2017 in Review & 2018 Predictions

It's all downhill from here

So 2017 is just about over, I guess we should take stock of whatever the hell happened and what's going to happen next. Post what you thought of 2017, and what you're expecting in 2018.

I know a lotta people are saying this, but I have to agree, 2017 fucking sucked. Did a single good thing even happen this year? What a fucking mess.

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I spent half the year unemployed. That was pretty sweet.

2018 = 1914 2.0

personal: graduated uni to full-blown NEET, lost ten pounds and gained it back, got an unpaid internship, became somewhat less depressed
political: witnessed the slow descent of canadian politics into mildly disgusted apathy, socjus continues to rule canpol through intimidation, reactionary movements are building with no plan to effectively counter them, international politics is a cloud of insanity with a silver lining of a minor shift from left-liberalism to social democracy. The aut-right is also starting to atrophy, which is expected but still comforting
prediction: at least one major financial bubble (no bitcoin doesn't count) will pop and shake the world's financial institutions, any anger will get co-opted by reactionaries, liberals or get bogged down in identity slapfights. 60% chance of a major iran-saudi war
also, weed will be legal. woo

Accelerationist candidate was a baboon even if it took long enough for him to start fucking up beyond "triggering the libs"

I have been unemployed since September last year. But I am in graduate school and industry certification classes.

I don't know about you guys, but we're fucked so I am checking out in 2018. The DNC fuck us completely by letting idpol have footing and now there will never be anything but a Trump and Trump clone in power nearly everywhere. We should have never weaponized the mentally ill.


2017: liberals are still in denial and have only been doubling down on idpol.
We're heading towards war with NK and or Iran.
The far-left is woefully unequipped to deal with the far right.
And a few other things that don't come to mind.
2018: We will live in interesting times.

Making it half-way through undergrad. In stable and loving relationship. Got closer with family. Strengthened strong and fulfilling friendships. Overall depression has decreased. Studies continue to be stimulating.
More anxious than ever before. Worry about state of the world on a daily basis. Haven't felt truly relaxed in at least two years.No clue what I'm doing for the future. Increasingly skeptical of accelerationism.

Social Democracy has begun its comeback. DemCops made it to 10k+ members or some shit. I hear cancer treatment made some serious leaps this year.
Everything else.

Maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but I don't think Trump will get us into a war next year, if not just because the US is wholly unprepared to fight one and won't receive any support in its effort.

North Korea won't fizzle down as much as leave the newspaper. North Korea will do an atomic test over the pacific during the Winter Olympics, and the Trump admin, after playing tough, will decide to continue Obama's Strategic Patience strategy (as they've been doing).

Both parties will continue to splinter and the dems will *barely* be able to get a majority in the midterms. So meet your new boss, the same as the old boss.

There's your first mistake. They were always going to fuck you over dude. They're porkies, it's what they do.

Don't kill yourself user, if that's what you meant by checking out. The world's gonna kill you anyway. Stay around to keep your comrades company. I mean that.

You're the captain of your soul broski. Live on in spite of the creeps and crooks. It'll all come out in the wash.


People say the current year sucked every time the new year approaches, but I feel like 2017 could’ve been worse.

2018 will probably be the same, except a lot more stupider.

take a nap in a snowbank Holla Forumsyp

War in Syria coming to an end. Though it's already shaping up for round two next year. Artificial wombs were invented. Also the first successful gene-modding. Advances in robotics (Atlas and Little Dog), artificial vision, quantum computing, etc. We've been living in an increasingly cyberpunk world for years, but things are really accelerating now.

We've been dodging bullets for years now, narrowly avoiding economic collapse and great wars. It's a lot like the pre-WW1 situation: The established geopolitical order is breaking down into international anarchy, combined with economic hardship and inequality.
If we survive next year without it turning into this century's 1914 I'll be a lot more optimistic about the future.


2018 is the year it begins, tbh I am ready.

My money is that in the west it will start here: In Britain. Things are at breaking point, it will take one minor shock to see things utterly unravel. Honestly, I am ready. Okay that sounds like I am about to go and commit a terror attack or something, I just mean I have read the theory and am involved in orgs that can deal with the events to come.

2018 will be worse than 2017, just like 2017 was worse than 2016 and 2019 will be worse than 2018. We ain't seen nothing yet.

Not saying this is a good thing cuz this obviously includes many reactionaries and technocrat dystopians, along with IdPol red liberals, but man is it gonna be crazy to see how this plays out, especially after the economy tanks in a year or two. Maybe nothing will happen but I feel like there's a good chance of some kind of civil conflict, even if it's small scale

I'm scared

Why the fuck are you always on here sucking lefty dick with that flag on? You have no nat.soc positions you're just a fucking poser

I'm not a leftist though. In case you hadn't noticed.

Political branding is dumb. Mass politics needs to be abolished.

I sure hope you arnt bluffing
Merry Marxmass

There is nothing you disagree with leftists on you're just a race traitor and a concern troll for real nationalists

There is plenty to disagree on. The difference is that I read and don't get my political education from artifact ridden jpegs posted on Facebook. You'd be surprised how insightful the critiques of 'leftist' writers can be.
But considering you're probably another Amerimutt that thinks reading it 'below' you, I don't expect you to understand.

There is no such thing as race loyalty. That aside, national-socialists killed more whites in WW2 than any European war up till that point.

Nationalism is a liberal blight and needs to disappear in the dustbin of history. "Nations" are not real communities like families/clans/tribes, they're fantastical skeuomorphs.

