Is this being ironic or is 8ch this spooked? This seems very ironic and i don't know what to believe...

Is this being ironic or is 8ch this spooked? This seems very ironic and i don't know what to believe. Do people actually believe anuddah shoah is real or is this trolling? I really cant tell whats true and whats not anymore

ye they do. its justified with non-white immigration and the difference in birth rates.

Yup, they unironically believe every jew is genetically predestined to ruin western civilization, conscious or unconscious


Genocide doesn't require bullets. If you watch talmudvision, next time there's an ad count the number of mixed and normal couples.

it's almost as if companies and corporations endorse the mongrelization and globalization of races for some reason.


It's as if the international capital can only be defeated by international means

Those commercials are actually intended to further the ongoing sexual disempowerment of nonwhite men. It's not a way to kill the white race but a way for filthy baigui to steal our women. Remember the backlash over that cheerios commercial with the black guy and the white woman? When was the last time you saw something like that in response to a commercial with a white guy? That's right, never. Fucking try to keep up brainlet do you even browse r/hapas?

Nothing pisses off insecure black guys more than a white guy with a qt black gf

That never worked, and never will. Pulling a revolution in a single country is difficult enough, doing it globally is impossible. It's a cute idea, but impractical.

No, redditor faggot.

1848 called

There aren't enough of the online tbh. Hapas with daddy issues and Nazis who want to deport every nonwhite because they can't get laid get old after a while. Someone needs to make an incel hotep subreddit or something.

confess Holla Forumsack
you secretly want to be forced to destroy your pure hwite bloodline with some qt latinas

Not him but latinas are disgusting and overrated tbh

Post more

Non american hapa here. That place is sick as fuck. I don't know what you guys do to half asians and asian over there but holy shit. No shit that elliot Rodgers happens.
Also that place is disturbingly deeply triggering and problematic, why americans fetishize asian women? Holy shit, just nuke the continent already

They're cute and petite

Being fetishized is like a right of passage for identity groups in America. Nonwhite women fetishze white men, white men fetishize black men and Asian women, black men fetishize white women, the list could go on forever.
Please nuke us. It hurts to live.

Don't worry lad, when capitalism is abolished we'll all be able to overcome our Freudian complexes


There are people in this world that believe a race is being genocided but all they can think to do about it is make memes and make angry political posts on the internet. I honestly believe that if a real anuddah shoah was occurring there would already be white leftist IRA style guerrilla armies to fight it. Right-wingers are cowards.

I don't get fetishists, everyone is qt, interracial internationalism for life

This fucking retarded because then everyone will look the same like a fucking amerimutt from capetown to kyoto. Fucking retarded american

Go back to Holla Forums

Go back to neogaf you fucking idiot.

t. spooked

Why don't you bring some of your findings to The Hague and get some sanctions passed?

You're assuming if interracial relationships are allowed everyone will suddenly date outside their race

You are encouraging and assuming that in your post.

Great idea. I'll head there right after I convince the local rabbi to help me out for free.

Not really, I'm against fetishizing any ethnicity. Fuck who you want without dumb pathology, whwther its interracial or not.

Then why aren't you directly attacking degenerate institutions then? Killing Hollywood producers and actors surely does more to prevent the shoah then posting here.

It's not ironic. Holla Forums is paying for ad space.

110% spooked.

Is it weird how on my end it says the author is "the Prole"

That's not a qt
That's one fuckin hairy hand


Look closer, gook

We do not require baboons! Baboons may leave! Farewell baboons!

Is this being ironic or is right wing idpol this spooked? This seems very ironic and i don't know what to believe. Do people actually believe communist Jews have taken control of all major world governments and though the Frankfurt school of witchcraft and wizardry and the 100% true tales of gulag book man who was most definitely not a cryptic fascist have a plan to eliminate all white people which is in the process of doing so (Since white people are the best of course but their also obviously the most easily controlled if their literally getting genocided and not caring) and this is all because Jews have a genetic memory meaning they are literally 100% more likely to be greedy and they all have a thirst for the white mans blood also Jesus is white is real or is this trolling? I really cant tell whats true and whats not anymore

It's not an actual genocide, but there is an entire forced ethnic/cultural replacement that is going on in the West.
No race really likes the concept of being a hated minority in the future, but it's going to be that way for whites in a large amount of Western countries in the next 40 years or so. Alt-righters are a bunch of faggots, but this is the one topic that they're actually correct about. It's too bad they're all obsessed with chasing dead, failed ideologies like Nazism that just ended up killing millions of whites in the end.
If they had focused solely on implementing strict Japan-tier immigration standards for Europe, and securing borders, they may have actually received a good amount of mainstream support. Instead they turned it into another cringey frogshit maymay movement that's already dying out, as the Trump personality cult continues to drop off a cliff.

In fairness, porky does in fact want white people gone because stupid brown people will fork over their money more willingly. But Holla Forums ascribes this to some sort of grand jewish conspiracy and not the natural mode of capitalism to destroy nationality with international brands.


in other words they're pedophiles and look for substitution