New to leftism

Rightist poorfag here who just realized capitalism sucks.I'm starting to lean left but I have some questions.
1. Can I keep my guns?
2. Can I still be Christian?
3. Can I still have some constitutional freedom within reason?

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Of course!
Sure! See Christian socialism, Christian communism and Christian anarchism. I strongly recommend reading Leo Tolstoy for a leftist Christian perspective.
Of course!

You fucking better. The proletariat must be armed and cannot allow someone else to take care of their safety and freedom.
The logical conclusion of Christianity is Communism.
There is no allowance, only what you are willing to demand and defend.

Communism implies no religion. However, you can be socialist and christian.
You can keep your funs. How else will the workers revolt? We will still let everyone have guns after true socialism is enforced.
You can keep your freedom. The whole point of socialism is to let people be people, and not cogs in a capitalist machine.
You can always be Nazbol/Strasserite Gang.
Reminder socdems are traitors.


Of course
Yes, but it's generally looked down upon by radical leftists
I don't see why not

Christian as in I give money to religious institutions?
As in I pray and belive?
Sure why not.

Any recommended reading?

If you really really want to then sure.

We have to reading list threads

Oh sorry new here thanks.

I guess so. But sure as hell them instituion won't have political power.

This. Nazbols/Strasserites > succdems anyday.

The motherfucking breadbook.

no, part of the point of socialism is that bourgeoisie republics don't really offer freedom to the proles

Marx is really difficult to start with and the Memefesto is shit. Mayyyyybe The Principals of Communism by Engles is newbie friendly.

Sure, we need them for revolution. Even after most of us wouldn't take them.
Yeah. Destroying freedom of thought would be communism.
While it is in Marxist Leninist theory for there to be a lack of limits to The Dictatorship of the Proletariat, there are still some guarantees within Leftist constitutions.
In a Soviet constitution is states that Republics can secede and a universal right to vote. the DPRK constitution gives a right to housing and free movement within the country.


The radleft has traditionally been explicitely atheist and antitheist, but religious currents do exist and, personally, my political views are rather secular, as liberal as it sounds.

Sounds yummy i'll check it out thanks.

If you have failed under capitalism you will still be a failure under communism surely

yes but why did it take you so long to realize this


Also here's some basic Marx that explains why exactly Capitalism fucks you over.

The problem is the fact that Capitalism produces "failures".

A book id recommend for its contemporary nature is Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher, it helps if you've seen the film Children of Men first tho.
Maybe a good place to start is listening to lectures by (actual) Marxist economies (e.g. Richard D Wolff).
Maybe start here, fam:

I did alright but never I really progressed much. Grew up kinda poor and worked low wage stuff. I am not hoping for much just health care and education for my kids. Anything sounds better then the current system.

Also if you're an American you're going to have to try and unlearn a few decades of anti-communist propaganda

Pic related
Full quote:

Wage labor and capital

Philosophic manuscripts of 1848 (really good overview):
Especially the 1st manuscript

I've already seen the usual "Communism killed infinity people" shit and other capitalist nonsense. I've always had a strong distrust of the media and government so I hope there indoctrination didn't go to deep.

Seconded please watch Richard Wolff videos

No, idealism is incompatible with communism.

Other than that the main propaganda tool is liberals=/=communist.
We don't want to force every women to have dyed hair

As a former Holla Forumslack myself, you'd be surprised just how deep the conditioning goes. I have a qt friend (no homo) who also likes to say stuff like "we need to seize the means of production" sometimes, and everytime i instinctually cringe. Not because "we need to seize the means of production" is cringy (i think it makes him cuter (no homo again)) but because my mind associated that with radical liberal white g*nocide rhetoric.

Yes a guy even made a manifest for this exact reason for christian communism.

Wait what? Is that a thing cause I've never heard that one.

Nice freudian slip.

He was jus bein ironic bro :^)

No ☭TANKIE☭ BO word filtered red fas.cis to "communism".

Don't you have some books to be burning, brianlet?

Whats anuddah shoah? I think I've heard of it before in fringe right circles and online it shows a lot of pictures of sad white kids.

Yes, also see pic related
Yes, some socialists were actually christian.
Yep. Stuff like freedom of speech, religion, and ability to own firearms should be necessary>>2327833

I would start of with the communist manifesto, wage labor and capital, and critque of the gotha program. After that, I would some Daniel Deleon




Yes, Yes, and Yes.


