Communist Parties/Organisation

Where do you come from?
Are you active in a party or an Organisation there?

Let's discuss parties strategies and all other kind of stuff Holla Forums!

I, for one, live in Germany and i'am active in the SDAJ (German Socialist Workes Youth) wich works closely together with the DKP (German Communist Party), that is a reunion of the illegal KPD (Communist party Germany)

What about you, Comrade!?

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there is a communist party where i live, but i don't participate on it, because they don't even go on elections, two because they are democratic centralists, and three because being in any kind of leftist organization here is surefire way of getting murdered by right wing extremist, i'm not even kidding about that last one

Where do you live?

There is no legitimate communist party in the USA.

Pretty sure the communist party here is one half LARP and one half secret service, so no.

What's wrong with the CPUSA?
and PSL?

undisclosed latin american right wing shithole

shit :/

Polish Communist Party is a joke. They barely have any members, no youth organizations, and are barely legal. Preaching communism in Poland is illegal, but there are some organizations, like Polish Marxists Association, which I intend to join sometime.

CPUSA is run by feds, it's a total joke.
PSL usually takes the right stance, but they have no theory, no comprehensive outline of their ideas and goals, and they have very poor security procedures. They routinely slip into opportunism due to their lack of theory, and they will be easy for the FBI to dismantle and COINTELPRO because of their poor security.
D.S.A is also run by feds.

Yeah, the far-right is rising in poland, I heard. Wish you the best,comrade!

For real!? How do you know they are run by feds

On a political level, I support mostly social-democratic, patriotic parties here in Brazil, because the communist left is a joke.

In terms of organizations, there are a few student organizations who have ties with more radical ideas or parties, and I joined one of them once and spent a few weeks attending meetings before I stopped giving a shit.

Why are they a joke?

I heard Jimmy Dore might try to make a leftist party. Maybe keep a lookout for that?

Honestly, the vast majority of leftist groups in the UK are behind Corbyn: Members of the CPB are in his team (The famous Seamus), he has done work with the SWP (trots) and various other leftist orgs. Heck, several anti-labour leftist movements; notably George Galloway's RESPECT Party and the TUSC founded by the late Bob Crow, have folded and learned their full support to him. Corbyn has united Eurocomms, Trots, DemSocs, SocDems, even a few Leninist groups.

So yeah, the only parties and orgs that oppose him are this one trot group, the Socialist Party (aka the anti-Leninist impossibilists from 1903), the AnSynds and ofc the tanks.

As for orgs in general, Socialist Appeal is the marxist wing of labour and they are pretty decent: they put out some good agit pop. As for as pressure groups go People's Assembly are slightly idpolly but in general pretty good. British trade unions are also still pretty red: the RMT famously disaffiliated from Blair's labour and formed the aforementioned TUSC.

There is one side note I should add that there is a load of leftist scottish parties that are separatist and thus do their own thing: one of them, the SSP, used to be pretty strong but has faded in recent years.

PSL though is right it does seem like they have no theory

He isn't even a communist.

We have the Communist Party of Quebec, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec, the Communist Party of Canada, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, the Communist League and the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada.

Hi FBI how you doin

We know for a fact and have documentation that the FBI infiltrated CPUSA during the second Red Scare. The Party is no longer notable or powerful enough for the FBI to want to control it, but given that they endorsed Hillary fucking Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Primary, it's safe to say the damage is done even if the Feds have left.

As for D.S.A, there's no evidence of the feds running it, just educated speculation. Of course there's the obvious fact that they let a literal cop into a leadership position. Sure, they made him resign later, but they knew what he was. Besides that, they've had an influx of new members over the past year, so just going by stare decisis, it shouldn't surprise one person if we find out the feds have been keeping a close eye on D.S.A.

Even if he did start a new party, it'd be socdem at best. Dore's getting more radical, but he's far from a communist.

What are the differences of the Communist Party of Canada and the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada? Are you member of a party?


Fuck no, the so-called communists are an embarrassment.


Haven't seen the exact broadcast, but in the last regional election they had some dumb teen represent the party by talking about racism and dumb bullshit from what I heard from my younger brother.


Ah yes, our resident Greenland communist.

Because I'm tablet posting here's a fixed link

whats wrong with them


I would if the Communist Party of Romania wasn't a clique of 80 year olders Ceaușescu apologists.

No thanks.