What are your positions anyways dude, Ive lurked for a few months and still have no idea


The total breakdown of the American political system continued to accelerate. There were some bright spots like succdems being revived but they're too little too late.
Likely some kind of economic crash that the establishment insists isn't really a crash, just like how the collapse of their political order of the last few decades continues to be ignored. I predict pseudo bailouts marketed as "targeted tax relief" to afflicted sectors of the economy. However since the economy is wholly owned by a relative handful of people, all that will happen is a further transfer of wealth upwards. "Left Wing" opposition in western countries will be bought off by further military buildups against "Muh Russia".

I think shit goes down in 2019/2020. Next year will be a lot like this year, assuming we don't get nuked

It's a nazbol

Be more optimistic u guys

based Naziposter

They're traitors! TRAITORS!

They aren't good because they're succdems but because they offer an alternative to endless war and weaponized austerity in mainstream politics. It's cathartic watching establishment neoliberals launch into McCarthyite conspiracy theories about Bernie Sanders being a Russian spy. This is the world we live in, take pleasure where you can.

Nothing happens. It just gets worse or stays the same.

You can't have a society that constantly gets worse without it eventually reaching total collapse like the Roman or Chinese Empire.

Marx's 200th birthday

lenin was a part of the social democrats in russia

2018 the US will open a war on three fronts, Ukraine, Iran, and the DPRK, the US has literally zero chance of this working out well for them, if the empire doesn't outright collapse we'll see a new era of competing empires not unlike the late 19th century. The petro-dollar also isn't long for the world.

We should go out in the streets and spread awareness

2010s are the worst decade in a long time. 2018 will be worse than this year.

While I myself am pretty horrified about the DPRK, I don't think it'll actually happen, due to nobody on the Earth wanting it and with everyone openly admitting it's not winnable.

You're assuming that matters for Donald Trump or private companies that will "rebuild" the north like they did in Iraq.

It's readily admitted by the US military that NK isn't anything like Iraq. For starters, they can actually hit back, and that alone makes Washington pretty confused and scared as what to do with them. Iraq also relied pretty heavily on Britain and others, whose support we won't have. Not to mention the possible tanking of the world economy should the war (which it, of course, inevitably would) break into South Korea and Japan. Who knows what would happen if a nuke landed in US soil.

It's a very bad financial move on porky's part. It seems like their entire strategy at the moment is to continue talking tough without actually planning to back it up. We've long past the point where a "preemptive strike" would do anything. The big fear is that Washington will bumble into war because they're incoherent, not because of some Bushian scheme to steal NK like we tried Iraq.

Holla Forums and Holla Forums will cease to exist in 2018.

The big problem is that the US invading NK could be like Austria-Hungary invading Serbia in that China and Russia could take their side, kicking of world war 3.

I disagree, I think the chans could become a TOR onion forum, posting quality would probably be better

my dick

it's a "neo"-"""reactionary"""

where no one fucking goes.
This Chan is done have you seen the current number of posters in Holla Forums and Holla Forums

No one wanted WW1 (See PDF), but it still happened.
It all depends on everyone keeping their calm and not trying to pre-empt the supposed motives of the other parties. Like the proposed "limited" strike on NK.

Support the crew


Good point, but Mao style posters thoigh


I agree, but at the moment it seems unlikely. If Tillerson's recent comments mean anything, it means that the US has already worked out *some* military contingencies with China in the event of war.

United Socialist States of America
Or perhaps the United Delonist States of America (with all drugs legal)

I can get behind this

Union of Industrial Democratic States

Russia also borders North Korea and both counter-attacking a US invasion into North Korea is possible. Also the first world world showed it is very possible for what starts as a regional war to spiral out of control, as each side opens up new fronts to try and solve the stalemate.

Hopefully, we'll see the deaths of Kissinger, Bush Sr, Billy Graham, Efrain Rios Montt, Le Pizza Hut Man, etc.


Anyone who disrupts left foot right foot is worth supporting IMO. As much as I'd like the youth of America to turn into Phil Greaves, I don't see it happening.

A regional conflict in the middle east seems more likely than the second Korean war but neither are impossible. Point enough troops and hardware at each other and something is bound to happen sooner or later.

Saudis are scared, and Israel is seriously considering another war in Lebanon, but this time its all of Lebanon, not just Hezbollah

I mean werent socdems at the time actually marxist? Im pretty sure socdems stopped being socialist after world war 2 I believe


Between word-based captcha going away in april, and Hiro's shenanigans, 4chan won't do much better.
It won't die, but the whole site will decline even harder that these last years.

Please tell me this is fake news.

Or United Industrial Councils of America.

Google is going to force the latest captcha down out throats in some months, and there are users getting pic related.

Corbyn's victory is nothing to scoff at. The proletarian revolutionary consciousness is certainly developing at the further onset of capitalist crisis. I am excited and terrified about the future.

The Tories will try a coup I guarantee it. It could seriously be the 2nd English civil war

no posts would exist, we'd become one of the dead boards like >>>/sci/

2006 was the last year that felt real.

whys that?

nothing will happen.
The doom hard on the left seems to have developed about Iran or north Korean war wont happen.
Trump will make some funny tweets.
The economy will do okay.
Democrats will win slightly but not enough.
Trump will work with the democrats to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill.
Corbyn will win in the UK.
The #metoo moral panic will continue to end the careers of liberal men.
Disney will continue to shell out horrible cape shit and star wars sequels remakes, the art of flim is dead.
There will be a few mass shootings or terrorist attacks.
Popular music will continue to be universally fucking terrible.
Saudi arabia will not go to war with iran because they fucking suck and no one will help them.
North korea will fire another missile into the ocean, the media will start a panic for 2 weeks, nothing will happen, you will forget about it.

hey what is #metoo? I heard about it but I didnt look into it

2007 was when all the bullshit that makes up the 2010s really started (or at least grew enough to become noticeable and started really affecting people/society). Culturally you can split the 2000s into 2 different eras entirely.

are you retarded?

