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Jill Stien and Jimmy Dore talked on the Jimmy Dore Show about putting together a coalition of SocDem and DemSoc parties in future election. The coalition includes SALT.


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Would unironically be based but it's basically just a pipe dream. Any ostensibly left electoral party can only progress with an organized labor funding base and the US unions are cucked to all hell

Its a gonna get crushed

Unions are under existential threat though, soon they'll be outlawed if they don't join in and start pushing

At this point I'm more likely to assume the unions will get crushed rather than do anything about it. Idk how involved you are with on the ground politics but approaching actual large-scale unions for the politics that should be affecting them is more or less a meme at this point. 9 times out of 10 you make your bid and they tell you they're actually allying with the "pro worker republican" or some pantsuit nation drone

Honestly if unions were forced to break up it might be the only chance for revolution


the US of A are classcucked well beyond the point of no return

literally only global crisis can save the American left now

She's so cute in this vid

Westboro Baptist Church have always been /ourguys/


In the video about the photo with Putin Jill "S-21" Stein called for a people's commission to investigate the election. Definitely /ourgal/.

Jill "Second Stalin" Stein

With the SLP dead now, would it make the most sense for a syndicalist-marxist to join the Green Party?

A syndicalist of any variety doesn't make much sense with unions being dead.

Why do leftists ignore the fact that Stein basically scammed a bunch of people out of a million dollars?


Also give me one fucking policy of hers that was actually subtantially leftist. It was literally "green new deal". She's a fucking joke. Third parties aren't going to magically save you.

That's why you push for unionization, and radical unionization. Unions are dead because the socialist elements were chased out, and socialists have the power to revive them.

There is literally nothing wrong with scamming liberals.

Fake burger news

The SLP still technically exists, tbh American leftypollers should join just for the mems.

I fully support the creation of a mass left party.

The working class and the Left need organization and a political arm. Sure, the party won't win any purity contests initially, but you need to walk before you can run.

And the form this potential party is taking, a sort of "popular front", suits our politics just fine.

We need to be building organization and power, not tripping over our own dicks allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

This tbh, the US is about 100 years behind the west politically: it needs a broad front leftist party.

This is true, but no matter how broad the base of cooperating organizations, they'll still have a hell of a time breaking the current political duopoly. Absent a collapse of one or both of the established parties, I don't think anything is going to work. Berniecarts need to break with the Democratic Party before anything can happen.

No, the movement for a third party is the only acceptable praxis: the Democrats are not some European socdem party entryism will work with; like labour, they are corrupt to the core. A third party praxis does work, actually the best group that ever tried it were the OG SPA. You start with the local. You win town councillors, you win state legislators, you win various minor posts. You build up a base, a name in the community. We are starting to see this occur with DSА and SAlt candidates: expand it outwards with a broad-front group cooperating together and it will get somewhere. Seeding the democrats is only useful a means to undermine them. Sure run your socialist candidate in the democratic nominations: and when they lose run as an independent with the money and popularity gained. The mobilisation of voters who are outside the system should be the aim, and hte infiltration of local government he first goal.

Oh no, I wasn't arguing for putting any hope in the Democrats. They are irredeemable. It's just that the strategy you sketch, of a slow local buildup, is unlikely to lead to any kind of breakout nationally absent a simultaneous collapse of the Democrats themselves. Which is something this third party should not be afraid to hasten; they have to bury the lesser of two evils-thinking which is still prevalent in for example the Democratic Cops of America, who IIRC will not support a third party candidate if they risk having a republican win out.

A broad front leftist third party strategy is the right approach, but people should be realistic in their expectations, which is not a given in today's news cycle driven society.

The Democrats main advantage against such a strategy is they can run an anonymous empty suit against cartoonishly evil republicans in most local and state races. There will need to be mass defections from the party itself, likely the Sanders crowd. The DNC might oblige us, after all they have clamped down hard on the Sanders wing over the last year.


At this rate, I could see defections from the Dems.

Also you have to remember a lot of independents have been elected to Mayors of major cities that would join a leftist party: like the mayors of Jackson and Birmingham, Mississippi.



socdems were pretty marxist before ww2

A left coalition party could be a legitimizing force for a new labor movement. It could crush the Dems by offering working people something as opposed to the nothing they get from the mainstream parties. America's labor laws make succdems look like bomb throwing radicals, socialists could easily take advantage of increased labor power.

Agreed, but we need to stop the forces of idpol and COINTELPRO from infiltrating the coalition.

this is a good decision because their names are too similar. are they using DIALECTICS to determine how the two parties ought to merge?

Idpol goes hand in hand with hero worship. When your political movement comes from mass support from the people instead of from a clique of party elites, it's much harder so seed division. The liberal parties (Democrats, Labour until recently) have been held hostage by the personal ambitions of a small number of self appointed party elites for so long their coalitions are collapsing. Idpol is a weapon they use to cling to power, a tactic of desperation.

Lenin's thought was different of those who betrayed the Spartacus League and had Rosa executed.

Baraka >>>>>> Stein but obviously she wins by default vs. Hill or Trump

I want Baraka to turn the US into an anglo nuclear green libya