Russians didn't die because of communism; they died because of vampires.

We all know it's no longer a secret that there are a lot of Slavic people who have turned out to be vampires. We don't hear much about this because the vampires funded the Baron families — like the Rothschilds — to keep hush.

Additionaly, the Chinese deaths is to be blamed on Chinese vampires.

Do you wish for a successful communist system? Get rid of the vampires!
Workers of the world, unite! — and abolish bloodsucker-supporting elitism!

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For clarification, chinese vampires look like this pic.

Is Simon Belmont secretly /ourguy/ ?

Romanian political history is actually quite interesting: newleftreview.org/II/108/alexander-clapp-romania-redivivus

They do exist:


Principality of Walachia was a vessel to the Ottoman Empire, but it was under the protection of the Russian Empire long after Vlad Dracula's death.

I thought capitalists already were vampires?

My grandmother used to say: "mai bine cu turcii decat cu rusi"- "better with the turks than with the russians."

The article is a little sparse in a few areas. I'm surprised that it didn't mention the infamous "people's palaces" and the giant private golf courses, and it also overlooks some of the uglier aspects of National Communism and the nature of the self sufficiency efforts. It is certainly a good introduction.

The Vampiregate is slowly unraveling.

There's only one man for the job, to restore the proletariat away from the scheming hands of vampiric excess

Was Blade ever a Black Panther?

I think so?

Everyone should leak any data that correlates with the Vampiregate.

It is real. Even mainstream media reports on it — and they normalize it too!

I'd give my blood to my dad, if I was young enough for this to matter. I doubt my 31 year old blood would do anything for him.

what a retarded article

Bloodsuckers, yes.

Vampire can also be used as an euphemism for Fascist.
Original: youtube.com/watch?v=8ur7ne3SWwc
Modern: youtube.com/watch?v=4pfqaqc07DM

Oh. Someone rediscovered Bogdanov experiments.

He was a huge rival to Vladimir Lenin.

Lenin's sister Maria Ulyanova was among many who volunteered to take part in Bogdanov's experiments.

Prehistoric Slavs have always been the object of curiosity for the likes of Prof. Florin Curta