Space & Socialism

Neoliberalism seems to have infected every corner of this world and beyond. Perhaps the highest achievements of humanity are being whored out to private enterprise. If you watch NASA's updates you now have to sit through this obama-care "private partnership" bullshit. Now every redditor analyzes every Elon Musk tweet as if it's Crime & Punishment. When someone points out the abuses of his companies they'll declare he isn't perfect and give him a pass so that they can continue their hero worship. Space used to hold so many possibilities for the future of humanity, and even the west had lofty aspirations and integrity regarding it. But now…

General thread for discussion of the final frontier and what it could hold and how much porky is ruining it.

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I personally pledge myself to destroying the Porky colony ships if they try to leave the dying Earth without us, I'd rather we all be wiped out than just the workers. We all with me?

that shine on her hair doesn't make sense if you consider the light sources

No company will ever manage to establish a permanent space transport system, especially not a start up. What will happen is that the government will pour virtually unlimited funds in some faux company held by some lobbying group to do it

I am honestly divided on this: would I prefer for humanity to go extinct or that only the worst we have to offer will survive?

I honestly wish something can be done against them. Are there even missiles capable of travelling upwards that much?

Not that guy, but I vote extinction, without a second thought. If we create planet-wide apocalypse despite being materially capable of getting started on a communist utopia, we don't deserve to exist. The very people who destroyed their home planet and condemned billions to suffering get to have a safety boat and future mankind will descend from their psychopathy-prone genes? Fuck no. It's both a matter of fairness and duty: we can't let the culprits literally get away, and most importantly, we can't in good conscience allow capital to leave the dried husk of its mother and first host only so it cn spread its contagion throughout the stars. Capitalism is inherently anti-human, so if it would end humankind, I see no greater cause than making sure it is entombed in this dead planet with us, its cursed victims turned headsmen.

laws of consent don't exist in space

Our planet is absolutely fucked and if we don't make sustainable, habitable, large space habitats fast

We'll live through what a majority of Biologists are now calling the ongoing Sixth Extinction. Note the last mass extinction of this scale was the Fifth Extinction, it wiped out the fucking Dinosaurs.

At the same time, I know only the affluent will be allowed if it were ever the case. Our priorities are straight fucked and the porkies will watch the world burn for an influx of cash. If they leave, let's say 2070; we will be left in a boiling Earth struggling to live in elder age.

As dumb as this fucking movie was, if space habitats are a way to escape, it would probably look something like Elysium.

GG humanity. Didn't get to socialism fast enough.

We have to genocide about 1 billion people to sustain our population without causing extinction. Fortunately, killing 1 bil is easy if a revolution + economic collapse + mass starvation happens. It'll all go back to normal once we've been decimated

This is fucking bullshit. We could theoretically easily feed 100 billion people with proper production/distribution. Killing off a billion people isn't going to change the capitalist structure that forces large portions of people into poverty.

Would the ISS have come to fruition if the Soviet Union had stayed together?

Honestly one of the things that scares me the most is the future ending up like The Expanse: and every time SpaceX or Boeing get closer to the Moon is a step closer to that dark dystopia…

Was going to ask someone if they remembered this article but then I assembled the keywords "neoliberalism space jetpack" and found it in seconds.
Good thing, tangential. (More about the failure of neoliberalism than a socialist vision.)

And the worse part is that nearly everyone in mainstream politics, because we live in a baren neoliberal wasteland, cheer them on as heroes.

God damn this thread has me depressed
I'm gonna join you on that shit, porky will die with the rest of us.

Tread lightly in actualizing philosophical/ideological motives in space, if you are unwilling to implement adaptions.

Is this better?

A well placed rpg missile strike should do the job

If a habital planet is ever found and is in reach and Porky sends out a ship to create a East India Company 2.0 there. A socialist militia/militias should hijack the ship and turn said planet into Socialism in one Planet.

It’s easer to fix earth then put everyone in a space station.

is that a good magazine? I've never heard of it before.

Dunno, I just remember the article.

Unequivocally the former. Sometimes I think it would be better for us to go extinct than for us to survive in general.

One of the rare times that Neil deGrasse Tyson had something worthwhile to say, he was pointing out that people talking about terraforming Mars and moving there are being stupid because if we could terraform Mars we could just terraform Earth.

Daily reminder that the 2008 bailout was more money given to the criminal bankers on Wall St. than has been cumulatively spent on NASA in its 50+ year history.

Stop thinking Capitalism is a result of bad people. It's a careless, mechanistic system that exists because of material conditions and forces everyone into serving it. It would not be recreated just because the bourgeoisie survived, and the bourgeoisie are no more guilty for continuing Capitalism than every single worker is who diligently goes to his job everyday so he can buy that new car and stereo-system. Just because they're more important cogs who get nicer shit doesn't change the fact that they are cogs.

I've started to hate the concept of space exploration just because it's such a fucking cesspool of pure ideology.
It's the equivalent of the Rapture to these tech cultists.

all of that's true and it still doesn't justify letting the bourgs live if they decide to leave without us.
class based mutually assured destruction is necessary. furthermore, while capitalism is not the result of bad people, it does create bad people, which justifies what must be done if they cannot be saved from themselves.

I must agree with you to some degree.
While the asteroid belt would provide near unlimited access to many raw materials, I've had to explain the concept of and the part which scarcity plays in capitalism to some good-willing techno-optimists. I've had to underline that some economists/"big market players" actually oppose such plans, as such operations would thwart any potential profit by removing scarcity.
Even if we'd start harvesting other bodies, I've had to remind them that the producers could and would simply limit production and expansion to keep up prices, giving current business cartels such as OPEC as an example.

It's been quite an useful way of pushing them slightly leftward, as they tend to ultimately agree that the markets as the are and capitalism in general actually slow down technological progress and limit potential expansion of productive capacity to shelter their one and only prime directive: profits.

Happy days for you then, as in my case such arguments are met with utterly retarded "counter-arguments" such as the third point I listed, as people seem unwilling to believe capitalist interests control the governments. Or they come up with vague notions that such technology 'could not be kept under control' for some arbitrary reason, even though monopolies and cartels already exist without any issue and this one would be even easier to enforce concerning the specialized tech and massive scale required to harvest space resources. If worst comes to worst, they default to "n-no you're wrong" so as to avoid giving up their techno-messianic worldview.

You're right, I have gotten off easy.
I've never had the (mis)fortune of discussing with a fanatic of that caliber.

just tell them about the superficially created scarcity that already exists. that retard talk about "unsupressable technology" is utterly braindead wagecuckery.


You could probably write a good book about cockblocking porkies from going to space when the earth is nearly extinct.

public space orgs >>> private

I hate how I can't even use Reddit to stay up to date on the games I like without avoiding Elon Musk's messianic space cult.


This guy literally believes that war with Iran would be harmless and that it is a nation of primitive tribesmen who probably deserve it for being dumb and religious. Also, Daddy Elon will soon take us all to space so we can do cool things, because private enterprises can be trusted to do what is good for humanity.
Man, I'd love to be that stupid and ignorant. At least I'd enjoy myself before it all comes tumbling down.

holy fuck i hate redditors

But putting people in a space station is better for gdp my dude.

Uh-huh, but who profits?

Did you enjoy getting destroyed retard? OPEC hasn't been relevant for ages, especially since American shale showed up. Under a nationalist regime, the strategic importance of asteroid mining will be more important than the whining of some corporations, ESPECIALLY since big aerospace will be all for space mining.

You need to know what the fuck you're talking about before calling others retards.

I prefer it with the shine. Just assume a third sun.