Merry Christmas, Holla Forums

Merry Christmas, Holla Forums.

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Nice try skank

Merry christmas to you user
What are you going to eat?

Nothing merry about it.

Merry Christmas, user.

Still feeling like crying all the time but I hope things are okay for you.


This place has gone really downhill this year. But Im still pretty happy this board exists, merry spookday comrades


Christmas is a stolen nordic holiday, the church deserved it

Merry Christmas commie faggots. And remember…

Merry Christmas Holla Forums!

How are you spending christmas eve?
I spent it with a whole bunch of relatives and it was lovely.

I think it's been more or less okay

it's not Christmas yet

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, comrades! :D

is that a w40k model?

She is not. Fuck you, and Merry Christmas.

It's Eva unit 01 wielding two lances of longinus

Merry Christmas to all my buddies on Holla Forums and /leftpol/

Feliz navidad

My only regret is that I didn't watch Toradora this year.

the blood of the rich

You have eight days to watch 25 episodes. Skipping the OP and ED, that's three episodes per day with the finale episode on New Year's day.
mp4 files can be played on most smartphones, watch an hour before bed, or one during a commute and two before bed. I don't know, it's yours dudester.
2017 - no regrets.

Merry Christmas, comrades.

Merry Christmas comrades, may it soon be a Red one.


Merry Christmas, comrades.


/Comfy/ Internationale.

What did you all get for Christmas lads?

Not that much honestly don't need nor want much, but got some Russian novels (n english):
The historical fiction "A Hero of our time" by Mikhail Lermontov, and the fantasy novel "A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich" By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Well, obviously you broke all contact with whoever gave you this…
This isn't easy-to-understand novel, but it relies more on general experience with people.

I got society of the spectacle and a book about the british antifascist movement in the 1980's/1990s. That plus the usua socks, jumpers booze and chocolate.