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Making out by the third date isn't an unrealistic expectation at all.
Why did you post this, anyway? This isn't that bad.

this is literally nothing about a lib, why is this on Holla Forums??

Turkish barbarian.
only true TYTheads will get this

neoliberals complaining about the sexist remarks of other neoliberals?

Seems like just another day in neoliberal land to me.


That's all normal in the dating sphere, yes. Try not to be such a virgin.

I hate politics so much

There is literally nothing wrong with this in my mind other than the awkward phrasing, which possibly alludes to much darker tones. I don't see the problem with my brother wanting to orgasm after five dates. I mean if there is no spark there is no spark. This ends my points a dressed to you and OP
They are drinking they aren't unconcious you ninny.

If he still were like that, I'd like him.

I see absolutely nothing fucking wrong with any of that.

The fact so much shit written in the early 00s is coming back to haunt prominent progressives or leftists (Cenk, Ames, that dude who took the LibDem's leader's seat) makes me wonder what the fuck happened in this past decade to attract so many pussies to the Left.


I keep track of the women I kiss every night too, but it's easier when the number is always fucking 0

its cool that you will be judged based on every public second of your life regardless of if you disavow your past thoughts or grow as a person

We really should bring this shit up. There's gotta be a line to this.

you all suck

He also used to believe that the Armenian Genocide was a hoax. He has changed tremendously since the aughts and late nineties.

We're not like you: we can't just stick our universal serial bus into the closest port available.

< Eighteen years
< A child born then could enlist in the army by now

Sheesh, and they said totalitarianism would come from the government.

Eyyy! :D

>< Eighteen years
I didn't lose my virginity until 19. Some people are late bloomers.

It's not like he fucking raped or molested a woman.

It's actually illegal to like fake tits, didn't you know?


you take what you can get I suppose

People talked shit about wewswews for speaking out about the whole #MeToo neo-McCarthyist frenzy going on right now but as we can see they were right

Daily reminder we should consider purging all liberal sympathizes.

They are living obstacles to the revolution.

I've never watched the show (turned off by all the unironic SJW shilling), but did he really ever say that? I always assumed it was just a meme mocking the name of their show.


I would honestly fuck Chenk Yogurt on the first date, but I'm a top, so…

In all seriousness, what do you think would have happened if he had just said:
"I said and wrote things that I shouldn't have. I said them years ago and have long since learned better. I am no longer the person that wrote those things and intend to move on. I intend to fight for what I believe in and will not prolong any pointless controversy."
And then continued on as he was? Does anyone seriously believe that TYT would face a crippling revolt from its followers?

The SJW scene is alive and well. They would have made it a distraction. The goal should always be to drive them out of any movement, wherever you find them.


he wrote an op-ed for his school newspaper once denying the armenian genocide, but iirc he later apologized for it and said that the genocide occured.
Still doesn't excuse naming his news organization after the people who did the genocide or claiming that the original Young Turks movement was about secular progressivism and nothing else.

I honestly believe they are paper tigers at this point. They've lost a lot of credibility in 2016 and they've done little except play with the same idpol playbook. I don't think they can count on the widespread support they had back in 2014.

I know it's fucking edgy but damn does pic related hold up. After cops and fascists, liberals are next

Wow, that's really, really embarrassing.

I agree with about the #MeToo feminazi campaign. They're irrelevant for pestering rightists, but they're more dangerous than ever for leftists, as a final attempt by SJWs to make themselves seem relevant, by burning their own white knights as fuel.

I think they're dangerous because we think they're dangerous and take the easy way out by caving immediately to all their demands, regardless of the nature and severity of the offence or crimethink.
Remember when the woke twitter mob caught felix and will on something several months ago and tried to turn it into something big? They demanded an apology which they got plus a donation to some rape charity. Then some of them just said that wasn't good enough and demanded that they specifically apologize and compensate individual activists for reasons. Chapo didn't even respond to that and despite a week of noise nothing happened except a handful of liberals cancelled their subscriptions. Literal nine days wonder.
If more people did that I think the movement writ large would realize how powerless they really are.

True, but they are still dangerous to us precisely because so many "leftists" still think these people are their friends.

Trump has proven to rightists how toothless these people are, but liberals are still utterly in their thrall.

This needs a Roosh V edit.

What's so edgy about going after liberals?

Literally everyone to the right of SuccDems, including SuccDems, is a potential target. Socialists have no friends.