All those women who are like "this guy came onto me once in the 80's and it was totally rape "

no, I just had better things to pay attention to

well next year is 2018, so maybe we might culturally shift into a new era.
You know they say every 7 years your body changes.
and 2017 is over.

It'll be even worse

Thinking "everything will be okay" is actually what leads people to sleepwalk into these doom scenarios. (See the worst wars and disasters in the 20th century)
If people (and leaders) think the end is nigh - and something like North Korea could very well result in atom splitting or worse - that actually motivates them to take action or keep the calm.

We've been avoiding the worst exactly because those in charge expect the worst.
The moment this ends. The moment top brass think they can organize a "limited" pre-emptive strike against North Korea with no repercussions - or other delusional neocon masturbation fantasies - is the moment everything will go to hell.

Here is the golden rule

1. nothing will happen, nothing ever happens

That was the logic of Austria-Hungary when it decided to invade Serbia, and the logic of Germany when it to use the situation to have the war they were planning for decades.

Now this is what historical literacy looks like

my life in a single post

Naziposter is correct, the advances in robotic/cybernetic research are fundamental to our ideological priorities, and progressively, our body politic. The only circumvention of this, is through the limitation of AI dealings, and/or the limitations on creating AI systems.

Nothing at all like July 1914, no sir.

I think you underestimate their chances. If Alabama was anything to go by, the Dems are going to give the GOP a serious bruising. They might not take the Senate, but the House will be a blood bath.

I believe the 2018 election will be a referendum on Trump and he will go out of his way to make it one.

This is up in the air, since we already know the government won't be footing the bill on it after passing the Trump Tax.

How do the Dems feel about privatizing our infrastructure?

As a silver lining the Greens are gaining support, becoming more socialist, and less idpol-ish.


lol, you watch too much cnn.

Democrats bring nothing to the table but screeching about russia.
Roy moore was a one off pedo.

There would be MUCH less normies which is great

Hopefully that will backfire. There’s a large Christian Lebanese Diaspora in America that currently mostly like Israel, but if such an event would occur they’d flip.


If they didnt flip in 2006, why would they flip now?

10/10 pretty good. The Dems are economically the same as the Repubs the only difference between the two is that the Dems like Brown people and the Repubs don’t.

Because Israel said there were just getting rid of Hezbollah. They’ll say the same thing now, but it’ll be way more obvious what there true motive is this time around.

Considering how insular this site is, I'll take that as a compliment.


The Democrats that run the party are currently doubling down on centrism and ceremonial swipes at Trump. Any gains they make will be undermined by the splits within the party itself.

And everyone knows that is bullshit.

I honestly have a feeling the US might make a snap decision to retaliate if that happened
My bet is that the Repubs will take a bunch of democratic seats in the Senate and the Dems might take the House. A few state legislatures will flip or go from R control to a mix.

I wonder how long it'll take for these advances to go beyond prototypes and be available to most citizens?

Never be the aggressor. Read theory and be ready to defend yourself and your friends from attack if forced to.

Nah, I honestly am kinda hopeful for the future, NK/Trump notwithstanding.
I'd be a lot happier if the US decided to promise tariffs against Chinese goods in retaliation for inaction on that front. Hell, just promise the Kim family and his buddies life pensions and exile in Manchuria in return for a peaceful handover to a Chinese puppet govt.

g*d bless you nazimensch

If they agree to mass infrastructure privatization they deserve a 2020 wipeout

Party needs a good purge tbh

If other technologies are something to go by? 20-30 years. Mobile phones went from brickphones to smartphones in twenty years. And they've become completely mainstream within thirty. With smartphones being popular even in developing countries. The same goes for PCs, music players, television, etc.

AI must not monopolize control over individual human beings. If ever AI arises, it must allow all humans that assimilate with it to maintain their flesh and their individuality

Don't forget that the DPRK sits on possibly the largest rare earth deposit on the planet. That, together with its strategic position, may be enough to start a preemptive strike. The global economy is going to tank, but the global economy isn't one company, there will always be profiteers from such an event, and the ones who do sit very close to the center of power. What should make one really suspicious is that North Koreans have been basically dehumanized at this point by one of the largest international propaganda campaigns in history, the more dehumanize enemy, the more likely are people going to accept excessive measures. This is conditioning. The last time that happened was during Vietnam.

Remember that during Afghanistan and Iraq the enemy wasn't dehumanized as a collective, the wars against the Taliban and Saddam were supposed to be "clean" and "surgical", cutting the snake's head off, and liberate the oppressed population. And, despite what a liberal would tell you, from a purely historical perspective, these wars were competitively clean and surgical, although the was the problem of insurrection after. With the DPRK, the propaganda is on a whole different level. An entire population gets dehumanized, discarded as "crazy". This is because the propagandists know that a war with the DPRK won't be clean. It would be a catastrophe of a scale unimaginable to people in the 21st century.


Understatement, China and Russia won't just sit on the side lines and the last time the USA fought another major industrial power was WWII plus China and Russia are major nuclear powers that can easily nuke the US ruling class.

Which is exactly why a major war isn't going to happen between those powers. Deterrence works you know.

