follow the pace more about its mysteries about its equilibrium. Both through pollution, dumping, climate change, and the rapid acidification of the ocean.

There will be things about the ocean that once could be observed in our future with more sophisticated instruments, but by that point we will only see echoes of it.

Pic related is currently how acidic the ocean is. This is a kind of Gastropod Mollusc, they're called Pteropods. If they simply drift into a highly acidic portion of their habitat, they dissolve from the inside out en masse, sometimes hundreds at a time. Sometimes even thousands.

Now you can say, "but user, it's just a small little critter, why should I give a shit?"

Because the ocean is filled with small forms of life that other life relies on, and the ocean is far more complex than land ecology ever could be; because it relies on a certain pH keeping the balance. The food chain starts to collapse, and so does the pH, once mass die offs like this occur of smaller life.

One doesn't need to mention the importance of krill on oceanic ecology.


I can't hold all this spectacle

Good fucking riddance

We continue to live in geohell

I despise capitalism so much, if it cant turn a profit it cant exist

Trump Administration: No Evidence of Human Caused Global Warming, Explains Universities Are Suffering From "Mass Hysteria"


Mollusks are bro tier. I hope they master the earth and go to space after we're extinct.

It isn't utilitarian at all because studying the ocean is probably required to face the problems we have in the future. The fact we know so little about the ocean as it slowly dies should be terrifying to anyone.

We need to study the ocean, because of how little we know of it, to understand exactly what further impacts are effecting it.

We are living in fucking prime They Live hours now friends.

If most even live that long without going the way of the Ammonite

Remember that They Live is about da joos instead of capitalism
t. Holla Forumsreddit

How will liberal Zionists be able to defend themselves now I wonder


>Yes yes, I know the planet is in jeopardy blah blah blah, but what about the money ???

Eco-terrorism looks more appealing every day.


I just hope Xi mobilizes all of China to try and fix this, he's probably our best hope

Jesus Titty Fucking Christ

I will never understand anti-ecology


The Trump's advisors are goddamn Captain Planet villains.

China is among the worst offenders of massive coastal algae blooms that cause ocean hypoxia, suffocating all oceanic life underneath the coast it hits. Interestingly enough, it's in port cities, and for some odd reason, they don't do much about it. Curious why that might be.

I'm not saying Xi won't help, but I wouldn't get your hopes up too high for him to help save the world's ecology and atmosphere to the degree we need. He might help a lot, but unfortunately at this point the needs are so enormous, and the past few years China has turned a blind eye to its algae bloom problem, that I'm somewhat skeptical he would take on all aspects of the environmental destruction we're currently facing.

That being said, Xi is probably our last hope. Take that for what you will.

Anyone that denies climate change deserves a bullet, they actively work to extinguish us

The demise of America can't come soon enough.

They have to. China is the world's last hope absent another October revolution in the industrialized world.
Every other great power is led by clueless neoliberals (or worse). At this rate I wonder whether India, the EU, Brazil and America will even survive till 2050. Russia is fucked once Putin dies.

Now some countries might be worse than others, but remember at this point all of this is a global problem.


But the era in China of growth for its own sake is over, I'd consider this a pretty big deal. The party has the ability to crush polluting bourgeoisie beneath his bootheels, and has the nature of his centralized authority over a good chunk of humanity means he has the tools to reel the algae blooms in. And frankly ehen it comes down to it, Xi is a smarter man than Trump, the world will shift toward China as the US trips over its dick. The damage may never fully be reversed, but it can be slowed and containes if nothing else.


Plastic was a mistake.

I can see pro climate policy and industry growing rapidly, unfortunately, I don't know if it will do much besides delay the inevitable. And with how little we know about the ocean, there remains the possibility the damage we've already caused (mass extinction of oceanic life) is permanent, which would have a wide range of possible terrible outcomes.

We seem kind of fucked, but I'm a pessimist about these things.

The left trying to kill capitalism is directly analogous to Guts trying to kill Griffith

This is a rightist fantasy, profits are never soaring again.