Honestly he seems pretty normal. What's wrong with liking women sexually as a male person?


Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, I want to become a prominent leftist yet I STILL hate women. Like I agree with everything else of the left but I just can't bring myself to get on with women. Will I make it brehs?

And no, I don't even hate other races but I just hate women.

It's almost impossible to be a hetero guy and not hate women to some degree.

Can't tell if Holla Forums or an actual SJW false flag. Either way, go fuck yourself, fam.

No, it isn't. A lot of people will tell you certain actions are "women hateric" and those people are fucking idiots. Hating women as a whole is surprisingly hard and requires retarded logic.

Nah I'm being serious, I even argue for communism wherever and whenever I can. I just find there's something fundamentally different about women that makes them incompatible with politics in general, not even people of other races suffer from the same handicap.

Like, you want to talk about politics or something serious, and the woman is only thinking about who's the hot guy in the room or how the conversation will boost her status.

I was saying as soon as i saw TYT pushing the #MeToo shit so hard that Cenk was gonna go down. Now it's that Kyle secular guy too. As usual i was right about everything.

RIP Justice Democrats (2016-2017). Devoured by idpol.

Well if TYT was pushing that dogshit than guess serves them right. What did they do/say about it earlier?

Good. Cenk is terrible and needs to be removed. Hopefully he can somehow take Ana down with him.

Assuming you aren't a false flag, the only advice I can give is to associate with better women. If they publicly virtue-signal, that's probably a bad sign.

I genuinely want to meet "better" women who can change my perception. I try to suppress my hatred of them but It doesn't help that society self-segregates when it comes to genders, the only times we interact is when sex is on the mind. And then we are just products to be "bought" and "sold" in the sexual market.

You would go on three dates with someone before making out with them? Restaurants are expensive. I've never gone on a date with someone who I wasn't already sleeping with.

look at their vids for the past two months. it was almost a daily update of "sexual harrassment" shit, from kevin spacey, to louis ck, to al franken, etc. etc. The daily update of #MeToo. Was only a matter of time before someone brought up some shit about Cenk from 80 years ago.

How is any of this sexual harassment though?

It was sexual harassment in their minds, you gotta keep up on this stuff nowadays. Feelz>reelz

most of the louis ck, or spacey or franken shit wasn't really sexual harassment either bruh. it's a very blurry line.

You just wait, Cenk talked about hitting on girls at Mardi Gras. Just wait until "accusers" start coming forward about how he made them feel uncomfoortable somehow.

Louis CK masturbated in front of subordinates. That's textbook harassment.

yeah maybe the better women are not very common. I mean I think women and men are largely the same, but a girl's life gets so much easier after puberty (and possibly before), that they just become entitled or, if nothing else, difficult to get on the same wavelength with.
On the other hand, I have respect for the older women who have to go back to work after giving birth to some kids, sort of because they have to overcome challenges, they have more humility and are generally nicer. These women generally don't have time for protests and the like though.

subordinates? how so?

Holla Forums it is.

From what I understand, he asked for permission. And the women could have just left. It is creepy but not courtroom worthy.
Also, imagine the following: after months of convincing, your girlfriend agrees to anal. She doesn't like it, though she lets you finish. Years and years later, she comes out public in your social circle about how you 'hurt' her and you are a pervert and a degenerate. Nobody's gonna take your side, though you basically did nothing wrong. What did Spacey do, made moves on a younger guy, then backed off when declined. His reputation is now ruined forever.
Now I'm not saying it is the same with Louis or the other guys, but the backlash they are getting is ridiculous. If these idiots really wanted to tackle the problem they would start examining how the 'abuse of authority' usually stems from unjustified authority in the first place, maybe we shouldn't have that. Lol no, fuck that, let's just make fun of some creepy pervs instead.
Like maybe if they are selling roles for sex then the guys and ugly girls who can't buy their way into the business with sex are also getting the short end of the stick, since you can still say no but they can't say yes? Lol no, you cannot comprehend how I'm feeling, therefore you are wrong, blah, blah

she's immune cause vagina

Why you even try. People here are ready to jump at the throat of whoever doesn't apologize for "disgusting male perversion", but god forbid if someone tries to apply the same rules to their favourite liberal…

Fug id, I've been meaning to do this for a few days anyway.
#MeToo thread


that's why he's not in a courtroom
yes, "a younger guy", 14 years old to be exact
fuck off
your whole post is as dishonest as anything the aut-right put out

He's a comedian, not a boss. Just because you are semi famous does not make everyone in your line of work a subordinate.
And he did ask for permission.


not in a courtroom, true, but his reputation and career damaged. And he doesn't even get to defend himself (he's sort of a cuck so maybe deserves some of it though); they bypassed the courtroom and pronounced him guilty already.
ok, I'm not decided on this one. On the one hand it is a dick move to put kids in a situation such as this, but the guy declined and Spacey knew his place and fucked off. Also at 14 he might have been sexually mature already, not that Kevin cared. Maybe you're right.

