Holla Forums is Holla Forums

I honestly feel like Holla Forums is literally just Holla Forumstards larping as leftists/liberals because of issues or thinking they """infiltrate""", as if there is anything to infiltrate seeing that this is a anonymous site. Anyway I've always believed leftism to be about the betterment of all people in the world, but I notice a lot of racism and muh United States posts. I'll be the first to deny muh psyops but certain threads seem rather subversive. But that's my two cents.

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stopped reading there



The rascism is basically board culture I guess.
Everyone hates America. Partly as a running joke and partly because the us is full of idiots.

Gotta be a joke. In the case it isn't...
Capitalism kills more people
Democratic Party ain't rad left
Fuck the free market anyway

You were talking about socdems this whole time?

Is this your first time interacting with an American?


go back to fullcommunism

Oh and as a fun bonus, why don't you read up about Air America and how the baste woke CIA managed to turn southeast Asia into a repugnant shithole full of criminal activity. They backed anti-glasses man too.

is capitalism a trigger word for you?

up against the wall kulag

The entire fucking machine creates incentives to kill people. There were probably more companies producing asbestos knowing its effects than there have been communist parties in the history of communism, and that's just one industry in a part of one century.
There's a difference between historical materialism and confusing names with the groups they refer to you knuckledragger. The ideological descendants of klansmen all became Republicans in the 60s..

No. Pol Pot was a capitalist program to keep away viet cong influence from cambodia

Millions starve per year even though we have enough food to feed everyone in the entire world.



Even if we did support the democrats you realize they aren't the same as they were that long ago right?

"""Undercover""" Holla Forumstards.


read furr kiddo

Fake news

I can't watch webm, anyway I'm just saying certain threads seem subversive.


The poverty line is influenced by capitalists to give the illusion that things are greatly improving for people.
Charity and foreign aid doesn't change the system that fucked them over in the first place.

Such as?

not true
fuck off kulak shill, holodomor = holohoax

Your point was "democrats bad" and unfortunately this is not the secret masonic lodge for DNC thugs. We don't like either party in power. Neoliberals are right wing. Left of you, maybe, but right wing.

That's leftypol.
Ever united against capitalism but disunited on literally everything.
Leftypol is never to be taken seriously otherwise your life will become a pit of dispair.

8 million die per year from lack of drinking water
8 million die per year from lack of food, even though we have more than enough food to feed the world a
3 million die per year from vaccinatable disease
All of these things are easily fixed but are not profitable to fix.
Huge increases in living standards happened under Fuedalism relative to previous societys. Does that mean fuedalism is good? Stalin turned a backwards peasant country into an industrial and military super power with a GDP that grew faster than any other in history. Does that make Stalin good?

My reply to this is basically my response to the Holla Forumstard >>2328015 thinking that companies ignoring evidence that their product was deadly isn't evidence of a deadly capitalist program.
Capitalism is too decentralized for these people to ever think it's at fault for anything. If the causal chain is too long or branches off too many times, they see the effects as existing without sources. They're effectively retarded. You can see this in the US with opioids now. Since there wasn't a Minister of Opioids who explicitly said to over-prescribe the drug despite it's risks, your average American can't figure what went wrong and who to get mad at.

The kulaks deserved it btw

true: communism killed millions
also true: they deserved it
also also true: neoliberalism killed more and they didn't deserve it.


subverting a shitposting anime board with a commie slant? come on now


how about making an argument instead of meming?

Well for one I seen capitalism shill thread and people subverting talking about how gay folk are mentally challenged presenting """proofs"""".

Are you new here, plebbitard?


Under communism, your entire city will be starved to death for saying such things.

Foreign aid should not be stopped retard.
It's just stupid not to attack the heart off the issue.
We shouldn't just hand out Gibs until we have abundant resources for everyone?
Assuming this isn't a false flag.

you can still measure a GDP even if they say there isn't one.

either debunk them (with arguments) or deal with it nigger


somebody get this hothead outta here


Holla Forums has mostly dropped Trump and the GOP like a bag of flaming dog shit. Now they're just back to circlejerking over "muh white race" and pretending they're automatically superior to every Jew and nigger on the planet just by virtue of having been born, and back to raising Hitler and Nazis up to mythological status, and being perennial Christcucks.

Very little of consequence ever gets discussed there. Last night there was an excellent (at times) discussion over Autism Level and people of significantly high intelligence (as well as those who fake it), but that was mostly because of me; I was a quarter of the damn posts. Then I got banned for calling out someones "muh white race" virtue signaling, and the whole thread went to hell right away, turning into a circus of memeposting and petty insults; everyone actually intelligent had already left.

