Anyone else interact with liberals this holiday season?

Anyone else interact with liberals this holiday season?

Not a family member but


both of these sound like fake stories you made up to feel superior to liberals







Nope they're real.

I wish they were fake.

I don't understand how they could remotely think that though. I even tried to explain how ancaps are the ones who say you cant be a leftist if you own possessions


This is why “Read X” is a meme here. Because it’s obvious this person has never read anything, they are just red liberals, if they are in fact even red

After the argument they told me to go read kapital and Hegel

there is no such thing as a red liberal and you should mercilessly shame any liberal you meet for being a right winger

Face it OP. Whoever it was that said "that's literally an ancap argument" is a better shitposter than you will ever be.

Oh they are


Then everyone in the room clapped and converted to Marxism-Leninism.

They accused me of being a ☭TANKIE☭

Take ☭TANKIE☭ as a compliment, it means you actually understand how politics works and you arent an idealist

Wait, did they accuse you of being an ancap or ☭TANKIE☭?

They said I was either an ancap or that I fell into being a ☭TANKIE☭ because of the class reductionism meme

i mainly get to listen to my dad's rants about how terrible republicans are as he recounts the arguments he has with his right-wing coworkers. however, he doesn't vote or organize politically, and his success rate at convincing his colleagues - one of whom is a GOP organizer - that their politics are bad, over so many years, has about a zero-percent success rate.

go figure.

also a family friend in her 80s comes over for the holidays.

I'm not a racist because i believe white people need to die out and be replaced by superior black colored people. In fact, i'm so anti-racist that i force my black sla– i mean, underpaid workers, to fuck my wife on a daily basis.

her daughter, FYI, who is a middle-aged woman in the same town, is an actual hardcore racist. like "blowing the fuck up on random black people" and going on rants about how we should've killed all the japanese in world war II.

also one thing i've noticed with my liberal-democrat family members (probably similar to liberal-conservative or liberal-nationalists) is this loco persecution complex and feelings of constant humiliation at the hands of their political rivals, even though they all largely accept the basic logic and assumptions of the (liberal, democratic capitalist / bourgeois) political order.

you could just tweak the lighting a little bit and the MAGA trump voter would transmogrify into your average democratic party voter. while the actual people (trump, hillary, etc.) who seem to drive their feelings of humiliation are really, actually, very small and shallow, but appear big and powerful because they've been made to appear that way by armies of P.R. professionals. liberal capitalism will function more or less the same regardless.

If you're from burgerland, its actually pretty believable.

Yes, our country is that retarded.