What are the pros and cons of

What are the pros and cons of
Anarcho primitivism
Anarcho Capitalism and
Libertarian Socialism

And which form of anarchy is the best for humanity?
I think eventually colonizing another solar system is an important goal for humanity, as is searching for and trying to make contact with extraterrestrials. I guess anarcho capitalism would be the best for that but I see a lot of loopholes and abuse of the system if that form of system takes place. Libertarian Socialism is probably the best for everyone's mental health and happiness

AnCaps get the bullet for abusing the worker as much as humanly possible

LibSoc, the other two would see us starve with Ancap seeing children getting raped as well.

Total meme
Sort of meme

Libsoc > ancap > anprim

I don't see how LibSoc works

Pro: actually works
Con: requires over 99% of mankind to go extinct

Pro: makes no sense. Arguably, is already implemented
Con: makes no sense. Arguably, is already implemented

Pro: is hip and cool
Con: doesn't work

Of those listed, only one actually works. AnPrim wins by default.

Cavemen don't go to space.

It doesn't, socialists have to crush its opponents under its bootheels like the Jacobins crushed the nobility

Wouldn't the "libertarian" part come after that whole debacle?

Why tho?

pro: system is fully smashed hooray
cons: you now have to live in actual shit and die of what would have been preventable illness. star trek/wars/gate is never real and AGW probably kills you anyway

pros: funny gay weed, 0% taxes
cons: your kids get pizza pasta'd by kabbalists on national television, everyone turns into an atomized barony, surviving corporations form the FEDGOV conglomerate and subjugate you awesome style

pros: it's communism but you skip steps
cons: if it's not some kind of global posadist masterstroke you won't be strong enough to resist neolib imperial power

Of the three I have to agree that Libsoc is probably the least shitty overall if you absolutely had to choose one.


see Pol Pot

you're very likely to be conscripted into the McArmy to defend McDonald's (tm) sovereign territory against the Great Burger King Empire's Whopper Hoard. Also, "what if the child consents?" (unironically)

see EZLN

Lib-Soc wins



I stand corrected. I read up and first thing on wikipedia was >libsoc/libmarxist
I always thought they were closer to anarchosyndicalists though.

No problem comrade. tbh I was actually hoping you had another example, because EZLN (and perhaps Marinaleda) are the only lib-soc communities that I know of.

None of the listed.
The best is Anarchist Egoism.


Well, the concepts used are self-contradictory and rely on vague definitions. Unless you do not introduce unspoken assumptions, you can (arguably) define existing nation-states as corporations.

Pro: No longer alienated by technology
Con: Collapses on itself when the warlord comes along
it is kind of like anprim but with a ruling class and boomboom sticks
Appealing to most people, completely utopian view
Ancap Stalinism