No. But I do know the MLPC considers the CPC to be revisionist. The MLPC is Marxist-Leninist-Castroist while the CPC is nominally a Marxist-Leninist party, but opposes Stalinism, unlike the MLPC.

running it – no. but because Democratic Cops of America has so many new people, the alphabets (and possibly right-wing veritas-style groups) have begun false-flagging as them to monitor leftist groups with more radical politics.

i think they reckon the Democratic Cops of America is an entry point (moderates with an interest / dabbling in radical politics), counting on other groups to let their guard down. they're not hard to spot. IMO info-sharing is the best way to root them out.

Do you think the CPC is revisionist?

Somewhat active in the PCP. You can see some of it's banner on the rectangle to the left of Spain, but it's sideways.

Is it good?! How often do you meet? What are the most discussed problems in the party?

Belgian. Active member of the PTB/PVDA (the one on the map).
Should join their young movement COMAC. (active communists)

Favorite Jose Saramago book?

What critisisms do you have of your party?
What are the most discussed political questions?

Yeah I figure you guys know a lot about the PSL and whatnot, there's some decent ML parties. I would say there's enough anarchists here too to get something good going as well if they actually organized.

HOWEVER I happen to like a lot of libertarian Marxist philosophies (luxumburgism, de leonism, council comm, etc.) and since the tank groups are die hard takes and even if the anarchists organized they are die hard anarchists I'm pretty much without an organization. At least I'm gonna start a student thing with this tank in my college that's non-sectarian.

Too centralized and they use 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧proprietary🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 software and networks like facebook or whatsapp. Really rustle my jimmies, we cannot spread communism and leftist idea inside facebook.

We speak a lot about french economist Bernard Friot, a contemporary marxist economist who is ulta cool. Must read for everyone

How can people live in such cognitive dissonance?

The PCF (France) is moribund. They are rumors they might change their name soon. Yes, there are some different internal tendencies, and the base hasn't completely lost its conscience, some are fighthing to change it from the inside, but the future seems very uncertain.
There's also been a pretty sudden appearance of idpol in the mainstream, by which we were kind of spared so far. Things like "no whites" events, some big Twitter hashtag about rape, etc. It has taken very well in the mainstream media, and the biggest newspaper covers it a lot. Mediapart, a decent-sized online left media, despite pretty good content, has also given into that kind of stuff more and more. There's a strange consensus around it.
The PS, which is now literally dead, has been purging the more left people, and will probably end up something like Lib-Dems/FDP, which we didn't have in France so far.
There is a little organization on the part of the PRCF (Pole/Center for Communist Renaissance in France) and some individuals :
Loïc Chaigneau, young philosopher, gives online classes & discussions
Aymeric Monville, small book publisher
Their main direction is to reactivate and re-legitimize marxist discourse, and going back to Marxist-Leninist fundamentals. They tend to be "critically supportive" of Mélenchon, and aren't being too hard on FI.
I'm not active so anybody more involved might correct/specify that.

Read Lenin.

Most of the leftist in my country was purged in 70-80, we still find some mass graves.
just nuke this shithol.
The only good people are ML party.
Also >Third world country can be imperialist.

Ah, you're Columbian.

I live on a tax haven.
We literally have nothing, even our centre-left socdem party fails to get any ground.



thank you!

What do you think they are going to?
Are there ML in the party?
If yes how big?

Tbh is work is very motivating if you want socialism in your lifetime

people before profit here in Ireland, its going quite well atm and we're growing hugely

great theory as well most of the time, just a shame that all our sister organisations in the IST seem to all be absolutley shambolic

The KPD isn't illegal anymore. They founded it 1990 in the GDR, it's protected by the unification treaties.

I'm glad that Patrick Köbele was pushing towards Marxism Leninism and suggests reading Stalin but why are they still rejecting cooperation with the KPD?

They are the KPD-Ost (east) it isn't really the new KPD the DKP is though. It is a reunion of the illegal KPD Members and it still stands in tradition of the KPD. The legalizazion of the KPD is still one of our main demands. The KPD-Ost isn't really a "good" communist party. They are very small (not more than 24 members) and only focus on the GDR (We do too because we have a great past with the DDR and continue learning from it and defending it) the thing is,that the KPD-OSt are a bunch of Old grumpy guys missing the DDR.
They are irrelevant.

