Political correctness could destroy passion

A recent, politically-correct idea is the so-called “Consent Conscious Kit,” currently on sale in the US: a small bag with a condom, a pen, some breath mints, and a simple contract stating that both participants freely consent to a shared sexual act. The suggestion is that a couple ready to have sex either takes a photo holding in their hands the contract, or that they both date and sign it.

[W]hat if, for both partners, ironically playing coercion is part of the erotic game? And a yes to what, precisely, to what types of sexual activity, is a declared yes?

[T]he “yes means yes’ sexual rule is an exemplary case of the narcissistic notion of subjectivity that predominates today. A subject is experienced as something vulnerable, something that has to be protected by a complex set of rules, warned in advance about all possible intrusions that may disturb him/her.

[S]ex is traversed by power games, violent obscenities, etc., but the difficult thing to admit is that it’s inherent to it.

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If a girl pulled this out on me, id tuck my snake back in and leave.

so now rapists will carry these around and force their victims to sign it?

The dialectic in motion!


Second post best post

How about if she took out her RapeX then all systems were go? But I guess the attacker could just force the woman to take out her RapeX under threat.

Who said passion was good though?

is this what I think it is?

I'm not a mind-reader, but probably. It's the old No-Vagoo-For-You

Still relevant more than 10 years later


There needs to be a consent form to the consent form signed by a third party. Ezpz

Feminism is puritanism. I couldn't care less about both. Especially since I'm not an Amerimutt, with all their ideological absolutism, moral crusading and witch burning.

I'm sure she won't need it though


wrong thread?

Sorry I didn't read the OP just the title, I meant to say; all sex is rape.

Why not just become asexual?
Volcel > Notcel > Incel

Too late, capitalism already destroyed it.

This smells like commodification killing romance, the political correctness is just a conduit for capital. This is only a small part of it; if you look at the whole picture of contemporary romance, with things like tindr and grindr, the influence and importance of social media posturing, and so on, you can clearly see that the real threat is capital seeking to intrude into the intimate sphere, and imposing itself as a mediator between ourselves.

I sometimes fantasize about being a priest and struggling with being a volcel. It's a shame all the child rape kinda killed the mystique about the profession.

Dammit Chapelle's Show was a warning not a blueprint!

well yeah, don't fuck crazy obviously.



Oh please, everyone knows only heterosexual men perpetrate violence towards intimate partners.

Nigga just go full bhuddism and hang around shopping centres in only a robe giving sage advice?




What did you think the feminist idea of "objectification" was about?


Tbh it's a useful term for relations, at some point at least. Like, I actually kind of enjoy being seen as just a sex object sometimes.

Big Punjabi Pussy?

This… is… I have no words…


I shouldn't be laughing but damn… that second pic is priceless.


Handing out Victor Hugo and Sun Yat Sen books around the mall > sage advice

didn't they recently implement a law in sweden going in that direction?
i heard something like that on the radio recently

Guys, I think this is the start of the road toward Running Man style virtual sex, where physical penetration is outlawed.

Swedish PM backs new law meaning sex without clearly worded or demonstrated consent is rape
New law means prosecutors will no longer have to prove violence or threats to secure a rape conviction

How we interact with one another destroying an emotion we've had since the dawn of time seems kind of sketch to me, no offense OP. This kind of sounds like End of History nonsense.

photosynthesis would eliminate hunger and agriculture, the cause of most of our woes.



No one is going to touch that witch with anything less than a flamethrower.

Rape law has already shifted to being about consent, the question is just what kind of consent you need. Affirmative consent passes the bar throughout the US, and you can do lots of shit short of actual force, drugging, etc. to get it. You can go on all you want about Lacanian this and government in the bedroom that, but if you aren't getting at least vocal affirmative consent, you're setting yourself up for failure

Black Power Poster.

Why don't we just ban sex altogether? Zizek is right in that violence is inherent to sex, universal chastity with artificial insemination for reproduction makes sense and we don't have to deal with these stupid questions anymore.

