Daily News Thread 12/26

China to Overtake U.S. Economy by 2032 as Asian Might Builds

The growing importance of Asia’s major economies will continue in 2018 and beyond, according to a league table that sees the region dominating in terms of size in just over a decade.

U.S. regulator proposes scaling back offshore drilling safety rules: WSJ

A U.S. regulator has proposed rolling back safety measures put in place after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which would reduce the role of government in offshore oil production, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Guatemala follows US in planning Israel embassy move

Despite the furore over Washington’s controversial decision to recognize the sacred city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Guatemala has decided to follow suit, announcing plans to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv.

More US Troops Heading to Afghanistan Frontline in 2018

A significant jump in the number of aerial bombings of what are believed to be militant targets is also being incorporated into the new plan.

Explosion at major oil pipeline in Libya

An explosion has rocked a crude oil pipeline that feeds the Es Sider sea terminal in Libya, an oil source in the country said.

Russia establishing permanent presence at its Syrian bases: RIA

Russia has started establishing a permanent military presence at naval and air bases in Syria, the defense minister said on Tuesday as parliament ratified a deal with Damascus to cement Russian presence in the country, the RIA news agency reported.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress Are Spoiling for a Big Fight in the New Year

Profound differences between House and Senate Republicans may play as big a role as GOP fights with Democrats on how the legislative agenda plays out when Congress returns in January.

Thousands of govt papers on Falklands & Troubles vanish from National Archives

A massive trove of government papers detailing some dark episodes of British history, including the Falklands War and the notorious Northern Irish Troubles, have vanished from the National Archives.

Majority of Russians Regret Soviet Collapse, Poll Says

The number of Russians who regret the collapse of the Soviet Union is the highest in nearly a decade, according to an independent Levada Center poll published Monday.

Trump continues attack on FBI, calls Clinton dossier ‘garbage’

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday turned up the rhetoric another notch as he demanded the FBI verify claims found in the dossier claiming to reveal collusion with Russia amid the 2016 presidential election.

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Christmas Industrial Complex Impacts Low-Wage Tree Cutters and Environment

"The people buying Christmas trees should know that it’s not easy to go out there in the heat when they don’t let you drink water," Carlos said.

Amazon, Microsoft staff busted buying sex workers trapped in trafficking industry

Scooped-up electronic communications between pimps and tech-sector employees at reputable Seattle-based companies such as Microsoft and Amazon is another hit for the tech industry, already reeling from sexism charges.

Singer Lorde Cancels Israel Show in Support of Palestine

The New Zealand singer, songwriter and record producer canceled the show scheduled for June 2018 after Palestinian activists urged her to pull out.

Spinal-Cord Implants to Numb Pain Emerge as Alternative to Pills

For millions of Americans suffering from debilitating nerve pain, a once-overlooked option has emerged as an alternative to high doses of opioids: implanted medical devices using electricity to counteract pain signals the same way noise-canceling headphones work against sound.



We must critically support Rohava in it's struggle against 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Russian🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Ba'ath🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 imperialism.

T'is but a joke BO, please don't gulag me.


Political Correctness Goes to the Vatican - Slavoj Žižek



War hawks have a long history of pitching the illusion of a survivable nuclear war to an American public that tends to be. . .

United States and Israel: Re-evaluating a Toxic Relationship


Soon comrades.

Thank you NewsAnon 2.0

welcome to year 17 of the forever war.

Who knew Lorde had bigger balls than Nick Cave



The ride truly never ends

Literal road to serfdom

How can it be revived lads? Dengism is colonizing Africa and it sucks ass


Chinese leadership can't come fast enough. While the rest of the world succumbs to (neo)liberal impotence and incompetence, the CPC remains the only force that has the scope, will, and vision to save humanity from the complete shitshow that is ahead of us. And they know it.

Imagine realizing you're the only country in the world standing between humanity and extinction.

It's a sad fact that we have more documentation about the lead up to the first world war, than some of the most important events in recent history.

Anyone know what the masks say? I like 'em, they're spooky

The CPC doesn't exactly have an environmentally friendly track record though, that is, unless their plan is to engineer entirely new species of flora and fauna from scratch, which actually just might work.



From what I've read the ChiComs major animating desire is self-preservation of their rule and peace within China. They aren't exactly a group of enlightened confucian mandarins-in-waiting.
If one country should revive its monarchy though, it should absolutely be China. Qipaos are cute as FUCK

China is actually the country wich invests more in renewal sources of energy, and are doing most to combat pollution (out of neccesity though as people are dying in thousands because of it)



Revolution is the flower, Deng is the root. Stop being idealist.

You hit on girls at work and you get accused of sexual harassment. You buy sex from a consenting adult and you get arrested. You can't win, Feminists won't be happy until all men are under their boot.

