Which political ideology and economic model will ensure the highest possible rate of scientific and technological...

Which political ideology and economic model will ensure the highest possible rate of scientific and technological progress, Holla Forums? I really want to live up to a time when we will have at least realistic virtual reality in which everything is possible, instead of being a boring and ugly human stuck in this uninteresting world.

Communism, the profit motive actively retards the sciences with paywalls, "intellectual property", and disinformation


Gotta' give it to the Techno-fascists fam. Fuck ethics of human testing, make Africa into one big testing centre. Plus it creates a feedback loop. Human testing > create tech > keep the browns subjugated > human testing. It's the political equivalent of "MORE SKULLS FOR THE TECH THRONES"

Keep in mind the obvious caveat, that any and all discoveries made will be reserved for the upper class and military.


social democracy
but most of that progress will be in cool high technology like spacecraft and planes that go very fast, and large computers for state and enterprise, not consumer level VR technology.

unironically socialism/communism. Cockshott gives an argument about why socialism innovates labor saving more than capitalism here:

A ruthless theocracy where the religion's sole purpose is discovering everything there is to discover.

Posadism after making contact with our extraterrestrial comrades and replicating their advanced technology.

National socialism or communism when they invade a Not Socialist county and poach its scientists


free market capitalism


Right now it's Dengism tbh.

fetishizing technological and scientific progress is capitalist family

China is known in the science world for widespread plagiarism, fake conferences and low scientific standards.


Accelerationism. You just have to choose your flavor : left, right or unconditional.
Protip : the last one is a meme

Stop forcing this bird brain

Look no further.

Gotta agree with techno-fascism
Fuck everyone build AI now using whatever means

China steals tech from the USA anyway it can because their tech sucks

Holy shit. I need to hurry the fuck up and read this fucker already.


Musk is a fraud. Moreover, Capitalism needs both legit threat of extermination on the horizon and triple the money to make things happen.


What exactly is scientific progress? Is it all knowledge acquired and technological invention? It seems a bit strange to consider the nuclear bomb as progress, while obvious that the physical theories behind them (Special and General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics) constituted huge leaps in our understanding of the world around us, simultaniously allowing us to harness this same energy for other uses.
Sending people to the moon is progress- but it is the same science that perfects our space shuttles as our rockets used for war. Is the perfection of methods of destruction progress?
I worry that my work in science will not be progress, but it's opposite- let's not forget how easily we can fuck this thin balance of our ecosystem. Other forms of life have lived and been extinct because of "natural" changes in the climate, imagine on what a thin line we, polluting with our factories, means of transport, waste and even weapons specifically designed to fuck shit up, are walking on. This is one of my main reasons for developing an interest in politics- the realisation that this fetishisation of "pure progress" will probably destroy us, simply because the people calling the shots are either scientifically uneducated or more interested in profit then anything else.
If what you want to call progress is the ammount of knowledge acquired and the rise of technological capabilities, then it's obviously capitalism- just as with net wealth production, it's extremely effective and that's the reason it's still here.
But what if, instead of chasing quantity, we looked for quality instead? Instead of weapons, develop food, agricultural, medical technology. Replace our obsession with producing the most, which leads to waste, obsess with producing enough, but better. If only we could all just stop and think where we're going with this, it would I think, trouble us greatly- but in a world that is constantly moving. we don't have that luxury.
So OP, you have to define what you mean by progress if you want an answer to your question. As for your virtual world fantasy, I'm pretty sure that if you showed GTA 5 let alone any of the VR tech developed in the last few years to someone who lived in the 50's, or later even, they'd tell you we HAVE virtual realities, here and now. I'm kind of dissapointed this thread seems filled with shitposts, (the crown prince being the ML tripfag shitposter) because I think this is the most critical issue of our times. What we do with our new found super powers as a species is what's going to decide whether we go extinct, survive on this rock for a few more millennia, or prosper and reach true post-scarcity.