tl;dr Justice Democrats wanted to throw out Cenk for sexist comments he made 18 years ago so Cenk resigned. Kyle disagreed with JD's decision but did not want to override the overwhelming majority of the JD staff so he resigned along with Cenk. Both of them are still in full support of JD but from outside.

TYT fucked up by allowing cointelpro-tier idpol types into their movement to sabotage it. Now they're paying the price.

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that logo is terrible

Liberals shoot their own more often than the NKVD.

"cointelpro-tier idpol types" is a perfect description of TYT itself

Justice Dems is perhaps a worse alternative to the fucking Democratic Cops of America. This is some cosmic retribution for bankrolling such a dumb platform

Oh wow it's almost like all attempts to reform the Democrats into even piecemeal socdems get crushed from the inside or co-opted

Why do these people always resign and enter total damage control mode at every controversy? Like Jesus, if this is enough to make you collapse then how are they going ot withstand a proper wave of right-wing attacks if they ever become a threat?

Because they don't realize that SJWs are merciless, heartless parasites who take any sign of weakness or concession as a license to destroy you. They're so used to all of their opposition either coming from self-avowed rightists, or being less leftist than them, that they can't conceive of a blood enemy originating from inside leftism itself.

In a world where Chapo Trap House replaces TYT

I am not a fan of Cenk or anything but what exactly is wrong with those statements? They seem like normal het guy things.


Normal joking around with the guys talk, but still a shitty thing to say. Regularly hear people say far worse shit about women on Holla Forums. These kinds of jokes do make me pretty uncomfortable when someone makes them in person though.

i love it when they do that shit to themself, then i get mad that i'm not in a position to inflict any damage to them myself

not that i'd know what het guy things are but there are popular song texts i find more disturbing than some fuck talking shit while thinking with his dick

Tried to tell people JD reeked of failure and wouldn't even last to the next major election. "Progressives" are shit and won't accomplish a damn thing, they're just a joke in American politics.

Chapo is shit too.

Prime example of why idpol should never be tolerated if the left wants any chance at winning. Either they were co-opted or they don't realize that this kind of virtue signalling will kill their organization.

That's true, every straight man knows he has the best genetic material on his block, and it is his responsibility, nay, his duty to spread his genetics to compatible femoids. This is completely factual and utterly serious.

Felix is a better poster than you

Fuck off

Why are the even trying to save the democrats?



Oh gee golly, spoiled rich kids mixing shallow leftism and poop jokes! Just what the world needs!

Chapo is crap and the Chapo community is even more cancerous.

t. butthurt liberal gatekeeper or butthurt ultra (irrelevant) gatekeeper

okay, keep throwing your monies at chapo and supporting "progressive" horseshit so you can bring social democracy to the world or something. It'll certainly work despite social democracy's ongoing failure.

fuck that Turkroach motherfucker

Felix is still a better poster than you though

Ok. If you insist

Fucking lmao.

I was gonna come in here from the title and be like "wait, so does this mean the Justice Democrats are ok, now?"


But talking about SJW's and idpol cancer is brocialist fedora whining, right?

Classic vampire castle.


The word cuck gets thrown around a lot, but here it seems appropriate.

RIP Justice Dems. We hardly knew ye.

I remember I watched some TYT video when I was a kid where he subtly bragged about his dick size, he's honestly such a dipshit

It's only a matter of time they come after fucking Chapo.

When was the last time Weird Twatter goon'd one of their own?

ROFL, good. As head of a media organization, Chunk should never have been involved in such a blatant example of political favoritism in the first place.

Justice Democrats are divide and conquer trash anyway though. Reforming the Democrats is just about the biggest waste of time and energy possible, even for a social democrat.


Cosby-gate already happened and twitter has a "Nick Mullen and his crypto-fascist friends REEEEE" sperg-out every other month. All that happens every time is some lib thinkpieces and dismissal after all of 3-4 days max

You know and I know that as SJWs exist now, most are no longer leftist (much like neocons originating as Trots), and that large amounts of intervention from outside the left was involved in the creation of SJWs, for instance:

But it's undeniable that certain factions within leftism were where SJWs spawned.



You have to admit that this is quite impressive, what a wonder of technology!


well documented phenomenon. Hitchens is the Ur-example


Who gives a shit? They're from the bourgeoisie and Cenk is a capitalist pig.

Idpol libs are gonna lib. Never apologize to those scum, it only encourages them.

The sentiment is disagreeable but it's just words - it's not like he raped or even groped someone - and from 18 years ago at that. Sick of these fucking witchhunts.

They do it to Chapo all the time. Even if they managed to dig up some genuinely good dirt on Chapo, they've cried wolf on them so many times I doubt it would stick.

does Sam Kriss count as weird twitter?

Neocons orgininate from Trotskyists? What is it then? Trotskyism for the bourgeoisie?