Psychedelic Communism

Which one of you fucking fucks was this? Huh? Someone could get seriously hurt by this.

It's a violation of individual rights anyway. You can't fucking drug people without their consent you bastards. It's NOT okay.

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You have to admit that sounds pretty cool.

Isn't this the plot from Batman Begins?



am no a grass mate

Fuck is this? Gotham city?

Is this the best praxis yet?


apparently the weather underground also wanted to do this

Yes. we need bane to come and finish the job


What did Nolan mean by this?

Jokes aside this guy is crazy as fuck. Fucking hippies

Would have it worked?

You'd need basically the world's biggest batch of LSD and then you'd need to keep it cold and then you'd need to get it into the line past the water filtration systems. I'm not sure the chemical would even survive getting to people's houses after spending so long in the pipes.

It might, though.

Would it actually get people to throw off capitalism? Doubt it. It'd be interesting though.

Let's say that I suffer from depression anxiety or something else. What happens when I take lsd? Nothinf good. Shit idea

This is why psychedelics should be forced onto content middle class normies when the DotP arrives. It's them who have the most to gain and least to lose from a surprise level 4 trip.

You actually can help yourself if you go into acid or DMT genuinely curious about your unconscious, you do have to be honest with yourself though or you'll have a bad time

On top of that, the potential for corruption would be eradicated if everyone in a leadership position was forced to trip balls twice a month.


No, people need long breaks between trips to think

You gotta admit, it's better than the suicide squad version of the joker at least

This is true, but I think those in leadership positions should be in a permanent post trip reflection mode. Can you imagine selfishly scheming and fucking over masses of people over in such a mental state? I certainly can't.

251-NBOMe is not LSD. NBOMe can actually be lethal on its own. LSD isn't.

His name is literally "crow" too


Ok. But if I have a suprise trip like this It would be a nightmare

I also can't imagine trying to handle a crisis like an imperialist war in post trip mindset, that is, unless the all-mother reveals herself in her incomprehensible glory, things about you youve never wanted to confront, but also says send in the tanks

Psssh, fake news. This guy is obviously planted by the alt-right to discredit the left. He's not actually a communist, but a nazi.

t. using Holla Forums logic.

It probably actually is fake news since I can only find one "source" from a shady site and it's literally the story of a guy named "Crow" who wants to bring about revolution through hallucinogens in the water aka Scarecrow's plan in Batman Begins

I bet the CIA is jelly they didn’t think of this first.

Nah. Only Americans. Besides, it's nigh impossible to overdose on LSD.

He wants to know who (of those of us who mined at the early stage) gave him bitсоins.

Better that vicious murders of trashcans.


alright bad
uh bro, have you had your brotien shake today?
why even live? after brains, what else is there to deflate?

He had a great praxis to cause mass chaos and honestly I think all psychedelics should be legal for medical and empathogenic reasons but
No bueno tbh. People have been killed by this drug and seizures are common with the 25x series of drugs and other RCs. Wish he followed the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and started a LSD fueled mafia vanguard that plans to destroy the capitalist system

This was a good idea. Instead of LSD though, he should have used DMT



Legit LSD is pretty hard to find these days. I can't blame him for choosing something else.


He was onto something. I expect you guys to use similar tactics. We will wake up the world by force!

Nah, it's not that hard.
I mean, hippies and hippie chemists have it.

Is it possible to teach yourself how to make it at home?>>2325326

My understanding is a lot of the chemicals you need are hard to get ahold of without proper paperwork, thus the development of synthetics.

Absolutely based.

This tall-tale is an old one that goes back way further than The Batman reboot.

It's a bad idea to give people hallucinogens unknowingly. More likely to give a bad trip. It would be more interesting if someone hid LSD in various public places for people to discover.


fucking based if you ask me, while his praxis might right out insane, still it sounds fucking awesome.

holy fuck, that stuff is way more dangerous than LSD. dude is a total madman and a tard.

He could've gotten a better RC like AL-LAD or 1P-LSD that can be found on the grey market. Also doesn't LSD and its analogs destroyed by water?

there's absolutely nothing wrong with that

How dangerous is it?
My gf had a few tabs of it once and is super desperate to try it again


it can totally fuck up your memory and shit.

Permanently or just while shes on it?
I recall that she cant remember anything from when she was high on it


Just use the proper stuff tbh. Nbone won't do anything for you that LSD won't.

And what about all the psychotic people who accidently get hit by this
people trying to lead a next to normal life
only to hit the tap water and never come back to earth
living in a hell they cant escape
its evil by act of ignorance
no matter what spirt walking gurus fgts say

schizophrenia is due to poor metacommunication

There have been reported deaths of people that ingested nBomes (as a direct cause of ingesting substance itself, and not indirectly) meanwhile the LD50 for LSD is very high in comparison. Just tell her to stick to LSD and use a testkit for the drugs. If she is desperate for the visual experience (which it sounds like she is), I recommend her AL-LAD or 4-ho-met if she must. Overall just lay off the drugs tbh.

To expand on this, the reported deaths have occurred with pretty small doses compared with LSD, since as little as two tabs of NBOMes can possibly kill you. That hippie was a fucking idiot.
Like the user said, if you want to dabble with RCs, do it at least with better ones. Inform yourself on the appropriate forums and subreddits.

I wish someone mixed MXE into the water supply.

The Weather Underground was shit though. Ineffective as all hell. The principal of a high school in my area is a former member who did time in prison for his involvement lol.

Why not Ketamine instead?

It was NBOMe tho.

The benefits outweight the potential risks.

I'm curious about the existence of this natural LSD.

DMT has interaction risks and side effects tho. LSD is nearly harmless.

I would have tripped balls in the local temple, if only I wasn't on all kinds of shit meds.

I feel that this thing about modern society consuming culture and creating none will turn out to be a big issue soon.

1P is legit man. Feels essentially the same, only difference for me bein it’s faster and more condensed. Sick though nevertheless

the fire rises

When will this meme die? Is it really so hard for people to venture outside pop culture? Is the web somehow inaccessible for billions of people?
Go jam with your friends, organize an RP group, download an open source engine and make your own games, etc.
Instead of going out to overrated clubs to pay for overpriced drinks (and music that is somehow always too loud), organize your own parties.
If you live in or nearby a (medium sized) city you'll be surprised how much interesting stuff is actually going on. Everything from to free parties, to underground cinemas, chamber orchestras, etc.
There is plenty of stuff to do.

It's either this or be 15 and kill your parents

Self-professed leftist/communist worker employed with the government has crazy plot thwarted by police before it happens and now his cool legit "non-prof organization" is cooperating with police and admitting they knew what he was going to do.
This nigga was a victim of drugs in the water supply and he didn't even know it.

In all honesty psychedelics won't do shit for conversion. It'll give people a new perspective on morality within a capitalist society, but considering economics have to be learned separately it really wouldn't do much.

While it won't spread class consciousness, it would be great to the see the self obsessed rat race culture of LA get wiped out overnight.

Nigga we need more of this tbh jaj


Psychadelics improve
Doing a little digging I have seen many people claim it turned them into socialists. There also seems to be some saying it made them more conservative. So I think it depends what info they are exposed to.

weed made me a communist trap.


This was what I was trying to get at. Psychedelics will drop any unconscious layers of doubt and keep your mind constantly generating new ideas, however where these ideas are focused is completely aimless. They're better suited for fixing personal problems, but even then you'll need to do some research and have a certain level of maturity in order for the experience to be effective.

Okay let's get to the heart of the matter here.

How difficult is it to synthetize drugs? And I don't mean crystal meth shit.