We are not all inbred retards. A lot of us are leftist communists, especially in mixed suburban neighborhoods...

We are not all inbred retards. A lot of us are leftist communists, especially in mixed suburban neighborhoods. And I think there are more of us than you think. If you are american, and are leftists communists post here. If you aren't american, feel free to ask questions.

if you are american please get off my board(This isn't your board.)

That wasn't very nice.

Oh come the fuck on, I'm an American and this thread's existence is retarded. Move this to /leftytrash/

Kys american


Burgers should be wiped out.
t. - burger

Why do you hate us. Some of us are environmentalists and make an actual effort to change the planet. The problem is we're outnumbered compared to all of the idiots living here

I promise you most of us don't look like that.

If there's one person on Holla Forums right now who deserves to be banned, it's you.

Some of us are part of the proletariat. Not all of us are burgers.

it's a joke dude
don't take it too personally

This. Burger here and the broad anti american sentiment is justified. There are certainly not "a lot of us", the only times ive met other commies that arent friends i grew up with or radicalized poor blacks and hispanics they were LARPing red-liberals who will be regular liberals in a few years.

The people who say america is hopeless and should be nuked are mostly shitposting and its not like the ones that arent have any authority. And america is fucked. The average american would execute their mailman for being a government agent before they spoke out about the corporate cock being rammed up their ass.

I have sympathy for poor americans and consider them my comrades regardless but holy fuck trying to discuss politics with them is going to cut 25 years off my life

I don't consider myself American but nationally I am.

I honestly can't argue with that. A bulk of Americans are thick headed. Part of that is our shitty education system and shitty sensationalists media.

i honestly think that in order for global socialism to be achieved america will have to collapse.


Oh absolutely, I hope it breaks apart in my lifetime. I hope it does without massive bloody civil war and cities being nuked tho

Maybe that's true. Idk.


murica is just a spook anyways

I don't think he's implying the board belongs to him. "Get off my board" is used quite often in chan parlance.

I wish more Americans opposed American imperialism because in the long run, it doesn't benefit the American working class. It alienates them from the rest of the World.

I have American friends. My oneitis is American. I like American music, like traditional country, blues, honky-tonk, jazz, and bluegrass. I love American, especially Dixie food. America's constitution guarantees the Working Class the right to bear arms. I don't think it is the American working class who deserves to be hated. My anti-Americanism is exclusively focused on its dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and imperialist foreign policy. The bourgeois state is NOT the American people and it certainly does not represent the Burgerland proletariat. The disdain and bitterness directed toward Americans is exactly why Burgerland imperialism is harmful for her working class. It probably sucks to be a self-aware American prole and I entirely sympathize with them in that regard. Let's not exclude and ridicule our Burgeristani comrades if they know and understand how broken their system is, for they are the only ones who can actually do anything about it.