I have a feeling that shit will hit the fan late next year, the US is going to get tense between the radical socdems vs the incel fascists. Though a possible war against communism will trigger a new shitty milquetoast left wing movement. The UK is gonna be Tories shitting up everything the movie. Maybe Greece and Eastern Europe will erupt into a bunch of civil wars considering how terrible these countries are, and Russia will take the chance to start their alternative imperialism making moves in Latin America. Basically it's going to fucking suck.

Fascists and socdem neoliberals will kill eachother, while NazBol will destroy them both when they are at their weakest! FUERA SIONISTA!

I'd expect more 70s styled terrorism and group clashes yeah, but given that, materially, both sides are basically petit-bourgeois, I don't think it's really possible or reasonable to expect any sort of civil war in the US yet. Even after the incoming crash, it'll depend a lot on how the gov. responds.

I think it depends on if the technologies don't run up against hard natural/biological barriers. Look at the Concorde, beloved symbol of my SocDem Gang: it was just too expensive to maintain a technology that could displace air that quickly and the returns weren't worth it for most people.

What if I'm an incel socdem?

Sorry man you'll side with the fascists unless you hit up the marxist library site

I don't doubt civil unrest in America is possible, I just wonder who would do the fighting. Right wing groups are well armed but lack coordination and an enemy to fight. The cops but all the heads before militias even get a chance.

Honestly doubt that, I'd be further left if the overton window allowed me


Yes World War I proved once you kick of a war between major industrial powers that stopping it is much harder then escalating it. By the end of 1914 all the major power realized they had greatly miscalculated yet all the generals on all sides agreed the only rational course of action was to be the last army standing even if the risk is the entire nation being snuffed out. You had French, British and Germany generals talk about the only way out of the war was too belled the other side to death through attrition. Both sides rushed to develop better chemical weapons and strategic bombing even both sides could put two and two together (that they were rushing towards devloping the means to gas the other's ruling class).

don't care anymore.
hopefully, 2018 will be my last year before moving to my island. i'll never read the news again and spend most of my time fishing.

there are many things i don't know, many thing i'm not sure about but on my +30 years on this planet there is something i'm now 100% sure of.
people suck, this is a staggering constant, no matter what political views, ethnicity, age or gender.
i'm gonna make my life better by limiting my interaction with humans as much as possible.

anti-humanism is gay

the democrats aren't going to win seats because they still haven't learned anything, if anything they loose more seats

by the end of 2018, the democratic party will be on the brink of collapse

The dems collapsing (and being absorbed by the reps presumably) might actually give the left a chance to break through. A two party system with one party of capital and one party of labor (with an armed wing) is our best hope for now

Decided to finally get a full time job after 19 years of neetdom so that's something I guess /shrug. Wavering somewhere between full blown ML, kill all bourgeoisie and anti civilization Anarchism.

How were you a neet for 19 years?

Either you're an ultra perma-virgin, or you don't actually know what NEET means.

2018 will be when a lot of things change.

First of all, Mueller will release his report on "Russian election meddling". In it he will exonerate Trump (regardless of the evidence, Mueller has a lot to gain from blackmail) while demanding Congress pass new censorship laws aimed at "data control" or something similar. There will be a hard, forced turn against freedom of information and powerful computers - people will start seriously demanding that tech companies be regulated. In practice this means more constraints on hardware performance (which works with Trump's protectionism plans) and software. We'll probably end up like Korea where everyone has to punch in a PIN to access the Internet, which is completely monitored. On that note, 5G will be rolled out into test markets and in 2019 ISPs will force wired broadband customers to use them or upgrade to a business plan. And with net neutrality dying, the old media companies will rise from their graves and destroy silicon valley, the tech market will completely crash.

Secondly, it's pretty obvious Trump will do something with North Korea. Be it "precision strikes" as in the Kosovo War or a full-on invasion, Trump will bring them to heel and cause a massive international crisis in the process. Likely Russia and China will get blamed for something (say by giving Kim nuclear weapons components or testing experimental drugs on nork prisoners) and it will cause more sanctions. As the US will begin arming Ukraine during this time, expect things there to heat up again - this could lead to Putin just invading all of Ukraine and occupying it which would lead to Trump invading Cuba (this will become obvious in a moment).

Taken together, what comes after 2018? Well we know for certain three things will happen: the nuclear weapon modernization program will finish, giving the US much more reliable nuclear weapons. The USAF will also select a replacement for the Minuteman missile, and in 2021 New START expires. If Russia is perceived as a clear and present danger to American society (a thing nobody is able to contest because all media is controlled), then that treaty expires and US-Russian relations are sent back to 1968. In such a case, Cuba becomes a existential priority for America because Russia could base nukes off it.

In short, diplomatic relations completely melt apart as society sees all of their remaining liberties taken away.

new nukes + new missiles + lenient use-of-force + mistrust policy = powder keg

(I'm not suggesting a WW3 tier event would occur soon, but it will reemerge onto the horizon)


how can people jack off to this, holy shit

Sure but a lot of the time it really is nothing. For every event that you describe about people walking blindly to their doom I can just as easily cite three events were everybody was ringing our alarm bells and raising hell and nothing fucking happened. Hes not saying "everything will be okay btw" hes just saying that le ebin happening probably wont happen. I dont want Holla Forums to become an epicenter for aimless alarmism, I already get that shit everywhere else.

Yet the ruling class is making the same mistakes they did at the turn of the 20th century. In 1914 western capitalists having only fought colonial wars thought fighting each other would be a cake walk, today the USA having only fought colonial wars since WWII thinks fighting Russia and China will be a cake walk.
Look at the USA building more aircraft carriers when they worthless in a modern nuclear war as tactical nukes can sink entire fleets effortlessly thus China and Russia don't care about the USA having even more carriers as they are just more sitting ducks if WWIII kicks off.

