I'd like to buy the world a Pepsi

How come the Coke commercial depicting members of the counter-culture movement of the 1960s singing about world peace was much more successful and far less controversial than the BLM commercial that Pepsi released in current year?
It can't simply be that people are just that much more easily offended today than 50 years ago, can it?

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The fire rises brother!

This video is actually a really amazing answer to this precise question:

Tl;DW-Back in the 60s the full blown corruption of social justice movements by advertising and other capitalist enterprises hadn't been pounded into people's heads for 50 years so it appeared that business and social movements could actually coexist but now that after years of liberal advertising have lost their charm people who actually care about the issues see through it super easy

The finale tried to be another "Made In America" and failed miserably pulling something totally out of character for the show.
Mad Men remains one of the best show ever made, but it didn't replace The Sopranos

at least we can all agree who the best character was

The real question would be who was the best gf
I take loyal trudy with obnoxious voice

Hopefully it means the average prole is more fed up with capitalism than back then

People still wanted to give the baboons a chance in the 1960s, maybe they really were just oppressed and mistreated after all. 50 years later it's apparent they are just baboons that need to be shipped back to Apefrica and living in white societies is cruel and unusual punishment for their primitive ape baboon minds.

I always preferred the Zone version myself

Violent crime is much lower than it has ever been. White families have so much more generational wealth it is not funny. Most don't even realize it, like a fat fuck who thinks they don't eat that much.

If I was alive in the 60's, I'd have been pissed about it.
I guess boomers are just the scum of the earth.

Because the whole message of liberals is that racism is bad because it's bad mmmkay, is tired as fuck. They never give any arguments against racism, that is part of how the aut-right exists.

I don't think there was an angry reaction to the Coke commercial, precisely due to the fact that the hippy ""culture"" is a void: a perspective of soulless, societal "movements". The commercial can depict their aesthetic with ease, for their aesthetic is in line with societal standards (the sex/drug revolution of the 60s are a good example; not inherently bad on their own respects, but not revolutionary, nor is it detached from the functional system/market of the commodity).
I don't think it is any stretch of the imagination to claim that the political events of the US thereafter, are perfect examples as to why people reacted in opposition to the Pepsi commercial. The individuals of society still unfortunately looked towards the commercial, as if it would display an ideological integrity, but also subsequently opposed the structure of it, for it opposed their reality, it circumvented them.

That, in itself, would have been the key of the ideological backfire of the advertisement, had the commercial not been pulled near instantaneously. You likely won't see large advertisements similar to this in a while.

Every good Marxist knows there is no such thing as ethical consummation under capitalism.

I think even normies are catching onto the fact that giant corporations are just commidfying left wing politics to make a buck and dont actually care about the cause.

Using one of the kardashians was a bad move too. People hate those bitches, they arent famous, they are infamous.

Okay so

1. this will offend left wingers because you are an evil corporation trying to exploit to cause for greed"HEY EVRYONE COME TOGETHER TO CONSMMUE XD"

2. It will offend right wingers with its multiculti kike propaganda

3. It will offend normies that you used some stupid whore as a spokesperson

The problem with modern society is that ever since the 60's the idea of unity is dead. We have had 50 years of non stop hyper individualism. Which has created a world of hyper identity politics, tribalism, special interest groups, and everyone fighting everyone.

The 60's still probably had some older people who grew up in a time when america was still more conformist.

There is this really great documentary by adam curtis called the century of the self
i suggest everyone watch it.

It explains how society got this way, also the history of marketing and psychology.


Lots of reasons
1. Mass culture is more cynical now
2. Things are more diffuse in general, meaning the people for whom the ad would be successful probably won't even see it, and the people who loathe it will seek it out.
3. You can't just ape the past and expect similar results
4. Singing about world peace is a sort of generic high-ideal as appropriate in 1960 as it is in 2017, while BLM is a specific contemporary movement. (Obviously in the 1960s it has all sorts of political undertones, but Pepsi's had political overtones)
5. All of the above in combination. The fact they've made it specifically present-political makes their cynicism clearer, which leads cynical people who dislike it to point out they're just aping the past, which shows their cynicism further, which makes the cynical even less impressed with the ploy.

marketing and psychology really interest me. The psychology behind it all, the propaganda.
I really wonder about advertising. The motive, the psychology, the way corporations manipulate people.

Look at this ad. What is it suggesting.

You will be an attractive strong man if you preserve the capitalist status quo and dont rock the boat.

Being a nice status quo normie is power.

These are not equivalent at all

Everyone can depict counter-cultures, what they probably shouldn't do because it will annoy everyone is depict common political acts of a movement. The 60's equivalent would be an ad featuring a civil rights sit-in or a Black Panther stand-off with the police being solved by people consuming a product, not simply featuring hippies.

I'm always fascinated whether it's consciously designed as such, or if the creators of ads basically act as the vessel for a social norm.
Like, did the creators of this graphic sit thinking "this is abhorrent, but what the boss wants?", did they believe what they were saying, without considering the nightmarish world it depicts? Or does working full-time in an advertising department destroy your soul to the point where there is no real individual thought there, and you just mould the message passed down from the client in a mechanical way so that it "works" according to the rules of advertising?

The oldest trick in the advertising book is to question a mans masculinity.

You dont like snickers? What are you a faggot?!

Another thing they do is associate a product with being masculine. They did this with cars. You will be a real man if you own a car, girls will want to fuck you.

Only real men buy (insert product)

this is the best version

My sister sort of worked in advertising - from what I can glean of her personality, it's a mix of apathy and ideology. None of these people give a shit about the content of their work, they're more focused on office gossip and the prestige of the job itself.

Unfortunately that kind of advertising works both ways, because women see it too and also believe it. "What, you didn't get me a diamond ring? Are you even serious about this wedding?"

Advertising is a scourge on humanity

thinking aloud: is this not in essence the neoliberal worldview in general?
put aside your politics and consume, then your problems will go away. as /r/neoliberal would "ironically" advertise itself, "we're here to solve all your problems with taco trucks and free trade."
actually maybe that's just liberalism in general ("life would be great if we got rid of all the politics"), with neoliberalism specifically just wanting to replace politics with the market.

Bring forth skeleton Milton Friedman

Holla Forums finally admits there are no real arguments against racism?

From an objective, leftist view; it creates disunity among workers, especially in places that aren't homogeneous. Then there's the problem of trying to make a place homogeneous that isn't, which needs ethnic cleansing - giving rise to new, and potentially worse problems.

I imagine they dont really think deeply about what they are doing. Their ultimate job is just to trick people into buying stupid shit. Most of the techniques they use were created by much smarter men.

Really if you wanted to be a marketer with a power level over 90000 then you would need to study psychology

Unlike your board you are allowed to hold varying opinions here without being accused of shilling, and one dumbass doesn't represent the whole board


racism just divides the working class and justifies the upper class.


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Is Kylie 100% plastic then?

There's an essentially basic argument against racism that undermines any amount of cherrypicked stats or infographics – people don't choose their race and cannot change it so it's inherently unjust to persecute them for this.

>only one user brought up Institutionalized

Unironically kill all marketeers. They play Dr. Mengele with our dreams, see just how far they can stretch and push them and cram them with commodities before they die, and then they move on to the next target. The psyops division of capital, thoughtlessly mutilating our conceptual horizon. Up against the wall, every single one.

I bet Bill would have loved leftypol.

Because despite what the 'wrong generation' types comment under youtube videos, people back then were a lot more dumb and gullible than they are today.

Here's fucking hoping

A baboon isn't an ape, it's a monkey.

The Nazi doesn't know shit about biology, what a surprise.