Antifas supersoldiers have been known to behead Christians so keep your gun and don't tell people you're a Christian. Better still convert to Shia Islam and wait for the hidden Mahdi with me.

Stfu shitstain

Source for this besides MLism?

1) yes
2) sure, whatever
3) the constitution is shit and doesn't guarantee you any rights

He didn't ask for freedoms from the constitution, he asked for freedoms from a constitution.

We'll the Marx quote for one, but that wasn't a mandate that socialists promote militant atheism. I don't think you can be religion essential, or like wanting everyone to be super religious, and a good leftist, but I certainly think you can be religious and a good leftist.

Yes. I know of no actual socialist who supports a wholesale ban on firearms. At most, they support regulation through licensing, background checks, etc.

Yes. We're secular atheists, not "anti-Christians", "anti-Muslims" or anything that sort of definition would imply. Don't expect any Church to have the ability to shape public policy, though.

I'm not sure why you assume that wouldn't be the case. Socialism doesn't mean "when the government does stuff and is being sort of authoritarian".

1. If you want to
2. If you want to
3. Under constitutional socialism yes, but not every socialist wants to enshrine rights in the form of a constitutional government, they may elect to go with something else.

What Marx quote?

In an ideal socialist world, everyone will be legally required to own a firearm and have training to properly handle one, at a certain age of course.

There are very few socialists who are actually against this

Really only people who advocate for cults of personality would be against this

Depends entirely on your definition of freedom, but sure.


I would like to point out that Terrors of "Stalinism" did not include mandatory atheism (though, nobody is going to allow Creationism in schools). In fact, if are talking Catalonia, it is the who were trigger-happy, when it came to priests - unlike Communists (undoubtedly, another sign of counter-revolutionary "Stalinist" influence).

IIRC, out of ML tendencies only Hoxhaism has mandatory atheism.


Guns are a must
I'm a Catholic, so yes
Constitutional rights? Like freedom of speech and shit? Yeah they just have different wording here on the left…unless you're a ☭TANKIE☭.

1. No
2. No
3. No

It was her turn.

You can believe in anything you want, even Alien saviors, like Posadists.
You mean like freedom of speech and stuff like that? Of course. Remember that in capitalism these freedoms are degraded because only the rich can truly afford them.

However, on the gun issue. If you're a .40S&W fag or .45 fudd, you go to gulag.

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I'm kinda like you. actually reactionary, fiscally socialist. I liked Bernie, I liked sticking it to the rich, it's very clear that capitalism is the culprit for a lot of the US's current problems and we need to reform it greatly. I don't like the identity politics and think some of the social issue stuff like trans is a bit much but ultimately I don't care too much about what they do, which alone is enough to set off some people. I assumed the whole left is like that because they were the loudest voice. Then I did some reading and learned that was mostly just a distraction from class struggle perpetuated by neoliberals. I'm pretty new but so far I think market socialism seems to be the best option, but I can't find much in-depth information on it.

Is there a system that has a socialist economy, is socially liberal but not overly so, closed borders + national protectionism (to protect the labor market), and isn't authoritarian? That'd probably be the one I'd support the most.

Correction I'm not a social conservative really, fuck the Jesus shit and all, I'm just anti idpol.



keep em, polish em, get em ready 5:1-6

"Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a] 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you."

self management is impossible without free speech and association but counter revolutionaries still gotta be gulaged to some degree.


Absolutely, you better keep those guns to defend your/our freedom!
Yeah, I have no problems with Christians.
The Government will be abolished.
You don't need a fucking constitution.


I would Take Nazbol's or Asserist's any day of the week over SocDems.

You have to say it like "Str*sserite" if you want to bypass the filter


Yes.Only liberals are against gun ownership. All actual leftists are pro gun for many of the same reasons conservatives are.
Yes. There are many Christian forms of socialism. Hell, the bible describes a proto-communism of sorts.

Also, this.


Yes. Socialism will distribute weaponry and training for all its citizens.
Yes. This will exclude you from joining the communist party, but that's about it. You can still be politically active.
Yes. Here's an example: Furr/new constitution.htm

You must. It is the duty of all sane and able bodied socialist workers to keep arms if they are able.

Of course! Don't expect public institutions to be christian though.

I support freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom of the press, and freedom to travel unmolested.

but that's my fetish