Tech Bros Bought Sex Trafficking Victims by Using Amazon and Microsoft Work Emails

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I fucking hate men who pull this fucking bullshit.

Asian woman don't want jack shit to do with you, fuck off. Eat shit. I'm glad you're getting fucking fired.

I hope they get fucking humiliated for this bullshit. Disgusting

Stop kink-shaming him, bigot.

If you work for microsoft or amazon you're basically "asking for it"

You could tell me tomorrow that Jeff Bezos personally skins homeless people alive every day and I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

They were prostitutes. Regardless of origin story. You're making it sound like they put these girls in sex dungeons

Nothing wrong with utilizing the services of prostitutes(Defending human trafficking)

Yeah nah, get fucked cunt.

I said I hate men who play the racial prefrence game and brag about it 1) Nobody wants to hear it so shut up you sound like an asshole 2) That obviously applies to people who you just showed. All three of them.

Are you twelve

Do you know what human trafficking is

A hotel room becomes a dungeon if you're chained to something.

You're physically repulsive, and I hope you fall face first into a vat of fiery hot cooking oil.

Are they recruiting moderation directly from r/socialism now?

It's moderation from r/socialism if the mods don't have a positive opinion about human fucking trafficking

Nah, get fucked cunt. I hope everyone who defends human trafficking, THROUGH FUCKING SILICON VALLEY, gets banned for life.

Of all the things to complain about, banning someone for defending human trafficking is the one you go to.

Hoochie, are you posting without your trip again?

Consider my almonds activated. Care to elaborate?

Prostitution isn't like other professions. That being said, it isn't like these guys aren't doing something that thousands of the women's own countrymen don't do every day. The crime here is that there are prostitutes at all, not that someone partook of their services.

That being said, what the fuck is it with people using the word "bro" as some kind of pejorative? The bro community looks down upon prostitution as we would only ever fuck women who are literally asking for it.

You're disgusting

There is nothing necessary about prostitution.
There's a huge difference between reluctantly consuming food/clothing made under oppressive circumstances, and buying women: much less strangling them and bragging about it to your balding Silicon Valley faggot friends.

I'm saying that people only care because a white guy is doing it, when this is an evil that goes way beyond that. People will police these guys more, but these women will still be slaves.

That's a knee-jerk reaction if I've ever seen one. Read his post again.

Maybe an American news outlet cares because it happened in America?
Maybe because it's being facilitated through mainstream corporate channels rather than dimly lit back alleys in Bangkok?

I care about this article, that's all this thread is about. Stop making it more than it is.

Nonetheless they did it, and they deserve all the scorn in hottest hell for buying fucking kidnapped sex slaves who were probably kidnapped when they were children.

Fuck all of this.

I like how you neglected to mention that the prostitute also works a dead end job with no prospects or hope.

This shouldn't be a barrier for socialists, who are internationalists by default. The plight of these women is our plight too. Where do you think the US is headed?

You actually are disgusting. I hope you're in the Bat'ko video. Fuck. You.

If you don't care about this anymore than outrage porn, then what are you doing here? This is more than just this article.

People are getting mad at these men who used their money and positions in corporate power to exploit kidnapped women sold for sex, putting them in god damn chains. Fuckkkkk that

Jerk off and learn to make friends. Your feelings don't excuse human trafficking. There's no right to sexual gratification.

This is just a transparent deflection tactic on your part.

"dudebros" are the smoke monster that hardcore intersectional wiccans seem to be preoccupied with wrangling all the time, like a photo negative of "tumblr sjws" essentially. Basic, transparent psychological othering. Content farms will hire fucking anybody so you'll run into articles peppered with that kind of thing all the time. I don't think I've seen a fauxhawk or popped collar in fifteen years but daggummit we gotta stop those fuckers.

Why do you think I don't care. I'm having a visceral reaction to reading this. Is it wrong that I'm angry about it?

You gave me a shitty reason and I fail to see how prostitution is "necessary" because you hate yourself and can't connect with another human being enough to get laid on your own. The problem is you, my friend.

C'mon guys, I was talking to him, did you have to delete all his posts like that? Fucking hell.

