Trump referred to 15,000 Immigrated Hatians in Meeting "They all Have AIDS, why can't we move?"

For immigrated Nigerians, he asked "Once they get on the doll, they'll never go back to their huts."

I'm beginning to suspect this board is wrong, Trump is not playing it up. And he really is as much of a retarded Holla Forumsyp as he presents himself as.

Source: (yes I know, it's the New York Times, but I think it's a good report)

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Trump is your dumb boomer grandpa who somehow got elected president. He's not a Holla Forumsack, he's a conservatard boomer.


So he's basically the embodiment of nu-Holla Forums then?


Unfortunately, yes. Whether or not this makes them Holla Forumsyps or just newfags is up to you.


This is peak boomer reactionary right here.

For those of you who have doubts, as I did initially, this isn't the first time he's called immigrants that weren't white "diseased". Before he was president, or even a candidate. He tweeted often about how "We're letting diseased immigrants nin our borders! Not good!" etc/other bullshit

Holy shit; I get that Tillerson's a porky and all,
but he seems like one of the only most decent people in the White House.

I genuinely thought Trump was less an actual racist at heart, and more a demagogue who didn't really believe what he spouted. Appears I was wrong.



Trump's germophobia is hilarious. Typical upper class neurotic behaviour.

It's because he's the only somewhat smart one. He's said multiple times he didn't even want to work for Trump but his wife made him because she thought being SoS was a big deal

Did anyone on this board ever think Trump was a master puppeteer? I thought we were pretty unanimous in seeing him as an inept demagogue. If there ever was a puppeteer, it was Bannon


I don't even think Bannon is that smart. In all I've read about him, he seems full of adderall or coke. He reads books nonstop of random topics, on air travel between places. And then rants about their topic, before shifting onto another book/topic as sudden as it all began.

Lel that's me too. I doubt it's coke just because it's so self destructive. You can go on binges like that for a long time on adderall without destroying your body the way coke will

I don't think he's a genius by any means, but he was a very effective propagandist and was probably one of the main reasons Trump was elected. I mean he has even said himself he doesn't think Trump will make it without him and that he wants to run for president in 2016 if possible






Considering he has no plan for public health besides bitch about immigrants when we have, at home, gigantic health problems he doesn't care about because he just cares about freeing health insurance to go unfettered the way it used to be

Yeah I think he's wrong. I think he's so obsessed with immigrants and the economy he sees them both as the antithesis of one another.


What a fucking manchild. I believe that everybody working for Trump is purely doing it for personal career gains, becuase he sounds like the worst boss ever.

When did Bannon get a time machine?

oops, meant 2020. My brain no good

I'm not surprised. Despite leftypol and everyone else saying he's playing whatever dimensional chess, I always took him on his word from his campaign to his early presidency that he was just saying what he actually believed. Turns out I was right.

It is hard to believe that this would actually be real. And at the same time, it is not.

I didn't expect Trump to be this much of a villain from a really awful comic book, but hey, this is geohell I shouldn't be surprised.

Gated community, home owner's association suck up, racist boomer. How could anyone not have seen him for who he was? The idea that he's more than his surface is a bit ridiculous. He is exactly as he puts himself out to be, and unfortunately that's what made him appealing.

We have four more years of a President closer and closer to a nervous breakdown everyday, and we're closer than ever to war with an atomic power.

*Three more years typo

The instant anyone needs to remind those around them who the boss is is the moment they've already lost.

With the amount of executive power the Bush and subsequent Obama administration expanded the power of the Executive Branch; I don't think he's bluffing.

I too have seen Game of Thrones.

You know as much as I don't want to sound like an "sjw" or whatever, this gives me worry about the foreign policy of the Trump Administration going forward if he holds this much disdain and repulsion towards so many people in the world.

If he's dehumanizing them, this hard, then what exactly is in the back of his mind in terms of, I don't know, war

can't believe Trump is really a racist!

There's a big difference between that, and calling immigrants "diseased" and "from the jungle", "they'll never go back to their huts."