Could you give me a source for


ill get shit for this but D.S.A. is literally the best fit for you

Hello comrade, I too am a member of People Before Profit.

It's a recent development from this year. This article is on one of the results, a bunch of reformist scum in Munich leaving the DKP:
"Einige kritisierten außerdem den marxistisch-leninistischen Kurs der DKP-Führung als tendenziell sektiererisch oder hatten sogar stalinistische Tendenzen ausgemacht."
I'll go dig up more, just have to search for the articles but it's a thing.

They are the KPD, not KPD-Ost. The "Ost" tag is merely inofficial differentiation because there were a bunch of KPD-parties (KPD-ML, KPD (B) and so on).
Where is your membership number coming from? They already took in the KPD(B) and are working with the KI. Both of which had a bunch more than you proclaim they now got in total.
Also the bases of your criticism is about as communist in nature and legitimate as attacking the DKP for having a bunch of old farts that were fighting for a pond near Frankfurt so they could continue feeding them bread crumbs.

"Seit dem 20. Parteitag der DKP sind aus unserer Sicht mehrere Prozesse zu beobachten die wieder stärker auf Konsolidierung und Rückbesinnung auf ein kommunistisches Profil setzen. Dazu gehört der Personalwechsel in der Parteiführung, die Bemühungen Grundlagenbildung in der gesamten Partei anzuleiten, klarere und häufigere Orientierungen zum Eingreifen in aktuelle Auseinandersetzungen, eine stärkere Klassenorientierung und auch ein eigenständigeres Herangehen an Bündnisse. Darüber hinaus hat der 21. Parteitag der DKP ein klareres Bekenntnis zum Marxismus-Leninismus als Methode und Weltanschauung geliefert. Auf dieser Grundlage ist nun eine notwendige Debatte um die Zukunft der Partei begonnen worden, die wir führen müssen."

How about we name a traditional communist party in europe that isn't a joke and actually has working class support.

I'll be waiting


There's also Lutte Ouvrière (trotskyist) and the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (crypto-trotskyist) but the NPA is full of idpol.


Still more than the PRCF.
But seriously, there's no big revolutionnary party in France, the PCF at this point is reformist.

Just read his wikipedia page. What books would you recommend reading/are any available in english?

Eh , I dont really like them, but sure, working together as communist parties is never bad.

Are you active in a party?

No, i'm socially retarded. I'm better off just donating and staying out of shit before i fuck up and ruin things for others i want to support.

I don't think any of his book got translated.
French communist are anglophobics.
Everything he makes is available free of charge on his website though.

Where do you live?

Ah true, I've always found it very difficult to find translation of French theory so that makes sense. I hope to learn French one day though so maybe I'll get around to it.

the answer is probably obvious but i don't know where you're going with that line of questions

In D.S.A with Refoundation. Not happy with it. I've come to hate party politics but maybe D.S.A is just particularly awful

I don't think you would fuck something up, just visit the party and see what you can do


Canada no I can't find anything locally tbf though I haven't looked hard either MS is a bitch on motivation, if any comrade can offer a group idea in Ottawa it would be appreciated.

What do you think about the communist parties in Canada

Democratic Cops is by-and-for redlibs from what I can tell.

They're basically hardline Stalinist party with really hardcore marxist-leninist members with average age over 85.

i'd say my experience with D S A has been pretty positive. it's a mix of red (bernie) liberals, anarchists, with some M-Ls and such. the local meetings here start with a short reading from marx. it has introduced me to a lot of marxist writing, which is cool.

i think there are real marxists hiding their power levels (once i've gotten to know them) and a mix of liberals playing at being red. i'm not sure which category i fit in.

have never done anything political before and it's a way to try it. making buttons, put on film screenings, raise funds for upcoming events, etc. meet people and drink beer. go to "night school" to learn about unorthodox economic theories. an old trot from the imploded former local ISO began showing and up telling his war stories about all the infighting they had.

and this is in a small town in the south.

i do have friends in an actual M-L org (in a real city) and honestly the differences between people in these groups are pretty superficial.

i can see some of the problems though with D S A becoming an extension of the bernie campaign in 2019-2020 and then inevitably melting down and collapsing after he loses, or wins. so in a way, D S A is giving me an appreciation for demcent.

What country are you from?



The Democratic Cops of America doesn't even claim to be a political party, so how it has soured you on party politics is a mystery. Nevertheless, there are plenty of "parties" that are just as bad as Democratic Cops of America.