You're not completely right. You're right in the sense that western countries have forgotten much, they don't know how to actually fight a real hard war anymore and wouldn't want to commit the resources to it if it did happen. Likely most would fall right over in a real conflict. However, what you said about the US isn't correct. The US government's problem is that it keeps trying to fight traditional wars and not being able to figure out why non-Europeans don't take well to American nationbuilding efforts. This discrepancy led to ISIS forming where a stable Iraqi government should have.

America's investment in aircraft carriers 100% supports this, if one looks at the broader picture. In particular the F-35 already has some VTOL capability, whatever replaces it will go full VTOL meaning the next generation of non-carrier ships will be built to accommodate onboard fighter jets, freeing up space on carriers for even larger aircraft. Such a thing would allow the Navy to field medium-sized bombers (including ones capable of fielding small ICBMs), transports and tankers, effectively extending the range of the main carrier to entire hemispheres. This makes the carrier extremely difficult to attack.

Likewise, the US's Dept. of Defense is now rapidly adopting UUVs (part of a larger trend in offshore mining) and they have successfully developed laser and railgun weapons for cruisers and destroyers, the only thing stopping their implementation is the lack of a suitable power source (nuclear reactors are very expensive and the Navy doesn't want to spend that type of money on ships that have a higher-than-normal chance of being sunk in combat).

If things were to shift into a serious hard cold war mode, the US would undoubtedly have a massive advantage since they've kept modernizing their military over the past three decades at enormous cost. The people who get screwed the most are countries that didn't namely England, France and Germany.

Also, for what it is worth America has been updating it's nuclear arsenal as mentioned here at an enormous cost (about one ==T==-rillion so far, at least another $50-200 billion for new missiles and this is assuming SALT limitations remain in place, New Start expires those limits are gone and bomb construction can begin again).

Tactical nukes makes carriers easy to attack regardless since subs with anti-ship nuclear missiles can fire far outside where a carrier group can detect it and packs enough firepower to take out the entire carrier group in one blow. This also makes shores a no go zone for carriers as ground based tactical nukes can keep carriers too far away that their planes can't reach the land. Then you have the fact Russia and China are space powers so you can't hide your fleets from them.
The fact Russia and China can launch humans into space while the USA can't means if the war escalates to orbital bombardments that the USA would be a huge disadvantage.

The galactic amount of shit the Trump Administration is letting business get away with in regards to the climate will have long lasting consequences not just in this century, but beyond it.

Everything's fucked. Everybody knows shits fucked.

The question is, will any of this stuff actually work? The US military is the world's largest graft machine. Its role over the past decades has been to funnel money to contractors while maintaining the air of invincibility its huge budget creates. The leadership got their positions by being amenable to this system of legalized corruption, and the political atmosphere of total bipartisan support for unlimited military spending.

This is what paying attention to world affair's the past year feels like. I really do feel like I'm living inside a shitty Stephen King book as it's being written.

This, people don't realize but the US military is generally operating on the brink of complete shutdown. 63% of the Navy's strike craft can't fly due to lack of parts and it's worse in the Marines and Army when it comes to equipment

Did I ever tell you my favorite color was blue?

It'll work as good as it needs to. Building military equipment is no problem for America, it's just a technical problem that can be fixed with more money. The only time equipment failure resulted in a major loss was the sandstorm that wrecked operation Eagle Claw (the attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran), but that also is more of a diplomatic failure because Carter couldn't negotiate their release (because Reagan promised Iran weapons if he was elected) but was also unwilling to commit more troops to it. The Dept. of Defense was so utterly ass blasted over this they created the V-22 and V-280.

What can't be fixed is management. All the US military's problems either come from commanders trying to apply symmetric warfare strategies onto asymmetric conflicts (example: Vietnam) or shit poor diplomatic/nationbuilding efforts on the part of the State Dept. (as is the case in Afghanistan and Iraq see the related book). In the modern day, the problem is all with diplomacy and following up on building countries that are stable allies to America, thus far the US has only succeeded in Europe (Germany) and the Pacific (the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc) while utterly failing in the mideast (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan).

At any rate, America does best when exposed to a "normal" war because that's what everything is setup for. It's battles against idealogies (like Islam) where things don't work properly, because technocrats can't understand what motivates religious people.

source that

If this is true it's insane to me that the US spends way more than other countries for such ineffective shit. Do other countries have the same issue?
Good argument for scaling back spending in the form of "fiscal responsibility"

Most countries do not have functional air forces, which is to say that most countries have more than 90% of their vehicles as non-flight worthy. England, Germany and France in particular. Russia and China technically fits here too however their aircraft are designed to be shit, meaning the they schedule regular engine swaps (at immense cost) to maintain flight worthiness. Which is one of the reasons why the US military is dominant, because even if the cited 63% figure was true it's still 20-40% better than everyone else.

On that topic the countries with the most well-maintained aircraft are those who heavily rely on them for their entire defense such as Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and Israel. Notice how almost all of these countries are in the Pacific.

US ports also aren't able to keep up proper ship production for a modern nation since they're all about 50 years out of date

The Abrams tank has failed in urban warfare compared to the older Patton due to much shorter loiter time. The US army couldn't hope to send in tanks to crush uprising today like they did in Detroit in 1967, the Abrams just sucks too much fuel while idling or driving slow while all diesel tanks sips fuel in such environments. The USA currently is the only nation on Earth that run jet turbine tanks even though the USSR also built them (then Russia stopped building them when they proved logistically impractical in Chechnya).
Also even NATO war games in the 1980's proved that Warsaw Pact would be curb stomping them with the calculated live expectancy of a NATO troops in West Germany during the first day of the war being measured in mere minutes even before chemical and nuclear weapons were brought into the calculations.