Amazing how the guy who thinks the Mexican government is exporting rapists and murderers on purpose is actually a bigot.

even aside from the central park 5 there have been stories of Trump trying to keep black people out of his hotels so that other guests will be more comfortable. Plus his hotels employ a lot of migrant laborers who are underpaid and abused.

Perhaps the more ominous part of the article

i guess mao and stalin and kim were all losers right? fuck outta here mongoloid

kill yourself retard, trump is too busy golfing and tweeting to go to war

Well, yes, they were actually

as opposed to you, who never need to remind anyone you're the boss… you're the winner here

im going to say something controversial
hes right
people from impoverished places and 3rd world carry A LOT of diseases and horrible customs (cannibalism etc)
whats really a good approach thou, its certainly isnt blasting about this from megaphone but an actual way do deal with this while ensuring their security

how ignorant are you

Almost nobody practices cannibalism. The only people that do are isolated tribes in Papua New Guinea - it's probably less than 0.001% of all third worlders. Either you're a stupid Holla Forumslack or you should wait 4 years and come back when you're 18

Do you really think AIDS ridden cannibals who live in huts are being immigrated here

Are you really that stupid

I wouldn't be so sure


I'm all for having a screening process for people coming in but your arguement is sensationalist shit

Instead of focusing on how these alleged "AIDS infected, flea bitten, dirty, evil, pregnant immigrants"

How about, improving health care to public use so epidemics don't have to fucking explode at the rate they usually do in the US. Do you think private health care is going to take care of that?

And then comes the CDC, and what exactly will they do, since Trump slashed their funding and shrunk their budget; both dramatically.

Trump's worry about "diseased immigrants in huts" is transparent as hell.

These arent mutually exclusive, if you don't think Bush Jr would've tweeted in 2003 had he the opportunity you're delusional

Not even mentioning the amount of lead in our housing is fucking ridiculous

What the fuck is Trump's deal with pregnancy

Germaphobia and disgust with pregnancy come from the same Freudian setting

I mean he is a misogynist, so no wonder he is naturally disgusted by womanly body functions like pregnancy and menstruation

You mean to tell me the man behind Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump University, Trump Wine, and completely fucking up Atlantic City with the "Trump taj Mahal"

Might not be that proficient at management?

So it seems Trump is becoming more and more similarly erratic as Dennis Hopper from Blue Velvet

Or, Dennis Hopper from the Super Mario Brothers Movie

Merit based immigration is the only reasonable approach. People of the commie-fascist-socialist persuasion are focused on their ideals to the point where its Ideals above reality at any cost. It's not what we don't know that gets us in to trouble, it's what we think we know but don't that kills us in the end.

Shutting down the CIA would be much more effective


Or stopping imperialist wars which cause refugees in the first place

Only on Holla Forums. This is why nobody fears you. Half of you will be dead of your diseases by the time his Second Term is up.

Unless you're a cum junkie or a needle sharer there's no danger, so, which are you if YOU'RE afraid?

I hope Bit Coin or some variation becomes the preferred currency for the exchange of goods and services. I hope the IRS is brought to it's knees and then smothered. If i cant say how MY tax contributions are spend then i do not want to pay any tax!!! I have an expectation that the taxes I pay will be used to provide ME with services.

The only fair share of taxes i will pay is $0.00. If politicians want to promise Labor unions, the not willing to work class, the political-judicial and lobby elite payouts; they better figure out a way to pay them with out stealing my wages.


Armed agents of the government are nothing more than hired guns that are used to steal peoples property and wages. The IRS operates on fear.


And you retards wonder why you're losing.

So you're a cum junkie? Nice.

The Government, communist, fascist, socialist, not willing to work,lobbyist class fear the second amendment. They fear the armed, property owning middle class that does not agree with their ideals. If the powers that be had their way, there would be only poor people that are so dependent on government handouts that they would never complain about any government action and of course the elite class that makes the all decisions and live a life of pure opulence.



This is just such low effort. Surely you can do better than this.

