None of you is concerned about the fact that 8ch in a honeypot?

None of you is concerned about the fact that 8ch in a honeypot?
And that the admins are scummy as fuck?
I hope you guys have getchan dot net bookmarked in case something happens, we shouldn't trust the admins when they have us wired to the FBI

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Bookmark it

Some mentions and minor discussion here but nothing concrete tho I believe it

Seconding this, need proof.
Also reminder that you should never do anything you don't want to be public record on a microsoft ( / google / apple) operating system and an unsecured network. Check out >>>/GNUSSR/ and >>>Holla Forums.

When police asks 8ch administrator about posts made by specific IP, they will not hesitate and give them everything. I doubt that getchan or bunkerchan owners will act differently, but you absolutely should bookmark them in case 8ch will be down, or posters will decide that we need more control over source code.

the catalogue is shit and optimized for faggots with smartphones, all I can see in the previews are the image thumbnails, fix that and I'll consider using it.

if I leave this place or it dies I'm not going to buttholechan. I'd rather just stop posting than post in Miss Piggy's ☭TANKIE☭ torture chamber.

Every website is a honeypot.
Every admin is scummy as fuck. Trust no one and watch what you post.

just as planned

Not really. Primary objective of "security" is the chilling effect - to suppress undesired discussions through implied threat.

I.e. it's not about "them" knowing what you post, it's about making you aware that "they" might know - and thus forcing you to police yourself. IRL it is nigh impossible to persecute people in any significant quantity for wrongthink on the internet.

muh panopticon


Concern bump

needs https
but i'll bookmark it for the time being.

Bunkerchan's independent of leftypol nufag. Only the Leftypol board is owned by BO.

If I did get subpoena, I'll have to speak to a Lawyer before I even consider sending shit to the police.

Goddammit stop making my paranoia worse.
The NSA is spying and has everything stored regardless


I don't go around posting sensitive stuff in boards you fuck

If you think you can hide from all the alphabet soups without being a techie you're a moron.
Let them see, maybe they will learn some stuff.

I'm concerned, and I sometimes wonder if I'm being personally spied on as a result. On the other hand, I give so few fucks about myself that I kinda hope so - save that I'm concerned for others here, too.

I hope they monitor us, it means they have less resources left over to disrupt actually effective political organizing.

Oh boy here we fucking go: It's still an echo chamber for red fashies and pronoun police. Also for someplace so independent it sure is funny how Body Odour has been shilling it for years and tried to force a migration there in April. Fuck off you your torture chamber, Spacedicks.


My question is such:
Is there a way to 100% secure way to communicate sensitive information?

Yeah, runners.

Mirror's Edge Revolutionary Couriers when?
Hiroyuki pretended that he gave 2channel to a dummy company called "PACKET MONSTER" in 2009 and was busted for it in 2012. During this, Hiroyuki told Jim to register everything under Jim's name. Afterwards, N.T. Tech (Jim's Company)'s "2ch Viewer ●" (predecessor to "Ronin") service gets hacked in 2013 and N.T. Tech apologized for this.

Keep in mind that Hiroyuki is somehow involved in 2channel and NicoNico Video's management, and it's known that these websites intentionally throttle services to sell premium services, but where Hiroyuki gets his income is a complete mystery and users have a lot of theories about where his income comes from, which is where idea of Hiroyuki data mining users comes from.

For whatever reason, Hiroyuki wasn't paying 2channel's bills and basically told Jim to go fuck himself when he asks to remake the "2ch Viewer ●" service or pay the bills. Since Jim's name was on everything, he decides to take over 2channel since Hiroyuki wasn't paying the bills, the users said that Hiroyuki was talking shit about him, and "the ability for 2ch to generate enough income to stay open was damaged" in 2014.

Holla Forums has been hosted under N.T. Tech since September 2014:

It's explained that "Holla Forums sustained a massive DDoS attack using the for-hire Lizard Squad stresser", and Holla Forums was from "Holla" to "" on this page:

Hotwheels simply stepped down from admin ( ) and now acts as a technical advisor for the website ( ).

I would unironically be up to communicate confidential information via footback.


BO shilled for both getchan and bunkerchan. Reason for shilling for bunkerchan is simple - 8ch coder (Codemokey) can not be chased on IRC, bunkerchan owner (Space) is there all the time. We are big enough to force Space to implement features we want, or even force him to open source of his imageboard.

Now please painfully die in hell, cointelpro scum.

Still very scummy

That will never happen, Space_ is an autist unable to do things for others. Tons of people have told him to change his site's clunky interface and aesthetic but he does jackshit

Space_ has done more for this board then your retarded monkey posting ever could.

What happened with her finger? :C

t. Space_
You're a backstabber and nothing else

take your meds autismo