Teenager charged with killing girlfriend’s parents who believed he was an ‘outspoken neo-Nazi’


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How many times do we have to deal with this before we start outing these fucks

We need a me too movement where, it's not outing people who are sexual predators, it's outing neo nazis who are potential fucking spree killers

So much for the "family values" Right.

even dumber than Hitler was.


Well, it makes sense since Hitler rose to the top of the heep.

I guess we'll see pic related irl soon.


Hope he stays in a fucking coma

Okay, you libcucks need to stop bringing up these isolated incidents. Everyone knows that leftists are the real fascists. Look how many windows they smashed!

Every window they smash, could have been a baby one day!

And before anyone asks. He was clearly defending himself from their fake news smears. His gf's antifa parents were obviously trying to punch him. What's the evidence that he was even a Nazi? They "believed" he was a Nazi so now he has to have tfw no gf? Fuck off libtards.


I only wish he'd been smart enough not to get caught.


I hope he lives, not in a vegetative state, but fully lucid. I love the idea that he tried to take the coward's way out like the fuhrer but will instead spend the rest of his life, disowned by everyone he knows, rotting in prison

Same here but Nazis aren't known for planning ahead or thinking.

No, I was talking about the iPhone guy. I thought he was just mad at Apple? He was a Nazi?


Hey man, have some respect.

It's incredibly hard to hit a target that small.


I hooktube out of princple



Do we have a real source?

Holy shit I know that guy he is molymeme


Has someone been tallying up all these cases? I am pretty sure we are on like 10-15 dead by now…


Usually I'm all for picking out every single piece of evidence against nazi fucks and using it against them but this time I'm not.
The kid probably had severe mental problems and other things like that, his autism may have led him to being nazi, but politics have nothing to do with him killing them, it was a personal sperg out about them not liking him and him not liking them. You know normalfags are very obviously going to point this out and side with the right wingers, and accuse us of nitpicking for political reasons.

hi Holla Forums

Don't take gfs away from boys. She belonged to him, not her parents. If they allowed her to get a bf then they should have recognized this transfer of power. Now they paid with their lives. Sad…

Was he actually a nazi?

I'm not Holla Forums, I'm just telling you all the truth, you know that normalfags will come to the kids defense and will see through this story without a political lens, you know we'll end up looking worse than before.

And lemme guess, Holla Forums will find more controversy in my statements than actual nazi's won't they?

Now imagine if the boy was black, and the parents didn't want her racemixing.

Would you be saying the same thing?

Even if he was that very clearly wasn't the motivation for the case what so ever.

A strong parent completely controls the partner of their children. A weak parent complains about the choices after they have given them that freedom.

If you allow your daughter to enter the lassiez faire sexual market, you have already defiled her purity. So you have no right to complain afterwards, or your life will be in danger.

I posted a thread on Holla Forums to gauge their reactions.

Most of them are too far gone tbh. Makes me sad

Like being a nazi, lmao

Look, you aren't white, so I get that you're against white defense. But it's quite logical for those wanting to defend themselves against threats, and you shouldn't say its retarded to do so

Details in the story: the propaganda images on the killer's Twitter account with a noose under a homophobic slur and the words "white revolution" sounds like Iron March propaganda. What's left of Vanguard America post-Charlottesville has also adopted a lot of Iron March-esque imagery.

Iron March was a neo-Nazi forum that spawned Atomwaffen Division, a small group that advocates "leaderless resistance" as outlined by James Mason in his collected newsletters SIEGE. There was an Atomwaffen cell in Tampa, Florida but one of the members converted to Salafism and murdered two of his roommates (both members).

Atomwaffen ("atom weapons") look like characters from Fallout and they basically want to nuke the whole world. They're also into Charles Manson. Other Nazis see them as ridiculous edgelords but the style appeals to young men with sick ideas in their heads.

Iron March was taken down a few weeks ago, and the scuttlebutt I've heard on neo-Nazi podcasts was that the owner might've been pressured by the Russian government / FSB, as he lived in Russia and the servers were located there.

I would guess, imagining this kid's Twitter account, that his avatar is a creepy dude in a skull mask. Stuff like "READ SIEGE" in the bio, etc. etc.

I'm inclined to agree. I'm reminded of Elliot Rodger, sorta. He was a hybrid case where he had an ideological mission to kill all the "beta males" in the world, and something like 90 percent of all women, but he also started his little spree by murdering his roommates because he was jealous that they had girlfriends.

If he had just murdered his roommates because he was jealous, would that be terrorism? Not really. So what this Nazi kid did wasn't really terrorism.

But this is interesting, because you're basically creating an ideological justification for interpersonal-familial Nazi terrorism.

The parents didn't like him because he was white. If his race was reversed then you would be saying he's a hero.

Sounds familiar

I can't tell if this is satire or you're just an ordinary Holla Forumsyp.

Stop defiling my flag cuck my understanding of human primal psychology is too advanced for you

There are probably liberal SJWs who would actually think that, but if you want to stick within your race, that is your right. But you have no right to other people's children because of some twisted idea of a sexual "marketplace."

