Daily News Thread 12/23

‘Storm clouds gathering' over Korean Peninsula, ‘you gotta be ready’ – Mattis to US troops

The authority of US foreign policy should be supported by the army’s readiness for war, now that “storm clouds” are gathering over the Koreas, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said on a two-day visit to the peninsula.

Nikki Haley invited UN countries that didn't vote to condemn the US decision on Jerusalem to a 'friendship' party

After a United Nations vote condemning President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley invited all the countries that didn't vote for the resolution to a party to thank them for their "friendship to the United States" on Wednesday.

Israel quits UNESCO over ‘attacks’ months after US withdrawal

Following in the footsteps of the US, Israel announced its exit from UNESCO, citing “attacks” by the organization. The move comes after 128 UN members voted to reject the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Philippines Tropical Storm Tembin kills more than 100 on Mindanao

More than 100 people are reported to have been killed as a tropical storm swept through the southern Philippines, with dozens more missing.

Mexico murders hit record high, dealing blow to president

Mexico has this year registered its highest murder total since modern records began, according to official data, dealing a fresh blow to President Enrique Pena Nieto’s pledge to get gang violence under control with presidential elections due in 2018.

Horrors of China's Tiananmen Square revealed: 'Victims' bodies turned into pie'

At least 10,000 people are believed to have been killed during the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing in 1989, according to a newly released British diplomatic cable.

Nearly 12 Million Brazilians 'Unable to Read or Write'

Data indicate the number of people unable to read or write constitutes 9.9 percent of the majority non-white population, five percentage points higher than the white population.

Two More Killed in Palestine's Third 'Friday of Rage'

More than 50 Palestinians have so far been wounded in clashes following the United Nations vote on the United States' Jerusalem declaration.

Accidentally killing migratory birds not a crime, Trump administration says

Energy companies and other businesses that accidentally kill migratory birds will no longer be criminally prosecuted, the Trump administration said Friday in a decision hailed by industry but denounced by environmental groups.

Texas Police Kill 6-Year-Old Boy in Hunt for Car Thief

Kameron Prescott was shot inside his family’s trailer. He is believed to be the youngest person killed by U.S. police so far this year.

The Loopholes Drug Companies Use to Keep Prices High

Drugmakers are using a variety of strategies to extend the exclusivity period of their wares, keeping less expensive alternatives away from patients.

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why tf were they shooting into a van with an unarmed suspect?

Does that mean I can finally kill these canadian goose demons


The kid looked like he had a gun.


Place your bets lads, Iran or NK first?


Can we be represented by someone else please

The police assume literally everyone is armed, all the time, and waiting to kill them. Police militarization is kind of a misleading term in that police are never trained in the strict discipline the military is, and that's a pretty low bar.

I want this administration to fucking just take a god damn nap, jesus christ

That response is playing into Trump's game, but I do feel ya.

Are they seriously going to do this? This is insanity.

If America does manage to get the entire planet destroyed, who'll get to become a Daemon Prince as a result of this sacrifice?


As of right now, NK. Especially with the rumors of "muh decapitation strike"
Didn't some user make a giant spreadsheet about who were going to war with under Trump, with bets and everything?

The Pentagon is running the White House right now, and for all his faults Tillerson is reportedly the only one advising against hitting NK
Ukraine is about to hit up big time too since Trump just signed off on providing them with a boatload of antitank missiles and advisors with rumors of a lot more to come

This has been on the table since the partition though

Felix Beiderman

What if we break Lenin out of the mausoleum and perform a sacrifice? It might just work

Felix to become the immortal daemon chairman of the American Jamahiriya

I live in Southern California, if War with North Korea happens, I will be reduced to ash. I want to just say how fun it's been breathing, eating, drinking, cumming, and living the past 24 years. Posting here has been fun too.

At least I won't feel it.

The US ambassador to the United Nations has fallen victim to a phone prank perpetrated by a famous Russian duo, with whom she discussed the affairs of a fictional South China Sea island nation and the alleged harassment of the Ukrainian president by Kevin Spacey.


news user aren't you a volunteer?

Can you explain BO's spergout today?

fuck lmao

I sure hope you guys are ready too

This actually makes me feel bad.


It's probably a better fate than what awaits the rest of us.

Whatchu talking abou? Now's the time to start a Holla Forums insurgent militia, will it suceed? No, but the battle is always worth it

Fuck off FBI


I take it back. If Haley is gone, Trump would probably fucking hire John Bolton

So far, it seems to be NK. I guess, Hillary would've went for Iran.

Of course. Maybe not this and not right now, but - yes. Why do you think I've been telling that we are going to have ML revolution within a decade or so?

Not really. We should have a few years before things get interesting.

I wouldn't be too sure. Unless something goes horribly wrong, most of those missiles end up being sold on the black market. Ukraine is simply in no condition to actually do anything, other than to continue their "war" on Donbass. So they aren't going to actually start anything big.