To contrast, this place isn't as unified. Topics are all over the place; there's more argument and less circlejerking. Not quite so many "infographics" are passed around. I guess if you ever needed proof that rightists are more conformist and less capable of critical thinking than leftists, here it is.

How do you expect to convince people to act against there own interests?

Are we talking about 4/pol/? Because I no longer go there to check.

keep in mind that British-controlled India suffered a far worse famine around the same time period because Churchill forced them to export all their food to the UK even while Indians were starving in the streets

Capitalism is a global system. If your system doesn't work in Asia, South America and Africa (aka most of the world) then it doesn't work. Our markets are global.

United States of America.

oh shit damn dude owned

A handful of ☭TANKIE☭s calling buttfucking booj isn't representative of the entire board, c'mon son.


if the top 5 richest people on earth gave 13% of their wealth then we could end world hunger and lack of clean water. How exactly would "solid christian, western pragmatic underpinning" convince them to do so?

The United States of America?

US is gommunist and so is academia :D



No. I never go to halfchan; it is a silly place. People who still like Trump are a vocal minority. Destroying NN and that atrocious billionaire-handout masquerading as a tax bill destroyed any faith most of anyone had for him. I really hate to say it, but the people on Holla Forums are an entire level of intelligence above the average American who voted for Trump in the first place. They at least recognize that a $1000/yr "tax cut" is a Ponzi Scheme when it's set to expire in eight years, after which inflation and loss of buying power will leave most middle-class citizens worse off than they were before. Anyone who thinks it's a good idea can't do basic math.

Define socialism. I always get confused about the matter, so if you could clearly state what REAL socialism is, I'd appreciate it.

Shut up before I empty my ☭TANKIE☭ into you bb


In what way is the united states socialist? Its probally one of the most free markets outside of asia where even more people starve.

so much for the high I.Q. right


Yeah, that's why he aided the Whites during the Russian Civil War and was quoted as saying they needed to "strangle the communist baby while it's still in the cradle."

Wew lad. r/The_Donald and Holla Forums shills are out in force.

The USA isn't free-market. Hasn't been for a century. It's cronyism and monopolism.

"Left leaning" as in democrats is still capitalism

America has been gutting welfare for decades. Even the democrats today are further right wing than most traditional republicans from three decades ago.

Where are the magic free markets where no one starves then?

"Nod real gabidalizm" ::::DD

Must be from the US with it's horrific literacy rate for a "developed" country

that's called capitalism bud

Then has Cronyism been bringing all those people out of poverty? In that case could capitalism not actually work but cronyism does?

if capitalism always leads to those things how are they separable from capitalism?

please do

ITT: Bait
Bait part 2: Insincere Boogaloo
Bait 3: Bait harder


big memes on little Holla Forums

Then buzz off.

because the banks still exist

Really makes you think.

I mean look at this little shit >>2328093

Capitalism is an economic system in theory only. In practice, it follows social order and politics. If you put in a country that rewards corruption, nepotism, cronyism, putting the individual over the collective always, and where "winning" is always the result of hard work but "losing" always the result of moral failure, of COURSE it's going to outrageously fucked up. That's an issue with human nature and that of modern civilization, not with capitalism itself. That would be like saying mathematics can be "broken", when in reality it will always be the fault of the person using it.

Humans can't have a free market. They're too evil.

doesn't deregulation imply the regulations existed in the first place
starting an ancap planet a-priori wouldn't be "de regulated" it'd just be unregulated.

Bait for the Bait throne

Capitalism necessitates the use of state apparatus to interfere whenever crisis begins. In every capitalist system, when an unavoidable crisis starts that can't be solved through market forces, force will be used either in the form of the state or some other violent force. The state is a part of capitalism not some alien body standing above the economy interfering when it wishes.

No, Holla Forums is THAT retarded

So capitalism is a vauge utopia that only exists within your mind and cannot be disproven empirically by any actually existing capitalist societys? How is this different from "NOT REAL SOCIALISM"?
Just trust me its human nature to follow the devine right of kings and work in the feilds for your land lord all day.