B Fred Hampton
P Did
P Nothing wrong

How about all that minus the insemination?

test tube babies sure, but women should still have the option to get pregnant should they be so inclined.

I honestly think it's a joke product for people to buy "ironically".
I expect a lot of shitters to buy one just to post a photo on twitter mocking it to own the libs.


Question: If we must end the lower vital or sex life for a higher life, then why did God create it? Also, what will happen to the world’s population if so many people abstain from the sex life?

Sri Chinmoy: God created the lower vital life to propagate the human species when man had just emerged from the animal kingdom and was still governed largely by his animal propensities. But he expected and fully intended that as man evolved he would purify and divinise his lower vital life. By the time every human being on earth has become so divine that all lower vital activity has ceased, mankind will have evolved a totally new system of reproduction, but this will not happen for thousands of years.

This board is insulsar enough, fuck off with your internet tribalisms, this isn't your safe space


What are those rings?

Me neither. But a lots of bad things comes from the US.

TBH, you can have it cosy and romantic with tea and biscuit. And they are commodities too.

The difference here is that these "contracts" has no alternative uses at all.

Nice pic!

then just find a couple with a male who is weaker than you.

Bwhahaha all you sex havers are finally going to know my pain. But seriously the #metoo movement is going to create a sex Holocaust among middle class first worlders which is good.
Poor people on the other hand will get raped as much as they ever did. Hospitals still continue to throw untested rape kits out after 30 days.

Breath mints.

How could you ever possibly prove there was clear consent? You could give clearly worded consent and then claim you did not give it to have any man convicted of rape.

Hell no, human extinction begins now!

Do women want to seem totally asexual and unapproachable? They don't want you to find them attractive because then you're "objectifying" them with your "male gaze". They don't want you to approach them for the purpose of sex or romance because then you're one of those guys who's just after that "one thing". They also don't want you to try to befriend them first and then try to move up from there because then you're a "nice guy". If you do date them and try to touch or hug or kiss them, you might end up getting sued for harassment if you misjudged the mood even if it was just a mistake. And even if you have sex, the morning after they might yet sue you for rape if they feel bad about having done it in hindsight.

They want only elite men with mind reading powers to approach them who have no ego or sex drive of their own.

I don't know man…Liberalism is one hell of a drug.

I refuse to believe that a woman would find any, and I mean any man who uses these things in any way attractive

I'm not sure if you're really the go-to authority on 3D women.

Play this visual novel for a glimpse into the mind of the sort of liberal woman who frequents Tumblr and would support this sort of thing: vndb.org/v17210
It's basically exactly as user says, every love interest is a totally castrated, docile wimp who just politely states that they have a romantic interest in the MC and then proceeds to do absolutely literally nothing to approach the her in any way whatsoever or express any further interests until she gives them express permission to do so - and even then it's constantly hammered home that they will instantly cease all interaction the moment you ask them to. They are literally only there to provide her with whatever experience she wishes and have no needs of desires of their own. I'd say this is the equivalent of a sex-doll or a particularly broken-down prostitute, but apparently it's how love should work.
I played this game because I wanted to self-insert as the girl and receive hot dickings but instead I got a hilarious glimpse into the mind of the liberal Tumblr feminist.

How about this?

iConsent – a consent app for your iPhone! You two just have to push your phones together, say "I consent" to your phone and record your fingerprint and both of your apps send your consent to your respective lawyers who finalize the legal form while you are already having hot sweet sex.

Living alone in an apartment, having no friends or social life and reading books 24/7 is the modern equivalent.

It sucks that r9k types kind of have a point, at least a lot of women really do seem to be like offended by even being approached by a beta yet are totally up for sum fuk with a rich chad who cockslaps them.

even better, have the third party watch from the corner or a tiny window while you're doing your thing so that they can make sure nothing problematic is going on

point taken


Yeah but what happens in the US NEVER stays in the US.

