Jimmy Dore live again. Get in here and tell him to read more Marx

Jimmy Dore live again. Get in here and tell him to read more Marx.


I wish he would get someone from Center for Election Science on the show some time so he can learn himself and teach progressives to stop pushing for this instant-runoff voting garbage that is incapable of empowering more than 2 parties.

We need to shill daniel deleon and eugene v debs

t. Jimmy Dore

lmao I love how so many of his audience in the chat are right-wingers or NazBols

For real.

You can recognize something is harmful without hating it.

He then said we'd have a proper functioning economic system if we had more regulations.

I mean I could get leftcom about how capitalism is functional in the sense of perpetuating itself, but that's not the point. The point is he's not one of us, just someone who's edging left. It's good to point out liberal tendencies in potential comrades, but it would be best to focus on substantial critique like instead of especially given the number of new people on this site (for the purpose of setting an example and establishing a consensus). Not trying to bust your balls, I'm just an anal motherfucker.

which one of you fams wrote this

Why is his chat full of right-wingers? Are they just here because they like how he complains about liberals?

What are they talking about with all the "tits and ass" talk? I think I missed the context here. Did someone get fired over being hetero or something?

They were talking how prudish people are being with sexual content because of the recent sexual harassment allegations.

Dore greatly admires Carlin and talks about him often.

Is it just concern trolling about the potential chilling effect against sexuality or was there a particular incident here?

The US needs to resurrect the SLP

On the condition that it has an armed wing

he is inherently likeable

DeLeonist Gang best gang.


Reminder the SLP still exists.