The concept of being transgender was invented by the commie-fascist-socialists. It was invented to prolong the nonsense that is identity politics.

The commie-fascist-socialists want to divide and conquer the United States!


Nigga, are you retarded? You do realize that means one of two things:
1) Naturalizing people who will go straight onto the Govt. dole (I'm sure you're fine with that) for medication, housing, and what not. They'll also increase the pressure on lower class citizens for jobs, though I'm also sure you don't give a crap about those.

2) You have more people with a bad disease wandering around the streets of the cities. I'm sure you can put 6 and 7 together to figure out why that would be a bad thing.

Goverment dole is libshit-tier politics. Only workers are wanted in communism.

I don't give a fuck if Mugambwe gives your slut daughter aids, she's a whore.

Bourgois societies should be destroyed at any cost, if I can spread some humanitarian aid while doing it that's nice, black guys are decent tier in bed too

This is some
holy shit

Wow Trump really DOES think like Holla Forums



Babby’s first jump into political theory

Will never be a real currency, before it was only good for drugs, guns, and child porn. Now it’s only good for speculation.

Really depends when the crash comes, Trump would probably do some horrid shit. He might even install his own children to run the banks, wouldn't that be great?

I sorta wonder if they aren't planning to pull a LHO on Trump. He's becoming such a liability and an embarrassment to the ruling class that I'm not sure things can go on this way much longer.

I can only Wonder how his wife is handling this.

I fucking hope so, I also hope he goes to war with Iran, or even better, he and Israel invade Lebanon at the same time.

They won't do it, he's still serving their interests for now, and if they were to take it from him it'd be in a February 1917 style bloodless coup

I mean at least he can get some oil right?

I crave the knowledge of what goes on inside of Melania's head. I admit I know nearly nothing about her, but she's just a model from Slovenia. What does she think about her husband and her life now? Did she ever anticipate this when she married Trump for his money? Does she actually love him or is she waiting for him to die so she can cash in? Melania Trump is a figure of mystique and I must know her secrets.

I think that’s a solid prediction. I have started to suspect that the “spontaneous” anti-Trump protests which I suspect Soros had involvement in and #MeToo/#Resistance slacktivism has been essentially about preparing the ground for removing Trump legally. The Dems already have lawyers and reps looking into it.

And, before anyone accuses me of being some kind of reactionary ideologue, I think that the Tea Party movement essentially served the same purpose. The thoroughly discredited Republican Party needed a social movement to take back seats and to leave open the option of legally removing Obama if he failed to act competently in their interests. But the Dems are much better at staging color revolutions, so they unleashed Occupy and after that the Tea Party never really had the leverage that the Kochs hoped it was.

Charlottesville was probably the attempt to stage a counter-counter opposition rally in the form of fascists serving as the right-wing (dis)loyal friends of the Trump administration. It fell apart creating a serious domestic political crisis for Trump.

Nah, he's not getting shit other than bad PR and a few suicidal Chapo fans joining Hezbollah or carrying out attacks in their name or in the name of the IRGC.

Trump isn't the one playing subspace Risk. This is the greatest dismantling of American imperial hegemony and I hope it stops only when US is dead as a concept.

Union of American Industrial Democracies soon lads, start prepping if you haven't already.

It's really the darkest timeline when the oil baron is the most human of all the presidents men, wow this fucking sucks

When the Exxon Porky is trying to maintain sanity you know shit isn't going well.

No wonder Paul Ryan sucks his dick

i don't think she's a bad person, she's just a regular gold digging bimbo, she woldn't be anywhere near Trump if it wasn't for his bucks.

i think being a first lady wasn't in her plans and she's having a hard time with it unlike her predecessor.

They are definitely getting divorced sometime after his term

wow, such venom and hatred. i wonder how he and his followers will wriggle out of this one.

Calling it now, Trump will get reelected in 2020 by disillusioning anyone who isn't a moron.

This is another case of Trump being smarter and more informed on a vast array of subjects than the average moron with an internet connection posting on Facebook.