This, dismantling the Keynesian system only increased the actual rate of profit by very little, it's still dipping, and its gonna hit zero

That's all well and good, but we already were past the point of catastrophic no return during the Obama Administration, early in even. Now further past that point, Trump is basically going back to 60's era concern for the environment. As profits soar, lobbyists and opportunists will make damn sure that doesn't change, and Democrats will bow to those demands because they all are under the thumb of the same lobbyists.

What you're saying is true, this money will not last forever.

The damage however, will.

Catastrophe need not be fatal, another way to fight this is take genetic engineering to its logical conclusion and design entirely new flora and fauna from scratch, it's coming sooner than we think.

Pentagon strategy document will not include previous concerned studies into climate change, per Trump Administration ban on words within government agencies studies' and reports', that suggested ecological and climactic damage existed at all

I am about as pessimistic about everyone being able to afford such a thing as I am about humanity being able to solve this cluster fuck at all.

Oh, forgot the source:


stop user I beg you I can't take it anymore


Never have I been more okay with propaganda of the deed as today
Someone kill these fucking pigs

This isn't borderline Orwellian, this is just fucking Orwellian

Call me FBI, but for the last month I've bee fantasizing about going to one of these fucker's rallies during the 2018 midterms and just fucking shooting one of these bastards. I just think of it all the time, at least once an hour. It just feels so freeing, that the people who have made this all possible don't get the fortune retirement they wanted and their families cry and suffer for marrying someone who's threatening the security of our future quality of life on Earth. Just going up to one and shooting them in the gut so they go out as painfully as possible.

I have no plans to ever do this, I'm not insane. As much as I fantasize I could never bring myself to do it. But it is the most satisfying thing to fucking fantasize about.

This is what paying attention to world affair's the past year feels like.

Sutter Cane has never been more real.

'Zero real wage growth' forecast for 2018 - UK

Honestly every day this country gets pushed further and further towards 1917 Russia.

Come to the US, it's even more fun. More fun than it's been in my entire life.

Humanity chose its fate when US won the Cold War.

You're about a decade or two too late for that
the only thing you can hope for is to mitigate damage and adapt to a new environment

No, they will not.

You are assuming Capitalist lobby will not be spinning some bullshit story and will not force "Science" to preach it as well. Nobody will be searching for any solutions, only for plausible deniability (as they do now). Consequently, Marine Biology will be purged of dissenters (except it already is), rather than let loose.

Welcome to Capitalism.

We have tons of rides, it's great. The crushing feeling that you'll never retire, growing to accept you'll never have a family of your own because it's too expensive and raising anyone into the dark grim future we face would be cruel, knowing that it's too expensive to leave the country, knowing I'll be paying debt for the rest of my life for a degree, avoiding human contact, trying to wrap my mind around a television celebrity being president (then realizing the alternative was another political dynasty), knowing nothing will be fixed before it's too late, knowing I might never meet the person I'm in a long distance relationship with because I'm too busy and can't afford to travel and so does she despite how much we love each other, having a panic attack twice a week, wondering how close we were to electing a child sexual predator when the other choice was a standard neolib who will get paid to make things continue to get worse, having serious worries that one day I very well might become homeless, knowing our corruption laws will slowly dissolve faster and faster, reading every day that the place I live in goes further from god's grace by the second

Your heart will never beat faster, it's a thrill. It is quite the titillation to live in the Greatest™ Country™ On™ Earth™

Wait, it's already happening. I predicted past.

"Alarmist scam designed to smuggle communism in through the back door"

Or at least, that's the only actual explanation I got when I was NRx. Most people didn't even bother to articulate an argument beyond "fuck hippie scum" and "we need oil sands jobs"

Or you can join the Revolution.

The main argument against this seems to be that there aren't enough people joining it - which is why it's not going to happen, and, consequently, there is no point in joining it.

It's partly just a pure reaction to "liberals and commies support this so we don't support it!" and another part is people blaming their job loss on environmentalism despite the fact that it's rarely responsible, all with the support of the capitalist pointing them that way
When the oil worker complains, he'll never talk about how US fracking companies produce at a loss nor will the coal worker talk about natural gas production ending coal

People are too busy trying to feed their children to risk the lives of their entire family. I want to, believe me, I really want to. I am begging for people to stand up for themselves. But you don't know how much is stopping it.