In general though, as a male, in order to get laid, you do stupid/risky stuff (think on this, I think most can relate), and you hope that it stays sort of confidential. I doubt that there is any sexually active man that hasn't done anything that would get him to blush if mentioned and possibly ostracised if published in a newspaper.
There also is double standard here, an assertive woman is attractive but an 'assertive' man is often creepy.
And I am right on the authority part and you know it.

They're coming for Jimmy Dore next, you know.

but muh power imbalance


why should someone have to be pronounced guilty in a courtroom to be seen as guilty? due process, "innocent until proven guilty" and all that shit is for when you go to jail, not public opinion. is george bush not a war criminal because a jury never said he was? roman polanski? oj simpson was set free in a goddamn courtroom and everybodys still knows he's guilty.
if spacey knew his place he wouldn't have been trolling 14 year olds for sex
except that I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about specific cases you mentioned and defended because you're putting all of these people in the same basket and defending all of them as if they're equal
this thing with cenk is nothing and it's ridiculous that he got expelled from JD for it
spacey likes 14 year olds, louis ck is a freak, cenk is just a guy who said he likes hot women and big tits.


It makes me feel ill how many people are defending the young genocider on stuff they condemned other people. You people are fucking hypocrites

Just when I started to not feel like killing myself this had to happen

a 14-year-old who happened to be hanging out with adult actors at a drunken drugged-up hollywood party at 2am. Oh, the innocent flower. Who will protect him?

Come on man. Nothing actually happened. A drunken spacey thought about fucking this high-school kid for a few seconds twenty years ago, and then didn't, and then nothing happened. Therefore he can't be an actor for the rest of his life.

Oh, "a freak". How dare he. Again, hanging out drinking and having a good time with adult women. Asks if he can take his dick out. They laugh, don't say no, and he does. They laugh more and nothing else happens. Therefore he can't tell jokes on stage for the rest of his life.

All that happened here, at most, is that some people felt uncomfortable for a few seconds. Nothing more. You just wait about Cenk, some people will arrive soon to say he made them feel uncomfortable at Mardi Gras all those years ago.

All of these people's actions may be stupid or inappropriate but that shouldn't always mean you have to be banished from society. All things in proportion.

every sexual harassment claim is baseless except violent rapes, genius
so what's your solution, force directors to take on spacey and ck? subsidies for movies and shows they want to go on? force people to go to the movies for their films?

I don't give a fuck about Cenk or CK, Spacey I liked a lot
so your pet theory is busted
and the second line of your post is literally explained in the post you're quoting but if I've learned anything in these years on the Internet, it's that reading comprehension is a rare gift

a literal "she was asking for it" argument
why do you constantly lie about this, are you spacey's son or something?
he didn't "think and the didn't" he propositioned him and got shot down
according to you the fact that he didn't then manhandle him into a room and rape him is something laudable
and that kid isn't the only one, multiple people have come forward, but that doesn't fit into your "one small mistake of propositioning a14 year old for sex" narrative so you ignore it
I mean seriously:
not getting millions of dollars for starring in movies, oh the humanity

Wow, I dunno, maybe test those accusations in a court of law, and only act on them if they are proven beyond a reasonable doubt? I can see how you might not know about that, what with it being radical, cutting-edge 16th-century legal theory.
How about the threat of lawsuits for unjust termination, conspiracy, and slander?

Right, and nothing happened. He made a stupid "proposition".

It means he's not guilty of rape or sexual assault or sexual harassment or any other thing that has been thrown around. He was guilty of acting like a drunken idiot and making someone feel uncomfortable for a few seconds.

Oh, well, that settles it then. He made multiple people allegedly feel uncomfortable for a few seconds. Case closed. Which of these multiple people are bringing a case to be judged before the law? None? Perhaps because he didn't do anything but act like an idiot years ago and make some people feel uncomfortable?

All things in proportion and perspective. People should not be demanding that evil males are banished from society as soon as there are any untested accusations about behavior years ago that aren't even crimes.