"Mutual respect in the family, and care for the upbringing of the children" was the eighth rule of the USSR's codified moral rules.

I'm whiter than you amerimutt.

you kidding me? what about building up the casus belli in Poland?

if anything, they should have deposed hitler when it was clear he wanted to fuck his own army over irrelevant russian objectives, and you'd have a nice svastika as armband by now. And you probably would like it. Not Socialism is socialism.

Yes. As an European I'd love being killed and enslaved!
Pics and PDF related: White-Genocide

On the second image: Does the right-wing truly dream of a revolution? Haven't most governments that have adhered to something akin to their power-fantasies gotten into power trough military coups or by semi-democratic means? I think most of said takeovers have been acting within the system or punching from the top down and do not therefore really qualify as revolutions, which I consider as mass movements growing from the bottom up and outside the existing framework.
Am I completely misinformed or are they really falsely dreaming that their ideals could truly rile up and mobilize a large enough mass of people to qualify as an revolution? Or are they simply appropriating left-wing lingo as usual, using the term vanguard and all that?

Nazis has damaged more white people than any other race could dream of.



The people do want an alt right revolution, but they are uninformed so they aren't quite versed in politics. A revolution would be ideal

Most people I know - especially poor white working class - are too busy trying to make ends meet. Or find themselves on the other side of the aisle, and have no need for a "revolution" to elevate hardships they're not suffering.
Outside a few obscure corner's on the internet most (white) people couldn't care less about your nazi masturbation fantasy.

Perhaps if you'd go outside more you'd realize people are generally more concerned about keeping their jobs, being able to support their children, or making sure they can afford healthcare or a pension. Rather than you know, cuck porn or the screechings of some "literally-who" liberal jew. (Which are even rarer outside the anglo-sphere)

average Holla Forumsype

its just such a fucking tragedy.
imagine how the daughter must feel

idk I just don't see it working out

serious post: i think they really believe it, but i also think the far right is repeating a lot of mistakes of the new left in the late 60s. the new left's politics were very "expressive" and based on self-expression. "we just need to express ourselves." basically, running down the street waving a viet cong flag. the weather underground was also based on a misreading of che's foco theory where expressive acts of revolutionary violence will "wake up" the working masses (that's not what foco theory is really about though).

the alt-right today is very self-expressive: memes and such, and emphasis on big rallies and flash demos. their main internal arguments are about *how* to express themselves, down to the very outfits they wear. but the strategy is threadbare. i don't think it's going to work.

the thing with AW / "white revolution" masonites is that they're twisted even more than your regular pol nazi. they rarely show themselves in public but the one in this photo popped up awhile ago in san antonio. obviously, he looks sick; you can see it in his face. i'd say some of these more extreme groups are like ISIS in a way.


You should try murdering more innocent people, that will surely get the population on your side.

This. People don't want this fucking Nazi shit, and even if all their needs were met they still wouldn't want it.


If you want to see delusion there's a 4/pol/ thread right now regarding this.

He can't even shoot straight!

it's about what i expected

Well, it looks like their daughter dodged a bullet.

That arab guy is handsome af


for what purpose


oh these guys. they're hardcore

Ive spoken to ironmarch dudes online before, theyre just peak edginess. Its absolutely hilarious

yeah. i'm sure some of them really are dangerous at least on an individual level, but they think they're white ISIS. the thing is, ISIS is/was way more hardcore and well-organized.

And they still got BTFO after a few years. Apocalyptic edginess doesn’t work for he sole reason that nobody wants to live that way. Even all the Sunni tribes that initially backed ISIS dropped them after they saw how batshit they were. The same thing happened to the Khmer Rouge.

Boy I bet he has really won the girl's heart!

It's not the same thing tho.
This is totally forced.

her libtard parents got btfo xDDD

Remember guys. Antifa, is a terrorist organization.

Epic style

What the fuck do you do to let your 17 year old kid end up a nazi and kill you for being liberal?

I fuckin swear, stop calling biracial people mongrels

holy shit i remember this kid had a weird youtube channel from his high school years were he acted in drama skits
now he screams in public about "fags killing themseleves"

This has the potential to be a pretty good movie tbh

We really shouldn't do that as leftists. We should get rid of a lot of shit like this in ourselves, but we should watch not to go too far and start tone-policing. Mongrel is not really a negative word in and of itself. It's just a descriptor of a mix. Personally, it doesn't offend me, but things like "coon" or other terms for black people that have different ideologies, should be left to last resort, lest we be seen as a racist side. The "leftists are the real racists" image should be fought, not at any cost, but whenever possible.


Posting this because it involves killing a girl's parents in an effort to be with her.


You bastard, you beat me to it.

Both liberals AND nazi's got btfo. Doesn't get better than this.

Plus, we have that much less americans in the world :^)

Nazishaming kills and affects real people
Think next time before you call somebody nazi and push him over the edge, im sure he was a gud boi

You think they'll still send him to jail now that he's a certified vegetable?


family values to them is usually just some self preservation thing. theyre proud to be animals and thats all there is to it.