They're not wrong. It is designed to smuggle leftist thought through the back door. That's why the left wants to destroy business and save the environment while the right wants to protect business interests and kill the planet through consumption. The right has been good at co-oppting and green washing. The left has had trouble reaching people to get them to even struggle for the environment. We can't even outlaw the chemicals that are causing the bee extinction, but everybody understands that bees are important.

I’m almost tempted to say fuck it and vote Republican from now on.


Spare me with your loaded language

Where do you live lol. Even in California you can hurl racial slurs and get away with it.

The only thing that's seriously criminalized is acting on the suggestion an alternative is preferable.


Yes! Capitalism is good, human rights abuses under capitalism don't exist! Yes! I finally understand!

Unnamed northeastern state. Don’t get me wrong, open racism is just fine, but any non-sanctioned organizing gets you fucked by United Way’s legal militia. The unions are all turboreactionaries who support shit like charter schools and pipelines as a “fuck you” to environmentalists and teachers. The police are armed at all times, in all towns, and are allowed to use force at will. There’s even now a law which requires schoolchildren to be taught how to be good citizens around cops or else.

Human rights has been the anticommunist, pro-imperialist rallying cry in the West for almost 70 years now, you welterwit.

In a related thread, I wonder what our children's children will think of us when they go through the historical record to find that many self-proclaimed leftists spent the final years before the point of no return obsessing over NAP Violations and destroying each other over unproven rumours of sexual assault.

This assumes correctly that environmental preservation is a natural extension of leftist thought. The right doesn't even go that far, it's just a bad faith assertion that socialists can't win normally so they came up with environmentalism to scare people into accepting higher taxes and government planning. They believe that we don't actually care about the environment except as a scare tactic.


Full documentary of at least 300,000 women forcefully sterilized during Fujimori's rule.

Didn't see anything about human rights in that post

Dugin was right about liberalism, it's totalitarian.

The perfect synthesis of comedy and tragedy

Trump Administration's appointed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman will review guidelines on construction of new oil pipelines, setting the stage for construction of countless within the coming years


That doesn't mean the Capitalist states don't violate them as well, and we should use their hypocrisy to our advantage.

American porkies are doubling down on the fossil fuel meme. China is the only hope for the future.

Whats the meme

That it's a good idea.

realistically you won't be switching off fossil fuels as a primary component of energy production or even modern civilization anytime soon

This is a fucking horrible meme

America is going to go out like Nazi Germany isn't it?

At this point, believe all of this shit is a giant suicide rush for the GOP. Repealing Net Neutrality, pushing the tax cut, speeding through environmentally dangerous policies, etc. They must know they're going to get fucked soon, so they're trying to do as much damage as they can before shit hits the fan.

Assange already revealed their game plan. Let Trump claim the credit for all this shit and then they move to impeach or force him out of office in either 2018 or 2019

In America we speedrun fascism.

Is daddy Xi gonna save us?

Don't look for leaders to save us, we have to do it ourselves. Communism is for everyone.

twas merely a shitpost

What do you expect to happen? That the Tories realise no one likes them and they just… step aside? She'll remain a human shield until "events" do for Corbyn.

Dengists get the bullet FIRST.

That's giving the GOP too much credit. They're just enriching themselves before the big fall.

Just watch how many Republicans retire next year. Rats leaving a sinking ship.

lmao sounds like someone can't handle their

Which is why this needs to be (and is/will be) addressed by revolutionary movements.

> theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses. Theory is capable of gripping the masses as soon as it demonstrates ad hominem [solution of personal problems], and it demonstrates ad hominem as soon as it becomes radical.


He was trying to reply to

< scared, not terrified
Look up Hitler's Nero Decree (March 19, 1945). The whole world will be "going out".

Source? I don't want to sound like a liberal, I love Assange for what he does, he's a god damn hero. But as soon as he got a twitter account he's come off as a little kooky and a right libertarian.

I trust the sources he receives more than the man himself, if that makes sense.

Each and every day I feel a little bit less SocDem and a little bit more anarchist.