Especially since when you're a guy and want to get some you are unavoidably going to get rejected most of the time. These instances are uncomfortable for you but the women too. Does this mean they get to complain about harassment?

And actually, this is what these troubles bring. Some cunts ride the waves for attention and trivialize real victims of abuse.
These cases should really be looked at from the side of power abuse, which is then not only against those who were offered roles etc. for sexual favors, but (maybe moreso) against all those who were passed over because the director or whoever didn't have a hardon for them, even though they may have been just as talented or qualified.
You know, like all males for Harvey and all females for Spacey.

this is ridiculous, keep circlejerking each other crying over pedophiles and molesters

Not that guy but I seriusly hope your life gets ruined by a baseless sex harassment accusation, than maybe ypull know why you are a sad idiot

No, you have to always avoid the "unwanted advance".

If she thinks you're hot then making the first move is called "confidence".

If she thinks you're a loser it's called creepy and harassment.

I'm neither a rapist nor a creep so don't get your hopes up

nice link, except it doesn't have anything to do with this
to people in this thread, every single harassment claim is baseless except ones in which the victim is beaten to shit and the assailant makes a full confession on live tv or something

They need to be taught the lost art of dialectical materialism

these are the people who create those "raw crime statistics" the folks in your link are going through

the studies really pinpoint this. Anywhere between 1.5% and 90% of rape accusations are false. Very solid stuff.

Oh, and what's being discussed in this thread are not claims of rape taken to the police (like these studies). They're claims made to the media about "inappropriate behavior" of various kinds by famous people.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that you're correct, and no accusations of crimes (genuinely illegal crimes, not completely undefined "muh feefees") such as harassment, coercion, and stalking are ever proven and punished in court.

Why would you ever want to burden society with the possibility of anyone anywhere being both capable of and vulnerable to the instantaneous destruction of their career, life, and family by a form of mob hysteria they are socially prohibited from challenging?

Even in your fanciful scenario, this insanity has to be fought and killed before it can take root and destroy civil society for the benefit of psychopathic powermongers.

again, what's your solution to this problem? you can either force people to work with them, which is ridiculously stupid, or prosecute anyone making allegations which will scare away anyone who's raped, molested, harassed from making a complaint.
your scenario is far more fanciful, since you have no solutions to offer at all.

I don't think CK or Cenk should be shunned since they weren't physical, but Spacey is a harasser and a molester and I'm having a hard time caring whether he gets a role in a movie again. my point was exactly that if you call spacey's accusers baseless then any accusation except ones in which the victim is physically abused in a way that is visible can be called baseless, because it all boils down to the question of do you believe the accusation.

I always knew Cenk was a hypocritical cunt. SJWs turning on him is exactly what he deserves.

rock solid
from the same wiki article, right underneath the table you screenshotted
wonder why you didn't screenshoot this

I think Pootie Tang was your best work, Louis.

please explain what standards are used to establish "true accusations" and how they aren't open to any question.

Making allegations to the authorities is fine, publicly talking about such legal efforts is also fine (though it might not always be smart legal strategy, depending on the case, talk to your lawyer first). Whispering campaigns, backroom deals, and outright public lynchmobs aren't. The difference is extremely obvious, even a child can understand it.

There's this thing called civilization, I kinda' enjoy living in it.

meant for

user doesn't have to 'explain' anything. The fact of the matter is that the studies use very small sample sizes and completely untested and unscientific methodologies that make them unreliable as factual sources

Also, 1,5%-90% is not 'solid stuff', it's a massive discrepancy, and it means that the results of the studies themselves are inconsistent. Since the studies with extremely high results are also the ones with shitty methodology, the true number is likely much lower. Looking at your pic, it's something along the lines of 20%-25% for studies based on police reports and 3%-10% for studies based on independent research.

Cenk denies the Armenian Genocide: I sleep
Cenk says he's attracted to women in Miami: REAL SHIT

Also, everyone knows Cenk used to be a reactionary but had a change of heart. The only reason why this particularly stupid attempt at character assassination is gaining any traction at all is because of the unquenchible thirst liberals have for witch hunts.

The studies with the lowest results have the shittiest methodology, and the higher ones have better methodology, So the true numbers are likely on the higher side. (Easy to say this stuff huh?)

Until studies can show statistics for the numbers determined true (not just the subjective and variously defined "false" rate) and explain and defend how they established the "true" rate, the rate for "false" statistics can only be taken as the barest minimum (and not the actual) percentage of false claims.