It's appalling to me that there are people who identify with the left, and yet end up defending human trafficking and germ warfare, all because they feel it will benefit someone with a higher melanin count.

It reads like a anonymous polyp rant. He calling mexican women pregnant roaches and less intelligent.

Because we have medical care, you fucking idiot. The orange man is trying to imply that Haitians are going to cause an AIDS epidemic even though HIV is only transmissible via bodily fluids. Mind you that the kind of person that voted for him, aside from the desperate and regretful economic voters, is a lot more likely to be one of those retards that think vaccines are poison and that prayer cures illness.

Good thing USA is a radically religious country that doesn't allow sex outside of marriage and has an oppressively puritanical culture suppressing promiscuity.

That's more common on the left than the right.

Abstinence and puritanism are the #1 way to combat STI, as well as teenage pregnancy.

Abstinence is the #1 leading cause of Holla Forumsyps, though. Is it really worth the trade-off?

Reminder that latex cannot stop the spread of the HIV virus. Further reminder that teen pregnancy has increased since the proliferation of condoms over the last 30 years.

How will trump be able up round up people of certain ethnic groups without some form of civil unrest?

it was also linked to gays fucking child prostitutes in haiti and bringing it back with them. Hardly biological warfare

What is Guantanamo Bay?

this sounds fake, I mean come the fuck on
does this sound like something a real person says
though with trump it's fucked up, I mean "local milk people" jfc

These are some serious, sweeping racist generalisations. This will definitely effect his re election.

Not fucking people with STDs is your responsibility, not society's, at least in a society where the resources to deal with the issue already exist. The blacks with AIDS that come to Western countries are victims of backwards culture, not its perpetrators.

Soccer moms greatly outnumber hippies. Most anti-vax people are just special snowflakes that want an excuse to rebel.

Wait, which culture is the backwards one? The African one with rampant sex, the white Western patriarchy with its repressive attitudes about sex, or the open multicultural Western society with rampant sex?

Just show me three of them.

I mean Obama deported like 2 million Mexicans during his tenure so it's not -impossible-

Whatever appeals to your biases more. The point remains the same: people with diseases that require intimate contact are not a threat to public health. The AIDS epidemic in the US was so severe because neocons tried to cover it up for religious motivations.
Democrats are not leftist.

I'm asking you. You asserted there was a backwards culture to blame. Which culture are you blaming?

You know you don't have to worry about STDs if you aren't a slut that fucks other sluts, right?

All culture is backwards, user. Coming to terms with that is a part of growing up and reaching emotional and intellectual maturity.

All of them, basically.

Sorry, I forgot that rape was legal and rampant, like the blue haired woman down the street told me.
What kind of meaningless statement is this? Disease testing is the entire basis of epidemiological statistics. Either it counts as evidence or it doesn't, you can't have both.
You are using strawmen to defend a nonsensical point of view because you don't have the balls to actually say it, which in this case is the implication that most blacks are rapists.

I figured that it might hurt his popularity among what black/mexican/whatever supporters he has, but then I remembered that they all suffer from some bizarre 'not me' complex that causes them to ignore everything he says about them, figuring that he's surely just talking about the guy standing next to them. He could scream right in their face that they're a bunch of disgusting pregnant cockroach filth spreading insects and they'd smile and smirk knowingly as they turn their head to glance over their shoulder, looking for the other black man that's surely standing right behind them.

Kek indeed lmao

Almost as funny as Kuck Immigration Partners.

Have you heard Trump speak

i doubt that
lots of countries requires HIV and Hepatitis test for immigrants

literally in the same post:

Trump is a dumbass, but put yourself in his shoes: Elected on a protectionist mandate, lacks the political awareness to recruit any protectionists, and so has nobody to fill the ranks of his administration other than neoconservative neoliberals, constantly fighting attempts at sabotage from the roomful of backstabbing assholes he had to pick from. After a day-in-day-out routine of passive-aggressive defiance from them, screaming at them is very understandable.

