Hear ye!

Hearken, ye lazy heathens. I hath witnessed harsh resentment in thy hearths against thy wealth creators, the feudal lords handpicketh by our one true Lord whose name thou hath also taken in vain

How come thou resenth feudalism, when thy tools and food have been maketh under feudalism? 'Tis only fair that thy labour belongeth to me by birthright, as it is in thy human nature that thee wanth to work the land that thou hath been berthed upon? Thou areth also using my land giveth to me by our Lord himself, which is my holy property, so what if I hathn't acquired it justly?

Feudalism isn't perfect, but it's the best system we have. 'Tis not real feudalism, but crony feudalism going around the kingdom. If only we took the might from Big Kingdom and stopped taxation, thy landlords can retain more wealth. 'Tis only sensible that more gold for me means more gold for thou

What doth thou mean "I should be able to choose who exploits my labour". Art thou a liberal? Capitalism hearkens good on papyrus, but hath never worketh successfully. Gaze upon the millions killed in the French Revolution. Oh I guess it isn't true liberalism then

who is this neckbeard?

What hath Ye to say on the abuse thy peasants that suffer at the iron fists of their "oh so honourable" nobles?
Is it not better that this means of brutal repression be snuffed out?

And what sayeth Ye regarding the claims that both thy authority and thy "Lord" are mere ghosts of the mind? Spooks if Ye shall.

Pretty good. The structure is good but you need to keep up the archaic language more uniformly.

Too far removed from Henry VIII, you should have referred to the Italian wars and the merchant republics or something. Then we could start arguing about whether that was true capitalism, or just a lower stage of capitalism.

Peasant in france were largely "free" who had to work on the private property of the feudal lords that owned fuck tonnes of lands and also wells mills etc so I always asked myself what is GENUINELY different between multisecular geufal private property and capitalist private property. A lot of these peasants in 1500-1789 were not even serfs (I am talking about france in non demanial territories), they were bona fide "free" workers, but with little to no private property so they had to work on that of the lord and all the bullshit. I am new to socialism so I ask seriously what is the fucking dfference?


"Feudalism" Which is a meme concept was disappearing in most of Europe following the black death, and throughout the early-modern period.
I think you're correct in assuming that what arose after the late 14th/15th century is pretty much pre-industrial capitalism. Especially due to the move from tax-in-kind to cash payments.

I am aware of the feudalism meme. During late middle ages-early reinassance proper feudalism, with the beneficium from the king to the vassal, in the end transitioned into nothing short of the typical "lordism" where the lord is a petty tyrant and a minor authority. But it really bugs me how basically the concepts of relations between workers and possessors of private property are so strikingly similar between modern day and. some realities of "modern" (1492-1815 more or less) europe. You know with the " u r free to nod do it xddd" and all

Look, there's just no way a bunch of silly peasants could run things. You've been farming and wallowing in mud your whole life, what the hell do you know about politics and international relations? Look I used to be just like you, but I worked hard to get to the top. Fetching swords from lakes and stones isn't nearly as easy as you'd think.

This is brilliant.

Good meme until this, ancien regime was intentionally and explicitly against social mobility




Who wants a Part 2, but with a slave society instead?



OP is spovting bvllshit, the only wealth creators are the slave owners. Why do these fovl captured svbhvmans hate slave societies so bad, when all their food and cvltvre comes from people who owned slaves

How come yov hate slave societies, when yov are only alive becavse of the good will of yovr master who feeds you? It seems only fair to me that your labovr belongs to me, as it is hvman natvre to captvre the losers of battles as slaves and it is hvman natvre for a slave's child to be born a slave. Yov are also vsing my land which I have jvstly acqvired throvgh waging war and pillaging vnderdeveloped tribes. Fvcking lazy mooching slaves who lost the war now want their independence back and own the land they've been born on. Pah!

Slave Societies aren't perfect, bvt they're the best system we have. We currently live under crony slavery, where masters have so many regvlations placed on them, they can't even kill their own slaves. It only makes sense to kill of lazy slaves, becavse then there is more food for other hardworking slaves like yov covld be!

What do yov mean "I shovld be able to be exploited on the land I was born on by a Lord who got the land by birthright". Are yov a monarchist? Fevdalism looks good on a stone tablet, bvt it has never worked succesfully, jvst look at all the areas we have conqvered and women we raped and mvrdered. Oh I gvess it wasn't trve fevdalism then

Look at this man, you lazy good for nothing vagabonds! This is Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of fabled Empire of Cathay!
Like you, his parents were filthy dumb peasants. Unlike you, he worked hard and went to the top, just like we all did! Dashing leader, great administrator, genius strategist beloved by the people. Truly, only in a monarchy can people like these can come into power and create benefit for everyone.

And what would have happened under liberalism? He would be subjected to unnatural scrutiny of some greedy, cowardly godless burgers! Equality under law? Accountability? Equalisation to mediocre people, followed by a breakdown in authority and army discipline, followed by the once proud state being quickly eclipsed by its neighbours!

funniest part this is actually how they think over at /monarchy/

Wasn't it mercantillism? Sort of a form of proto-capitalism emerging from the fall of feudalism.

This. But unironically.

The solution to tyranny is tyrannicide.

I request a part 3 with primitive communism and part 4 with a bureaucratic class of a post-capitalist, socialist state.

BrassIronfags i swear.

You know human idealism came from the Orientalizing Period of Greece and the Near East right. Idealism of form can actually trace its roots at the time to the Egyptians, both the Near East and Greece, already trading cultural customs, slowly melded their understanding of art together.

And what do you know, idealism of form became popular. While the Egyptians only idealized Gods, and Pharaohs and the like, Greeks decided to do it to represent all of themselves, even though that did not reflect reality.

More damning, the Greeks worked these wonders in Bronze, which Romans mostly destroyed recreating them in easier to work with marble.

It still all takes talent, but the talent relies on the artist making it, not the people it supposedly represents.

It all kinds of points to the fact these early statues were just a bunch of wankery about how good they were, when they were just people with equal flaws and short comings.

i know that Egypt not Greece is the mother of western philosophy user but i am shitposting bout Plato noble lie and Aristotle "slaves born into slavery".

someone screencap these

Mercantilism was just a set of shared and similar government policies used throughout Europe under capitalism. It was basically monarchist crony capitalism, as in actual crony capitalism not the meme kind.

I did, but they're on my computer.

I wish people would stop abusing the English language like this. It isn't that hard to look up the old grammar and do it right…

lol, commies can't meme for shit and they've fucked up the planet. sorry old dude but in our days we're surrounded by pussy faggots who are afraid of testosterone and love communism. They'd rather share sexual preferences than ideologies and unfortunately any wrongthink within their society bubble is seen as right wing or Not Socialism. Regardless good man, i'd suggest you return to thy grave immediately.

Comrade, why do you criticize Juche while using an Arirang smartphone, which was made under Juche?

Reminds me of this guy

One thing I've wondered about is why the bourgeoisie were the revolutionary class under feudalism and monarchism, and not the serfs/peasants. Is it simply that while both classes were oppressed, it was only the bourgeoisie that had the power to do something about it, and it is only under Capitalism that the working class have the power to be the revolutionary subject?


There is no such thing as a "revolutionary class".

The printing press was a mistake.

Great contributions comr8s, tho someone already did something similar with feudalism.

I have absolutely no doubt that some merchants, noblemen and priests believed that.