Merry Christmas Holla Forums!

Merry Christmas Holla Forums!

From, /Liberty/.

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Cerry Mhristmas!

Freedom is a spook, comrade

Right back atcha, qts.

Um….. U mean happy holidays right?

you'd think a comrade would point out the ridiculous nature of a "christmas truce"

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a SPOOK! Happiness is an ILLUSION THAT CONTROLS US ALL!!!!!!!

Happy Winter Solstice celebration of your choice.

Markets still suck.

Don't indulge his spooks you filthy non-communist.

Merry FUCKING Christmas. Fuck that "Happy Holidays" Shit.

Merry Christmas!

PS: Negative freedoms alone are insufficient to maximize personal agency.

Come wish halfpol a merry Xmas comrades.

I chuckled

Merry Christmas Holla Forums, take a break for silent night.

Merry Christmas
Deep down inside, we all know that everyone's just lonely riding in that helicopter and just wants someone to ride with.

Same to you snakeboys

hope you get coal

Eat shit, I hope it's your last, snake fag

t. Scrooge


the only reason they can be nice to you is that they align themselves with power and privilege.
there can be no christmas truce in the class war.

i'm actually torn myself on how to go about being rude to people who deserve it for other reasons, but haven't provided the necessary pretence directly. nevertheless on the internet it's something to remember in particular. in person, there's much more reason to be nice and polite.

oh knock it off

Have a pleasant yule thing.

We'll be sending gift baskets to the gulag. Plus, we may get you some Milton Friedman books for you to jerk off with!

No. I'm not going to smile and wave at members of a community I'd gladly purge if given the power and relieved of the culpability just because it's cute to pretend we can all be friends since this is inconsequential internet bullshit. It's gimmicky, it's stupid, and I'd rather play grinch than suffer it.

Achtulley it is Saturnalia thx vry much

This isn't actually what Max Stirner believed.
t. Stirnerfag

I know it's real politics, but this isn't the revolutionary war. This is an internet forum website.

All the more reason to be impolite and unwelcoming. The whole "Forums that disagree coming together for a special occasion" thing is even more cringeworthy than my prior overwrought description of it in class-war terms.

We're all working class here. I doubt any /liberty/posters here are CEOs.
Part of the very nature of the MOP being privately owned is that a tiny minority of people end up in control in the long run.

Unironically these. The Internet needs to go back to being serious.

Posting isn't warfare and what said is true
Besides a lot of genuine libertarians don't really have that much of an end goal for politics as we do. They want the emancipation of people and complete equal liberty. They're not downright malicious like nutsaccs, they're just wrong about how to get that end goal.

If this was some Holla Forumsyp wishing us a kike-free christmas I would tell him to eff off, I don't see a reason for that here though and hostile image board culture was a mistake anyway

Scabs are working class, doesn't mean I have to be nice to them.

They are downright malicious. Your high intentions mean nothing weighted against what actually happens when people do your thing. We can't say Nazis are good people just because (for some) it would mean a happy world where everyone sticks to their own kind, not a genocide of people who're different. We all know it doesn't work out that way.
"Soft" Libertarianism is responsible for much of what is wrong with the world today. Not least in the internet and internet culture.

The only thing worse than the needlessly hostile culture of imageboards is the faux-polite atmosphere of conventional forums full of people who loathe one another.

Be nice user, its Christmas
Many lolberts genuinely just seem to want a world where people are chill and free to do what they want, even if I think they're horribly naive in how they hope to accomplish that. Except the helicopter-meme'ing Pinoshitfags, fuck those crypto-fascists

Christmas isn't anything special.
I reiterate the point above. I don't care what kind of world you want, I care what kind of world you give us, and the world yielded by libertarians and libertarian-aligned thinkers is a hellish one. it's the one we live in. Now, of course they disavow it, or argue the revolution is only half complete, that neoliberalism is a half-measure - but that's the nature of taking ideology to reality.
Good intentions are if anything one of the more tedious aspects of Libertarians. At least a Nazi will admit to wanting to kill people, rather than (a) pretending people won't starve, or (b) arguing that we can prax out the fact they deserved it, and it's okay because nobody starved them. They starved.

But this gets a bit too serious and away from the main point - pretending that we've any special respect for christmas and should all hold hands and recognize the common humanity of people we'd gladly gulag if we were comfortably behind a desk is embarrassing. I'm not behind a desk though, I'm in bed

Are you the guy who gets into big effort posts about Gamgergate

really lad give yourself a couple of minutes of peace, also thread music

It has been a pathology of mine, yes.
(Actually, for an example of the same kind of "coming together" cringe I was going to use that image from gamergate of all the pro-GG people on a blue background, with all the anti-ones against a red background, but I decided it was too tenuously similar and too much of a pain to google it.)

I'm at peace, this is a relatively theoretical thing. I'm not sitting here fuming about libertarians, I'm lazily mulling over the theoretically appropriate approach.
But similarly, that lack of affect either way means any "merry christmas!" I said wouldn't be a genuine wish for some early-20s flyover-state dwelling American who unironically owns a gadsden flag posting as the personification of a board to enjoy themselves, it would just be holding to social pleasantries as an imageboard gimmick where Holla Forums offer a collective, anthropomorphised, cheerful reply.

Well, merry christmas to you to

Piss off nigger. Death to all who stand in the way of freedom for the working people.

Merry Christmas fam-a-lam!

Yeeeaah… I'd ask if you were autistic, but that'd be an insult to my actual autistic friends.

Daily reminder that it's right-wing ideas that we dislike, not right-wingers as people. Dehumanizing one's enemy only works in preparation for inevitable violent conflict, and neither socialists nor (right-)libertarians have nearly enough clout in meatspace to come to blows with one another.

Also, mods. Wtf is with this 200 character minimum for the OP? I dunno how long the relevant bans actually last, but it's utterly ridiculous and only disservices people who come here in good faith.

whelp that didnt last long

very Reddit.
The two are not so cleanly separable. Ideas are powerless without people to create, hold, and distribute them.
Though your point about dehumanization misses my point, which there is about apathy and identity. In this case, they aren't dehumanized because they're right-wing (if anything, much of the description is to humanize them, in contrast to the OP's attempt to personify the post as being from the board /liberty/), they're dehumanized because they're a far away individual posting as Anonymous, that I wouldn't even realize if I encountered again.

Conversely, humanizing people on imageboards only works if you feel genuine warmth towards them, and neither Holla Forums nor /liberty/ have any reason to genuinely like one another. (Being MySQL database categories.)


Merry Christmas!
Merry christmas, enjoy some soviet christmas carols* by the red army.

*Okay technically new year but whatever, noviy god is more important and before christmas over there.

Merry Christmas lads

merry Christmas.
how comfy are you guys atm?

I’m at the gfs family’s house, playing COD with her little brothers and drinking beer. Also I got three bottles of whiskey for Christmas so i’d say pretty damn comfy.

Just drank mimosas with the fam and opened gifts. Got some boots and sweatpants, and a new phone.

fuck off back there.

Merry Christmas
A cold started yesterday, and it's going going to town on my sinuses, but I've been under a blanket with a space heater on, all day, so all in all, pretty comfy.

Take this PDF as a gift.

Markets do not have to be capitalist.

Libertarians don't read, and in any case I have no interest in converting them.

They're unironically scum.

I think you meant to say "Libertarians can't read"

Also Murry Yiffmas from /fur/ ! :3