US government spends untold billions on national security and global spy agencies but they still get tricked by a simple prank call.
Personally I'm grateful our leaders are too retarded to look after themselves.

Because you're retarded and delusional?


If I was disgustingly liberal I'd say "just move somewhere else", as that seems to be their solution to everything. I do still have some decency left within me, so I won't.
You have my sympathies.

I'm not exactly rich, and my family never was, I was born here and lived here all my life. There's a lot of poor people here, and there's a lot of bougie people here. The problem is the property value is so high, it attracts bougie people, but it also keeps poor people who moved here stuck like a flytrap because you can never get enough money to leave once you spend all your money just to keep afloat.

I'm stuck here, and I like it here actually. Even if it might be my early grave if we go to war with North Korea.

Moving was never an option for me.

Yes, of course. That must be it.

It's obvious that Fukuyama was right and the history ended in 1990s. There will be no new financial crisis, US will not keep behaving more and more unhinged, EU will stop falling apart, and all millennials will get a good job.


we live in geohell



Social inequality is coded deep within the devices of Silicon Valley.


One-Third of Puerto Rico Won’t Have Christmas Tree Lights Because They Still Don’t Have Power


The Election Fraud in Honduras Follows Decades of Corruption Funded By the U.S. War on Drugs


nope not a volunteer and I must've missed whatever happened lol

Philip K Dick's body of work wasn't supposed to be an instruction manual.

it is seriously delusional to believe that the united states is not going to devolve into civil war or military dictatorship.

Soon enough, that will be true. Or at least, I hope it will.

Come now.

Were you absent form the class that covered "the negation of the negation?" You can't re-live the past.

There's also this bullshit.

American foreign policy is a joke.

Is there transcript for this?

Mattis is also on the "don't nuke Korea" side. This makes his comments especially dreadful, since it indicates that he isn't getting anywhere with Trump.


I never said anything about this revolution being successful. I'm moderately certain US is going to get some form of Fascism. That's how it looks like, at least.

Non-sequitur. Also, Communism is historically inevitable, so we will be forced to try and change status quo, until someone does it right.


I have no doubts about future social unrest, the comment was about your ML nostalgia.

Could NK actually use nuclear weapons? I kind of don't believe it
maybe it's just post-90s "end of history, nothing could ever happen" mentality.

I'd rather die in the fire of nuclear Juche anyway, if it means wiping out the US. I only hope porky doesn't make it to his bunker in time.

There is no ML nostalgia. Left simply doesn't have any other theory to handle state management.

If you take control over any large city, you'll have to embrace Evil Authoritarianism - otherwise you'll be unable to keep things in check for any extended period of time.

you just know that's not how it works, don't be dumb.

So, yeah, ML nostalgia lol

I like to be optimistic

Okay. Enlighten me: what other theory is there?

You had overthrown government, police is on the run, the cheering citizens had seized control over everything. At least for the moment. What do you do next? Does Bookchin explain anything?

Every era has its own revolutionary form that best corresponds to the material conditions. Saying that there will be a "ML revolution" is simply wishing back an era that is gone now, or in other words, nostalgia, regardless of how you view actual "ML revolutions."

Obviously you would do what Marxist-Leninists would do, but in a more incompetent and destructive way and then blame Marxist-Leninists for your own failures.

Get with the times, good praxis is useless in the face of smugly asserting your own moral superiority. Actually being morally superior is of course a detriment because actually doing anything that has lasting impact leaves you open to criticism.

May your death be a painless and glorious one, Conrad.
May the fortunes favor you and gift you a magnificent seat for your final sight and carry you on an torrent of resolved and unwavering calm to the peaceful rest that lies beyond.
May the fire sweep clean both you and those whom you jointly care and mutually love, so that no tear shall be needed to be shed nor any suffering of sad sorrow be felt for lost kin or suffering friends.

Implying that there is some other - non-ML - form does not actually prove anything. We have no examples of such forms, we have no reason to think that there are (and - no; Catalonia is not an example of such form).

You are just hoping that there is an alternative to the bloody mess. And it is this that is the wishful thinking here.

You think having moral superiority is preferably to being the one with the gun?

Nigger I agree with you. I'm being sarcastic.

wait, is that supposed to be sarcastic? because I agree
it's much harder to be morally right

The wishful thinking is believing that the model you prefer in will be the form the social unrest will take, which is what you said in your original post. I'm not sure why you are making this about a discussion of what you believe to be effective, it's completely besides the point.

Poe's law.

Do you think revolutions happen because ideologies demand it or because there is some problem people seek to resolve and then simply choose ideologies that are most appropriate to the desired solution?

Yes, estimates are they have 60ish warheads ready to go and can produce an additional 10 to 11 warheads a year
They're a nuclear nation

It's still pretty bad here. Worst part is how the most gentrified areas of the metropolitan cities have recovered and some people think eveything's back to normal. Malls are packed, money's wasted on bullshit. Meanwhile many still have to scrape by with whatever food and water they can get, having to carry jugs of water to their homes from nearby water sources of questionable quality. Disheartening shit.

