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What's lefty pol's thought on mandatory racial breeding? Eliminating race through "love" not war seems to be the only ethical way to get rid of the X question. If there are no real racial differences than there is no racial conflict and natural class conflict will supersede any racialist arguments.

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Hmmm…… I wonder what kind of liberalism this guy's smoking.

Net neutrality should have been abolished a long time ago

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Liberalism would necessity a race distinctions. But of course ya'll rather keep your spooks about race then actually push for socialist change. Shit like this is why I purposed mandatory racial breeding. Which honestly wouldn't be necessary since were all mutts and the few "pure" breeds are deformed looking shit heads and the reason we got rid of the monarchies of the past. Also hate to break it to you, globalism has always existed. When the first two tribes traded bullshit that was globalism and when the first cunt layed the telegraph that was also globalism and us talking over a global network is globalism. Fuck racial identity and identify as a worker.


t. A mutt


Also culture isn't a racial thing, For instant I'm white but my U.S southern American cultural has nothing to do with say the fucking Irish. We have more in common with the Mexicans than we do with the Anglos from the old world.

The reason i said "no multiculturalism" is because you seem retarded enough to want to ruin that too.

Dude stop you are embarrassing yourself.
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I support it, but only if that means I get to be part of the elite class of manwhores that fucks women from every race.
The rest of your post is pretty spooky, though.

True communist forced breeding camps would mean everyone, including incels, get an equal share of other men's leftovers.

My goal though is literally to eliminate idpol though. No more race. we are one race and we've always been one race but we got to even out that melanin bullshit to get people to stop talking about race even though it's as abstract as it is.

I don't imagine camps as sexy as that sounds I picture more tax rebates/subsides for interracial couples to encourage the elimination of racial politics.

This is in no way desiderable
Why I should even live if there is nothing to discover?

Hwat? No one asked you to live you know.

I mean. What the fuck is the point of having communism if it's the world becomes even more mondane and every place, everywhere, everyone is exactly the same? This borderline SJW equality is worse than fascism.

I don't think that's physically possible my dude. Put down the paint thinner.

Saying "We are one race" (by race i assume you mean sub-species) is the same as saying "all dogs are one breed" (breed is very much like sub-species)
There are three races; mongoloid, caucasoid, and negroid. There is no white or black or asian, but people generalize that way.
Did you ever stop to think maybe melanin has an evolutionary purpose?

Don't worry, this user is more retarded and authoritarian than most of us are.

What do you mean by "i don't think that's physically possible"? That it's not possible for everyone to be mutts who lack any unique or distinct qualities, or for everyone to be different yet live together? Both of these things are possible.

What if I don't want children?

Nah dude. That's all in your head. Have you ever considered talking to someone licensed to deal with these type of issues?

Not the guy you are responding to right now, but the guy you respondes to before.
What are you talking about man? This is really confusing

Go away reddit/pol.



I think your limited understanding of biology combined with your paranoid delusions are causing you to feel you are actually living the plot of a a pulp sci-fi novel. I'm not a doctor but I also don't believe Star Wars is a tangible eventuality of our current reality, so take it how you take it.



But they only exist as subjective ideas faggot.

What dude? I'm mixed race myself and a regular here since the start of the year.
Op and other people that make post like this (let's become all mutt so no race problem, let's dress all the same so no petite bourgeoisie concerns, let's abolish culture, let's abolish gender so no sexism ecc.) Are fucking redditors bordeline red liberals SJW that would call stalin authoritarian for putting gays in gulags, but think that everything it's all right when they say shit that is orwell tier. Obviously it's impossible to have something like this but I'm talking hypothetically in a scenario where stuff like OP would be implemented

There is nothing intrinsically good about "diversity", especially when it's used as an euphemism for the forced separation of the races.