And spooks aside, the legislation he's pushing on this like the RAISE Act and H-1b/L-1 reform are some seriously good shit we're long overdue for on a strictly economic basis. PDFs related: resident visas slashed in half, worker visas chopped down from their current "bodyshop" funnels.

This. His idpol is absurd, but there is absolutely no reason we should ever take unemployable immigrants directly into welfare, nor allow totally unscreened immigrants with radical ideologies, criminal records, or contagious diseases. Even from a humanitarian perspective, every penny wasted on this virtue-signaling porky moronity would go further as (and I admit this isn't going to happen under Trump) foreign aid.

The same way Operation Wetback did in the 1950s

I will never in my life put myself in the shoes of the executive of one of the greatest capitalist powers on Earth

Fuck that and fuck your whining, blubbering post about how we should admire Trump for saying "Women get pregnant, they're fat! Gross!", and who can forget "If they go out of their huts, they'll never get off the dole."

Your post is garbage

Fucking die

Before I read the rest of your post, tell me why the fuck I would want to do that.

Kys you autistic pedantic burger, i have no sympathies for retards like you living in 1st world countries complaining about how dirty the exploited are, ESPECIALLY when theyll become cheap labour/cannon fodder for the porks that destroyed their countries in the first place. Fuck you, fuck you and die choking on grease you pathetic excuse gor a leftist. Fucking liberals like you should be used as target practice

All these bills will do is make the US less competitive internationally, which will ultimately render moot any short term benefit for citizens. It's pandering to normies that think the US government can "bring back the jobs" and/or retards that think modern trade is TEH GLOBULISTS trying to turn their children into transgender Arabs and not just how capitalism works in the 21st century.


Are you ready to apologize yet Holla Forums?

Never, she got exactly what she deserved for destroying Libya





she's a ghoulish soulless technocrat literal porky war criminal and who deserved way worse tbh

Im not that user but the cynic in me doesn't mind, its more of a smolder than a burn, nice comfy and slow.
Burning would be nuclear warfare or some shit, very big with lots of energy, not this slow death.

Its not that i wouldn't prefer to see a better world, but right now that's not on the table and it wont hurt me to enjoy the suffering a little. Besides its not like hillary or whatever would really have made the world better, its just she would have flattened iran by now.

Guys maybe pre-election this kind of argument was acceptable but fuck are you guys blind? After the 'alt-left' inicident? Regardless of what he personally feels, inside his head, what he actually says and does can only be called white nationalist sympathy.

So you'd rather have the world be destroyed than preserved at the cost of Hillary killing millions in countries with no value like Russia or the Middle East.


This is so grotesquely ignorant it becomes darkly comical. For what it is worth, this very same grotesque ignorance is getting in the way of him actually acting out on his germophobic fever dreams in any kind of effective and actionable way.

Absolutely not. Hillary would have been disastrous for the left. trump, on the other hand, is doing a great job repeling people from the right.

At the cost of him finishing his crusade before we can stop him.

what he said is fundamentally accurate though. no one born in a haitian slum or african warzone will want to return there after living in the united states. i sure wouldn't

Except that's not at all what he said. He said Nigerians would never go back to their huts, and that all Haitians have AIDS. Neither of which are true; Nigeria is by and large not war torn, and the Nigerians coming to the US are more like than not to live in villa's back home. Those people will certainly want to return. That not all Haitians have AIDS is pretty obvious. If he wanted to have said what you said, he should have gone and said that in stead of unironically referring to 19th century stereotypes.

ok, but a lot of nigerians would prefer to stay. and haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere, so i think it safe to presume that anyone who escapes such a place would be hesitant to return

We do not require baboons! Baboons stay out of our countries! No thank you baboons!

Bye bye baboons!

We do not require Boomers! Baby Boomers stay out of our countries! No thank you boomers!


The absolute state of Holla Forums

The working class has no nation, you disingenuous fuck.


I mean honestly, ancaps are based because they want to tear down borders as well

they're the antithesis of our ideology and practically worship the dollar, but look how good they are on immigration! And, after all, won't ending racism be good enough for Holla Forums even if the workers don't own the means of production?