Read these to learn how a real communist party works:

I don't really know much about them at all. I've never seen anything locally, I never went to uni though so maybe that's why.

It also depends chapter to chapter for the Democratic Cops of America imo. My chapter changes break lights and shit to help people not get arrested, that's pretty helpful and it saves people from getting arrested or harrassed by police. Doesn't sound like and FBI ponzi scheme to me but there is one sketchy dude in the leadership who always leaves protests early and quite a bit of idpol The Democratic Cops of America is so decentralized from the main organization the quality of said chapters vary immensely

yeah. and i don't want to piss on anyone's tank parade but i think a lot of people have radicalized online so you'll get people with maybe-ironic-maybe-not declarations of juche-hoxhaism but it's kinda thin, and they don't know the first thing about actually organizing anything.

like, here's a room with 40 people in it: you're in charge. OMG WTF DO I DO!? also you're in oklahoma. so what do you do?

although there are juche-hoxhaists out there who know way more about organizing than me.


Guatemalan or Peruvian were my gusses

The US is brutal lol

What are your thoughts on Die Linke?

Even I can tell that isn't the US. The US isn't a tax haven, if it was then all the porkies would store their money here (which most don't)

Why do European and Asian porkies open factories here

Tthe image shows the KPÖ as the austrian communist party, but they are revisionists. The real party is called Party of Labour.

its a small world, good to see I have a Holla Forums comrade living here in Ottawa like myself. I know uOttawa has a communist club but I havent gone to any of their events, too shy and also weighed down by studies and extracurriculars.

thanks for the undeserved confidence in me but i have to reject

i think MLs should be able to work with them to some extend but people must be delusional to be call themself communists and be member of the platform.
nothing much to say but that they're just the regular old reformists who think that the EU can be improved and really just suggest social programs from past decades.

I might check that out in the spring once it gets warmer and my new chair comes in, thanks user.

another german here.

not active in any party or organisation, mainly because i'm an assburger. what's more, there are a number of small and bigger leftist parties in germany. i want to support linke, dkp, mlpd, kpd and pirates, but in elections i can opt for only for two.

also congrats to op, you guys seem to be proper communists. very glad you carry on the torch.
wünsche euch alles gute für die zukunft, liebe genossen.

Neither do socdems.

Yeah pic is old, let me edit that shiat

Occasionaly they drop some marxist phrases to hold the last Marxists-Leninist on their side. But after each election they drift more away from Marxism

Danke Genosse!

I'am really happy in my Org, we have good contacts with the DKP (they gave us the basement under their office) we meet once a week and every last friday of the month. Occassionally we have an extra meeting where we read marxist literature.




Ok , just so you realise this the populations of , Greece , Serbia/Montenegro , Macedonia , Croatia , Bulgaria , Bosnian Serbs , Romania , Ukraine & Hungary are all FIRM NATIONALIST STRONGHOLDS , with Albania/Kosovo , Muslim Bosnians & Turks having this nationalist-islamist secularist-allahu akbar explosive thing going on . GET YOUR COMMIE SPEECH OF MY BALKANS , LOL you haven't seen trigly puff have you ?

Bit late but

I like it a lot. It's been getting more and more socdem in praxis as of late, but for the present historical context it still guides itself by principles which I can stand behind. Hasn't rejected Marxism-Leninism, hasn't rejected the Soviet Union's legacy and it's influence in party history and hasn't denounced the DPRK. All the good stuff.

Party collectives are organized by place of labour/study, so frequency of meetings depends on the size of the collective. I usually work in Lisbon, but live in an outskirt town. I'm still signed in as "unemployed", which means I get to meet pretty regularly with my town's other youth comrades and do stuff around here. I'd get organized in Lisbon, but my position is quite precarious, beside the fact that there's virtually no leftist action in my place of work.

Most meetings are around recruitment, fundraising and protest organizing. Unless you have any specific questions, there's not much ideology discussion in meetings since you're expected to already have a grasp of what we're about (Marxism-Leninism with portuguese characteristics) from all the ideological material that's available.
This turns off a lot of the people that think nothing will be expected of them and that they're just gonna join a little leftist book club.

The Elephant's Journey

I wasn't referring to the US.

Did you not know about bi Greenland comrade?

Decent quality shitpost lad, 6/10.