The reason for this is pretty simple. If you don't have to establish the remaining cases as true, you can create a low "false" rate (as low as you like, really) just by arbitrarily choosing a high bar for proving claims false, while not even trying to prove remaining claims true.

At the end of such a process you don't have any idea how many are actually false. You've just created a number called "false" that looks low. You haven't really proven anything though.

At the end of the day, we can say that the minimum percentage of false claims is probably somewhere between 1.5 and 90%, and that's about it. The lower numbers do not have better methodology and do nothing but establish arbitrarily defined minimums, not actual percentages.

Not that I like CK or Cenk, but you kind of prove my point, that is, 2 out of the 3 people discussed got fucked for less than nothing.

But you don't get to decide that, some woman who you didn't even remember was slightly uncomfortable that you said she had nice hair 10 years ago gets to decide.

you live by the dildo you die by the dildo

Maybe a woman, maybe not even a person. After all, you may not actually have the right to confront your accuser, the right to know what you're accused of, or even the right to defend yourself at all.

Now that's just pomo shit. By that logic any statistic with any amount of phony studies is immediately cast into doubt and the only thing you can say about them is that it's a numbee. My 'arbitrary' estimates are based on the studies on the pic with a usable sample size, and there you see a pattern of many studies saying around 20% - which, based on the stats of the biggest study, are built on police reports - and some surveys with decent sample sizes saying 2%-10% (including a DoJ study) - which are likely using some independent criteria. Every survey that reports above 2x% have very small sample sizes and questionable methodology (no, basing the truth of the claim on how fat the person in question was is not good methodology). Only an idiot would trust those studies, which leaves the police statistics (18%-24%) and some studies based on independent criteria that have to be judged on a study-by-study basis (Kelly, Smith, Harris and Grance), and reports from federal and state authorities, which all put the number at lower than 20%. I'll trust the police reports before I trust Stewart and Maclean's questionable studies, and I find it pretty likely that the actual number of malicious claims is lower.
Just look at the Kelly study:
The abstract:

Whoops, that's a different one, though it is pretty relevant to what I just talked about. Here's the Kelly study:

Calling Miami an island just shows how ignorant he truly is.

Or perpetuating the conservative meme that socialism is "muh gubment doin' thangs".

And just to back me up on this, here's what the Lisak study has to say on the Jordan (2004) study:
So the Jordan study uses a sample of cases that had previously been classified by the police as unfounded (or "no-crime"), and of those the study reports that only 38% of those were actually proven to be false allegations (ie. there is proof that the events didn't happen). It does not make any statement of the actual prevalence of false rape allegations

Louis & Cenk didn't deserve it. Even though I really disagree with Cenk because he's your typical retarded liberal cunt who can't be arsed to learn about socialism & CK called me a terrible person for not voting for Hillary ;~; Seriously though, CK is still one of my fav comedians, but he should stay the fuck out of politics forever & didn't deserve this public shaming.

What Spacey did was very different & apparently has a track record of using his power to sexually harass people. What he did was way different & he shouldn't be lumped into these other two cases.

You people still don't get it. The point of courts is to firmly settle differences of opinion, either it's ruled true or ruled false, statute of limitations and blackmail prevents people from sitting on stuff, double jeopardy ensures they won't be slightly modified and reused to attack someone. The trash you're peddling is "baseless" not because of the invalidity nor validity of the accusations, but the fact they have not been independently substantiated.

The alternative is fucking CLAN WAR BLOOD FEUDS.

That is not the kind of society we want.

But at what point do you not accept Spacey is a dirtbag when so many people have come forward to corroborate the accusations? Like with Cosby, I think the number was around 20, lmao.

I'm actually defending Cenk & CK even though I have political differences from them. I'm not condoning outrage culture, either. People are just terrible.

Also unrelated really but I'm from KY, where the Hatfield & McCoy battles happened. Crazy stuff.


I never said anything about preferring mob justice, though. I'm actually going against it, but saying Spacey is a creeper. We've all known that for a while, anyway. Not really fit for a posadist post…

Okay then, let me clarify the vaguely coherent thing you said.

Whether or not somebody is a dirtbag is important. Whether or not there are lawless courts of slanderous whispers that capriciously killshot randos allowed to operate in this country is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.

That's exactly why innocent until proven guilty is a good thing, because it's better to have criminals running free, than to have innocents punished in attempts to catch them.

