He's based. But we need to pinko pill him even more

He's based. But we need to pinko pill him even more.
For what I understand he values the survival of the tribe more than anything else.
It's frustrating to see autist under his videos talking about "good breeds" of women.
Is especially infuriating if they are americans.

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yeah, no

He's not a nazi tho

Convince him that there's no greater or better tribe than the working class. People in tribes now may have different features even if they're of the same race/ethnicity yet they're still considered part of the in-group. Likewise, the working class tribe can be of many different races and creeds yet are still part of the in-group of workers.

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his YT channel (and his music act Burzum) is literally him blabbing about muh nordic heritage and racialist bullshit, even if he does claim to have differences with nazism (see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varg_Vikernes#Beliefs_and_politics) he still buys into most tenets of such ideology, which is why I believe he's far beyond being convinced being "pinko pilled" as OP says.

Him being anti-capitalist and realizing the aut-right is dumb as shit (something anyone with half a brain could realize) means jack shit, not even close to potential leftism. Let's not forget what Varg advocates for instead of capitalism: racial communities and anti-civilization.


Loving your people is not antithetical to loving all people. If everyone working together is good for the survival of your people, and you realize this, you are not idpol. Smashing capitalism so that everyone can live with people they are naturally inclined to live with (i.e. their people) is not idpol. It is just evolution.

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This is wrong. Fascism presupposes the existence of a modern state, which then becomes totalistic; ecofascism is just fascism where you plant a tree every once in a while. Varg, with his desire to turn away from large and organized societies, is properly a racist anprim.

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Putting any value in race or the various autistic subgroups is necessary for all types of reactionary bullshit. It should not be encouraged in any leftist movement. "Loving your people" is a fucking dogwhistle so you can crawl back to pol with that bullshit.

The Neanderthal ancestry being the origin of aspergers is something I've seen in other crank "science", it's basically a roundabout argument for white supremacy. Varg can be funny to gawk at and his music is alright but he's a weird forest nazi and is only useful insofar as he pisses off alt-right stooges. I don't get why people such as in this thread are tempted to redeem or even defend him.

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Sorry your parents saw the need to racemix, leaving you without a community to identify with. Do you really need to hate other people for being racially diverse though?

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Leftpilling traditionalists is a fool's endeavor because their beliefs are fundamentally rooted in narcissism. Social conservatism inevitably turns to a defense of private property when they realize you can't tell people how to live their personal lives without the authority inherent in class hierarchy.

Even if you somehow got Varg on board, his followers would instantly drop him.

No one is fooled, you're vomiting far-right talking points.

If your race is all you have to your identity, it doesn't mean race is important. It means you're a vapid idiot with no personality, presumably because your entire life has been about video games and idly browsing web forums.

You sound really mad. People naturally form groups based on race nowadays. It's a real shame you can't join in on it.

I'm very jealous.

Oh, sorry, did i give the impression that i was a supremacist? I don't hate you for being mixed. I hate your parents for being selfish and not caring about the well-being of their kid. I love people of color btw.

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This is literally the first time I've heard of this phenomenon. Is it widespread?

Varg could get to nazbol or something like that but he will never let go of his tribal desires.

You must be American.

I care not what kind of idiot you are. The fact remains that race as the fundamental basis for personal identity is an idiotic notion. People fall back on it because it's easier than growing as a person.
This doesn't work here, fam.

He’s even said that white supremacy is fucking retarded, and capitalism is the problem. He is beginning to see the light, but is still clinging to some spooks, and Viking larp shit

He isn't, his wife (who BTW is hot as fuck) is. Which is probably how she ended up married to a dopey Nazi old enough to be her father.

Think we could get him as far as bolo'bolo?

A bolo is like a tribe, but it's voluntaristic and based on afffinity rather than ascribed identity. TBH I'd rather hang out with people I resonate with, or who are *really* similar to/compatible with me (on the phenotype level), than people who just happen to have the same genes. It's pretty obvious to me that black anarchist + white anarchist, black aspie + white aspie, or black acid-head and white acid-head will get on better than white hippy drop-out and his racist redneck grandpa, or Arab schizo girl and her rapist uncle.