I mean to be fair its just one guy saying it.

to be fair that one guy never said anything resembling what the strawmanning cunt is melting down about

He really is a Holla Forumstard

I do.

What I find hilarious is, Barbra Bush's goal as First Lady was to make sure children in our nation were education; despite her husband cutting education across the board.

Michelle Obama's goal was to make kids fit and eat healthy, while her husband decided to have even more lax regulations towards food.

Melania Trump's, """""""""goal""""""""" is to stop off and online bullying, and here's her husband, telling everyone that Mexicans impregnate themselves like wild animals, anyone from Africa lives in a hut, there's a Muslim conspiracy, and we have to remove as many non whites from America as possible; children or not, breaking families apart or not.

You know, I think I'm going to fucking throw up saying this, but god damn at least Barbra and Michelle weren't as hypocritical as this. I mean apparently from this article Trump is a viament racist, and she goes out and tells people "Bullying is bad, do not be racist and sexist towards your classmates "

What, exactly, is she fucking thinking when this shit drools out of her mouth? She has to know she's bullshitting right

Her motives are as fake as her face.

And her tits

i don't like that user's post, but why are you shilling for a neoliberal policy that disadvantages american workers? I don't mean this from a nationalist perspective either. I find it deeply sinister that highly educated american workers that have spent years and vast sums to study their subject are forced out of their jobs by cheaper foreign labor. Undermining worker security of americans with skilled foreign workers is the opposite of "promoting competitiveness"

What "workers" are we speaking about here? America has always had a Hispanic immigrant worker population that gets treated like absolute shit, because Upper Middle Class Americans will easily be duped by the "They took the jobs we need narrative", which I have serious problems with.

One, these migrant workers barely get the pay they deserve for their labor. And I don't really give a shit they're illegal either, if we can spend money on a god damn trillions of dollars F-35 that doersn't compete jack shit to other fighters in China and Russia, if we can bail out banks because they're too big to fail, if we can bloat our military to the point where the government wants to get rid of the only real good this country has in medicare and social security. If we can strip our students of not only degrees that aren't "profitable", forcing them into, no, herding and coralling them into majors they want; with enormous debt. If they can bust up unions, bust up healthcare, strip mine this entire nation

Why should I give a fuck about illegal immigrants who work harder for less pay than most of our fellow citizens?

Do you HONESTLY fucking think a populace that has NEVER engaged in this kind of work for decades will suddenly crawl on hands and knees through thorny bushes to get produce, with no hope for a future (less hope than any of us) just to feed their god damn family because they're escaping violence AMERICA CAUSED IN THE FIRST PLACE?

No, I don't care. I refuse to care. Fucking pump in as many illegal immigrants as you can to force the Upper Class to shine on a far more socialist generation what exactly needs to be fixed.

These immigrants are the fucking least of our worries.

If your worry, is getting replaced by an undocumented Hispanic immigrant who wants to safely house and feed their children with absolutely no equal compensation for their labor and the value of what they are picking

Two centuries ago you would have been probably defending slavery. Call me a liberal, go ahead and do it. Because it won't fix the corruption of money in our government, it won't fix our unions, it certainly won't fix our banks, and it will not do jack shit aside from line up the next round of voters to the election booth to show a generation disgusted by boomers and their teet sucking sympathizers where their loyalties lie. And those loyalties are allowing labor to be extracted for less than what was put in under the correct circumstances.

Even if Hispanic immigration was such the "litters of pups" problem Trump, the US government, and you apparently suggest; then you've fallen hook line and sinker for the oldest political ploy in the book. You want America's countrymen to have these cherry picking jobs while Hispanic immigrants get ripped away from their families for only their labor, all because you thought they might take your god damn job doing IT or some shit.