Sure… I'm not defending mob justice & agree that it's terrible.
Spacey's still a creeper tho :^)


A true patrician. If only everyone was as wise as you.

woman, here
Hating women seems like it could be a personal issue or just a misunderstanding, tbh. You just need to meet more, imo. I'd wager that your "problems" with them are the same that you'd have with any person.
Like this, for instance. Most people in capitalist society have been groomed to view the world in this way(& some do it for survival). If you're in the US, then especially so.
I don't think you have a problem with women, but a problem with assholes & there are a lot of them, unfortunately. Most people are much better one-on-one than within a group, too.

Straight cis white male here

Hating women is retarded and nothing more than byproduct of sexual insecurity. There are plenty of women who are assholes like men are and mainstream corporate feminism is bullshit and should be fought.

Rosa and Emma didn't fight for this new generation of idpol nonsense.


if you don't greet women with anal sex as soon as you meet them, then you need to step up your game man



Why do you give in to such base instincts?
Also the "sexual revolution" was a mistake. It did nothing but make it easier to exploit people through power as well as glossing over the genuine issues about sex that remain unresolved.

I lost my virginity at 15, I wish I didn't, abstaining from sex, after you have experienced it is horrible.

It really isn't. I haven't gotten laid in a year, and before that it was 3 years. I don't even sweat it, pussy is overrated.

I really wish I knew, how to keep myself controlled, for me abstinence has been horrible.

heh, It's usually the Anarchists who advocate for Mob Rule.

I lost my virginity several years later than that. Abstaining from sex after having it is much better than being a virgin. Flirting with girls on tinder while you edge for 4-6 hours then ignoring them after you cum is literally better than sex. If you disagree, you're never gonna make it in capitalism, sorry!

I can confirm this. Leading girls on is far better than actually having sex with them - I fully understand why women do this with pathetic beta losers. The power is intoxicating.

except nobody is saying this you insufferable retard.

just wanted to say that your replies were interesting, thanks user.

Not every interpersonal dispute should be settled through the state. Some things are best left to the realm of the purely interpersonal, with all its distortions of power, influence, and mob action, even if the outcome is not perfectly just.

We would be better served with state intervention against the court of public opinion as such, and the destruction of social media entirely. This way you can at least simply move to a different community when you have been smeared unjustly and start over.

I mostly try to avoid women.
I lack the social skills to do such thing.

I agree with this as well, tbh. People in this thread(I'm guessing some Holla Forumsyps using the ancom flag, obviously. an ancom advocating for the state? lmaoo), seem to have an aversion to nuance in the situation. I'm usually against the state having anything to do with "justice" because especially in the US, any actual justice is only preserved for those who can afford it.

It's a big problem that we've become so selfish & communities are no longer communities. Of course capitalism has done this. Alienation & so on. Otherwise we wouldn't be so unforgiving because we'd actually know the "accused", etc. Also your point about social media is a great one. Again… People are terrible to each other.

*swallows audibly*

I don't hate individual women, I just hate womanhood.

we all know this is just a diversion for Cenk Uygur's real crimes

My thoughts entirely. I'm actually more torn on this than my first post indicated. I recognize that what you sketch, and I offered as the locus for personal dispute resolution (community and one on one relations), are essential to what it is to be human. It should be left outside totalistic state control.

At the same time, capital has or is in the process of erasing this locus, and something will likely step up to fill the vacuum no matter how we feel about this. And it seems to be social media mediated by private companies. So we are left with the choice of smashing them, which is futile absent an alternative, having the bureaucratic state take control, which offers the hope of nominal democratic control and procedural protections, or leaving us even more at the mercy of capital and roving gangs of twitter crusaders.

And "progressive" neolibs are fully lining up behind a combination of options two and three without as much as a thought spared to any of it. It's left to the brocialists (Angela Nagle et al.) and fucking tradcaths to actually do the thinking. A sad state of affairs.

this one always makes me chuckle

The more in depth you think about these issues, the more soul crushing it becomes…
As far as "community", I didn't realize just how bad it was in the US(where I'm from) until I came to another country & saw how families/communities interact & rely on each other here. It was really eye opening.

If conducted properly, a community committee can be extremely important. Bringing in outsiders(such as the state) can only further confuse things & lower the chance of being healthy or proper in function within the community.

It really is a depressing state to be in… or under.

Best think we can do is drink up and enjoy the collapse
or train in firearms and organize community defense

For you user