Can't tell if this thread is a baiting contest or there is a raid going on

leave serfdom out of this, serfdom is good.

even if you have laws, it doesn't follow you start from a state of regulation
nonetheless, this would fluctuate around a central point. it isn't possible to, for example, "deregulate breathing" because it was never regulated

this thread is fascist
when i see lenin in a hat i just see phil greaves

made by the adorno gang

Well then how come we're under capitalism now huh?
Holla Forums btfo le ebin style

USA had the same scientists yet the USSR still devolped their space program first.

So did USA, how come USSR got to space first? :^)

Who keeps pushing this retarded german scientists meme?

like the particularly unimpressive visit to the moon by yankoids?

Well they were. They got the first sattalite, first man in space, and basically everything else except the man on the moon thing.

Moon landing was faked m8

real talk private banks just create money out of thin air

Not an argument.

Holla Forums, I…


any fans of The Jam ITT?

USSR wasn't real socialism though.

Isn't it fun that when Holla Forums is raidng we can all unite and form coherent arguments but as soon as they leave we get into another argument about co-ops and wether the USSR was socialist.

But no, really. Who keeps pushing "Nazi scientist" shit?

The reason Soviet Space program got so far was because of Korolev. And the reason for Korolev was Tsiolkovsky who was self-taught.

the USSR was SocDem


Anti-Russian propaganda

Where? I remember playing CoD: Blops, but that's about it.

another day on the internet

that's nazbol baby

gang gang gang gang

Here fam
Listen to the new paul weller solo?

Sectarianism is our biggest problem tbh
The left's biggest enemy is the left.

can't say i have.
good taste though

what about kulaks?

second biggest problem

what about capitalists

But just think, if we ally with capitalists we can finally stop those damn Anarchists/Leftcoms/Hoxhaists/Market Socialists/Ba'athists/Christcoms/Technocrats/Mutualists/Jews/Maoists/Stalinists/Fascists/Egoists/SocDems/Transhumanists/Trade Unionists/Pirates/DemSocs/Marxists from distracting us from the real movement with their inane Anarchy/Inactivity/Concrete Wastage/IMF Loans/Wars/Moralizing/Eugenics/Ancap Fraternizing/Banking/Bird Murdering/Kulak Purging/War losing/Spook posting/Bask Stabbing/3D Porn Viewing/Price and Income policy ruining/Ship stealing/Vote Losing/Tome Writing.

but it is booj, its literally a result of the social antagonisms of capitalism between men and women, its a disease of the upper class. Homosexuality is also associatiated with fascism, before Hitler purged the gays along with the Asserites & SA. Not to go full IDPOL Homosexuality is essentially the most exagerrated 'toxic masculinity' literally trying to be so manly that you fuck other men, milo was not an abberation, that millenial woes guy is a fag too. Think ancient greece/sparta, buttfucking is essentially the logical end point of all MRA/MGTOW/anti feminist logic, it ends up in hating women so much you fuck other guys. When the dialectical contradictions between men and women are resolved under a new MOP, homosexuality will be abolished.

abolish gender tbh

as a Holla Forumsack I find this pretty funny
I mean fuck we all know that Holla Forums isn't liberal, the same way Holla Forums isn't 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧alt-kike🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

You have Trump cult worshipping threads everyday. Holla Forums is pretty Alt-Right.

Nah leftypol is NAZPOL

Objectively yes

Muke pls go

Dat filename

This is the worst post I've read this week.

Actually homosexuality is normal and it's the social norms of society keeping you that way. The basis against homosexuality comes from Christianity and porkies needing more babies to produce more things (refugee's sort this out for them).

Unironically being straight and "male" is a spook since that's just the product of your upbringing. I guarantee if Jesus said homosexuals are fine Europe would of had the current stance they have to homosexuals back in the medieval ages since it's really only with the rise of Christianity was homosexuality explicitly hated against. And your other point is also wrong since gender even in the Ancient world was a lot more "fluid" (I'm bringing out the sjw buzzwords now). We know there were women pharaohs in Ancient Egypt who were treated like kings because they dressed and acted like them, the same with in Rome. Being a man was about being tough and dominate and being a woman was about being submissive. If a male acted totally submissive and crossdressed and cooked food and cleaned things and a female was very dominate and didn't cook and clean the female was more of a literal man and treated like one more then the male himself. Christianity and it's one man one women stuff is responsible for the repression of homosexuals and gender fluidity since gender is unironically a spook and is made up by society who tells you how to act which varies hugely from country to country.

Not even idpoling here. I recommend you actually read some scientific studies on homosexuality and transsexuals and how they come about naturally without any input from capitalist society.

Based nork have it right
Just don't be a idpol faggot or hurt the socialist cause and your good