Are these provincial parties or does the CPC and CPC-ML maintain organizationally separate parties in Quebec?

I wish I did, we can get together and gripe about how US liberals fucking up the sealing industry for feels

Nope, not at all

Both are provincial parties, but the MLPQ is linked to the MLPC despite its advocacy for Quebec independance.

Get fucked, Holla Forumsyp.

they said parties that are NOT jokes
PCE are just a bunch of revisionists that try to climb the ladder into the soclib coalition they are stuck into; their youth are just edgy drug/alcohol addicts that brag about being le commies who waste their revolutionary potential making some graffities and selling alcohol to underages in local fairs, and then join the party at 30 where they pretend they're anything but folklore about being against Franco during the dictatorship

The party is mostly made up of grumpy old men, retards and conspiracy theorists

Yes. I'm active in one my city's auto-marxist organisations but I'm getting kind of sick of it and will probably join the left party(socdem but there's potential for steering it to the left, my city's chapter has quite a lot of communists in its ranks, too) soon

Most ML parties are built by illusionarists glorifying realsocialism. Their speeches and program are generic without a gaze of visionary power. I attended some events of the PdA. Bruckner is rather a fucking career politician than an communistic activist.

I'm a member of DIE LINKE and DiEM25. The latter seems like an opportunity for real communism as basic democratic humanism. Never forget that although parties aren't perfect it is one of many paths to iniate a change of quality. And it is the most established one. Through this fact, it is the most vulnerable one to oppurtunism and traditionalism. DIE LINKE is coined by bureaucracy, by reformism and more importantly, by labour fetishism. The exaltation of the working class is a fundamental problem of the current social left. Communism is about abolishing labour.

The historical-material condition of our time demands for a transcultural progress. Every nationalist and socialist avances are historically shown to be subverted. The exclusionary paradigm, the mode of having and the will of power corrupt good intentions. Politics of nations or classes are out of date. This is where we can learn from the request for idpol. Be aware of the dialectic of enlightment. Be aware that consciousness forms being. Let's do politics for us humans as creative and cooperative beings.

We need a party with the aim to overcome politics of party. To free the people means to empower the people themselves. The principles of egality, subsidiarity, transparency and sustainable have to be fundamental. On paper, DiEM25 is exactly the party confronting the conditio humana. What they lack is a proper answer for the psychological conditionality. In fact, no party has. As a psychologist I hope I can fill this gap.

yes, because you are all sub-80iq gypsy retards. fuck outta here

Hungary. Our current "communist" party (the one in the picture) is made up of old fucks with a lot of nostalgia for international loans.
no because I wanna stay in university.

How's the perception of them in wallonia right now? I read they're polling well atm but Id like to know what the actual people think. here in flanders we're forever cucked by lord de wever and prince theo

Kosovo is not even a country you fucking cuck, fix it now

Hello Serb how are you

I'm not a Serb and having Kosovo while not having Northern Cyprus, Transnistria and the others is just hypocritical and shows obvious pro-NATO bias.

Especially considering that the two biggest parties in Transnistria are actually communist and it's run by one.

Northern Cyprus is a Turkish puppet which only Turkey recognizes as a country so them being included would make no sense, and Transnistria I will agree not being included is kinda shit (even if they're a stupidly thin country)

Kosovo is a NATO puppet which only imperialist nations and their puppets recognize as a country.

Also Denmark.
We are way too comfortable here for there to be any sort of revolutionary potential.
And yeah, most commies seem to be either old ☭TANKIE☭s or stupid kids.
Although Enhedslisten has a couple of decent folks, but they are more oldschool socdem by now.


If I were you I’d join a Communist Separatist part of Quebec. The rest of Canada is supper neoliberal, and probably for at least a few decades is beyond saving.

Do you run a YouTube channel called “The Alabama Soviet."

Why do American Porkies open factories in Mexico?

Me too.
Trying to set up a branch in Athlone if anyone is close by.

That's cool. Are places like Germany lost causes due to the East Bloc memories, or is there still some hope.

lol no

They're kinda old, though.

The SLP is still a thing.

why even pretend? what is this?

another LINKE member reporting in

party seems to be at a crossroads now, will be interesting to see where we are headed in the future

social-fascismo detetado

Pretty much this:
They don't want people to discuss or understand theory, because the militants would then understand that your organization is only focused on parliamentarianism, the bourgeois kind of politics.
Of course you have to educate new members, that's fundamental when dealing with revolutionary ideas, they won't hear about it anywhere else, since the media doesn't talk about marxist theory. How do you expect them to have a revolutionary consciousness without education?

