Unironic Eco-Deleonism

Look at the problems facing america today. America's educational system, healthcare system (if you can even call it that), infrastructure, and civil liberties all continuously deteriorate. Many workers suffer from alienation and extreme poverty, as 50% of the US makes 30k or less. Not only that, but many people roam the streets of this country without somewhere to live or eat. Pollution and lack of environmental awareness plague our nation, which will most certainly lead to our downfall. As we can see, this system is clearly not meeting the needs of its people, but there is a solution…
Systems of organization that are more horizontal and democratic are far more efficient at meeting peoples needs than a top-bottom system such as capitalism. No doubt, an industrial republic involving unions would no doubt meet everyone's need. Many of the green infrastructure programs will help america become more self-sufficient as well as more environmentally friendly. We would most likely introduce solar and wind power on larger scales and introduce large mass public transit projects. Not only that, but expansion of civil liberties and the legalization of several drugs will ensure an open, free, and prosperous society where humans can truly grow as human beings.

When I look at America… the unecessary wars and poverty and the systematic violence against the proles… The only logical solution is a free, efficient ecological socialist industrial republic. I am for Eco-Deleonism.

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Solar a shit, what we need is wind farms out at sea, and if the gulf stream goes, we go nuclear. We also need to redesign all the metropolitan areas, destroy suburbia. Otherwise, good platform, I'd be happy to join. Up the Union of American Industrial Democracies.

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Yeah I forgot to include nuclear energy in the platform. I was also going to include genetically modifiying crops to increase their yield a whole bunch so we can feed everyone with ease.

Nuclear fusion is the fuel of the future. It is more safe than everything else. Once we get fusion, we will have I N T E R S T E L L A R T R A V E L
also G A L A C T I C S O C I A L I S T E M P I R E

For anyone new to De Leonism, there's a thread full of introductory material and the like:

Another topic we desperately need to address is the fucking mess that is agriculture. We grow too much fucking corn for dumb biofuel and feed for cows (which makes the cows unhealthy as fuck, degrading the quality of their meat). Cows take up too much space and produce a shitload of methane, a greenhouse gas 25x more potent than CO2. We need to drastically scale back the beef production.

Thanks, reading the shit out of this, If anyone is interested, we could draft a constitution for the party.

The solution to this is simple. Increase poultry consumption and get people buying less beef. Once this happens, beef producers will be forced to sell higher quality meat (meaning less corn-based food) to match the lessening deman while maintaining some semblance of customers.
Eventually though, we're going to eat pills that come straight from the dirt that contains all our necessary vitamins and minerals and proteins. One day humanity will just eat plain dirt.

We don't actually need to increase yeild, if we stopped throwing away food (ie: getting rid of the market and directly distributing food), we'd be able to feed every hungry mouth in America.

We should also reward farmers who reforest previously deforested areas

Any other theorist > De leon

n o


Can you PLEASE fucking tell us HOW this shit actually relates to ANYTHING DELEON DID OR SAID?


He never did or say anything of relevance so people have to resort to memeing.

This might be slightly more sad than the handful of Bookshitters who memed ol' Murray to death.

The sad thing is is that Re Leon was a great theorist and the fact that he was a journalist means his writings are available in short, normie-accessible quantities that are made even more easy to read by his great writing skill and lack of a need to translate anything. We should be pushing De Leon, but these memes have nothing to do with him, will convince nobody to read him, and do not indicate that the memers have even read him even though he mostly wrote newspaper articles and pamphlets.


What part of this is a meme? What are you talking about?

Just because you embrace De Leon doesn't mean you bin Marx. Quite to the contrary.

Go contribute to the thread full of De Leon's writings then


One already exists:

We need a mass program of nuclear energy and hydro-electricity, more efficient than solar and wind. At least until we develop Fusion and then THE PEOPLE'S DYSON SWARM.

Also Eco-De Leonists are slum proletarians and probably neo-luddites as well. The real De Leon is with the Transhumanist Cyber-De Leonist party. Hippies will be crushed under the steel boots of the People's Syndicalist Cyborg Army.


I was going to include nuclear power, hydro power, and paul-cockshott technocratic stuff in it but I forgot :^(


that's where you're wrong Pierre

Commercial Fusion isn't going to happen:

Conventional nuclear is pretty much dead. Westinghouse went bankrupt trying to build just 4 reactors, and the current ones are around only due to subsidies.

Wind and solar have way too low EROEI, and are way too situational to ever achieve 100% usage in the first world. We also don't have anywhere near enough rare earth minerals to build the things especially if you want to develop the third world with them.

Also they only have a lifespan of 20 years and need lubricants and grease - I.E oil, to keep them running. Exxon has a freakin wind power page.

What about water propellers or dams? There has to be a way off the fucking fossil fuel ride.


Hydro is a greenhouse gas emitter :^)


Do we really want to keep the system running and the prisons that go with it?

I'd like the transition from capitalism to socialism to be as smooth as possible, yes

Eco-Syndicalism sounds better.

It's also idealism