4 D C H E S S
oh boy it is of times to be givings up more civil liberty to dear leader putin
fuck Theresa May but also fuck list-based political shit and RT
I'm sure this won't suck :^)
Fucking great now I have to fight google-sponsored Charlies too along with fucking Ivans and Langleyniggers
wow so this is how Trump's gonna end NSA surveillance? lol it's the perfect plan

haha you're so right man I totally shoulda voted for Shitlery

Yes, draining all the lakes would have kept them from being polluted but I think you're missing the point

all those pix of Chump and whichever it is of Ivana and Melanoma is his daughter and not his wife and the fact that I can't remember easily which is which don't tell you something?

You tried to push that earlier, CIDF and you were btfo then too, fuck off with your Big Lie and take a running leap off the top of your data center building so you clear the suicide nets of your wonderful Socialist utopia.

This whole fucking year has felt like I’ve been chained to a seat in a theater with my eyes forced open watching Reqium for a Dream on repeat. Just for the whole 365 days.

If they'll do it and subsequent Republican implosion will be followed by deterioration of the government legitimacy, this might allow pseudo-Left to finally show retarded "everything is Fascism for you" anti-authoritarians how the Fascism actually looks like.

I really want to see Chomsky and Wolff giving their blessings to pogroms, purges, and death camps.

Ah. Apologies for not realizing.

< not going Communist
You still go to gulag (regardless of who wins).

Meh. If you aren't angry already, it's unlikely you will become.

I can’t believe there are people who not only believe communists wanted Hillary Clinton and deny Global Warming and expect this all not to end in a popped bubble

When I get back home I’m going to ban you and everyone who talks like you and everyone you know and every person who’s caught a whif of your foul cheeeto breath and your mom and your dad because you are an annoying and stupid little birdbrained fucker.

Should be an hour, enjoy.

I can't see how this shitshow can come to an end without a severe devolution of authority

Read a goddamn book. There are ruins of 14th century cities on the bottom of Aral sea - it literally existed only for a few centuries. "Draining" is not some eco-crime against the "natural order" of the things.


I didn’t say you should have voted for Hillary, I said that Hillary just offered platitudes and delayed the inevitable in regards to our climactic and ecological crisis

I fucking hate Hillary more than you probably do

I meant it would have happened anyways. Reread sentences and don’t jump to conclusions.

Oh don't worry, next year you will be forced to watch After Earth. :^)

That's why I believe there's going to be a goddamn stampede to the polls in 2018. It's the first chance burgers have to change the movie.

There's too many rifts in the party for them to even function.


< sustainable power vacuum
If one authority goes out of the window - the other rushes in to replace it. If all police vanishes overnight, you get gangsters ruling the streets. In our case you'll get some variety of IdPol cultists taking over, and subsequent intensification of extralegal repressions against any suspected individuals.

I.e. the very same "devolution of authority" inevitably leads to the heavy repressions.

Who would've thought.

So? Was there comparison with the benefits? Or did all water just vanish?

Read the article, Uncle Joe diverted it to cotton plantations.

I said devolve not eliminate, and I said I'm moving closer to anarchism not "I'm an anarchist." I honestly see socialist solutions working more at the county or city level than on the national these days.

blow me lol


Sure wish we had functional third party. The right wing activists have submerged and blunted the momentum of the left wing activists.

It's already dead comr8, at least for the sites with eyeballs.

The facebooks and googles of the world bought up the internet; I legitimately think halfchan's the most egalitarian big site left, and that's just because moot couldn't find a corporate buyer.

If there were benefits, why are you not listing them? Such methodology can be used to argue against anything: any change has negative effects - consequently, it cannot be actually used.

And I repeat: you are ascribing lake's disappearance to purely artificial reasons - which is an assumption, the extent is not proven (some investigations suggest that human impact accounts only for 23% of the water lost). On the other hand, factual evidence proves with absolute certainty the opposite: lake is not permanent and did dry out without any Communists.

We were talking about gulags and you seemed to argue against. Also, massive repressions are a devolution of order.

