Comrades, behold… the power of "socialism" with Chinese characteristics a.k.a. Chinese state capitalism...

Comrades, behold… the power of "socialism" with Chinese characteristics a.k.a. Chinese state capitalism . Do you think Maoism will ever come back to China? If so, will it take the form of a popular uprising or of a coup d'État inside the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China?

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No. Regardless of what happens next China's government will only redistribute resources amongst the connected elites rather than sharing it with the whole of the country. Capitalism tastes too good. Even as China's experiments with free(ish) markets collapses, it will only lead to a state crackdown on enemies of the state and of the newly created capitalist class. The only hardcore socialists left are in their 80s and approaching death.

Chinese citizens won't ever give up the new plethora of consumer products they have access to, and China's government loves being able to hire private armies to do their dirty work. It's this unholy mixture of state-backed companies that is so difficult to unseat. Anything less than WW3 makes such a thing unlikely to occur.

Well, current left twitter is basically Red Guards, so you gonna get Maoism if you win. Too bad 2/3 of leftypol gonna get sent to the fields for "possible reactionary who posted in a nazi imageboard". Should have used a VPN.

I don't even use normie social media anymore and I quit Reddit because it has been normiefied. Hell 4chan is pretty much normiefied at this point, aside from the Holla Forumsyp edgelords.

Most of left-twitter are "democratic socialists" aka succ-dems. Maoists are revolutionary and definitely a small minority of left-twitter.

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Red liberalism was a mistake.

But what if they're socialist capital, socialist classes and a socialist state?

The only way China could return to real Maoism would be through military Coup. Because any other attempt would be quickly suppressed. And I doubt Chinese military leaders would want to do such a coup.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics was started long ago by Comrade Chen, then Maoism continued that but with a less Leninist approach.

Are you implying that demsocs are socdems, or are you saying that they're actually socdems who identify as demsocs.

Not him, but I would wager that 90% of "demsocs" are Berniebros who do not know a thing about communist theory, but just bandwaggon the free healthcare shit.


Maoism (as a political movement) has never been socialist. It was always class collaborationist from the very start. Of course the cultural revolution would have solved this problem had it succeeded.

Eh the revolution from above will only come in a form that will turn China into Russia: the CPC is currently aligned with the equivalent of the oligarchs, should the oligarchs decide to turn against them the CPC is basically done (unless they go hardcore and do a night of the long knives, perhaps tearing the whole house of cards they have built from under them anyways). And even if the oligarchs do take control, what are they going to do? Provs turn China into a hybrid regime like Russia and start some meme-tastic Chinese nationalist party like United Russia.

Now on a proletarian revolution, the potential is there but there are no structures for its emergence. In China's case it needs not a vanguard party, but a militant union like the OG IWW, FAUD, CNT et al. There is immense opportunity for a non-state union to actually organise the chinese proletariat and start something there: but ofc the state would shut it down at the first attempt.

As for the PLA, eh atm it appears to be subservient to Xi, the army really hasn't had much bite since Tiananmen: there was a major fear from Deng and his lot that the PLA were actually going to join the protesters and turn on the gov; which is why they brought in a military unit from the countryside who were describe as "uneducated savages with no attachment to the people in front of them" (although that was from a british ambassador, make of that what you will). After their atrocities there were murmurs of a military coup to make those who did what they did at Tiananmen and the government, but nothing came of it.

I think if that if anything did happen, the army could play a role, but their track record does not offer much tbh.

No, and thank God for that. We'll need the next socialist wave to decouple itself from the many problems that plagued communists.

Anyway, all this talk of China becoming socialist again after finishing industrialization is a breddy gud meme, I'll admit. But it's a preposterous idea for a simple reason: why would the new Chinese capitalist elite willingly throw their filthy riches away? It's not like Porky did that anywhere else ever.

China has upheld Maoism at all times, though.

jej is this how they justify it to themselves?


m>c>m is the essence of socialism

Lol, I love how the capitalists, or rather top members of the Chinese "Communist" Party and foreign companies not only get one-quarter of the wealth produced, but also that there's an income tax further taken from the workers under the People's State™ that funds not only declining social welfare programs (probably only benefits the Middle & upper classes of China now) but also investments in and fixing of foreign & bourgeois capital.

And maoists can't even argue that this resembles even the technocratic state socialism of the USSR - which at least was somewhat equalitarian in terms of wealth & income distribution.

so, like /r/socialism?