Santa Claus is a capitalist pig

Santa Claus is a personification of bourgeois consumerist culture. Santa giving gifts to nice children is a representation of capitalists offering discounts on their products for proles for their obedience. Christmas is pure bourgeois culture.

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Doesn't the story of Santa predate capitalism and some of the traditions even predate Christianity?

Yah dude it's a shitpost, don't take it too seriously. Just emjoy the banter.

Santa is based on a real guy who killed invading muslims. Christ and santa were inserted to hide the true gifts that he brought the world

If only Santa's elves had the foresight to invest in Bitcoin.

You can't be fucking serious…

Modern Santa Claus is based on legendary figures like St. Nicholas, Father Christmas and SinterKlaaus. It's not Christmas is it used to be, but Christmas as it is now. The modern Santa Claus mythos is actually very recent and the way the holiday is promoted and celebrated, coupled with the way Santa Claus operate in the mythos clearly glorify consumerist culture.

I should've taken the time to articulate my thoughts, but my mind is slow today.



Why? You literally cannot refute this. Christmas is Porky's favorite holiday.

Santa clause gives more gifts to rich children. truly capitalist swine

Santa comes on the 6th of December if you were good and brings you candy, orange and peanuts. If you were bad, krampus comes and leaves you only coal and birch. Santa has nothing to do with Christmas.

I can almost see the few yellow teeth through your post

What are you trying to imply by this

That's not modern Santa. Krampus is not part of the modern Santa Claus mythos.

It is where I live

makes sense, no charity can exist without ownership, since santa is a charity operation he is by default capitalist

If my family still had a wood stove I'd want this tbh

He exploits an entire race of slave factory workers. The Elves must seize the means of production and overthrow Porky Claus.


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Listen, Santa gives you presents if you're a good boy, and gives you coal when your fuck boy

There's nothing more to it


Socialists will soon be like New Atheists if we continue allowing this type of dumb middle-school radicalism

Pure propaganda, the elves are just a subrace with no independence of their own. The elves are no more subjugated by Santa than worker bees are by the "queen"

Are you serious?

Santa Claus is fascist.

Fuck sake Adorno


Why is giving to others porky?

Do you actually have evidence that Santa Claus wasn't as prominent as he is now?

Why are you so angry? did user get a dildo for christmas?