Be on pornhub because bored

Words cannot express the extent of my disappointment.

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First give me link, second she look like my cousin, third she's a fucking yankee whore

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Apology of imperialism is not allowed, fucking kill yourself stupid amerimutt

how does Stalin's penis taste? is it well-preserved?

oh look the sage didn't work. again.

t. Totally not a yankee idiot

I don't know who is the dude pushing this sixth grade soldiers are filthy traitorous imperialist mercenaries etc etc thing here lately but the fact you develop emotional attachment to porn stars is very suiting

Fuck you, you're not my comrade.

First, it's not a pornstar. Second… looking ridiculous was kind of the point.

SK is literally occupied by fucking US troops.
Go back sucking yellow ribboned cock stupid bitch

What the fuck is she? Just some random chick you saw in the comments?

I always wonder
do these army girls sleep in a separate barrack or what?
from my mandatory time in the army I can tell that any girl would've been raped day one
the only woman I've seen in the army was a medical officer who tried to keep as far away from us as possible

Where the fuck are you from?

east euro

Can't handle my meme powerlevel.
^I will eventually upload this on Pornhub.


I suspect. I don't know, to be honest.

Well, sexual assault is very high in the US military.

Here is the link since OP is a massive faggot.

hope she'll have a daughter that gets raped and run over by US military personal

That's sick

If he's a faggot can he come to my place?

Yes, yes, yes. Forgot to do that. Thank you.

Aaaaaah, man. Now that's just fucked up.

it is but at least it'd affect a whore that deserves it

I'm a straightfag.

God damn it

why do people even maintain pornhub profiles? Are there actual discussion topics on pornhub? I cant imagine even taking the time to actually create an account. Whats the point?

The only ones who deserve to be raped are pedophiles. Not even imperial grunts deserve that.

i can feel pity for pedophiles as long as they're not criminals, this whore however wouldn't deserve any less working for child raping and murdering scum

Brings to mind that episode of internetcommentetiquette about porn comments.

Memes, of course!

On a more serious note, accounts are mostly maintained to manage favorite videos, send dick/tits/pussy pics and post videos.

They look like dating profiles listing whether you're single and what you're interested in for hook ups. I imagine there is some decent porn discussion on the site. I've had way too many discussions about eroge and JAV on imageboards to count.

I think they can be used to do that. Personnally, I use it to subscribe to my favorite memeticians, qt female users and those with patrician porn taste.

I am adding this to my Pornhub meme folder.

Dude, you don't even know her motives. And even if her motives were ideological, I doubt she knows that Burgerland is an imperial power.

And by pedos I meant more specifically child molesters.

Dude she's fucking south korean. You have to be fucking blind to not know what americans do. Even fucking psy is anti american.

she's a volunteer, women joining military aren't the ones who do this for economic reasons
if she doesn't know the shit ameriscum did to the korean people then that only means she's even more indoctrinated and disgusting

this, at least used to be before he apologized so they'd keep buying his shit

i know, which is why i clarified

Yeah, ok. She's beyond cucked.

My South Korean friend has lived in the US since she was 14 and actually wanted to join the Marines. She really doesn't know shit about American or Korean history much less politics.

Who wants a communal pornhub account

Can't access the link.

Your south korean friend is a cuck. I'm half south korean but I didn't grow up in gagnam or some other fancy penthouse around K Pop stars. People who lived near bases would gadly lynch americans soldiers for breakfast.

That's what I assume about most people who serve the imperialists usually. That includes my younger brother, actually.

Copy paste
I give thou the communal porn account.

The password is "Bolshevik", try NOT to share this with people who might fuck it up. And please, keep "it" somewhat tame.

Well, she was dirt poor in Korea and is still poor, but I think it has more to do with complete ignorance than anything.

Now this is a coop I can get behind
HOLY SHIT I just had an AWESOME idea. What if there was a service where you and your friends could pay for a subscription account, but the site you go through for the subscription would manage the account for you (through a trusted admin), so that at no fags could delete it/edit it.
Example time: You want to make a communal pornhub account. You go to this website. You make an account, and though that account you make the pornhub account. You are the administrator as creator of the account. You let people on through this site, (they use a password), and the account automatically puts in the pornhub password. Now they don't know the pornhub account password, so they can't log into it without this site, only the admin can do that. The site stops them from deleting the pornhub account, and now it is a communal account. They can add to a wallet of funds for paying subscriptions, etc…
My main orry about this is that site owners would add captchas to logins, making the site unable to log in for you. Maybe the admin and mods would "login" the site to the pornhub account, bypassing the captcha, and then the password on the site would just allow the communal users to use the ponrhub account. Holy shit boys is this possible?! It could be like a screen viewer type situation. Could we bring coops and demonetize the internet?! It would be like pirating, maybe you wouldn't even need a site just some dedicated software and a hub computer. It could just be a cheap one too. Criticism is NEEDED boyz.

Someone should explain to her what american soldiers do to girl her age

Why are army people more rapey than prison people?

same milleu they're recruited from, sometimes ex prisoners going to army, lack of empathy, opportunity

In wartimes they're pretty much the same vermin, as says

I-is this the power of Marx?

Thanks, comrade.

We must seize the means of porn production.