So, let's say that i am the owner of a very large corporation. I have no real power, but i get a shit ton of money on a daily basis. Let's say i started reading Marx, and now i am wondering; since i have nothing to gain from revolution except for a lower wage, would starting a revolution be considered a spook, therefore meaning that the best option i have is to satisfy my ego and maintain the status quo?

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that's not what spook means you retard

What does it mean? More importantly, is starting a revolution as a VIP in a major corporation a spook?

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If it's successful, then there are no wages.
You didn't exactly specify what were you intents behind "wanting" it, it's the determining factor here.
Also read Stirner, he wrote only two books, that's not much.


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If the people want a revolution the rational thing to do is support it.
Either you die with your wealth or help shape a new society.
It don't matter what class you are but the one you fight for.

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Actions and activities can't be spooks, read Sturnur.

going against his class interests would make him a classcuck at the very least

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Have you ever wondered who funded the Bolsheviks.
Guns and training dont grow on trees.
I think a Rockefeller funded marx.
I mean people read marx but they dont read about marx

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Your "thinking" is retarded and unfounded. It's a well-known fact marx was funded by his pen-pal and possible butt-buddy Engels.

No it's just a dumb idea.
Spooks refer to concepts, constructs or abstractions that individuals allow to hold power over them. Actions inspired by ideologies such as Marxist revolutions are not spooks. The ideology of Marxism, however, could be considered a spook.

Seriously whenever a group appears the one question you should ask is funding this.
Always follow the money.
Who is funding Islamic terrorism?
The saudis and other gulf nations, Pakistan.

So who funded the nazis, who funded the Russian revolution.

There had to be sponsors.


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That is untrue, culture, social lives, etc… all theset things would change. It is hard for me to say exactly how you would benifit, but or of the first things that comes to mind is the lack of gold diggers. You will almost certainly marry one. In a socialist society, you would avoid this more or less completely. But anyways, I'll consider your point without vague cultural/social changes.
No, revolutions are real.
This is a loaded question. Of course the option that you enjoy the most is the best, if not at least one of the best options. Saying that, maintain the status quo if you want, but when the revolution comes, give up your wealth. Don't kill yourself.
Personally, I wouldnt lose any sleep over being rich. If it wasn't you it would be someone else, and I don't see why you would basically give your money to make someone else rich.
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Wtf no class is a determining factor

There is more to it.

Who helped Marx to get his so called journalist "job"? That wasn't just the doing of these two alone. He had no prior experience and credentials to just introduce him out of nowhere. His articles where just worthless opinion pieces about already reported events and repeating information out of books from the library without giving the real authors due credit. He never actually did any serious correspondence or at least journalistic work.

This hypocrite was leeching on so many levels its a joke.

It is in the interest of the bourgeoisie to maintain the system. The self-interest of the bourgeoisie is in conflict with the self-interest of proletariat. That's why there is class struggle.

He finished a university dissertation on ancient Greek materialism. marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1841/dr-theses/index.htm

Your claims, where they are not just opinion and conjecture, are unsubstantiated. Also,
lol I went to college and got a job in my field due to succeeding in school and talking to people like anyone else… How did I just get it out of nowhere? durf