Worry less about fucking Hispanic immigrants and start worrying about automation, because America will handle it worse than you can ever imagine


When automation in America starts taking more jobs than these dreaded "evil fat pregnant hispanic " laborers did,while the company you were employed for gave you the finger and said fuck off; who will you blame? Who will my fellow Americans blame? The corporations of course, but do you think they will ever stop blaming immigrants in agriculture who do absolutely nothing but try a life outside of the violence America caused in Central America? Fuck no they won't. They'll keep blaming immigrants until the last of their sons and daughters are replaced by cheap machinery corporations here have no interest in helping who they replace. We've seen this already. So when will we ever stop actually complaining about immigrants taking jobs we will never do? Will it continue into the age of automation? Will we be that stupid that, we get layed off en masse, and who better a target to elect the next president or politician telling us the immigrants are coming to take our jobs? That all we should ever give a shit is about low end Hispanic laborers who, rightfully, crossed the border to the nation that caused their misery in the first place for our problems with corporations irresponsibly replacing us with automation? And when will we start giving more of a shit about the problems that matter instead of fucking agricultural laborers?

The answer is we won't.

And I really don't want Western Europeans to but in on this topic, because unlike Muslim immigrants, we've had Hispanic immigrants for decades, and they have always been a scapegoat. Even as we destroyed their nations and strip mined them.

Distinctions between white working class and non white working class are such petite bourgeoise claptrap. Are hispanics not working class now? I bet that in a different time, you would suggest deporting all the jews to keep the wealth in the hands of the german working class.

Do you realize that they work shit jobs for shitty pay in illegal conditions and have far more revolutionary potential than the Trump supporters you want to lure?
By all means continue spouting your nonsensical divisions and white idpol though. That will surely bring socialism.

Because the more disadvantaged burgers are, the more revolutionary they'll be?

All she wants to do is wait for Trump to die so she can cash in.

This reads like some poor fanfic.

I'm talking about white collar and college educated jobs, not working class jobs.

Melania's motives are actually very consistent with the Trump agenda. What I was paying attention to, in the lead up to the election, were primarily his policies on communications and security and the press. His opposition to net neutrality and his willingness to accuse the press of lying at every turn (so long as it's about him) meshes extremely well with Melania's pet crusade. For the record, cyberbullying has always been a loose, hokey buzzword that appealed to the moral desires of overbearing parents - most of the actually harmful stuff it describes could actually just be described as "bullying" and whatever else it covers tends to be really trivial. It's an easy cause to champion if what you're actually championing is censorship.

pic related
pic related again

Try barring America from trade just like NK and Cuba are and see how long that lasts.
Better yet, try trading with Cuba and NK and see how long they stay poor. The upper class doesn't want to because they know how well it'd work out.
Also at least people in Cuba don't have to resort to eating mud cookies like their capitalist Haitian neighbors, who should ideally have the same material conditions being in the same environment (which they don't, since capitalism only determines a country's wealth due to their ability to trade)
would you rather live in a white slum than a Hispanic suburb? You're twisting words to prove your point. Yes, immigrants are poorer on average, you figured it out.
The fuck? Nobody is going to argue for immigration because it "stimulates the economy". Even though that is true we couldn't give less of a shit about the color of the worker that's being exploited.
America was never an ethnostate. In fact you can thank the slaves that your ancestors mass imported by conquest and force for profits. The only reason you'd think America is getting browner is if you somehow thought Barack Obama is more black than he is white.
Yeah, I remember when slave owners in the 1800s cared about social liberalism.
Why can't the first world leave everyone else alone?
Do I have to make you a fucking list of countries destroyed and impoverished by the UN and NATO?
you aren't free to associate any party you like with socialism. by your retarded definition Russia and Norway are socialist.
our only targets are landowners that exploit the working class. you blur the definition of socialism to play victim from any position you please, it's pathetic.
citation needed.
nice meme. just because your boss fired you for saying "women are evil" it doesn't mean the landowning class are sercretly commies you retarded dreg.

didn't happen. they merely touched the oil production. it's a "le mixed economy cuckdem" thing. it's more a state capitalism stage.
social democrats got the fucking emporer of germany to implement social security like that. i guess that makes prussia communist, huh? fucking retarded Holla Forumsfuck.
nobody says that chavez or maduro are capitalists. that's not how politics works you dunce.
kek, now you're just pulling my leg

The funniest part of his fucking posts is thinking our concern is "redistrtibution of wealth", race mixing, other shit.

