Communism doesn't work: Prove me wrong

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Stopping here, faggot. Communism isn't an entity, and as such can't "believe" anything. You're retarded and need to read a book.

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Read stirner

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Did you learn about actual evolution, or what the right-wing thinks evolution is.

And you gommies won't immediately die in an actual communist scenario?
I doubt it, since most of you don't work out and therefore look like (pic related).

Can you explain what he exactly says about human nature? because I'm not going to read it.
btw, if someone told you to "read mein kampf" on a debate about NS, would you read it? I

Why do leftists always say something like
Instead of actually saying their argument out loud or showing an example?

This is simply not fucking true.
We have threads like this everyfucking day, we get tired and we say read x instead on explaining shit everytime

Every american looks like that

I've read Mein Kampf, most of it is Hitler bitching about Austria and parliamentary governments and social democrats, and the rest is him telling the reader how to he's going to be a tricky cunt and trick people to join his party. NS has no theory and therefore has no praxis unlike Marxism/Anarchism.

You're the one making claims about human evolution you aren't justifying, and are somehow tying tribalism (which you're just using as a euphemism for modern nation-state nationalism) vs globalism (as you define it) to leftism. Also, what the fuck is this if you're religious you can't believe in evolution shit?

Shoulda figured, fucking brainlet. Muh hooman natur is a term without any real content, as it refers to nothing beyond ideas in your head. Yet this meaningless label haunts you like a ghost, hence you are spooked
I read a decent amount of it, it's just idpol and spooky shit

t h i n k i n g e

You can't even differentiate between an idea and the people who hold that idea. There is no reason to debate you, as you are simply too stupid and uneducated. Good day, faggot.

Because our ideas are more than


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the critical flaw is that retards think darwinism and evolutionary theory applies to modern day humans. it doesn't. our sense of self and our ability to reason is what separates us from a pig rolling around in its own shit. it isn't some sort of innate instinct that causes people to join gangs or fight each other. it is caused by a plethora of social and economical problems.
right-wingers are literally insane and base their beliefs on false premises.

Rightists are this stupid…

Fascism is a mental illness, just a fact.
The International space station is proof humans can work together, nationalism is just a low lQ way of divide and conquer. Communism is inevitable and humans working together is inevitable. Read books you fascist retard - stop buring them.

Because Christianity (the only religion I know well) specifically states that Eve was created after Adam. This doesn't make sense from an evolutionary perspective, as both females and males evolved at the same rate with one another.

So by your logic human nature is just false? Humans always, ALWAYS have and had had "us vs them" attitude. ". It wasn't always tied by nationality, but most of the time it was. "Us communists vs them nazis" "Us liberals vs them republicans". No one has EVER gone without having an enemy. EVER.(If you are going to argue about the truth about fundementalist christianity, I think we're done here)

*Well behaved humans can work together

Therein lies the problem.

"But one man is superior to another physically, or mentally, and supplies more labor in the same time, or can labor for a longer time; and labor, to serve as a measure, must be defined by its duration or intensity, otherwise it ceases to be a standard of measurement. This equal right is an unequal right for unequal labor. It recognizes no class differences, because everyone is only a worker like everyone else; but it tacitly recognizes unequal individual endowment, and thus productive capacity, as a natural privilege. It is, therefore, a right of inequality, in its content, like every right. Right, by its very nature, can consist only in the application of an equal standard; but unequal individuals (and they would not be different individuals if they were not unequal) are measurable only by an equal standard insofar as they are brought under an equal point of view, are taken from one definite side only – for instance, in the present case, are regarded only as workers and nothing more is seen in them, everything else being ignored. Further, one worker is married, another is not; one has more children than another, and so on and so forth. Thus, with an equal performance of labor, and hence an equal in the social consumption fund, one will in fact receive more than another, one will be richer than another, and so on. To avoid all these defects, right, instead of being equal, would have to be unequal." – Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme

This is ignoring how scientifically inept your assumptions are. Modern anthropology is not liberally biased simply because your feelings say so.

Gotta love this board.
You deny the fact that humans were always a fighting species, and there has never been a single year of peace on this planet
Is that why the USSR, and the whole eastern bloc along with it, collapsed. Is that why China pretend to be a commie, but in reality just practices capitalism?

Human nature is a spook. Take the example of a person who is isolated from birth. Who is his enemy? Or because he has none, are you suggesting he is not human?

You're killing me, fam.

Not who you're arguing with, but humans seem to define themselves in reflection against their environment. "Self" vs "Other" is one of the first things we figure out, way before language or even object permanence. I don't think it's a leap to say that humans make their own enemies by side effect of distinction.

Nationalism is the "us vs them" mentality. Any well educated person doesn't fall for that low lQ bullshit.

Seems more of an existential distinction than the autistic
Shit the OP is going on about

True. But I'd go on to say the fight comes from the automatic need to pursue means of survival, and as far as our biology is concerned when it comes to resource competition, another human is no different from an alligator.

What arguments to nature have yet to explain is how it was even possible to get as far as capitalism if people are so inherently evil and incapable of free will, deterministic or otherwise. If this were the case, human society would have stagnated at ancient slave society.

Comparing human beings to animals that do not think is disingenuous at best. Birds fly, fish swim and humans think. Progression and refinement of society is our nature.

maybe the bible is not supposed to be interpreted literally?

this means that because it happens in the past it must happen in the future, right? classic rightwing logical fallacy
the ussr collapsed for a variety of reasons, many being what i would claim is foreign intervention and when it did life was shit in former soviet countries. we say communism is inevitable because the internal contradictions of capitalism must make way for socialism or what we fear is global human extinction.

You don't know what you're missing Op.

You don't know what you're missing Op.