this but unironically

Not even, I ran it by the SJW's and they were appalled an thought it was "black genocide" cause the numerous race would supersede the minority and then I ran it by the white supremacist and they thought it would be "white" genocide. Were all mutts and that's the fair dinkum. There's no pure race and any pure race is a retarded instinctual abomination. Who cares about "muh cultural" I fucking don't. The Mexicans felling the drug war don't, the blacks in the ghetto don't and the whites in ramshackle towns don't. There is no white/black/brown savior coming for us. We need motherfucking socialism and we need housing, food, and a stake in this life. I'll happily give up my I think Irish cultural but it's hard to tell cause my family fucked anything that moved and went west as some goddamn mandate. I've lived in the forgotten mining and mill towns left abandoned and drug striken by capitalist. I live now in the multi-cultural cities plagued by overpopulation and divided by racial politics in the south. Pollution ravages our environment and our mutts are unhappy. We want some fucking wages and some fucking human dignity but the goddamn racialist on both sides derail that conversation at every turn. I'm told "you wouldn't want the blacks to have the upper hand, now would ya?"

Btw I made my post super Aussie to make it more relatable to you eurofags. I read "this war of mine" I've read/watched a fair amount of your entertainment and I'm disappointed. There's hardly any interracial loving in it. The only reason the right has power for now in America is because the left is just as reactionary and stupid on racial politics and this thread proves it.

This place is becoming more and more of a farce.

I believe in diversity and i don't believe in the forced separation of races. Funnily enough, i also don't believe in the forced mongrelization of races as well. What's not to like about being able to meet people with blue eyes? Isn't it cool to see people with brown hair and dark skin? I don't think you understand, diversity is good because it means that we are all still human. Variety is the spice of life. Imagine if everyone you met had brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Pretty boring, no? If not for evolutionary purposes, think about the effects this program would have on humanity itself.

How the fuck does that follow from the (admittedly silly) hypothesis of a single world-race?

How much do you think a state should spend on this program? Such funding sounds entirely unnecessary. Why do you focus so much on destroying everything that makes people different? Sure, you say you're focusing on basic income and the abolition of the classes, but the first thing you say in every post is something related to racial issues. If race is such a non-issue, why bother destroying them?

Oh so using edgy buzzwords on a korean chess forum is what's making this board bad not stuff like
It's not the problem

OP is about abolishion of race, no one is a race we are all one race.
No he didn't admit that it's stupid fucking hell he's still going

You are forcing people to procreate with somethinf they may not even like because idpol. Fuck you

Holla Forums shills, board is compromised.

The vast majority of people in Japan have black hair and yellow skin — and so far, they have survived the ordeal.

It has jack shit to do with "humanity", whatever that is even supposed to mean.

And this spice is found in many traits much more worthy of note than the color of one's mustache.

This board fucking sucks at american hours

Fair enough, I'm honestly trolling. I mean how would one even implement a force breeding camp? Race is so arbitrary as it stands. I just got banned in a shitposting thread and was shitposting so I got unbanned so I thought I would shitpost to get ya'll thinking about race relations. Idpol isn't going away, how we approach it is what matters.

If it's really baiting this was 10/10 bait btw.



Except it's just me and I'm not Holla Forums.
Hating on americans is not Holla Forums.

Assuming were in a transitory socialist society were money is still a thing. X1.5 the amounted allotted goods/labor vouchers/money sounds enough to encourage interracial breeding. Or if were in a social democracy type situation(wherever the winds may blow) then even the smallest tax rebate or subsidy would suffice in encouraging interracial relationships.Even if it isn't money and just a propaganda campaign, Anything to stop some fucking multi-racial couple at work tell me about anuddah shoah would be enough. Interracial breeding is happening anyways. The only ones hanging on to "muh cultural" while they show up to work with their black girlfriend and tell me and my Hispanic girlfriend were betraying the white race by denouncing trump because they think the tax cuts will help them, is giving some fucking education and cash to stop being so fucking stupid. American Politics is fucked. we've reached the end of idpol here guys. It's like north korea but retarded. I went to the movies and there was an Ad that said "M&Ms now ask you to turn off your cellphones and be quite". It's fucked. Just so fucked. Breeding the fucking stupid out of people regadless of race sounds promising to me. I live in fucking ancapistan.

Now if only I could stop being a raging trap faggot. But good plan OP. I endorse 100%.


matter in communism

Holy fuck how boring your life must be.

I am not a mutt