He did not bring up the problems laid out in the post he replied to, which is about labor, the strip mining of the programs that allow the working class to even fucking live, the priorities of this nation to put the Military Industrial Complex and the Banks galactically higher than the needs of the working class )when the cash being moved could help the working class more than it ever did)

And how all of these problems are fucking catastrophic problems compared to illegal immigrants escaping violence the US deliberately helped stir, trying to just get better pay. Do people honestly think illegal immigration from Mexico, Central America will stop? No, we've created a situation where it will never be stopped because they're easy labor to be abused without legal help, and THAT IS BULLSHIT. The user perfectly represents every American concern when it comes to this country.

Bail out banks? Eh, nothing will happen.
Military Industrial Complex? Not my problem.
The US stirring absolute heinous shit in nations we've made poor in the process? It isn't my problem!
Worrying about how automation will be poorly fucking implimented in America and will steal more jobs than the dreaded foul Hispanic immigrants? Don't worry, it won't effect us at all?

Wait, hold up. Are you saying all this is bad?
What the fuck, our economy needs this!
What do you mean everything you just said was bad, YOU'RE JEALOUS

-Every retarded boomer ever

I thought he was politician level manipulative. Not by any stretch a genius but no dumber than other capitalist officeholders. My lib friends called him dumb but I assumed it with sour grapes and/or cult of expertise stuff.

But wow, reading this thread he seems dumb even by Holla Forums standards.

He doesn't want non-white babies.

I'm the dumb roach
In all seriousness, I'm certainty not surprised by this autistic ranting. I'm hoping he keeps going and revealing his true intentions and thoughts.

Your efforts at explaining the Tea Party, Occupy, and anti-trump protests betrarys a reactionary viewpoint. People with a conservative outlook are unable to expain social movements/change so everything needs to result from some conspiracy. Have elites taken advantage of anti-trump protests and the tea party to push their own agenda? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean there wasn't real popular forces behind the two movements. For the former it is a genuine disgust with Trump and frustration with the sclerotic US political system in general with the latter it was the petit-bourgeoise demanding policies which would provide a more vigorous defence of their post-2008 deteriorating economic situation. As for the dems staging occupy. What would the possibly stand to gain from creating a quasi anti-capitalist movement when bourgeois puppet extraordinaire Obama was in the white house. Not to mention that occupy had a clear material cause, primarily the "cancellation" of young people's future the financial crisis represented.

He called Mexicans evil rapists as his first act as a candidate and wanted to ban muslims from America, I'm not sure why people are actually surprised Trump is a racist retard.

wasn't he charged with redlining before he even became a republican?


How is an honest politician a bad thing Carly Marks?????

it's objectively shit. the country's leaders are forced to exploit their own workers to maintain trade with the rest of the world, or you end up a city-state like North Korea.


Trump is rather crass here, but is he really wrong? AIDS is much more common in Haiti than in America, so we'll incur their care costs, and it will in all likelihood increase the (already disproportionate) prevalence of AIDS in the Black population. Welfare use among immigrants from poor countries (and their descendants) is also rather high, and immigrants from Mexico in particular have had lots of children until recently when their birth rate collapsed, which puts an increasing strain on welfare programs and public services, of which they are disproportionate users. Given the growth of Islamic terrorism (which we fund in the first place, of course…) I don't see how more Muslim immigration makes sense. They seem to be more of a risk than a Chinese or European. It's a bit bizarre to take people from countries where you're funding terrorists for your own purposes by (Saudi) proxy. If you want to say that we need to do our duty to care for these people, I guess that's a logically coherent viewpoint, but I don't really want to pay for it. It's not like grand plans of turning radicalized immigrants into a Communist revolutionary vanguard are going to materialize, you're just going to pay more taxes for transfers to immigrants.

that's cause you're looking at them as if they're just regular immigrants instead of people fleeing from war