That's the idea. They want to make "rape" meaningless.

nice try, Holla Forums

So these forms kind of affirm that a woman can change her mind the next day that it was not consensual.

sex should be abolished as a boring, inherently fascistic activity that distracts from real entertainment.

wtf I love nazism now

Nice try Reddit…

Huh…… so this is the powre of…… American education?


your stupid screenshot includes "masculinity" in the top bar of the site
if that's a reliable news source i'm a Tory.

ah yes this sounds plausible

hmm this sounds like a problem of capitalism
[translation from the seemingly real swedish newspaper source]
ah yes sounds like capitalism to me

tumblr tier writing, nobody cares about you, the author.

cringe cringe cringe
ah yes this is the type of article i'm going to cite to leftypol very good yes.


There's always monastic life. Wouldn't mind kicking it with some brothers on some Aegean island.

Am I a bad person if I think this is actually a fairly reasonable choice to make? Sure, give the archaeologists enough time to assess the site and get a fair idea of its historic and scientific value, but if even the archaeologists are saying excavating it isn't worth the resources, then why shouldn't we listen to them? Of course, that's assuming that the problem isn't chronic neolib underfunding, but these ReturnofKings types would probably get mad at more of their tax dollars going to the liberal scum in the humanities.

On my family's old farm we turn up old nails, horseshoes and on rare occasions coins every now and then. I have an old-as-fuck victorian penny from the mid-1800s that I dug up in my sock drawer. A lot of this is of dubious value, so why should we stop the harvest every time we find a bit of iron?

Fuck collectivists.

This is true for everyone, we're fucking paralyzed over words because everyone is so fucking afraid of offending or annoying anyone that they don't initiate anything at all ever

Embracing your alienation won't make it hurt any less.

There was some German farmer who kept finding Roman coins in his farm. After further investigation, archaeologists found out a huge battle had happened there. I'm by no means saying there was a battle at your farm.
As for the Swedes, they could very well put anything found to the side and have an intern sort it out later. It's hardly costly.

stupid af but not surprised. i get the whole point of not wanting to get raped, but the whole "yes" and "no" thing is so blurry and the hypocrisy of women surrounding attraction and oppression is aggravating as hell. if you are brad pitt, talking to some women is a-ok, but just looking the wrong way makes you "creepy". it's complete BS

I'm guessing neolibs just don't bother funding sufficient capacity for processing everything.
Nah, the local myths and legends only speak of indian burial sites and the like. The town was sacked by pirates hundreds of years ago, but my clan didn't settle in the area until after that. Families with deeper roots that own property downtown sometimes find debris when renovating or building new structures though

it def. seems that way user. i'm 26, i just want to have some dirty sex. i'm not kv, i've done stuff, but never piv sex, but i honestly don't get how you are supposed to just get sex. i've been told women out there are this slutty, but for real, i haven't met them. and i'm not saying 'slut' like an insult, i just mean, they want to have sex, which personally, i think is great that they want to, since most women i run into seem to be huge prudes.

By the way, what's the consensus here of being a virgin anyway? No sexual contact period? Handjobs, fingering and oral, but no penetrate intercourse?

You need to follow up your consent form with a declaration of intercourse and get it signed by two witnesses.
Otherwise you are legally still a virgin.

You're already mid-coitus before the forms are finished? Are you completely insane!?

In that sense, many societies all over the world are becoming very religious.

On the other hand, I see women's point too. Would you rather date a doormat or a confident and ambitious woman?

Women are thaught from very early that they should be always polite and conciliatory and avoid hurting anyone. Thus all the "it's not you it's me", "[LIE] I'm sorry but I already have a boyfriend" etc. This bullshit education gets them to avoid telling a cold truth for the sake of "harmless" lies that don't hurt the person at that moment but might help perpetuate their flawed behavior towards women. The gentle put-down might be worse in the long run. And we're all teaching our daughters to do exactly that.

And like said, this dissimulated behavior kind of extended to men two in the age of socjus. So we end up with all those Women Respecters who turn out to actually be sex offenders.

You actually do disgust me.