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Where did this right-wing obsession with Greek statue busts come from, particularly with memetards? Are they not aware these guys were huge homos and borderline pedos? Why do they always love to post these things?

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Greece was the birthplace of western civilization. Alt-righters wanna defend the West, or are "Western Chauvinists" as they call themselves. So therefore the worship the place which started it all.


My favorite is the warhammer obsessed neoreactionary, they miss the joke entirely

what, i always though it was GRRR WAR GRR

The joke is life in the Warhammer universe is hell and everyone is canonfodder and the emperor didnt even want a cult of personality


Having sex with crossdressers may not be gay but it sure as fuck isnt straight

The point about degenerates ruining society only makes sense if you concede capitalism creates conditions which create degenerate people

Aut-rightism is just one of the reactions to the intellectual and moral failure of cultural capitalism (which in their eyes would be the intellectual and moral fun of Jewish something something).
I think they have a bona fide interest in these things, as much as it might be based on a handful of wikipedia articles.

they're either evolan monarchist roleplayers or got into vaporwave about 5 years after it stopped being soundcloud-relevant

They're realistic sculptures representing athletic white people, in contrast with modern and post-modern art which they obviously hate as the philistines they are. Don't read too deeply into it, the alt-right's familiarity with classical culture does not go beyond a "cool greek statues" Google Search.

Which is hilarious considering how vaporwave is essentially a parody of tue culture industry

Kinda reminds me of the rightist who unironically considers that chick from Yōjo Senki to be a role-model. It's a pity he got b& from the forum I go to; I woulda loved to point out the author was a SocDem.

Also this. The libertarian right has no cultural authenticity, and the authoritarian one must literally enforce it through propaganda and public programs.

If they weren't in power, we'd laugh at these people.

Some of this warrants eye-rolling but there's something to be said about the equation of whiteness with sophistication / colors with fun. Also the thought of any of these neckbeards seeing themselves reflected in ancient statues of athletes/soldiers is hilarious

*colors with fun/decadence (not fun)

Political discord servers are full of these guys

Plato was the first ☭TANKIE☭ and Epicurus was Marx's biggest inspiration next to Hegel.

Posting obligatory screenshot. Here, have a (you).

You forgot the one with a Crusader profile pic who spams Deus vult

sub-post-post-post-ironically-ironical-sub-concussion closeted homosexual urges.
It's an egregore orgy of self repression

Only the 1st Crusade was a success, all others were either complete failures like the 2nd and 3rd or hilarious fuck ups like the 4th Crusade.


Not All Gays Are Like That
t. A gay

the idea of a fascist's role model being a little girl from a cartoon is A+++

I like how deus vult fags conveniently forget that crusaders essentially paved the way for ottomans when they sacked Constantinople


how do you prefer them?
colored or hip?

If we’re talking memes, probably vaporwave.

Gay here, I'll give them one thing, I've noticed, and experienced myself, gays think that powerful men are hot. Which could lead to fascism given the strongman leader aspect.

Fascists are not strong, they just brag about being 'Alpha men' because they are extremely self-conscious. No real 'Alpha male' would need to brag about it.

Stop being gay

I agree, but the ideal is what appeals to people, rarely the reality.

That's retarded, tbh.
One, gay animals exist you fucking tard. Are lions Bourgeois?
Two, gay men existed WAY further back than capitalism, case and point, Greece. Even societies in near primitive communism had gays, the American Natives, for instance.

have sex with men sure, but sexual identity needs to be abolished

Jeez, it's almost like there should be a word for that so I can relate the experience to others in the real world, hmmmmmmmmmm

come the fuck on

i love the sentence "plato was the first ☭TANKIE☭" can you please elaborate on that more lmfao

If you go gay parades or shit like that expect to get beaten.
For the rest is ok. I'm actually all for gay rights under socialism. I would make a city for all of the people like you and put you there so y'all ain't gonna have problems

Gay parades are fucking gross I'll give you that but try and send me to a glorified homo gulag and I swear I'd shoot all of you, tbh

Tbh, everyone loves ancient art to some extent. The stuff is really fucking impressive. For alt-rightists it's more a symbol of their pretentiousness, though. They associate it with being smort, and don't really realize that pretty much everybody uses classical imagery to some extent. Like, for them, it validates dumb shit they say, you know.

