Worst piece of anti-communist propaganda ever

Honestly, this is worse than '50s and '60s anti-commie PSAs. Disney's anti-communist propaganda is… I have no words. The willful mischaracterization of Marxism is of such stupidity, it's not even funny.


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Sargon looks like a newborn baby with a pen drawn beard in this pic.

Sargon "red iz fr soshulizm blak fr authoritarianizm" of Akkad.

that's weird, they've had a better grasp of it before

I'm not going to watch this while thing. whats it about?


Basically a buch of high school kids become communists, but their arguments are retarded. The teacher is a liberal anticommunist patriot who loves (bourgeois) "democracy" and uses even more retarded rhetoric like "everyone in the Soviet Union was paid the same and was the same" and equalizing the grades of the "commie" students at a C average "because that's what communism is: everyone is average and everyone is equal". It's truly painful to watch.

I'd agree if here weren't a handful of Anastasia movies floating around and also that kulak movie that came out recently

Anastasia is the strangest revisionism ever. What compelled someone to write that some random royalty lady of the most backwards country dying from the angry peasant mob they oppressed just had to be magical and survive?

I think a couple people claimed to be Anastasia.

The romanticizing of nobility is the purest form of bootlicking and surprisingly long-lasting of a trend even after a bunch of them rightly lost their heads, which is why was something anyone gave a shit about and why anybody is reading about the British royal family in the tabloids still

made me crack a smile

I know someone who is basically a commie but is so against violence they don't think killing the Tsar even if he had been a murderous ruler was ok.

Pacifism is liberalism.

You know what's the saddest part about this? It's that this is probably how it's actually thought in American schools. For anyone interested in the specific bit start from 6:45

It is.
This is quite literally what I was taught about communism until i looked at leftypol

The millions that have died directly from Communist Totalitarianisms are a good enough reason for an intelligent person to hate Marxism.


The millions that die every year directly because of the profit motive are a good enough reason for an intelligent person to hate capitalism.

Lol how could anyone die from making money? Typical commie

Mercenaries. If I didn't think you were a troll I'd give a more in depth answer.

You know what the sad part is? I can't tell if this is satire or not.

Why the fuck did I watch that? I feel like I just mainlined vaccine

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Pretty much par the course for crappy writing on American TV.

I love that the teacher breaks up a student union and think he's proving a point about individualism but is really promoting social darwinism.

actaul question, was everyone actually paid the same in the Soviet Union?

Walt was notoriously anti-communist so you shouldn't be surprised.

Nope, there wasn't a time when it was even seriously suggested in the USSR.

Where did Marx advocate for Stalinism? Also definitive state murders by Stalin numbered in the mid-upper hundreds of thousand, not millions. Even if you're in the camp that the holodomor was intentional (which isn't a settled issue in the historical community) that still leaves you with "only" 3 million or so, not even remotely black book levels.

Fuck you for making me defend Soviet socialism.

can i get a source on that? my liberal friends are asking me how i can support communism if everyone gets paid the same.

The wage reforms makes the idea got paid the same nonsensical.


NO. Workers were paid according to the amount and quality of work performed.

Your liberal friends a bunch of clueless bootlickers.

Don't forget the favorite of the inclusion of Nazi deaths on the eastern front

This is the PUREST ideology. How can these people strawman us this hard and just get away with it?! FACT: In Communist utopia it is literally a capital punishment to say, "under Communism, everyone(thing) is equal". It doesn't matter, you could even be quoting.
It's a little funny. The show is bad but a masochistic part of me enjoys this, bit I couldn't watch more than a minute.

It is propaganda, its job is to project the view of the US ruling class onto the masses. This is nothing new.