Russian Communist Politics: big happenings explained in detail

It may seem that October revolution 100 years anniversary may not be just a date: there was a big surprise this year: the nomination of Paul Grudinin as Russian Presidential candidate of the Communist Party and Pan-Left coalition.

Grudinin was primaried by the Left Front - the most prominent non-parliamentary Left wing radical organisation. It was busted past 2011 election protests in Moscow, and its leaders, Sergey Udaltsov in particular, was imprisoned for 5 years. As soon as he served his sentence (late August), he quickly sprung into action. Just now, Grudinin was formally nominated by the Communist Party of Russian Federation - a weak and impotent structure by itself, but with an administrative capacity second only to the government itself.

He is a 50-something old man who lived and worked in Lenin collective farm in Moscow region. As the Soviet Union collapsed, and everything got pillaged by porky, he became the leader of a group aiming to preserve it for what it was: a working agricultural factory farm, rather than being broke down and sold.
It isn't a collective farm, though, but a Closed joint-stock company, but with a twist: as a result, its' worker receives countless benefits: 3-5 times higher salary, free apartments, an entirely different level of social security than the rest of Russia. A sort of hybrid form of enterprise that was established as they went, and a State within a state (that grew around two times in population since it was established).
Grudinin wasn't involved in politics, apart from several professional positions as successful agricultural industrialist, and generally expressing favour to the Soviet Union and dissatisfaction with the current affairs.
Social democracy, with particular appeal to China (which is viewed as what the Soviet Union should have done) and European social democracies. He does not have a definitive political programme yet, as it would be a compromise of parties and organisations that backed him up.
A huge step up for the Left-wing forces in Russia, and Left Front in particular, a powerful bid for power that wasn't seen in decades. Whether win or lose, the Left will assert a stronger position and organisation in Russian politics.

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But Putin will win by a landslide because election are rigged and you know it

yea, soviets should've drastically depreciated the value of their labor power so that they could have a privilege to assemble iphones for americans
genius socdem plan right there

russian bourgs are just butthurt that their hard earned assets can be seized by western governments like in the 90s when russian government defaulted and murikans threatened to seize assets of russian oligarchs
they want to be like cool chinese kids

Doesn't he mean in a diplomatic sense? In that the Chinese and Russian economy should be integrated more, and the Sino-Soviet split undone sooner.

Number of Russians who regret collapse of USSR hits 10-year high
The number of Russians who regret the collapse of the Soviet Union has reached its highest level since 2009, with almost an equal share saying the event could have been avoided. A public opinion poll conducted by the independent Levada Center in late November this year found that 58 percent of Russians now regret the collapse of the USSR. Twenty-five percent said they felt no regret about this, while 16 percent could not describe their feelings in one word.

He could have saved you

unfortunately I think they miss being a dominate world power more than the actual socialism

In Russia, and every other Liberal republic.
Elections are rigged softly, and there is a limit to how much they can be skewed.

Pure ideology. The fact is that Chinese were ten times poorer than Russians in 1989, and now they are richer. You need apply a simple practical logic without resorting to any ideology and sophistry to realize that Chinese policy was tremendously more beneficial for working people than the Soviet one respectively.

He would be literally noone if he would not be picked and chosen by Western establishment and their agents in Russia.

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Nah there was literal proof of people being allowed to vote multiple times by having an apple sticker on their passport (you just need ID to vote in Russia).

Based on previous thread:

IRL of the national-patriotic SocDem KPRF party and some loose coalition of virtually unknown pseudo-Left organizations.

It is not Left, it is not prominent, and not particularly radical. Moreover, it practically dissolved a year ago.

One of the biggest parties of Russia - and utterly subservient to the whims of Kremlin.

Of which Grudinin owns 42%. Moreover, number of shareholders had diminished from several hundreds (when members of the old sovkhoz pooled their shares) to only 40.

Since there are no dividends being paid, Grudinin might be trying to freezout remaining shareholders.

Needs sources and numbers.

False. Was member of United Russia (government party) until 2010 and got elected three times as a deputy of the Moscow Oblast Duma.

We have a term for this: political prostitute.

Why do I keep reading this as "Hillary's victory would change America forever"?

Chinese GDP (PPP) per capita is still ~60% of the Russian. And I'm not sure if Russia actually recovered to pre-Perestroika levels.

I hate people who spout this bullshit line. The Russians have a better idea of what socialism is than the average American or West European.

The same type of people who make this point will shreek in glee at polls suggesting that a majority of American millenials prefer socialism to capitalism.

Russians miss the good old days when they were feared instead of today when they're seen as poor, stupid, drunken vehicular accident recorders. So not that different than anyone else in the world.

This. If anything ex-soviets miss the good living conditions, high level of education, healthcare and stable jobs. The comfortable welfare state they had and which was taken from them leaving them in the shit they've had to deal with for the past 30 years. Certainly there are national chauvinists as in any state but the notion that russian nostalgia for the ussr is just russian national chauvinism and imperialist yearning is retarded liberal thinking.

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What do you want me to look at? Are there other ways to compare Russia and China?



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you mean chinese bourgs and labor aristocracy are richer?
don't ever look at averages, look at the mean
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Pavel "Purge the Porkies" Grudinin
KPRF needed new leadership.

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