Also, because they actually do like little boys.

SoC (Statue of Color)

Buzzfeed tier opinion.

Answered your own question

Buzzfeed tier idea

western civilization is a meme read Graeber




It is basic symbology. Don't pretend as if the left doesn't have his symbols.

He, like ☭TANKIE☭'s, had an attitude that it was justified for intellectuals to be anti-democratic, authoritarian, and deceptive because they understand how to build a utopian future. The ignorant masses need to be dragged along with this vision by any means necessary. There was also no private property in his ideal society IIRC.

So they use homosexual pedophiles as a basic symbol? I thought they were against "degeneracy".

They see what they want to see. Everyone does that. And don´t get me wrong, I hate people with Greek statues as avatars. It signals fake intellectualism. But I´ve used avatars on some sites that could get a similar treatment.

Wasn't there like 15 crusades in total?

Not to mention that the Crusaders were just about opening trade back up in the Middle East. It's not some romantic, glorious conquest that rightards and religiousfags like to believe. If you look at it through a materialist lens you realize it was just some pope who wanted to relive better days of the Roman Empire and failed miserably trying trying to recreate the Empire and his wealth

t. strains of socialism that never amounted to anything

This, unironically. We're on the clock and the atmosphere isn't going to wait on the ballots.

Also a smug quote pic of donald trump, saying some really dumb shit.

but this is all absolutely true

This. Its just statues of cool looking white people.

Greeks aren't even white by their definitions tho.

Mostly it was Venice and other Italian trading powerhouses. They controlled a lion's share of trade with the East. The main economic motivator of the Crusades was to keep the flow of exotic goods from the Orient.

Ottoman rise ended this flow and thus directly initiated European attempt to go and look for Orient westwards.

yeah but your 'intellectuals' were not and masses cannot but dragged but led or else they fight back

How would you even find a legitimate 'intellectual' to be a part of a vanguard nowadays anyway

You'll get swarmed by LARPing students who finished their 2nd year and fully read one textbook and think their grades are a good numerical representation of their accumulated knowledge

If there's a crusade they should like, it should be the people's crusade

Yes. marxists.org/archive/mandel/196x/leninism/index.htm

The pope wanted three things:

1.) Relieving Europe of warring knights
2.) strengthen the Christian ideological concept of a virtuous knight to integrate feudal warriors into Christian society
3.) demonstrating power, especially addressed at the at that time excommunicated Holy Roman Emperor

I've never heard that he wanted to build a new Roman Empire, and it's not a materialist reason, and also, for the pope the crusades were a tremendous success.

Most of those were directed at other parts of Europe, funnily enough. The most dangerous heathens and heretics are those closest to home. It's like pottery; the crusades mostly killed "fellow" christians, and the nazi's mostly killed "fellow" whites.

i had one or two stormnigger anons on Holla Forums avatar fagging as a marble statue. they like to fetishize rome too.

from this

those horny motherfuckers, lmao

theyd be so proud of us with all the porn on the internet


there's your answer

but wouldnt that be in conflict with their world views? idolizing something like that would be so unusual for them.

Because they find Greek-Romans aesthetics cool.

Pedophilia as long it is hetero is not degerate to them. Holla Forums sees it as a tradition (such as being able to marry a 9 year old, like Muhammed) denied to them by those meddlesome Jews.


Alexander the Great was a Macedonian . As a proud nationalist Slav I say there are only 2 things worse then commies . one is anarchists , & even worse then anarchists is Greeks

What do you think the alt right is?

this tbh
alt right is full of closet "degenerates"

It was originally a satire of militarism, bureaucracy, and religious zeal; then a bunch of jackass virgins too stupid to get the joke became the fanbase, and then equally stupid people started writing for it and sucked all the irony out of the setting.

sorry, but I can't agree with this
I meme Bane all the time even though I know he's supposed to be a dehumanization of revolutionary leaders.



holy shit how low can you go

It almost makes it appealing. Almost.

He didn't?