PCP became part of the democratic parliamentarian capitalist institutions, and has no intentions in changing the social reality, its more of a passive subject which promotes welfare reforms.

True, PCP members know jack shit about theory™, but they are still highly pedantic when discussing any issue, because they read 10 pages of the communist manifesto, or Marxism for dummies.

Cut the organizing part of the youth, because there isn't any of it, unless you will get new militants out of it. The reason for their obsession with recruiting, it's because the party structure was built for the old 1980's PCP, which had 200.000 militants, not for the new one, with way under 100.000. That's why your action is mostly focused on replicating Jehovah's witness logic of reproduction, your party depends on it, but NOT THE REVOLUTION since you are focusing on numbers over quality. I personally prefer 1 good comrade to 1000 drunkards.

PS: They didn't officially renounce ML ideas but the "advanced democracy" meme should be quite obvious, they are socdems in denial ;D
PSS: I've met a shit ton of pig like militants, a 25 year old pedo scum who fucked a loli 15 year old comrade he was from Porto and he is in Lisbon now ;-D, you may have met him, i can DOX him if you want
Also one girl who was involved with stealing money from their student association, and another guy who stole money from the party youth organization obviously they didn't tell the truth and lied to the new members, they said that he was caught with hash and that's why he had to leave the organization
The guy responsible for the youth on my city, 2-3 years ago, idk where he is now, maybe Alentejo sexually harassed most people there. If i knew it back then, i would've punched him.
Plus alcohol consumption is rampant, its the norm in most events, but they are supposedly against drugs… lê o PRP, o símbolo máximo da hipocrisia e cegueira.
After saying all of this i have to admit it, at the end, they are still better than the other "left" parties in Portugal.

Hm, maybe we can trick the radlibs with this one. /s

Seriously, in what way is this party legit or good?

3: Most Communist parties in Europe are owned and bankrolled by a few American Jews.
4: Communism is degenerate.
5: Become a Capitalist today, and stop getting dicked by Ali Baba and the 42 rapists.


But Capitalism is the reason there's mass immigration into Europe…

In the the sense that PCUSA is your classic M-L party everyone wants, but seem to believe America doesn't have.

It seems like PCUSA is related to the KKE somehow? The KKE is pretty respectable but has been taking a leftcom turn lately, condemning Cuban attempts to trade with Europe, and supporting regime change in Iran.

But user, you'll have to bend over to the rules of markets to become a capitalist, and one thing leading to another, you'll end up being the one bringing Ali Baba and the 42 rapists to your country…

classic ML is obsolete, upholding the soviet line is pointless with no soviets

anyway PSL already does this

no it's not, it is the basis for all communist revolution.

even if Cuba and the DPRK didn't still exist, ML is a guide to action, it is applicable in even the most hopeless of scenarios.

nah it sucks, the fewer retards we have saying china is socialist the better

America and Russia aren’t that different after all.

also any party that positions itself as either "anti-trotskyist" or "anti-stalinist" is fucking stupid

Could you explain this? I'm somewhat a newbie to leftist politics (or politics in general) and genuinely curious.

cheaper labour means the owners keep more of their profits

The reason there’s mass immigration in Europe is because immigrants will work at lower wages than native workers.

Okay, so if I understand well the point is that if you're thinking in function of cheaper labour forces you are bound to purposefully stimulate immigration. But if you'd let everybody work at the same wage I don't see how that would stop immigrants from coming?

Second poster you replied to, I live in an Urban Working Class area of Dublin where the party is already very active.
Athlone contains many older Labour voters, and the Longford-Westmeath constituency does not have many left-wing voters.
You may swing local Athlone voters, though this constituency seems like a dead end.

PSL is a joke, they would rather focus on muh "Islamophobic discrimination" and saying fuck you to whitey rather than seizing the means of production.

The IWW is my party

They need to be Hoxhaified

Expected an armchair/Trot.

Did not expect that. Get fucked, SocDem.

German here, obviously. KPD and DKP since recently are both pretty good. MLPD is rich as fuck, and comperably big, but have retarded stances (reject GDR, Cuba and DPRK, bureaucracy = capitalism, muh Rōjava) and are basically a sect at this point.

