Political Tests

Hello comrades.
Let's have a nice thread about political tests. No matter if Political Compass, 8Values or Political Test. Post your results.

What do you think about my result, comrades? I'd say I'm quite proud of it.

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What the fuck are you doing here?

All these tests are made for liberals and altrighters looking for trash in the ideology market. I mean i always get libertarian communism. What the fuck is that supposed to mean, all communism is libertarian.

Okay maybe not Nazbol and Ceaușescu's national communism but you get the point.

I'm currently banned on Holla Forums



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It's called understanding realpolitik

get on my level


Good job. I hope that one day i can be as good as you.

two good ones

I'm impressed at the consistency given that this time I just hit neutral for a load of the questions.


yo check this out


While you're here you should read some theory.

Some Synonymous Ideologies.

Before saying that mine is a capitalist pig society, remember: transition fase before TRUE socialism

Probably a red liberal

Who /statesyn/ here?

As expected, the nature of Fascism is to defend Capitalist power.

We are quickly reaching peak ☭TANKIE☭.

Drina, is that you?

Did you get banned from your Liberal Facebook group?

This is who I want to be.


a liberal is someone who would hesitate to use the army to kill porkies who violate the prices and incomes policy, so no
but i would be banned if i used facebook so

What test is that?

I hate these tests because they're so predictable and always have the same questions. You can easily adjust your answers to get your desired ideology.

You're supposed to go in blind. Sometimes it assigns you stuff you're not, when this happens you should read about that and see what you agree/disagree with. You aren't supposed to answer questions so that you seem super consistent, because that means you'll end up reading LESS and not MORE



Unironically this, we all need to read as much theory as possible



Being knowledgeable is good

The final Red Pill

Oh god it's literally his bio

Read De Leon and Connolley




Some of these I picked neutral because I didn't fully understand the question

Link to test?

Nevermind, I found it.
I want equal right for women but I don't consider myself as a feminist.

link to the Russian thing


You can only choose one.

I'm changing a lot.
The election, the stupid tactics of the Anarchists, the Feminists, Idpol and the Liberals larping as Leftists, are turning my heart bitter.

I dislike that site for only allowing you model governments that are economically (and to a lesser degree structurally) similar to our contemporary hell.
A post scarcity society or true military state are just two examples of governments that cannot currently be modelled on it.

Given the rapid change in your views and the fact that they are so strongly influenced by fleeting issues.
I would be willing to bet that you have read less books on theory then there are red dots on that picture.

Literally every ideology that isn't primitivism ostensibly(!) advocates for post-scarcity, user. You have all the intellectual depth of a child's drawing of a utopian village.

That's nothing. Watch this.

Literally every ideology that isn't primitivism ostensibly advocates for post-scarcity
Even if one just looks at the variety of ideologies found on this board.
There are plenty of ideologies that not only do not advocate for a post-scarcity state, but would be unable to function under such a system to being with.

Even then, that was not even the point of my post.
My point was that the site in question currently has little use to anyone that would like to model a government that is fundamentally different from what is found currently.

I think you should be mindful of who you criticise for lack of 'intellectual depth', given the glasshouse you occupy. Anarchist.

Link to "blue" test?

Too many tests out there

rip nature

Really tickles my pickle

Odd. Your views seem to be in line with those of righty/pol/.

Your Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -10.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.1
Test de Coordonnées Politiques

Vos coordonnées politiques sont :

88,9% Gauche, 100% Libertaire

The same as I identify with.


Although I consider a transition to socialism our most urgent task and I disagree with anarchists on the definition of the State and governance.

I agree with anarchists almost in everything, only more than I put more accent on communitarian freedom rather than individual. Politically, I have identical views with anarchocommunists, however, I differ from the anarchist mainstream with a much more conservative view of moral matters.

Breddy good :DDDD

I feel like the anarchist definition of State is the same as the bourgeois definition. I prefer the Marxist definition of State. Anarchists simply happen to like their state to be decentralized and horizontal.

My comrade.

This. Actual feminism is nothing like the ideology of Tumblrinas. is a feminist.

C'est quoi le lien du test en français?

Anarchists completely negate the bourgeois (Hegelian) state when the Marxists are inspired by it. And (also because of) that's why anarchism is less bourgeois than Marxism.

Someone's been reading Korsch

J'oublie mais il est inspiré du test 8values


Typical liberals, too much progression can potentially kill


It no longer exists.


The one thing I don't like about the Political Simulator (and most political tests for that matter) is that it forces to remain into the capitalist paradigm.



One interesting thing is that one of my partners made me answer the 8values one in different ways depending on how I interpreted the culture questions, and I got strikingly different results. I haven't done the PolitiScales one yet, but it looks neat.

Just dropping this here.

Bolsheviks actually wanted to give all power to the soviets until realpolitik kicked in.



Where do you land in this economic crisis flowchart?

Everyday, until you like it.

Decentralization is reverting to capitalism. As soon as you allow anything other than complete control of all aspects of production by society as a whole you move closer towards exchange between producers, aka capitalism.

How is anarchism not complete control by society?

where is "it was a lot less and it wasn't communism"

Because planning is decentralized so that each planner can make there own descions regarding production that effect society as a whole yet cannot be decided by society as a whole. This means production is controlled by a bunch of different planners exchanging. Anti-democratic capitalism.

It's a "lib soc that hasn't had their mental breakdown yet", somewhere between Leftcoms and ML's.

So how could one leader be so ideologically pure? I don't see how Soviets couldn't have just cooperated with each other with some guidance to build the military industrial complex. The factories would be more closer to the front but a focus in cooperating with the Neighboring Soviets could have stopped the Nazi's much sooner.

Pretty sure you just did that of your own accord.

My point is when planning becomes decentralized, you get capitalism. If the soviets had been allowed to plan without a strong central authority you would get local soviets making much of the planning descions and then exchanging with each other. Only when all production is concentrated into the hands of society represented by its vangaurd can you avoid commodity exchange and capitalism.

does my internationalism make me a filthy neoliberal? :

Not literally made me, you anarchist scum. I just did it because of the conversation we were having. You gave me the idea.

Already heard that argument from cockshott. Your definition of society must be different from mine.
Let's just agree to disagree.
Here is a hot take.
The Soviet union was not a centeralized economy so the localized nation states had to trade with each other. The USSR partitipated in capitalism globally and still had commodity production.

I agree. Giving power to the soviets wouldn't have made any difference.

By the USSR not being centeralized I mean they have not collectivized the globe.

My changes on political view on over time.

politiscales now has an English version

It really sucks. All questions assume a capitalist framework. Do I believe SocDem policies are the best way to run capitalism? No, they work against the natural tendencies of the system and are forever in conflict with the interests of capital. But I also do not believe capitalism should exist. There's lots of questions like that which involve underlying assumptions which I disagree with from the start, such as


But you are objectively wrong.

Internally, it was. No trade.

But it was going as autarkic as possible since 1930s.

What will 2018 bring?



Anarchy n shit

Top ideologies

That has to be faked.

Who /technocratic state socialist/ here?