Daily reminder:

Daily reminder:
If your main opponent is fascism/the far right/the alt right/NRx/whatever instead of capitalism, you're not a leftist; you're a socjus liberal, and you should promptly leave and stay gone.

Nigga the far right is capitalism. Just a more retarded form.

Choose one. Also the latter part is literally my argument.

fascism is a last ditch attempt by porky to redirect working class anger at the crisis induced by capitalism away from porky and the system and towards the FOTM scapegoat. Therefore a fash is nothing more than a useful idiot for the booj, and is being used to stave off the inevitability of capitalist collapse and socialist revolution. Fascism is capitalism in decay, therefore to be anti fascist, whether liberals realize it or not, is to be anti capitalist

I think you could have worded it better if you said;


There is literally nothing wrong with being NRx

Which part of the word 'main' do you not understand?

You're encouraging missing the point.

Agree 100%. I've been thinking the same thing for a long time but could only explain to to people in a roundabout way. It's not anything against anti-fascism, it's just if you go around saying 'bash le fash' and thinking your a level 100 Marx mage you are
1. Cringey as fuck and encouraging the myth that being anti-fascist makes you automatically a leftist.
2. Sapping yourself of the motivation to learn actual Marxist theory and understand why leftists are actually anti-capitalist. I'm gonna fucking shoot the next person who says they have capitalism because it's 'fascistic' or 'mean' or starts making arguments for SocDem reforms/'friendly capitalism'/'a mix of socialism and capitalism' and calls themselves a Socialist.

I also wanna add that if you think I'm overreacting then you should read 'The System's Nearest Trick' by Ted Kaczynski. It BTFOs the "lil revolutionary" stance more completely and systematically then I ever could. If you prioritise anti-fascism over anti-capitalism then you're literally helping capitalism self perpetuate.

Apart from the autism

Any coherent anti-capitalist is necessarily opposed to fascism, the far-right and the NRx Movement.

I don't think anyone's main opponent is fascism, you guys are fighting with strawmen. If you actually knew anything about our contemporary anti-fascist movements instead of just repeating Holla Forums's lies you would know that they are painfully aware that while confronting fascism is necessary, it is far from enough.


Not everyone in the NRx movement wants to preserve capitalism though. There is actually a large subset that is anti-market. Some want something like (high-tech) distributism. (With aristocratic-absolutist governance)
The capitalist branch is only one out of two/three/many.
The capitalists/nationalists are a bunch of crypto-fascists/classical liberals.

Antifa protects the long term legitimacy of capitalism.

It absorbs class struggle.

Dont be part of it. Push the labor movement to be more mikitant and radical and establish proletarian political power and hegemony.

Again, read the whole post including the word 'main'

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Good luck organizing when fascist thugs beat all your organizers up, thrash your events and attracts the workers to themselves. Keeping the fascists under control is absolutely necessary to make organizing possible, nobody with actual organizing experience would doubt it.


Good luck with getting rid of fascists' worker appeal whilst breeding more of it via pandering to socjus hypochondriacs

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This is true, and it’s why all the anti imperialist cucks are closeted radlibs and class collaborators.

My personal enemy is the LessWrong infused hypercapitalism. Think Steven Pinker.

The gun at my head may not be my enemy, but it's gots to go. Unless I can find ways to turn it against the capitalist.

Nothing wrong with fighting multiple things. Just get your priorities in order.

No, there is no "main enemy" between fascism and capitalism. My priority is establishing communism and how to deal with fascists and capitalists follows from that.


Also this thread is fucking shit and serves no purpose. One line of pure hoighty toighty nothingness

I'm since long attracted to aristocratic-individualism. Mainly because I set high-standards for myself. But unless there's high mobility what you describe sounds like another coercive and dogmatic hierarchy. I'm still interested in NRx because it could spawn other schisms and offshoots just how NRx has origins in LessWrong.

Why prioritize? is right, and we should embrace socjus liberals as useful allies against the final line of defense of capitalism (fascism). Any solution to capital necessarily means the squashing of rightism in all its forms. Rather than chasing socjus liberals away we should tell them to read.

read Renzo Novatore

Neocameralist NRx is mostly dead. The techno-commercialists have just become run-of-the-mill classical liberals/ancaps, the ethno-nationalists have merged with the alt-right, and theonomists have mostly dissolved or joined mainstream conservatives. The "reactionaries" of yesteryear have become the conservatives and progressives of today.
I think it's a consequence though of most original neoreactionaries being unwilling to slaughter enlightenment-modernity's most sacred cows: Race, social contract and private property.
Philosophically however the movement has evolved, developing new branches; especially in opposition to Moldburg's original ideas. (See Imperialenergy, reactionaryfuture, darkagesnewsnetwork and other contemporary NRx bloggers/theorists)

In it's place have risen Red, STEEL and paleo-reactionaries.

Coercion is not the intend. Rather the purpose is to eliminate/manage the desire for social mobility. Which ultimately is the result of impoverished (material) conditions.
If everyone is more-or-less well-off, gifted with health, and able to travel everywhere on their own, there is no more need for "social mobility" as we know it. Instead the new avenue will be "self-development". Primarily through technological means.

It is interesting seeing it develop. My problem with the left, though I´ve always considered myself one, is dogma and the lack of innovation. Which are related. I don´t think they accept me, and I don´t accept most of the right, or a lot of left thinking. I feel like an ideological nomad, moving from one ideology to another, but never settling down.

I´m not fond of the left obsession with theory. I take most of my inspiration from anthropology, biology and psychology. Especially biology is a big taboo, and happens to be my favorite subject. It is even shattering concepts we once had instead of reinforcing them like the left thinks.

For example human nature does exist to some extent, but is highly variable between our species, and is due to genes and the environment. I see that the Dark Enlightenment does use biology to justify their ideology (like any ideology does really) but at least there´s room to talk about it.

I still believe in a kind of egalitarianism, mainly because of anthropology, but at the same time I´m a bit skeptical of it. I want to study hierarchies in non-human animals. Some are more egalitarian as others and I want to understand why.

I think online communities have a lot of creative and innovative power so hence I was intrigued by NRx. My image of it now is that it is largely swallowed by ethno-nationalist mobs though. And, I was more interested in Nick Land than Moldbug.

I think the left should steal ideas from NRx. Let us not forget that Nietzsche had ideas that are antithetical to the left, but many take inspiration in him.