This is what Holla Forums has become. This. A smug chickenshit throwing tumblrina-tier stock insults who thinks they're Chief Central Planer already, making overly-theatrical bannu and hotpocket threats like anybody gives a fuck and proxies don't exist. From their smartphone. For speaking ill of Shrillery Cunton.

Look at this post, and think about it next time you want to post here.

fuck off retard


fuck off samefag

We needed eco-stalinism ten years ago. We need it double so today.
It doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

Comrade Kim should just wipe them all out already.

Genetically engineering our entire biome? This can only end well.

That they are around to think at all will count as quite the achievement.

This post wins the prize for being the most cautiously optimistic.


Juche, Dengism, and Ba'athism are the only ideologies capable of saving us you dumb anarkiddy

t. nazbol gang


There has never ever been a successful anarchist revolution and never will be, deal with it


Black movements in Brazil marching against race mixing:




Reform the KPRF

there has never been a successful 20th century revolution period, that's why we don't live under communism now.

I don’t think I’m chief. I think I’m Chef

this a month old, still retarded.

Holla Forums-tier, come back when you have a real argument

China’s Politburo holds two-day self-criticism session as Xi Jinping garners fresh pledges of fealty
Mao Zedong began using self-criticism sessions to his consolidate power and build loyalty within the party in the 1940s. It is widely believed that Xi is using the process to tighten his grip on power.

yeah I'm sure that'll work great

the maoist obsession with self-crit always gets me.

Not really maoist, tbh, it's a "Bolsheviks in crisis" thing: libgen.io/book/index.php?md5=A87ECBB483BF27F182F31626527035A6

Pretty sure that would reduce demand.

I'd say that the exampled Getty describes is a bit different from Maoist struggle sessions, which took the idea to a whole new level.

No country or organization would ever need assistance trying to keep their fisheries and populations from poisoning t. John Q Retard

It's true what they say - morons don't know what they have until it's gone. Then they beg for the people they think will help make it right again. Enjoy paying for my Mexican servants bitch.

You are right to point that out. The cult.rev. was helluva drug but still, an invaluable lesson.

Not really. It would be in high demand because universities and biologists would be in a rush to document as much as they possibly could about oceanic life before it’s gone, as well as study marine phenomenon and its effect on oceanic flora and fauna.

It would be a mad dash with better instruments to try and get a grasp on just what the impact of massive die offs of life, both plant and animal, and how it might effect the ocean.

What a lot of people don’t understand is people care about this even at that point because Earth’s ecosystem effects its environment, and that ecosystem has always stood on a needle. Life is a phenomenon that evolves to certain environments and environment changes to suit its needs as other forms of life grow to adapt to that life. Ecology gets created through equilibrium.

Life has always lived on a dangerously thin equilibrium. Say, the climate changes and an animal evolves to be a primarily freshwater dwelling herbivore. Herds of these animals effect the flow of the river, and it floods the shore line past the point where other animals needed to live. It creates consequences that leads to extinctions.

We have to understand, despite how powerful we are and how we harness nature, we still are animals. We still effect this delicate balance life on Earth lives on. Life is a phenomenon that’s spectacularly minor and spectacularly major. In the grand scheme of Earth’s planetary movement, we’re minor. But life has effected the change and outcome of life since it began. The biggest example of this is when life first began. Even as bacteria, life changed the world. These primitive microscopic forms of life grew rapidly into solid colonies of a rocky oceanic world, hundreds of millions of years cooling down from the various hazards it faced in formation and stabilization. Chemicals could more easily bond and stick together in this conflict of temperature and environment and bombardment with asteroids that carried amino acids we now know are fairly common in those small celestial bodies, primarily carbon.

It lead to the perfect conditions for the infancy of life on Earth. Our greatest grandparents started self replicating into solid colonies wrapping around geologic springs and oceans. They had no predators at that point and they bred out of control. The gasses this monumental amount of primitive bacterial colonies impacted the comparatively thin atmosphere of Earth at the time, and from the geologic record we know one thing happened.

It managed to freeze over all of Earth. Nearly all of it. Earth’s atmosphere was young and the chain reaction of emissions of these colonies exterminated nearly all of them. For a very long time Earth was looking to be like Mars, and almost all early bacterial life died. But a small few left adapted, and as the atmosphere recovered, the bacteria became more complex.