They don't "choose" an ideology – like it's some commodity – they produce one based on previous experiences and their own situation. If they just buy into an ideology and try to follow through with it it inevitable leads to disaster.

that doesn't say anything about using them
has China said anything about that by the way? did they condemn their potential use of nukes?
I think they would obviously never get away with it, and I think there's no way they don't know it

In historical perspective. After all the revolutions.

What you see IRL is that majority of rebels gets radicalized relatively quickly, without "producing" anything personally. Additionally, general public observes the militant ideology and makes a choice - whether or not get radicalized in the opposite direction. So - yeah. That is the choice.

Idealism. Do we have a single revolution that did not end in disaster - at least, for someone? Do we have a single revolution with rank-and-file members actually contributing to the theory?

It's practically certain that they can nuke South Korea and Japan. They had already tested rockets that flew over Japan.

California is a bit of a stretch, AFAIK.


So if the US loses a war with NK or Iran, do you think this will increasing the chances of socialism?


No, it'll be another instance of shock therapy so more liberal reforms can be passed. After Social Security is privatized, they'll probably sell off and enclose all the national parks.

Rosa wasn't destined to fail

so basically everyone stays class-cucked? I mean leftism does typically prosper in times of economic disparity.

We'rent commies and fascists literally fighting it out, though? Not only that, but there was also the Spartacus league.

Read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, politicians and ideologists can beat people down in a crisis then convince them the injustice was inevitable and necessary

Yes. But the prevailing attitudes prevailed. Nationalism, jingoism, militarism and anti-semitism were normal. NSDAP wasn't unique in its policy.

Anti-semitism and jingoism were also massive parts of imperial Russian society

Maybe the upper class society. 80% of Russians were peasants and serfs. Rural don't give a shit, they probably barely know what's going on. It's urban that reads newspapers and participates in politics.

The HS-15 can hit anywhere in the US

If NK thinks their nation is under existential crisis, which any US attempt to overthrow them would be, They'd use them.
You have to remember they're in many way scared shitless of the US, during the last war the US carried out near genocide on the NK civilian population using both biological and chemical weapons

Peasants both carried out pogroms by themselves and ripped up communist pamphlets in public before the war, there's nothing inherently progressive about the Russian peasant in contrast to the German proletarian.

I ain't touching that shit. I can already tell it's about "da ebul straight white cis male shitlords".

Just die

Go back to reddit. If it's actually economic instead of socio-cultural, link an archived version.

And how do you exactly know this. What qualifies as an "idpol sjw" to you. I'm fascinated by your ability to discern what's stupid, when you seem very stupid already.

Kill yourself for encouraging this cancer within the left.

If you think the modern racial and cultural norms arent a product of capital that need to be addressed, you're even more delusional than 2014 Laci Green thinking women can be liberated under capital

Focusing on such issues instead of economics inevitably leads to what the awful state the left is in right now. And the whole racism is caused by capital idea is some of the worst bullshit from you tumblrite idiots. If it really is caused by capital, you should focus on capital, the alleged root cause, instead of the emergent issues from it.


Bigotry exists with or without capitalism, to say otherwise is psychotic. We are selves are bigoted against the right-wing, with good reason of course.

Mao, the ☭TANKIE☭st of all ☭TANKIE☭s, understood that capital produces and reproduces itself in culture, and these tidbits and remnants of capital do not go away by themselves even after the revolution. If you aren't attacking both the base and superstructure you've already lpst.

I'm disputing that capital causes it, which it doesn't.

Like bigotry isnt another tool in the box of porkie

This is like that awkward rich kid whose parents made an elaborate party that only classmates that pitied him attended to

Yeah, doesn't mean capitalism caused it.

Racism isn't just bigotry or prejudice. You sound like a recently converted liberal.

Even if bigotry isnt caused by the social conditions of capital specifically, they do reinforce each other, and its not as if theres a small number of Russian babies born with hatred for Germans inscribed in their DNA. Stop being essentialist.

Ah, the classic "either we have a revolution, or we'll all be dead anyway" gambit. I'll start believing it at this rate. Though I wouldn't rule out global genocide quite yet.


Racism is a belief in the superiority of certain races over others. How are you defining it?

If I were a converted liberal I would still be clamoring for racial activism like the sageing moron.

That doesn't mean capitalism causes it, even if certain politicians use it as a tool. I don't believe abolishing capitalism would end racism, but the point I'm making is that if racism and bigotry aren't caused by capitalism, which they aren't, then racial and sexual activism is irrelevant to leftism. It is a wholly unrelated issue to be dealt desperately from leftism. Make no mistake was at its most focused during the 19th and early 20th century in part because of, not despite, the rejection of feminism and race activists and their ideas from defining the movement's aims.

It does not.

user I love you.

This is going to be the biggest orgy with underage prostitutes since Elagabalus' time.

The shit that Big Pharma pulls is enough to warrant its own Das Kapital, really.

I don't like these odds

In democracies, voters warm to secret services