I'm not the one claiming that the only reason I care is because it involves rich white guys. Have you ever helped these people? They exist in your country, and in every country. I'm not saying don't rage at this. That's fine, but if this is the full scope, then you don't know half of it.

Because you told me to stop making it more than it is. And you're not wrong for being angry, but if this is the first time you've even thought about it, it's a little silly to think this is the biggest evil in the whole. It gets much worse, and it's probably going on in your city. When I was a younger, a buddy of mine took me to this Asian bar, and he bragged about how you could rent a room, and they would bring you prostitutes, and how he could set us up right then. He also mentioned that most didn't speak English. Obviously I didn't do it, but not because I disliked the situation. I was just afraid of catching something. Almost ten years later, it still bothers the shit out of me. The real shitty part about this article is that nothing will be done about any of this other than to throw these women in prison or to deport them if they came here illegally.

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I really think that discussion was unproductive. You aren't going to get anything out of people that think prostitution is "just another job". It's a job that especially exploits workers out of more than just surplus value. Prostitution is not like other work, and sex should never be treated as a commodity. Some guys are lonely, sure, and we need to take care of them, but by giving them a therapist, not a prostitute.

I'm from Canuckistan.

What if I feel like playing internet therapist?

Just gonna leave this here:

I don't think you should play as something if you aren't that thing. I counseled many guys on stuff, but that's because it was part of my job. We had a real therapist for serious shit. Basically, you should understand that you're more likely to fuck things up than no, so you should leave it to a professional. I understood that after taking many courses and doing the job for a while.

Being pro-sex work doesn't mean being pro-human trafficking. Pure bourgeois mentality. "They had a choice, lel. Starving to death being sold as a sex sla… I mean… becoming a sex worker."

Meanwhile actual prostitutes just want to do their work in peace and with respect.

The banned poster's opinions are more akin to what a redditard would say.

prostitution is just legal human trafficking, endorsed by the laws of capital - do you seriously think women sell themselves out of enjoyment and not dire need?

Nobody does labor out of enjoyment you retard.

10/10 bait.

The answer is - nope. I strongly suspect any attempts to point out your hypocrisy will result in a ban.

Go explain this:

I don't care about OPs post. It's quite obviously another feminist framing out to demonize those born with testicles, so I couldn't give a shit if those whores were chopped up with chainsaws. Go bother someone else with this crap.

The title of this article is fucking cancer and implies they bought slaves.

This guys right though and shouldn't of been banned. There is nothing wrong with paying for sex. The problem is the brothels these lads went to wasn't kosher when it comes to human rights.

How many times do we have to go over this, THIS APPLIES TO ALL KINDS OF WORK!

Do you think construction workers ruin their backs out of enjoyment and not dire need? Do you think sanitation workers want to stand in shit all day out of enjoyment? What about fast food workers, do they like to stand in front of a hot greasy grill? I'm sure lumberjacks and miners just love the thrill of being in mortal danger, and don't do their job out of dire need either.

Sex workers are currently worse of than legal workers, but that is exactly because their work is in the illegal sphere. If you want actually help these women, and not just sanctimoniously signal your virtuous opposition to the patriarchy, you would support legal protections and unionization for sex workers, and ideally also a ban on pimping.

Here, you dropped your flag.

look, having sex with someone you don't know for money is far more intimate and invasive than cooking some plastic cheese onto a burger for them, or cutting down trees. but I do agree with what you're expressing here.

Child workers are currently worse of than legal workers, but that is exactly because their work is in the illegal sphere. If you want actually help these children, and not just sanctimoniously signal your virtuous opposition, you would support legal protections and unionization for child workers.

Merry Christmas.

Pure hysterics. And you can put your passive aggressive Merry Christmas up your asshole.

imagine my fucking shock

onanist socialist, writing on Holla Forums in 2025:

They will not be called child sex workers, but unpaid sex interns.


Remember when Holla Forums was fun?

He is right in a way, if you make something illegal you have to put in the money to enforce it well. Otherwise it really does create economic incentives (the reward outweighs the risk).
People are quick to make something illegal while absolutely refusing to pay the cost of enforcement.
If you really want kiddie hookers banned, you need to be willing to raise taxes to do it. Otherwise make it legal, not even kidding. Doing it half assed makes things worse in my opinion.