This lecture sounds pointless but it isn’t. This happened because life spread outside of its original habitat out of control. “Alien” in the sense it left the small geologic springs onto bigger things. Organisms that evolved one place, and left, always cause that delicate equilibrium to snap like a twig. It forces extinctions, which in turn, change the delicate balance Earth has that allows life.

And we are a foreign organism that left our habitat in Africa. And like all animals who did this in the fossil record, we dominated. For a time before it consumed all the resources of the area and died off. We have the globe. We will change life in ways we won’t even imagine.

And Universities know this. They’re already trying to do their best to document life before it’s gone because of our impact. Hell all biologists are.

That should tell you enough about where we currenty are in the balance of ecology. We are reaching the point all past animals who left their habitat have. Mass extinction, not only of what’s around us, but eventually, ourselves.

Good effortpost.
It seems to me that the globe still has us.

I think it's more like we're stuck with each other for the duration

dr.pavel I'm cia

Nope - Newfoundland suffered a total collapse of Atlantic Cod stocks on the Grand Banks, and still hosts one of Canada's largest and most developed marine biology institutes (although a lot of the research goes to offshore oil development)

Speaking of which…

The previous Conservative government here literally destroyed environmental records and research. Entire archives of atmospheric data, maps, and who knows what else went into dumpsters out behind federal Fisheries and Oceans buildings. Several dozen people in the know tried to salvage as much of the hard copy as possible but thousands of pages were lost. I personally have a couple of old municipal histories safely tucked away in my bookshelf. I can't find any other archived copies in Newfoundland and am afraid of giving them to one of the provincial archives, for fear that they might get tossed for not being intersectional or having coffee stains.

I doubt most animals across our vast fossil record, that left their habitat to spread out of control, knew near the end they would all die off. For as smart as we are to be aware of this, we still cling to hope we are different. We can escape to the moon! Live underwater! Live underground! We can do anything!

And all of it is fantastical nonsense that tries to avoid the sinking feeling that our dominion cannot last forever. That Earth has the final say on who, or what lives, in response to what they do to impact nature.

For as wise and problem solving as we may be, we are still animals. I don’t mean this to be condescending or edgy, it’s what we are. And like all animals that dominated so much of a landscape, we cannot fathom the idea extinction is around the corner. Maybe most animals through prehistory didn’t have the capacity to form an idea they would soon die off because of how they impacted the environment around them. But we do. And nothing proves more we are animals than our denial that our spread will also be our coffin. Like any form of life we can think we can mine all the resources and live forever and ever and ever and spread farther and farther. When we start facing problems we come up with outlandish solutions that don’t address the underlying problem.

And you know what, call me edgy, it’s comforting to know that we will be part of the fossil record when we reach that point all invasive species did. It will leave an Ozymandias scale colossal wreck of fossils etching beware all who approach us, for we are many and we are mighty.

From our own actions we will go extinct, but our trace in the fossil record will be perhaps the most unique form of life this Earth has ever seen, and even if all of it is bare on that colossal wreck, animals will make home in the ecosystem we made for ourselves. We ruled, we threatened, we killed, and we died. Mighty of the Earth, crushing all beneath our majesty. And when we die, our relics will be the home of all new forms of life, our extinction will do the opposite we did when we all went extinct; we would provide new life a crumbling habitat to start again. In all our offices, our bunkers, our houses long underwater. We did what no other invasive species did, provide a home for life to evolve in ways we can only begin to imagine. Our cruelty and our reinforced concrete today, will one day be our sainthood when life blossoms.

Maybe one day something new will worship what we left behind, massive concrete jungles with life of all forms. Monoliths of a time forgot.

What the fuck are you talking about? No one hear does or ever has supported Hillary. You're being attacked for claiming we do.

Yes, but's it's a political issue, not a technological or even monetary one.

If you looked at the post I linked maybe you would find out. But nah, I'm a prime opportunity for you to act like a whiny bitch about one more thing.

what the fuck? how can truth win against cheaters?

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Requesting source on the data destruction, please.