CNN is garbage and they linked to this Defensenews article anyway:


This article is mentioning the USN's F-18s and F-16s, which are in a state of disrepair because they are being replaced with the F-35 over the next decade. Over half are grounded because at least a third of them are mothballed in Arizona, where the remaining ones will be sent until they are sold to Canada (who backed out of their F-35 order and is now stuck with our sloppy seconds).

The tank's usefulness in general is called into question by better attack helicopters and mraps, especially with the rise of drone aircraft that can get into places normal reconnaissance planes can't. But again, these weapons are only as good as the civilian leaders behind them, this is where the US fails hard because they don't know how to do that part.

Yes, but that was also when the USSR existed which was 30 years ago.

The next war will probably involve allies of the US bringing the US itself into the conflict. If so there will be plenty of political realities to muck things up.
Some targets are acceptable, some aren't. Some tactics are acceptable, some aren't.
Will the US be willing to risk their expensive and vulnerable carriers in an operation that will put them in range of counterattack, against an enemy fully committed to the fight? Will they risk large aerial operations against well defended targets?

That's not how carriers work. Carriers can carry tankers that give their aircraft extended range. This is the subject of the Dept. of Defense's latest pork project: the MQ-25 UAV tanker. And in a "real" conflict the US would be expected to send full size bombers, who operate on round trip flights from the US mainland. See the use of F-117 and B-2 aircraft in the Gulf, Kosovo and Iraqi wars.

In a Battle for Berlin situation sending in helicopters would be suicidal as anti-air can easily be concealed and attack helicopters could find themselves being pounded by all sides by manpads, along with anti-air artillery hiding in the rubble. Meanwhile the Soviet found even in Afghanistan tanks are highly useful in urban environments as they can de-fortify the enemy.

I don't think so NRx people are normally big advocates of markets, capitalism, and competition which they mistakenly believe maximizes efficiency.

Naziposter is an advocate of central planning.

It already began in South Africa.

Which is why in a true "battle of berlin" scenario everything will be bombed from 70,000 feet first by B-2s. This has been America's winning strategy since WW2 and is what compels the construction of huge bomber fleets, things unique to the US, Russia and China.

And it utterly failed causing them to rely on helicopter air power, which prompted the US to start selling manpads/stinger missiles to the Mujaheddin. The same group the US government found itself fighting after 9/11. Which relates back to: this is all a management issue, especially one with the civilian-led agencies, as in ones tainted by HW Bush and friends.

No, all of Nazi Germany's mobile anti-air retreated into Berlin (plus the Nazis built massive fortified anti-air gun towers in Berlin that stood up to direct bomb strikes) making it the most heavily defended city during WWII by air or ground. Then you have the problem that strategic bombing can't help you when your forces are less then 100 meters from the enemy. The USSR found cannons to be the tool to take a city from a heavily fortified enemy.
Not in the cities, it only failed in the mountains since there tanks had to deal with elevation along with being funneled along a narrow path that the enemy could easily ambush. Yet in the cities the Soviet army always steam rolled over the Mujahideen since there tanks had room to maneuver, they might go down the street or start bulldozing a path through buildings (mostly they did both).

Well I know what I need to do for 2018, forming decenteralized communication networks, Joining Reneck Revolt and SRA chapters, and attempting to form Soviets in the states.
How is the /g/ternet moving along?

I looked into them and they are pure idpol man, killed my spirit

Go join SAlt, PSL, or even just the IWW instead.

Solution: don't deploy ground troops and build a bigger bomb. Again, this has been the US government's strategy since WW2.

Everything seems to be getting worse. I saw an article with a photo of a polar bear dying of starvation, talking about how they're gonna go extinct. Sad shit.

That, and with Trump and the general right-wing surge, it looks like there's no end in sight to all this BS. Oh yeah, and we're still occupying the mideast? Africa? Fuck is that shit?

And worse, everyone here is thoroughly brainwashed to be anti-socialist. How convenient.

Graduated uni, started full-time job. This really helped out my depression like you wouldn't believe.

Contrary to popular belief, college truly brainwashed me and I think I would have more time and money if I never would have went. Ofc, i'm realizing this now after I got out. Wish I could go back to being 18 and tell my parents to fuck off and college isn't as important as they say. Now, I *have* to stay employed to pay off my debt, and I can't afford a better car or housing since at least 240/mo goes to student loans for the next ten years. It's such a fucking dead weight it's not even funny. I don't see a point in my future where I'll have enough for a house. I have to spend whatever money I have right now on a new car, since I've been driving my same car from high school for 10+ years now.

Being at work full-time has made me drink a lot more. I'm super depressed when I go to work. This week I had off for holidays, and it's amazing how being away from work playing my instruments puts me in a good mood again. I've been able to use my day how I wish (for the most part), and drink to my heart's content. My body feels better too since I haven't had to sit in a shit chair all week.

I used to play music, be in band before college.

This next year I'm probably going to scale back my personal spending and leave my cushy office job at some point if it gets to be too much. This means not having healthcare or a retirement plan, which freaks me out quite a bit.

Then again, it's like, make a choice: happy and poor, with time to make music, or miserable and rich? It seems this country doesn't let you have both. I've started to penny pinch and figure out how little I can live on. I'm finding out that is way more important than worrying about how much your raise is gonna be (if it even happens), or how much you could hypothetically get at the next N jobs.