Can any fellow leafs point me to a non NDP supporting party that isnt CPC or CPC-ML? I'm getting pretty desperate.

We're very popular among actual workers. The chief of the party where I live for example is a butcher. I din't think we will be the first party though because the petitbourgeois pseudo leftist elite don't want to ally with us, they prefer voting for the greens.

We're basically FN but in wallonia and leftist. Noone want to ally with because it would mean ally with poor people with no college degree.

What parties are those?

Good you don’t need them.


Serbia also has Socialist party of Serbia


And what the hell do you expect, there is no shinning new communist movement coming to save our asses you need to make do with what we have. History continues, and class struggle continues, whether there are communists or not.

if you're smart, you'd join whatever leftist org is most prominent in your region. This means either Democrat Cops of America, SALT, PSL or IWW.

You dumb fuck, Croatia is the only European country and only world country where literal Communist party is both ruling and in opposition.

HDZ and SDP are both former Communist party spinoffs which separated on left and right fraction so they simultaneously rule when other "fucks up" aka elections based on promises to fix shit other party cooked up on basis of redneck patriotic votes and progressive urbanite vote.

As if they even know what fascism other than some bad guy boogeymen in old Yugoslav partisan movies. Ffs, there is a movement which tries to pass Ustaše off as Democratic.

Reminder that communism doesn't work and that by advocating it you are advocating genocide.(Genocide my dick bitch)

The establishment parties will end the cordon sanitaire of VB to keep the left out next election watch.

t. Hitler sympathizer

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our media keeps saying you all are fascists who want hitler back

You're the dumb fuck here.

Just because career politicians from the old Yugoslav socialist party formed HDZ, SDP, HNS, doesn't mean that those parties are communist. Career politicians didn't have much of a choice in Yugoslavia regarding which party to join.

So which is it, you fucking nazi?

Yes, there are people who want fascism back. There are people who still argue who's dad/grandad was partisan and which one was ustaša. They also use 'Serb' as an insult.

But luckily my social group is made up of normal people (read: university graduates, leftists) who certainly don't want Hitler back.


I live in greece, where the KKE (non-revisionist M-L) gets 7% in the general elections and there are many other non-parliamentary organizations as well as anarchist ones with a shit ton of people behind them.

I also live in serbia a few months per year, people there are largely depressed apolitical lumpenproles with no real opinions on politics.

Out of all these countries, the only ones who are nationalist right-wingers at a national majority level are Ukraine and Hungary. also

chances are you can't find even 3 of those countries on the global map

As I wrote above, there is the M-L party (KKE, Communist Party of Greece in your pic) that has the most members and general support, but also various leftcom/trot groups (like 30 of them since they split every 5 years). There are also many anarchist cells and squats, mostly in athens.

I myself participate in a studying association that mainly studies the works of victor vaziulin in order to develop revolutionary theory further (and organizes lectures on marxism and it's history), but I do support the KKE in organized strikes/assemblies and in the parliamentary and intra-university student body elections.

one good thing about croatia is that at least on a "mainstream" scale, you recognize the ustase as nazis.

in serbia, there's an orchestrated attempt at whitewashing chetniks as "patriots" instead of fascist nazi collaborators. recently they rehabilitated draza, which i find pretty repulsive

full social democracy boii

are you a member of a party?

holy shit seriously? Do they actually do that irl? This sounds fucking hilarious

damn I wish there would be at least a Die Linke level succdem party where I live.

ye they do. trots here are ridiculous, half of them turned full blown government assisting commie-hunters like orwell


and kosovo is a nato puppet because serbia won't suck nato cock like the rest of the ex-yu

you don't know what you're talking about

the immigrants come because you fund wars and general instability in their region. once they come, they serve as cheap labour because they'll rather accept low wages and live in your country than go back to a war torn hellhole. you also make sure to marginalize them by promoting "multi-culturalism", making sure they keep the deeply reactionary ideology you fostered in their homeland even when they move in your country, so they don't integrate, associate or organize with the local proles while giving the local proles the sense that they're barbarians. when the inevitable economic crisis occurs, the safeguard of capitalism kicks in (fascism), making a scapegoat out of the refugees due to their reactionary beliefs and perceived barbarism. after local prosecutions give some capital to the local government and capital owners while also giving the local proles a sense of the problem being "solved", you justify the xenophobia to enact a new imperialist war in order to inject more capital into your economy by letting your nationscompanies exploit the resources of said countries and by installing puppet governments, ensuring any workers movement there is kept in check and that free resources and cheap labour from said countries remains available.