So this is the power of the anti-intersectional left


Pretty sure he's doing an irony

And the services do not come cheap – some of the men spent $30,000 to $50,000 a year, according to authorities.
damn son

I legitimately thought this was referring to North Korea before I read the article. I still think it's referring to North Korea, just not on purpose.

Prove me wrong cucklord, the development of the Chinese and African economic coalition is the only credible means of dismantling the US empire

t. dork that's too much of an autist to even pay for sex lol.


Yeah, I'm skeptical of the notion that India will be the number #2-3 economy any time soon. Honestly, China will be lucky to overtake the United States in the coming decades. Why? Right now China's economy is only slightly greater than half of the US economy in dollar terms and this hold's true in even the most recent statistics with the US weighing at $19 trillion and China at $12 trillion.

If we look at the Cold War then we can see that the USSR was half the size of the US economy or slightly greater than half for much of the post-war era including the Gorbachev era when Soviet growth had come to a stand-still and everything was falling apart

Essentially, much like the Soviet Union, China is chasing a moving target from a lower starting point–if the US grows at 3% in a year than China has to grow at around 5-6% just to keep up. Exponential growth produces more impressive results at higher figures. In the past, this was no problem since China was growing at 10% or higher but now there are reasons for thinking that China will slow down.

I think that when you consider the fact that the Soviet Union had a population only slightly larger than America's then it can clearly be seen why China is actually more fragile than it appears on the surface. As powerful a challenger as China is, having already surpassed the US already in PPP terms, it is not even as powerful pound-for-pound as the USSR was. This explains imo why the American elite has taken a rather cool approach to China rather than the 40 years of autistic shrieking that followed WWII even after Khrushchev's revisionist counter-revolution.

I think its worth noting that political and cultural influence or "soft power" is much in America's favor whereas China has very little soft-power. It's power is almost completely hard (i.e. military and economic power) outside of Asia and some parts of Africa.

If we look at the case of America vs. Great Britain, the US surpassed Britain economically in the early 1870s and grew quickly after that surpassing China around 1890 or so. It's worth pointing out that by 1913 the US had not only surpassed Britain but was almost as large as the entirety of the British Empire put together according to data put together by Maddison. Britain was still more developed on a per capita basis and far more urbanized and had far greater financial/banking power than the US as well as its networks of global influence.

Despite coming to control around probably around 40% of global manufacturing post-WWI, the US still did not supplant Britain as the center of global power and leadership until after WWII. The US built its world empire by parasitizing the networks and structures already laid down by the British Empire primarily, and the other European and Japanese empires secondarily.

human trafficking is an explicit part of this story, no need for what ifs

nevermind that the US military is still deeply embedded in Africa and won't let the Chinese takeover without a fight

You're intellect is truly staggering.

Well shiet, retail gonna go belly-up isn't it?


Union of Britain soon lad


The Graveyard of Empires strikes again.

Wew nothing to see here folks

We are going to know the true meaning of Socialism or Barbarism soon me thinks…

Honestly anons I am kinda scared, I don't know what to do if things DO go tits up

So what's your solution smart guy? Don't say make it illegal, it already is and it's creating an underground sex economy.
Should we enforce it by arresting just Johns? I know that's what feminists want but men aren't going to allow themselves to be made that vulnerable. I.E. having women be able to unilaterally entrap men into breaking the law while completely escaping consequences themselves.


This is gonna sound gay and right wing but dying in battle sounds pretty cathartic tbh, especially when fighting to make sure future generations dont have to do the same

lmao GAY

It's not the dying part I am worried about, but the actual "well what the fuck does one do". Like, I live in Manchester atm, an urban area where if things were to go tits up it would key to be. The question is, what the fuck does one do? A local soviet is an option, but what work does that soviet do? Pure welfare is shit praxis, and regardless how is that funded?

Honestly lads, I need held here: the edge of tomorrow is coming and I have no idea what to do.

i have the mind to kill myself when ww3 is announced

What did he mean by this?


Win hearts and minds with stuff like free breakfast, community gatherings, positivity, provide people with a non market, non commodified space, have books and pamphlets available but dont force them on people who dont want them.


And then the eco-deleonist gang with rule America (where most recreational drugs will be legal)

Yeah but how yer gonna fund that? If things are really that shit how are you going to organise some welfare soviet?

Honestly people, might start writing a guide with you lot on how to do this; we may need it.

there was a pdf already written about normalizing gommunism in burgerstan

That was about electoral stuff tho, we are kinda at that point already in the UK.

Selling guns and drugs my man

no i mean that there was this pdf so yeah get on that britishstan stuff to keep the ball rolling

Isn't nuking SK against Juche?
It's true that Japan will be fucked, though.

Only radiation can free Japan from its Neocon bullshit

Hopefully China returns to Maoism by then, otherwise we'll have to deal with Chinese imperialism on top of American imperialism.

Dumb state Capitalist.