In general, I'm the poster child of the Millennial American Dream – I went to college, did STEM, and I got a good paying job. Yet, it still feels like I'm just getting by – and I refuse to go back to college. I'm done with that shit.

The bright side to all this, is I've learned a lot about what really matters and also learned how little I can trust my own family to make decisions for me. I think I am a late bloomer as far as development, but having caught on to how manipulative people are in daily life has been a bit of a rude awakening for me.

I am hoping the next year, I can have more guts to do what I want, and I'll finally start doing things the way I did when I was 18 – on my terms, not my bosses or my parents'. There's not enough time in the day to satisfy my creative pursuits, so I am going to have to learn to make some sacrifices. I've got some good cash saved up, so if I got fired tommorrow, I could live for another 6 mos… but I need a longer term solution. Still trying to figure that out.

Going into 2018, I've just started to really not like America. Usually people are still "proud of their country" and w/e, but I really have started to badmouth America like a Brit or Iraqi would, but I'm a phukking white male so it takes people by surprise.

I'm 31 and have still yet to find a job that will move me out of my parents' house.

I think suicide is a more reasonable option instead.

man, i'm sorry. my best friend is in this position, he's 29. he's trying to lrn2code, but i don't know how it's going for him. don't kill yourself.

i've only been out of my parents house for 2 years, and its been a struggle, but holy fuck does it bring you out of depression. it sounds fucked up, but being on your own (or at least, for me it is) can be liberating in itself. parents can have a really bad effect on you. i had to move back in with them for a few months last year while moving for a second time. it was hell.

hopefully you find a way out.

I was once a kid with potential who was in the gifted program and took nothing but honors classes. But then I have a friend who is two years younger than me, went to only one semester of college and now that motherfucker is some kind of big manager in another state. Fuck me, I also have almost 100k in student loans because I am also in graduate school, so that I can do something while I find employment. I also have never had a gf on top of all that. There is not much there for me to see, I don't care to finish this story it's boring as fuck.

Oh man, that's always a bad sign. Gifted kids are fucked up.
t. - IB graduate

The xxxpectatión that you are to be the brightest star in a sky full of stars is probably the most damaging thing that the educational system feeds people. Enjoy what you can while you can.

I've never had gf either user. I'm getting to a point where I don't really value love anyways, like I've lost all hope a girl is out there for me. Even just hugging someone would just be nice right now tbh. It's not even sex i care about anymore, it's just that weird fuzzy warm companionship.

But yeah, i have debt too. Not as much, but it's somewhere north of 40k. It will weigh me down for the next decade at least. I honestly resent the older generations for selling us this shit. The whole "you can do anything!!" "you're special!!!" and then proceeding to bitch about how much of a failure "kids these days" are. It is truly aggravating, coming from a kid who did everything right according to his parents. I'm not doing horrible, by any means, but the way people make my life out to be (degree+job=happiness) is simply not reality (degree+debt+alienation=depression).

There's days I just want to go back to being a pot smoking metalhead in high school. I look fondly back at those days and how easy I had it, and how I should have listened to my inner voice and trusted myself. I didn't, and now I feel like I'm working 10x harder just to get back to that point as an adult.

wanna make a bingo of 2018 ? here a template.


It needs to be 5X5, with a "free square" in the middle that says "AGW"

I never graduated highschool so I became a union welder. No joke, within three years of that I already had an $800k mortgage for the house I now live in. I also make money by renting out my spare rooms to dipshits who think they're gonna be the next Zuckerberg.

Organized labor matters, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.


What does AWG means?

Molto bene.

Anthropogenic global warming.

contributing, also for context about the "right to work" square:




Anthropogenic (human-originating) Global Warming.


financial crash
PM Corbyn
unspecified "humanitarian" intervention
grand coalition in Germany
R*java-Assad war
collapse of Iran nuclear deal
Hezbollah-Israel war
it looks tidier when one user does all the filling

If there is one thing we can bet on, it's the sunk cost fallacy.


Add "Zizek pissing off liberals and conservatives at the same time again" pls



tech bubble II needs to be on it

Not anymore. The contemporary NRx sphere has essentially been hijacked by anti-capitalist (and anti-nationalist) "red" reactionaries. (After the original branches were absorbed into mainstream movements, like the alt-right)

there was a pretty full bingo posted why was it deleted

check the log :



Prettified. Added multiple entries. Dropped BO and Zizek.

How should tech crash look like?

Didn't work in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq or Afghanistan. Air forces can't hold ground.

Opps, meant for

Can you give names?

"Corbyn no longer leads the opposition" is one way of putting it.

It needs a PM Corbyn also, can't all be doom and gloom.

My 2017

Nah, that option also allows for a coup or an off'ing: we have all seen A Very British Coup…
Wait what do you mean you haven't seen it? GO fucking watch it for fuck's sake it is on 4oD.

Dark ages news network, Imperial Energy, Reactionary Future, etc. Also a general shift from Anglos to Europeans.
It's been a recent development, partially in response to Trump and the alt-right, but also a general discontent with moldburg's and his successors liberal views. The new reaction (which may abandon the NRx label entirely) is anti-moldburg.
I'm interested to see where it will lead. In the late 00s the NRx (though it didn't really have a name back then) foreshadowed the rise of the alt-right movement.
I think regardless of what name you attach to it, anti-capitalist ideas will become more prominent among the "right" as capitalism breaks down. Including distributism, which is slowly gaining prominence.
It's also interesting to see actual reactionaries take a hard-line stance against nation-states and nationalism, which used to be "sacred" concepts amongst the NRx. (Ironically they're only now beginning to be seen as products of the enlightenment)


that sure worked in korea vietnam and iraq


I wish nuclear hellfire would just cleanse everything, this long, slow decay is too much to bear.

it would have worked in korea if truman let mcarthur use nukes in china, it did work in vietnam, see operation menu, it did work in iraq (twice) and afghanistan

But again, it all comes down to management. The State Dept.'s inability to follow up with nationbuilding ultimately made all military gains irrelevant. The competency of civllian bureaucrats did not match those building the weapons, so the mideast has been in a constant cycle of cleanup operation after cleanup operation since the 50s.

just "tech crash" or "dotcom bubble 2 pops"

also add "macron bans union strikes" or something similar, he's already using antiterror laws against leftist protests so things will only get worse

It didn't work in Vietnam, they dropped more bombs then in WWII and did worse then the USSR in Afghanistan. The lesson the USSR took from WWII was correct, lots of big guns wins wars.