Have any fellow canuks had any experience with the canada branch of Socialist Alternitive? I've been considering joining as of late.

Run for parliament every 4 years since 1923 (except 1941-45).

Every time I tell someone about my party they ask me either "They still exist?" or "Whats that?"

Has anyone else worked with the SEP/Socialist Equality Party/ICFI? There's a chapter at my college, I worked with the dude who runs it and some people in the area. Sometimes they're on point, I usually like their website,, but they take the anti-idpol thing to far I think. Instead of just calling out the bad parts of the #metoo campaign, they write it off completely, which I'm not so sure about. Pic related. Anyway, they're pretty creepy sometimes, their website has this egghead tone, and the guy at my school is fucking creepy, I stopped working with months ago but he keeps texting and calling me telling me to read stuff on the website. He was also pretty bad at connecting to the students on campus, he seemed to just come across as the creepy socialist dude, I think he's autistic. Anyone else work with them also? And ask me any questions you have.

Way too stalinist, what about Rødt?

What's wrong with Stalinism?

Rødt is social-democratic but pretends to be communist, Rødt party leader Bjørnar Moxnes never discusses actual revolution, which is probably why the media lets him through.
Whatever you say.

#metoo is gonna make more women think that every single male is a rapist. Shit I might be a rapist, I asked a girl out once.

Yeah I know it's basically just a libtard meme. However, as socialists we should understand that power structures like the boss and worker allow for that shit to happen in a way that's way worse than when it's just two people.

What outlets publish regular news articles from a socialist standpoint besides WSWS? Lately I discovered them and have been checking the site regularly, but the extreme idpol rejection (never thought I'd say that lol), cultish party line from every reporter, and ending every foreign policy article with "the imperialist powers are gearing up for war, a war that may be fought with nuclear weapons" is starting to rub me the wrong way.

My thoughts exactly. There's stuff like counterpunch, left voice, socialist alternative has a newspaper type thing I guess. Idk how they are, I'm just so used to the wsws that I keep reading them and haven't looked at anything else even though they're fucking creepy sometimes.

What about the trots over at the NPA, LO and S&P? and the hoxhaists from the PCOF?

As the other bloke said most of the leftist things are just getting behind Corbyn at the moment in the UK seemingly hoping they can get stuff through. I have seen a load of stickers for the "SolFed" ansyn union around town. Anyone have any experience?

AYYYLMAO. Our local communist party is run by my friend and it's hillarious. He makes it so bad that only the most delusional and insane commies join and go to rallies and shit. He even singlehandedly picked old people for one demonstration where he knew nazis would be itching to a fight. I was like "to get more followers through sympathy from the elderly who got beaten by skins?", and he said "lolno, just to get old commiefarts beat for my amusement". Shieeet, mabe I should join in for the lulz, but I dont't have that much time, have to keep an eye on my wageslaves.

No experience, but from what I have read/heard, they mostly go round doing direct action shit: protesting, preventing eviciations that kind of shit.
user, are you in Manchester?

Doesn't sound too bad then. Maybe if I ever stop being a lazy twat I'll join.
>user, are you in Manchester?
Na, Liverpool

It's also upon you to shape it. IMAO it's embarassing to observe a power struggle. Doesn't to be left means to decline power over others? Sahra and Katja are both not worth to fulfill the role for the mass whichs eek a cult for personality. They are boring AF.

You don't know my motives. To strategically subvert a party you have to enter the biggest not already compromised party with a common thread. The fragmentated left is just another symptom of the postmodern diversion. We have to unite in one party to gain more impact and promote a more diverse and humanistic discourse which shall transform the public one. MLPD is wasting their inherited money. DKP was good till the the end of the 80's. After that they fetishized labour.

Where do you live? If there is none, just found it yourself.

Klaus Ernst is the personification of the hypocritical arrogance of reformism. In the trash it goes.

I mean I have no idea what it is like being a member: they may be full of idpo for all I know. Oh and they are anti-Corbyn too.
Tbf, if they are around enough in both cities that we know them, they are doing something right

SKP is a filthy Tr*tskyite party, KTP is where it's at