I guess that depends on what you mean by 'worked'. The State Department being unable to follow up competently with nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan is certainly part of that equation, (I don't think they ever really got that chance in Vietnam) but I guess the larger point that someone might make is that if an attacking country is unable to actually produce the results it claims to want (ostensibly peace, or at least normalized trade relations and a somewhat stable government structure) that it should keep its dick out of the beehive.

Killing people and blowing shit up is easy compared to creating mutually-beneficial relationships between organizations and people who have been in a warzone (in some cases courtesy of the people trying to bring them to the table) for years or decades - it isn't something that America has been able to do since, well, basically just with the Marshal plan. After a certain point one questions whether the intention was ever pure in the subsequent cases, or if it was simply profitable to a handful of rich guys and to the military industrial complex.

Artillery isn't called the god of war or king of the battlefield for nothing.

Added both, also US leaving UN and new 911. 3 slots remaining.

Is there something about internet, China, and Russia (other than Putin being elected)?

Tbh I don't think I would even be sad at this point if the air attack warnings went up, fuck this gay earth. The proles don't deserve to be saved

Grudinin makes it to Second round (Russian Election)

US ISPs offer their first cable style internet packages (ie. $5/month to access 'entertainment', ie Youtube, $5/month for 'social media', and so on)

wtf I love naziposter now.

wtf i'm a nazi now

By putting the two bitcoin slots in the same column it's essentially impossible to get a bingo

Sanders does a 1979 Baath party purge of the democratic party

I think i know how. He's probably like me, but ive only been a neet for 15. Had a job couple months ago for 2 months, became neet again. But im gonna have to find another pretty soon.

Keep your chin up brother. Fellow STEMfag here, except I failed at getting a job in the field out of college and now work data entry graveyard shift at a lab. I feel your pain and have tried to learn more about the world in my spare time, listen to podcasts during my shift. Made friends with a philosophy professor online and have learned quite a lot from him.

See I've sort of tried to become the opposite. Right now I'm reading Richard Rorty's "Achieving Our Country" and so far it seems like a promising roadmap for the future of the left. In this political climate I think it's important to be strong and exude a sense of optimism and hopefulness that will attract others to your views; there's a belief on the right that lefties are anti-American, unpatriotic, etc.


America Nukes the DPRK
DACA Expires with no resolution
Wall Gets Built
American Economy Collapses
Civil unrest increase
More countries want to leave EU
Far right gains more power in Europe
WWIII starts by years end


It's hardly impossible given extreme volatility of bitcoin. But if people think it should be switched, I'll do it.



Comments on what to edit/add/remove/shift?

Bingo is complete but I can imagine italian politics spiralling down into chaos and the government becoming the arm of a technocratic authoritarian EU Idon't know for other PIGS but here distrust of government is at all times high and considering they have done the "put up dem technocratic bois" before (mari monti) I guess were rollin hard into another similar thing

I find it very hard to believe right-wing anti-capitalism anti-nationalism will gain any sort of ground whatsoever.

You better be talking about South or Eastern Europe, because a uprising in Northwest Europe is less unlikely than one in Burgerland. An uprising is by far most likely in a PIGS nation. A neo-nazi uprising in Poland comes as second.


I think a national right to work law in the US is most likely.

And your point is?

Why the US will want to lose it's power to conduit senctions?

Tbh neo-nazi poland invading Germany would be hilarious

I wonder if the EU is heading the way of Burgerland. Long term political dysfunction, regional enmities resulting from massive inequality, and resurgent right wing anti immigrant sentiment. The neolibs still have a strangehold on power and will use every trick in the book to exclude the left, up to and including starting a war to give a short term boost to profitability.

I don't know about that tbh. Not the EU nor most of its member states have militaries that can project force independently. They will always have to act like hangers-on to the US.
Except for the French. So keep an eye on this whoreson.

Slavs aren’t white, until they are.

Predictions for the twenty first century.

The EU will turn into Burgerland with low wages, high corruption, cultural commercialization and a liberal vs. conservative political binary.

Burgerland will turn into the middle east, with high unemployment, radical religious violence, being imperialized by the EU and China, high illiteracy, and complete economic dependence on Energy exportation. (Shale oil, Natural Gas, Uranium/Plutonium/Thorium mining, and mass wind and solar farms) But hey on the upside, America cruise will become better, just like the middle east.

Macron will bring around 1968 mk.II I swear down.


Radical violence is already happening in the US, and it has a religious feel despite not being overtly religious. Remember the Vegas shooting? Horrific acts of public terrorism disappear down the memory hole when carried out by white men who worship american exceptionalism. Such views are very mainstream, you'll get called a commie for even mentioning the American empire in polite company.


Yeah but they also disappear down the memory hole when carried out by other people too at this point. The only one that really sticks is muh 9/11